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The lingerie world tends to be pretty risk averse. With many boutiques opting for safe, proven sellers, many brands are subsequently afraid to push the envelope. Each year at market Cora looks for designs that are bold and fearless, yet it is rare to be treated to work that truly innovates. Well, leave it to a small Etsy seller out of Budapest, Hungary, to shake things up. FRKS Lingerie is […]

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Disclosure: I received this item free of charge for review purposes. All opinions are my own. FRKS Lingerie Howling Wolf Panty – $40 FRKS Lingerie are an indie brand based in Hungary that have been on my radar for quite a while now — their psychedelic colour palette and insanely intricate hand-embroidery caught my attention in the best possible way. I’d been planning to purchase my own set for a […]

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Editor’s Note: The images below contain nudity. Some of the most creative lingerie labels I’ve seen over the past 11 years – La Fille d’O, FRKS Lingerie, even Carine Gilson – are based out of Belgium.  And now there’s one more name we can add to that extraordinary list: Under Thy Skin. Under Thy Skin is what I think of as an underground label. They’re not very well known, but […]

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Though I can’t sew for anything, one of my hobbies when I really need to decompress and unwind is embroidery. I’m not even slightly good at it yet (my brain has this annoying habit of forgetting everything I’ve learned if I go more than a day or two without practice on a more complicated stitch), but it feels very meditative to me. My mind slips into this weird state between […]

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Before I disappoint anyone too much, let me start by saying there are no actual bras of ice and fire in this blog post. I did search for one, because that would have been cool, but alas, this is the one time I’m ahead of everyone else (at least if I want something more than a bit of screenprinting on a t-shirt bra). I know, I know… I should feel […]

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