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Monthly Archives

August 2008

So you’ve thought about shape. You’ve thought about style. You’ve thought about fabric. Finally, you have to make a decision between purchasing “off-the-rack” or going custom. All the factors we’ve considered before now go into making this decision. Can you find your ideal corset off the rack? Do you have a special fabric you want to use or perhaps a hard to fit body shape that makes buying off the […]

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I think the biggest distinction when it comes to corsets is underbust vs. overbust. They’re defined exactly as they sound: overbust corsets come to the nipple or higher while underbust corsets end just beneath the breasts or lower. The style that’s best for you really depends on your personal taste and what you plan to wear your corset for. While I’ve seen plenty of gorgeous underbust corsets, overbust corsets have […]

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A corset’s prime feature is its waist cinching capability. Unlike girdles or waist cinchers or corselettes, a real corset will take your waist in by at least 2-4 inches. Curvy women may find that a corset can take their waist in six inches or more. In other words, a woman with a 34″ waist could go down to a 28″ waist with good corsetiere and proper waist training. But before […]

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Q: First things first, what is corset week? A: Corset Week is basically a week for me to rave and gush and babble about one of my most favorite garments in the world–corsets. I don’t have the same level of knowledge about corsets, as I do about, say, stockings, but what little I’ve acquired I’m eager to share. In addition to covering a few basics about corsets, I also want […]

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