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Sometimes, I like a bit of drama in my lingerie. Amoralle (formerly known as SockBox) is a newish lingerie brand out of Latvia, but they’re doing interesting things. Their latest collection was released a few days ago, and I’d call this full sleeve lace bodysuit the standout piece. I tend to go for more simple lines in my lingerie (*ahem* black mesh forever), but I love the idea pairing these […]

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If you’ve read anything I’ve said about my book, then you know how passionate I was about having illustrations instead of photos. Apart from how photos can often invoke less-than-pleasant feelings about bodies, I also believe lingerie illustrations are the perfect way to show the beauty and delicacy of intimate apparel in a medium that even photographs can’t quite touch. While Sandy Wirt is, obviously, one of my favorite lingerie […]

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Note: Some images may be NSFW At this point in my lingerie blogging career, I feel like a pretty savvy consumer. It takes a lot more than it did in 2008 to impress me, and certain events, like a new lingerie store, just aren’t newsworthy in and of themselves anymore. Of course, I’m always excited, professionally speaking, when a new intimate apparel boutique opens (more options for more people is […]

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Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links   Lace appliqué in progress — each piece has to be individually placed and pinned securely before stitching! As a student in my final year of lingerie school, the past few weeks have mostly comprised of delicately hand-sewing lace appliqué — it’s a technique that features heavily in my final collection, and a technique I consider one of the most exquisitely beautiful in the […]

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Hey, Lingerie Addicts! We’re on the cusp of a new season, which means it’s time for a new shopping guide. I honestly love doing these shopping guides. They’re not only an chance to share some of my favorite online lingerie encounters with you, they’re also an opportunity and a challenge to find new labels I’ve not shared before. Part of what keeps these guides exciting – for me, and hopefully […]

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