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Like many people, La Perla was one of the first names I ever heard when it came to luxury lingerie. Founded in Italy in the 1950s, La Perla’s exquisite fabrics and innovative designs made them one of the most coveted lingerie brands in the world. But for a few years, I fell out of love with La Perla. I’d see a piece here or there that caught my eye, but […]

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Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. We’re only halfway through March, and I think La Perla’s latest ad campaign may already be a contender for the best of 2012. The photos are fresh, fashion-forward, and, of course, breathtakingly beautiful. Best of all, they pay homage to vintage editorials without actually becoming vintage editorials. Bravo, La Perla, bravo. Please, pretty please do more of this. Select items available from Journelle and […]

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It turns out La Perla hosiery really is quite nice. Are they worth the original price of $47.00? No. Are they worth the 30% off sale price of $32.99? Not quite, but they come pretty close. There’s a lot to like about these sheer thigh highs. The 82% Nylon/18% Elastane blend feels nice on the leg, pleasantly snug but not uncomfortably tight. At 15 denier, they have a nice, subtle […]

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Thirty years ago in America, you might have struggled to find a cute bra over a 40 band or above a D cup. Luckily, things have changed. Thanks to the accessibility of the internet and growing competition in the lingerie industry, bra-makers from budget to luxury are finally expanding their sizes. But how many bra sizes do these brands actually make? I took a deep dive and crafted a list […]

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While every generation has its major fashion moments, the past decade has seen some of the most exciting lingerie trends to ever happen in fashion history. Yet, beneath all that flash and glamour, what’s most interesting is how familiar many of these trends are. Yes, they’ve been reworked a bit and adapted to fit the sensibilities of a modern audience, but as the saying goes, “Everything old eventually becomes new again.”

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