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When these winter tights debuted a couple of months ago, it was love at first sight. Sisi manages to combine three of my favorite legwear trends — backseams, faux knee highs, and faux fishnets — all into one perfect set of nylons. They’re chic, fashionable, and elegant… three qualities that represent the essence of European hosiery. The Sisi tights are composed of an 88% nylon, 22% elastic blend, have a […]

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Jonathan Aston is one my favorite budget hosiery brands. I love them because they replicate looks from the big luxury names like Wolford and Falke for less. A lot less. With this year’s stunning collection, Jonathan Aston has shown they’re a force to be reckoned with in their own right. I see inspiration not only from Wolford, but also from the runway. Two tights in particular are reminiscent of looks […]

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So I was trolling the net for stockings as I am wont to do when I came across these: They’re the Wolford Lace Affair tights. 100% nylon, tulle background, with a fishnet pattern layered on a top of that, and lace patterns layered on top of that. Gorgeous, yeah? Now guess how much they are. Go on; I’ll wait. Here’s one more picture while you think it over. Scroll to […]

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Bebaroque has some of the most amazing legwear and hosiery I’ve ever seen. They’re a UK-based, super high-end luxury brand specializing in embellished and custom-printed tights. Their designs are completely unlike anything else in the legwear market: lavish, creative and over-the-top in the very best way. Of course, all these creative design doesn’t come cheap, and you can expect to pay at least $50 USD (and probably more, depending upon […]

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