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Boobie Trap Corsets!

Editor’s Note: As of February 2015, the site for Boobie Trap Corsets (and La Magia) appear to be defunct.

Boobie Trap Corsets is selling one of their cherry print overbusts on e-bay for £99, 20% off the regular price of £125.00. I own a Boobie Trap corset in the Sailor Jerry print, and I really dig the cool, retro-inspired style combined with a modern shape and cut. The sweetheart neckline and curved hips make Boobie Trap a great fit for most shapes and sizes, and halter straps come standard with every corset giving you at least two distinct looks.

The corset for sale has a 24″ waist, so it’s most suitable for 26 to 28″ inch waists, or maybe a 29″ waist if you’re a bit “squishier” and have experience wearing corsets. The bust can fit up to a E cup, but don’t worry; I’m a B cup and my Boobie Trap corset fits just fine.

If you’re not in the mood for cherry print, remember that La Magia stocks Boobie Trap, and you always get 15% off any item with the discount code PINK123.

Rago Satin Pinup Knickers: a follow-up to my previous post

If tulle isn’t your thing, the Rago high waist, full cut brief is also available in a delightful matte black satin. Coming in sizes S-4X, these panties retail for the shockingly reasonable price of $12.95 over at Dollhouse Bettie. You already know I bought a pair, and I honestly believe I like the feel of the satin even better than the powermesh. All things considered, this is definitely an A+ buy.

A Retro Review: Rago Powermesh Knickers

Today, I’m reviewing the Rago High Waist Sheer Retro Pantie. Sold online at Dollhouse Bettie, these panties are made from an 81% nylon, 19% spandex blend and are machine washable. Available in sizes S-XXL (fitting waist sizes 26-34″), they only come in one color–black. Retail price is a reasonable $18.80 USD.

The material is a slightly opaque powermesh tulle. While not as soft as the Kiss Me Deadly mesh knickers I reviewed last week, they’re not exactly rough either. I’d compare the texture to mid-price stockings. The panties have an elasticated waistband and legholes as well as a cotton crotch. With no lace, bows, frills, or ruffles, the only “decoration” is a single, functional seam along the center rear.

The knickers feel quite nice on. The higher waistband (it comes about an inch above the navel to your “true waist”) took a bit of getting used to, but I was able to ignore it after awhile. While the powermesh is firm, these aren’t girdle panties. The “peaked” legholes are very comfortable and don’t dig into the flesh; I had no bunching or twisting all day. Because the panty ends below the cheeks, visible panty lines aren’t an issue either. The only thing you would need to worry about are that these knickers, like any other retro styled panty, would be visible above the waist line of most pants and skirts if your shirt isn’t long enough.

The Rago powermesh knickers aren’t the most luxurious, but they are certainly practical, comfortable, inexpensive, and kitschy. I’d give ‘em a B+.

Falke Spring/Summer 2009 Collection

I know Wolford tends to get all the press, but there are some other luxury hosiery brands coming out with some really spectacular designs this season. Falke is a European mainstay, and I think their new designs hit the right balance of trendy and timeless. A few of my favorites from this season…

First are the Bardot tights. Layering knee highs over tights has been a popular look for a few seasons now, but Falke takes it to another level with these knee high illusion tights. Sheer, 15 denier with a “golden, shimmering effect,” these tights have a textured floral and spotted pattern starting at the toe and continuing to just beneath the knee. The pattern ends in a solid ring of flowers, further contributing to the illusion. Only available in the color shown (powder/black) and in sizes S/M and M/L, the Bardot tights retail for $45.00.

Next up are the Birkin tights. Once again, Falke plays with trends and illusions as these have the “appearance of hold ups with ribbon ties around your thighs.” The leg is opaque 60 denier while the thigh portion is 15 denier up to the hip where it again changes into a 60 denier with the shape of a thong panty. Only available in the color black and sizes S/M and M/L, these tights retail for $45.00.

Finally, let’s take a look at the Bennett tights. I like these tights because they play with a lot of different trends: texture, polka dots, attached panties, flowers, etc. However, it’s done in a way that makes the Bennett tights a cohesive, beautiful whole. These are 15 denier and the textured polka dot pattern runs from the toe to the thigh ending in a lace floral band (just like hold ups!) before turning into a 30 denier boxer brief. Available in the color black only and sizes S/M and M/L, these tights also retail for $45.00.

Though all these tights are out of my price range, if this a preview of the new season, I can’t wait to see what other designers, specifically the ones specializing in budget ranges (Jonathon Aston, anyone?) will come out with.

Vintage Gossard Lingerie: what a lady wears to bed…

I really don’t deal much with vintage nightgowns. My primary objects of affection, not surprisingly, usually involve a pair of stockings.

Every once in awhile, though, I see something which makes me think I ought to broaden my horizons. Trishypoo’s vintage Gossard nightgown set is one of these times.

For once, I’m just going to post the pictures and let them do the talking.

Made by Niki Sale Alert!

The new line of Made by Niki shapewear is on sale over at Pampered Passions [Editor’s Note: As of February 2015, this site appears to be defunct]. You can get the satin magic bum, shape short, plunge bra, garter belt, or thong all for 50% off.

A small note about fit…if you have a vintage figure (that is, if your hips are around 10″ or more larger than your waist) you’ll likely want to order the next size up. If your hips are larger than 40″, then I’m sorry, but Made by Niki is not for you.

Kiss Me Deadly Van Doren Lingerie Review

Time for another review!

Today, the focus of my attention is Kiss Me Deadly’s chic, black, retro line Van Doren. Meant to be simple, versatile, and casual enough for everyday use, the Van Doren bra, briefs, and panties are an ideal subject for the new, more modest direction of my blog.

I purchased the underwire bra (pictured left) in size 34 B. I purchased both the briefs and the panties (once again, pictured left) in size Large. The set only comes in one color–black, and all the pieces are meant to mix and match with other items from the Van Doren line.

My first impression is that the micromesh material is incredibly soft. Sometimes, tulle is scratchy, stiff, or just plain uncomfortable. The tulle used on these items feels like a pair of nice nylon stockings.

I don’t know if you can tell from the picture, but the bra has one horizontal seam directly over the nipple, and one vertical seam extending from the nipple down to the underwire. The material is double-layered, so it’s not overly sheer, and I imagine the extra fabric makes the cups more durable as well.

The panties and briefs are made from the exact same material, and the only difference between the two is in the cut. The panties have a lower waist and higher hip, revealing a bit more flesh. The briefs (pictured right) are cut in the pin-up style with a high waist and low leg openings.

I’ve worn this set a few times now and remain consistently impressed. The bra and panties fit nicely, and after a few minutes I forget I even have them on. The material holds its stretch and doesn’t lose its shape, even after several washings. With no bows or lace or ruffles, you can wear this no-frills lingerie everyday. It doesn’t give you panty lines, even under the tightest of clothes, and all three pieces are elegant enough to dress up if you’d like comfortable pretties for special occasions.

As an added bonus, both the pin-up briefs and the bra are on sale right now at La Magia. The pin-up briefs are £9 (formerly £11). The underwired bra is £19 (formerly £25). Remember that you always get 15% off with our special discount code (PINK123), and that you never pay shipping. 2009 is all about the basics, and you don’t get any more basic (or beautiful) than black lingerie.