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catherine d'lish

Disclosure: This item was purchased for me to review by The Lingerie Addict. All opinions are my own. Do you believe in love at first sight? If you don’t, you’re wrong. It absolutely exists. I know because it happened to me the first time I saw one of these feather-covered, sheer dressing gowns by Boudoir by D’Lish. Sigh. The designer behind these robes, Catherine D’Lish, is somewhat of a jane-of-all-trades in […]

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I know, I know we just featured a dressing gown last week, but bear with me while I explain… One of the things I’ve realized lately is that TLA’s archives aren’t just my blog archives, they’re also a sort of archive of the lingerie world. While everything is, obviously, heavily slanted towards what I like, there are still years of industry records here — brands that have come and gone; […]

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Let’s face it. Most loungewear is comfortable, practical, and pretty basic. While it’s easy to care for (and easy to wear), it isn’t always easy on the eyes. If you long to sashay around the house is something a bit more glamorous, you’re going to swoon over this new collection by Catherine D’Lish! The legendary burlesque performer and costumer is giving us a sneak peek of her debut luxury loungewear […]

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I’m not even sure how to start this article. I kind of want to just post all the photos, tell you to go bid on the items, and then come back to me in the comments so we can both swoon over all the gorgeousness and commiserate about the castles, manor houses, and sprawling estates we’ll never get to wear these dressing gowns in. Because if ever an item of […]

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Disclosure: I was sent this item free of charge for review purposes. All opinions are my own. Catherine D’Lish’s marvelous boudoir dressing gowns have been on my personal lingerie wishlist for years. These delightful confections of ruffles, feathers, and silk are dramatic and lush in a way most lingerie simply isn’t nowadays. In many ways, they’re a throwback to the days of classic vintage lingerie, requiring hours of precise hand-stitching […]

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