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Plus Size Bralette Review: Premme, Calvin Klein, Savage X Fenty

Disclosure: These underwear were purchased by The Lingerie Addict for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own.

Premme, Calvin Klein, and Savage X Fenty briefs

Sporty, wide-elastic bralette and brief sets have long been a staple of brands like Calvin Klein, but until recently have been unavailable to plus-sized folks. As a fan of the aesthetic, I’m pleased to see more brands offering these options in extended or exclusively plus sizing. I’ve long been devoted to Tomboyx but was excited to have the chance to try a few other brands.

For this review, I picked up three options to compare:

Premme Essential Bralette and Brief

Premme Essential Bralette (Premme sizes 0-6, $36) and Essential Brief (Premme sizes 0-6, $34)

Savage X Fenty Curvy Bralette and Hipster

Savage X Fenty Curvy Bralette (1X-3X, $30) and Curvy Hipster (1X-3X, $25)

Cut and Construction

Calvin Klein Bralette and Hipster

Calvin Klein bralette and hipster

The Premme and Calvin Klein bralettes are both racerback, scoop neck styles, while the Savage X bralette has two wide straps, a crossover front, and darts to add shaping.

The Premme bralette and underwear are both constructed of a heavier cotton/spandex knit and are the least stretchy of the three. Both Calvin Klein and Savage X use two layers of fabric for the fronts of the bralettes, adding extra support to their thinner and more stretchy fabrics.

Savage X Fenty Bralette and Hipster

Savage X Fenty bralete and hipster

The Savage X brief offers the most coverage both front and back, while the Calvin Klein and Premme briefs are much cheekier in back. All three use soft, wide, branded elastic for the waistbands. On the Premme briefs, the leg openings are simply folded over and coverstitched, while the other two use enclosed elastic.

Premme Bralette and Briefs

Premme bralette and briefs

I found the construction on all three sets to be neat, fairly durable, and appropriate for the price points. After a few weeks of wear, I’ve noticed some popped stitches on the Premme bralette. Otherwise all three sets of help up well to wearing and washing.


Calvin Klein bralette, Premme Bralette, and Savage X Fenty bralette

Comparison of all three bralette band sizes

My full and underbust measurements are 48” and 38”, respectively, and I generally wear a 38H bra. As such, I don’t really fall into the cup size suggestions for any of these bras. Using my full bust measurement, I went with my best guess based on the size charts and ordered a 2/2X for all three bralettes.

Comparison of front rises on all three briefs

With a low hip measurement of 53”, I’m just outside of the size chart for Calvin Klein’s briefs. I got their largest size, a 3X. With its stretch, I think it could accommodate hip sizes slightly larger than mine. The Savage X size chart oddly leaves measurement gaps in between sizes, so I fell between a 2X (ending at 51.5”) and a 3X (beginning at 53.5”). I risked it and went with a 2X based on my waist measurement, and it fits well. The Premme size chart is more straightforward, and I went with the size 2.

To my delight, everything fits! The elastic bands on all three bralettes creeps up over the course of the day, which I expected given the difference in my full and under bust measurements. I would love to see a company come out with a full bust version of this style to solve that problem.

Comfort and Wear

Savage X bralette and briefs

The Savage X bralette is probably the most comfortable bralette I own, and I’ve worn it at least a few times a week over the past two months. The mesh lining add support and some separation. With a two-strap construction, the weight of my breasts is distributed. While the Premme and Calvin Klein bras are also very comfortable, the racerback options mean that my shoulders and neck do ache after a few hours.

Premme bralette and brief

The firmer fabric of the Premme bralette provides the most hold of the three. With a lower cut neckline and the most stretchy fabric, the Calvin Klein bralette offers the least support. I do wear all three, but I reach for the Savage X bralette most.

Calvin Klein bralette and hipster

I also love the Savage X hipster briefs. The wide elastic waist stays in place and the full butt and gusset coverage is my preferred everyday cut. The Calvin Klein hipster offers their characteristic cheeky cut, which looks great at first. Unfortunately, the fabric and elastic used doesn’t have great recovery so I find they creep up and sag over the course of the day.

Comparison of gusset widths of Premme and Savage X briefs

The Premme briefs surprised me the most. I love the high-waisted rise, but the extremely cheeky back cut and very narrow gusset make these very difficult to wear on my body. The gusset, at about 1 ¼” in the center, is less than half the width of that on the Savage X hipster. As someone with a full butt who also sports a full bush, there’s frankly a lot of exposure and fabric bunching when I wear these.

That said, the combination of the higher leg opening and high rise feels on trend, and I appreciate that Premme is offering a plus size option that we can’t find anywhere else.


This style is classic and versatile, so I’m glad to see more companies offer it in a wider range of sizes. There’s still a lot of the plus sized market left out, though. For that reason, I hope Premme continues to offer this set – perhaps in other colors or underwear styles.

Shannon Flaherty