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18 Ethical Lingerie Brands to Shop in 2018

A new year calls for new underwear. And, if you’re like a lot of us, it also calls for a personal ethics check. What sort of companies do we want to support? Where is our money going? What matters when we buy our clothing?

Crafting an ethically-made intimates wardrobe might seem daunting, but ethical lingerie isn’t hard to find. Lingerie lovers have access to many ethically-manufactured, relatively affordable lingerie labels with a substantial size range.

However, the only way to keep that section of the industry alive (and to help it grow even further) is to vote with your dollars and actually make purchases from them. This allows their lines (as well as others) to thrive in a retail landscape that is, quite honestly, a little nightmarish for small businesses.

Along with old favorites, we’re featuring some of the newest, most unique lines to recently start up. Many ethically-manufactured lingerie labels stick with trendy basics, like elastic strap harnesses and triangle lace bralettes; after all, it’s difficult to balance lower price points with the high cost of ethical manufacturing.

But some brands are making decidedly different styles – like ruffled skirts with matching bra and panty sets, sheer bat-winged robes, and cotton in a rainbow of colors. We’re stoked to show them off here!

From newer brands producing unique styles, to modern classics at good price points, these are the 18 ethical lingerie brands you must try in 2018. 

Quinne Myers

Quinne Myers is based in Brooklyn, NY where she runs the ethically-made loungewear line, she and reverie. She is also a textile designer, a watercolor illustrator, a writer, and a consultant for the lingerie industry.

4 Comments on this post

  1. AEnn says:

    The #1 reason I don’t buy from small brands is that they don’t sell anything that fits me. (I guess technically I could fit robes, but I have never needed more than one robe, and I already own it.) I understand, it’s hard to cover the full range of bra sizes in a small brand. But it is disappointing to look at picture after picture, trying to gauge if the model is full busted, only to be disappointed by everything I click on.

    Would you consider doing a similar post covering brands that go outside of the core range? (I’m interested in full-bust, but I imagine plus size would also be appreciated.) People like me are also interested in ethical lingerie, and are often already used to paying higher prices for our bras.

    A roundup would be most useful if accompanied by individual reviews, since one important thing for me is knowing if the bras actually provide support and are properly graded.

    If that doesn’t suit your direction, it would still be a nice addition to list the size range of the brands in roundups like this, so I don’t get my hopes up.

    • Andra says:

      Ellesmere is a full bust range, Playful Promises does both full bust and plus size, Agashi does plus size, Suli’s does plus size, etc…. And a lot of the brands here will do custom sizing too :) I agree that it would be nice to list the brands’ sizes / if they do custom, but this is most definitely not a core sizes only list!

    • Quinne Quinne says:

      I don’t know your sizes, but out of 18 brands in this list, over 50% of them do custom work and/or make extended sizes. Unfortunately, I don’t believe TLA has enough resources to do individual reviews for every single brand in every single round-up! But I love the idea of doing more specific ethical lingerie round-ups in the future.

    • Cora Cora says:

      Hi Ann,

      Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. I’m not sure which companies you clicked on or what your size may be. However, I can say that TLA rarely, if ever, publishes a shopping guide with only core size options. It may be the case that a brand only uses core-sized models (or models which “read” as core-sized, even if they are not), but, unfortunately, we have no control over that.

      Our shopping guides are deliberately made with a wide range of size options in mind. Once upon a time, we included details like size range with our shopping guides. However, sometimes a brand’s size ranges can change after publication, and we found that many of our readers didn’t understand why we wouldn’t have the most up-to-date size range information in our articles (many people don’t access our content chronologically, but through search engines in response to a question).

      I do agree that shopping guides focusing exclusively on full bust and plus sizes are a good idea, and I hope to publish more of those. However, it would be not the case that every shopping guide or product round-up would also contain product reviews. Unfortunately, that’s simply beyond TLA’s budget. In addition, while your primary focus may be on a bra’s support or pattern grading, that’s not necessarily TLA’s (or even all of our readers’) primary focus with these guides. For more information regarding pattern-grading or fit, a community more focused on the nuances of bra fit may be a better resource for you. Bratabase, for example, may be a good place to try or a blog that does mostly product reviews.

      Thank you again and have a good day,

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