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Sale Alert! Scoundrelle’s Keep

The stars must be aligned because Scoundrelle’s Keep, a corsetiere I just mentioned in the post before this one, is having a runway sale. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, a runway sale is when a designer discounts items which have been previously worn on photo shoots or in fashion shows. Most times, these heavily discounted items are like new, and it’s a great deal if you’ve been admiring a particular corsetiere’s work but haven’t been able to afford it.

The full details of the sale are in Soundrelle’s LiveJournal here, but I’ve included a few photos of what she’s selling to whet your appetite.

Agent Provocateur’s ‘Elmira’ Corset T-Shirt: Is it Worth the Money?

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

I’m loathe to call any lingerie impractical. After all, lingerie is all about fantasy and titillation and excitement, necessary things all, but certainly not practical. If your lingerie makes you happy, no matter how odd it may seem to others, then it’s done its purpose and the money was money well spent.

Sometimes, however, I just have to say something, and the Elmira corset tee from Agent Provocateur is one of those times. Made of tea rose cotton jersey with tea-rose cotton trim, the selling point of this item is the built in underbust corset. Not at all cheap, the shirts costs £125 or approximately $200 USD.

So the big question then would be, “Is it worth it?” and I have to say, resoundingly, “NO!”

Why spend $200 on a fancy t-shirt when you can get a real corset and a high quality jersey tee for that same amount, if not less? Timeless Trends, the go to corset shop for lingerie addicts on a budget, sells a huge variety of authentic, well-constructed underbust corsets for $99. Heck, for the price of this entire “ensemble” you could get a custom made underbust from a designer like Scoundrelle’s Keep and still have enough money left over to buy a “tea rose jersey tee” when you’re done.

While Agent Provocateur does come out with innovative designs on occasion, I think this one is honestly just a case of exploiting consumers who don’t know any better and who are seduced by the Agent Provocateur name. Treacle does not approve.

Etsy Roundup: Retro Swimsuit Edition

While we’re on the subject of yummy homemade goodies, I do believe it’s time for another Etsy roundup. Memorial Day marked the official start of summer, and you know what that means? Swimsuit season!

One piece maillot w/ navy chevron stripes
By ladramaqueen

Blue maillot
By missbrache

Red dot maillot
By swimsuitlady

Navy w/ cherries maillot
By TheRedDolly

Black one piece “Marilyn”
By Harajuku

Sale Alert! Louise Black Skeleton Corsets

Louise Black, a corsetiere I mentioned in the latest Etsy Roundup is having a limited time sale on all her underbust corsets–$20 off for the next 10 corsets sold or for the next 3 days, whichever comes first.

I’ve been sticking to a pretty strict lingerie budget, but even I couldn’t resist a custom made underbust for $128.

If you’ve never heard of Louise Black, I’ve included a few photos of her work below.

Starkers Corset Memorial Day Auction

Starkers! Corsetry has a red silk underbust corset with matching top and bustle skirt selling on e-bay right now. The total outfit would retail for $800.00 if you ordered it from their website, but, at last glance, the auction was only $102.50 with no reserve.

The top, corset, and bustle skirt would fit a size 6-8 with the corset itself measuring (fully closed, I think) 30-25.5-33″. Better hurry though…the listing ends in 9 hours.