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Lingerie Wishlist: Fleur of England Champagne Silk Camisole


via: Fleur of England

While I've always been a fan of wearing camisoles (and their distant cousin, ribbed tanks) during the summer months, this is the first year I've begun ardently repurposing my silk and lace camis into winter layering pieces.

Silk is the ultimate luxury fiber, and there's something incredibly sensual about having it directly against the skin. Synthetic satins (which are sometimes confusingly called "silk satins") just aren't the same. Real silk is smooth, soft, warm, inviting, comfortable and lush all at the same, and it makes even the most commonplace of days feel a little more extraordinary.


via: Fleur of England

Both Fleur of England's new camisole styles --- the Champagne and the Aurora --- resonate with me. However, I'm choosing to focus on the softly golden-hued Champagne cami for this post because I believe it works slightly better under plush winter sweaters and the like. As much as I adore Aurora's vibrant fuschia tones, I can't help but think the halterneck means it'd stay hidden away until April (of course, if it happens to be sunny where you are now --- Hello, Australian and New Zealander readers! --- then please feel free to disregard that statement).

At £140.00 (approximately $212.60 USD), Fleur of England's silk and lace camisole is undoubtedly a luxury item, and it's specialness is heightened by one of Fleur's signature details --- a custom-designed, completely unique embroidery. While every size except small is sold out on Fleur of England's website, US-based stockist Teddies for Betty's has sizes large and small still available (as a point of reference, I take a size large). And if camisoles aren't quite your thing, the bra and panty set from the same collection is lovely too.

fleur of england champagne bra panty

via: Journelle

What are your thoughts on Fleur of England? How do you think they fit into today's lingerie landscape, and do details like bespoke prints and embroideries matter to you? I'd love to hear your take on the future of luxury lingerie.

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