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blackbird underpinnings

Autumn/Winter 2017 saw an intimate apparel market inundated with velvet lingerie. While velvet, a plush, luxurious textile noted for its soft, warm “pile” is always a popular winter fabric, this is the first season I recall seeing it in practically every type of lingerie – from bras to knickers to robes to teddies to pajamas. My favorite take on the velvet trend, at least for intimates, is devoré or burnout […]

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It’s so wonderful to immerse yourself in the inspiration behind beautiful clothing, but the lingerie industry often focuses more on fit and visual details rather than design inspiration. I thought it would be fun to change that, so I asked some of my favorite indie lingerie designers to loosen their laces and talk to us about the inspiration behind their favorite sets.   Rachel at Buttress & Snatch: “This is my favorite […]

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While I write about both full bust and plus size lingerie around here, over the years I’ve come to identify more with the “inbetweenie” category of body sizes. I suspect I’m not alone in this, as the average women’s clothing size in the US is now a size 14. Just as bras have begun to divide up into ever more specific categories (full bust, full figured, plus size) our ideas […]

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In my last post, I talked about why it’s so important to purchase your intimates from labels that treat their garment workers ethically. If you’re wondering how to find these designers, I’ve done your research for you. Here are more than 60 lingerie and loungewear labels that have online stores, ship worldwide, and manufacture in countries with high labor standards or otherwise state that they are made ethically. Plus, they’re all gorgeous. What could […]

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All photos copyright of The Lingerie Addict. Color and print are two of the first things people are attracted to when it comes to lingerie design, but they’re not the only aspects of lingerie worth talking about. And while I loved the colors I previewed at this season’s market, some of the most exciting trends I saw had nothing to do with fabric. First of all, February’s intimates market was […]

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