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Truly French: An Introduction to the Iconic Brands of Lingerie Française

Disclosure: This article is sponsored by Lingerie Française.

For centuries, French lingerie has captured the sartorial imagination. After all, the French were the first to bring the concept of structured underpinnings to the European courts. From then on, French ideas on corsetry were considered an essential part of the codes of women's fashion.

Even today, in a global marketplace where one can buy almost anything, French lingerie is still considered to be the ideal, the essential essence of what beautiful lingerie can be.

One of the things I admire about French culture is how highly valued artisans are. Designers, seamstresses, lacemakers, pattern cutters - these skills aren't seen as something to be minimized or swept under the rug. Instead, they are (rightfully) praised as a key component of what makes the fashion and intimate apparel industries work.

I often lament how quickly people dismiss the expertise of garment industry workers. As though knowing how to design or sew is a valueless skill, of little to no importance. That minimization of the labor behind our clothes leads to a devaluing of the garments themselves, which is a shame, especially since all lingerie is handmade.

Lingerie Française is a French trade organization dedicated to the promotion and representation of 14 of the most exclusive and revered French lingerie brands: Antigel, Antinea, Aubade, Chantelle, Empreinte, Eprise, Epure, Implicite, Lise Charmel, Lou, Louisa Bracq, Maison Lejaby, Passionata and Simone Perele.

These 14 French brands are considered to be the cream of the crop, the epitome of French style and aesthetics. More than that, these are companies with a rich heritage. Many of them have had a role in shaping our ideas on what lingerie should be...even if we don't know it.

French lingerie shows that beauty, comfort, style and quality can truly be found in one impressive package. And largely due to the efforts of Lingerie Française, these innovative, creative brands are now more popular and more well-revered than ever before.

On a more personal note, I adore the gorgeous laces and lovely embroideries that are part and parcel of the French design aesthetic. Here, there's so much concern over a bit of lace or a seam or a nipple showing, there's rarely any room left to be concerned about the beauty of lingerie.

However, French lingerie focuses on such details. The artistry, delicacy, and elegance of lingerie are all central to the design, making the act of wearing these undergarments an immeasurably richer experience. There's an undercurrent of indulgence to French lingerie, an idea that these garments can have a purpose beyond the functional. That they can be enjoyed for their own sake. That attitude is very close to my own ideas on the meaning and value of lingerie.

If you're craving even more of a French perspective on lingerie or more insight into what makes French lingerie (or France itself) special, might I recommend Lingerie Française's very own blog, Truly French?

Described as "your daily fix of French lingerie, fashion, lifestyle and culture, the blog features topics on everything from Christian Dior to cut-and-sew bras. Truly French offers an undeniably intimate perspective on how the French really feel about lacy underpinnings...and a lot more besides! Here are a few articles I especially enjoyed reading:

I've included a little sample from each of the 14 brands of Lingerie Française below. Which ones are your favorites? And which have you tried before?

Lingerie Francaise - Eprise - French Lingerie


Lingerie Francaise - Maison Lejaby - French Lingerie

Maison Lejaby

Lingerie Francaise - Louisa Bracq - French Lingerie

Louisa Bracq

Lingerie Francaise - Lise Charmel - French Lingerie

Lise Charmel

Lingerie Francaise - Atinea - French Lingerie


Lingerie Francaise - Antigel - French Lingerie


Lingerie Francaise - Chantelle - French Lingerie


Lingerie Francaise - Lou - French Lingerie


Lingerie Francaise - Simone Perele - French Lingerie

Simone Perele

Lingerie Francaise - Aubade - French Lingerie


Lingerie Francaise - Empreinte - French Lingerie


Lingerie Francaise - Implicate - French Lingerie


Lingerie Francaise - Epure - French Lingerie


Lingerie Francaise - Passionata - French Lingerie


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Cora Harrington

Founder and Editor in Chief of The Lingerie Addict. Author of In Intimate Detail: How to Choose, Wear, and Love Lingerie. I believe lingerie is fashion too, and that everyone who wants it deserves gorgeous lingerie.

6 Comments on this post

  1. Calliger says:

    Aubade (yaken over by a Swiss group) closed its last factory in France in 2010 and is now producing in Tunisia and China, Empreinte only make prototypes in his small production unit in Britain, the rest comes from China, same for Chantelle, Lejaby, Simone Pérèle, Lise Charmel, Antigel, Chantal Thomass, etc. Talking about FRENCH lingerie? Let me laugh ! It is not because you see Paris on the label that it is french, unfortunately. A bra costs around 45€ (To the brand) if made in France, between 4 and 10€ when coming from very far away… do you see my point ?

    • So says:

      I was about to say the same thing. Aubade ‘haute couture’ bras, that retail for 250 euros, are made in Tunisia. I bought one because of the design without noticing this, and this is clearly the last time.

      Thanks for your contribution, Calliger.

  2. RL says:

    I know this may sound like harsh constructive criticism, but it is directed to the Sponsor, not TLA. On a highly targeted Lingerie platform, I would expect a Sponsor brand/organization to make available more depth for the TLA to work with/review.
    A sponsored post. Big tip off= all the multiple lines of “Lise Charmel” included as separates. Other fabulous French brands like Marjolaine are missing.
    I’d love to see Sponsor brands put effort into the content components… so that it doesn’t display like an ad. How about, “Lingerie Française,” providing a peek into the REAL makings of… quality working conditions, quality sourced fabrics & lace. How about hearing from the seamstresses themselves? Are they drawn to production for the love of clothing? or is it the family trade? What is the French stand on inclusivity? (sorry but the product shots dont tell a wide ranging story.)
    Considering the marketing scale of TLA, I think more REAL sponsorship access should be granted to TLA for depth of content. Dear Sponsor, you have an interested audience! Please use that to teach and inform (vs push).
    I am hoping this 1 post is just the start, and that a full content calendar is in progress to be rolled out. In short, I would love to see more Partnership, leading to amazing depth of content. Thank you for listening.
    Happy holidays to all, in all countries.

  3. Dee Lushious says:

    Lejaby was one of the first bras that I ever found that actually fit me, so they’ll always have a special place in my heart:) I have a Chantelle bra now, too. These are all scrumptious and I’ll have to keep an eye out, though!

  4. I hadn’t heard of Antigel before, but that set above is super cute!

  5. I love Empriente, Simone Perele, Aubade, Chantelle, Lou, and Implicite! But my favourite French lingerie designer (and lingerie designer in general) is Fifi Chachnil, I want everything she creates!

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