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Witchy Lingerie To Cast Spells In (Literally)

Maude Nibelungen

I'm really feeling this "witchy" trend happening right now. Not just the design trend, but the general lifestyle shift. Half my friends have a tarot deck and more than a handful have crystals by their bedsides. We're hanging dried flowers over our beds and setting intentions as we draw ourselves scented baths.

It totally makes sense why witchery is such a "thing" right now. When people feel like they can't control their surroundings (like, say, the government, the climate, their job or housing), they find themselves turning to something higher.

In this case, take a bunch of generally-agnostic young people, exhausted by both the state of the world and the overproduction of meaningless, mass-marketed goods, and you might see how a crystal (representing a change in mood) or a deck of oracle cards (providing a little more insight into your world) could be impactful.

And as perfect as it is for Halloween, this modern witch vibe is more than just black and spooky. It's whimsical, botanical, astrological, and as careful and precious as the ingredients for a love charm. From gowns worthy of a full moon celebration to lingerie with actual pockets for your crystals (seriously), I've pulled together a list of the best lingerie for your inner witch. This is lingerie to cast spells in - literally.

Bras and Panties

Max and Vera Affirmations Bra with smoky quartz point, $68

Inside detail of the Max and Vera Intentions Bra, $70


Opulent Ensembles

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