Swimwear Review: ASOS Fuller Bust Mermaid Tie Bikini Top and Tanga Bikini Bottom
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Swimwear Review: ASOS Fuller Bust Mermaid Tie Bikini Top and Tanga Bikini Bottom

Note: These products were purchased for me by The Lingerie Addict. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

Six years ago, I moved from the landlocked Midwest to a city on the ocean and never looked back. I try to make it to the beach every week in the summer (salt water is the cure for everything, as they say). As such, I have amassed a small collection of swimsuits. So many people hate swimsuit shopping, but I love it, especially since discovering swimwear that actually fits me.

Seriously, full bust swimwear is a life changer. I've stopped buying non-cup-sized bikinis entirely. Nothing is worse than trying on an XL bikini top, only to find the band is too big and the cups are still too small. Well-fitting swimwear is like cute lingerie that's socially-acceptable to wear outside. In other words, it's the best.

Sadly, most full bust swimsuits are a little predictable: nautical stripes, dark florals, clean lines, full-coverage cups. Not to mention the structural necessities for supporting DD+ breasts - underwires, molded foam cups, and thick adjustable straps abound. I understand why everything sort of looks the same for this segment, but wouldn't a little variety be nice?

I get jealous of the smaller-chested beachgoers who can wear the glittery, shell-shaped Margarita Mermaid and Wildfox bikinis and cover more than just their nipples. I even considered making myself one, but the Atlantic Ocean is so harsh on swimsuits. I couldn't bear the thought of how it would look at the end of a summer.

Luella Top and Bottoms by Margarita Mermaid

If only this came in my size! Luella Top and Bottoms by Margarita Mermaid

So I resigned myself to summers full of grey and black underwire bikinis, happy to have something that fits, even if it's not my "thing." Yes, I appreciate a structured three-piece underwire bikini cup, but sometimes I just want a triangle bikini covering more than just my nipples. Sometimes, I want dainty little ties instead of supportive straps. Sometimes, I want scallops and pastels and pretty mermaid vibes.

Sometimes, dreams come true.

 ASOS Fuller Bust Exclusive Ombre Print Mermaid Tie Bikini Top, $31, and Tie Side Tanga Bikini Bottoms, $22. Photo by Quinne Myers

ASOS Fuller Bust Exclusive Ombre Print Mermaid Tie Bikini Top, $31, and Tie Side Tanga Bikini Bottoms, $22. Photo by Quinne Myers

A mermaid bikini for DD+ cups

I found this ASOS Fuller Bust bikini while casually doing some late-winter aspirational swimsuit shopping and knew it had to be mine. I ordered the top in a size 32G US/32F UK, my typical bra size. The bottoms were already sold out size 10, so I went with an 8, banking on the adjustable side ties and my small booty.

Most sizes are sold out already, but you could pair the top or bottom with any other pastel-hued piece for a perfect set. And if you're a stickler for matchy-matchy swimsuits, ASOS released this style in a light blue color as well.

 ASOS Fuller Bust Exclusive Ombre Print Mermaid Tie Bikini Top, $31, and Tie Side Tanga Bikini Bottoms, $22. Photo by Quinne Myers

Photo by Hannah Rimm

Fit and Quality

One thing I hate about ASOS Fuller Bust's line is the inconsistency in their sizing. Honestly, it's all over the place. I've ordered multiple triangle bikinis in size "32DD-G" and while one will have cups that fit perfectly, another will literally be 2 inches narrower and 1 inch shorter in each cup.

Luckily, this style is quite true-to-size in both the band and the cup. It's not as shell-like as many shell-style bikinis, but the shape is adapted to provide enough coverage for larger busts while still keeping the cup soft.

I personally could have done without the extra little tie between the cups, but it gives a little bit of forward push and would keep you from falling out in the front if your breasts are particularly close-set. Plus, it's a cute detail.

The thin foam lining of the inner cup. Photo by Quinne Myers

Maybe I based this idea on how it fits the ASOS model, but I pictured this top having more structure than just a layer of foam. Nope! It's just cut-and-sewn soft foam beneath a white knit lining, covered with digitally-printed pastel lycra. This means it will not give you very much lift. That's totally understandable.

This top is really just a triangle bikini with added foam for nipple coverage. It has no structured lining, no underwire, no slings; the point of a triangle bikini is to simply cover everything, which it does. But it's something to consider if you like a little more lift in your swimwear.

Photo by Hannah Rimm

The bottoms are true-to-size as well. The adjustable sides mean the size 8 fits just fine, but these are particularly skimpy bikini bottoms and I honestly would prefer my normal size for a little more coverage. I mean, yes, I did spend the first half of this post lamenting how full bust swimwear is sooo full and boring. And it's hella refreshing to find a bikini meant for my body type that's this small. But, yeah. It's a string bikini! It's skimpy.

The price of ASOS's swimwear always baffles me. It's so inexpensive. Unfortunately, I don't know what that means regarding the ethics of their manufacturing, but I do know what it means for the quality. The low price shows on the more labor-intensive details of this bikini like the poor sewing along the upper edge of the cup which causes the scallops to pucker and the messy stitching securing the skinny front tie.

However, I haven't heard any popped seams while tying up these dainty little strings, which is more than I can say for the other tie-up bikinis I own around this price point (I love my Pour Moi? swimsuits, but the seams are constantly popping from how tight I have to tie them!).

ASOS could have given a tie closure to the back to continue the tie motif, but luckily, they added a plastic hook for security. It's a small detail, but a snapping, non-adjustable closure really makes the difference for a full-bust swimsuit where the tightness of the band gives most of the support.

Final thoughts

In the end, this swimsuit is pretty much what I expected for the price. If you're looking for something to make your breasts look super-perky and round, this isn't the bikini for you. If you want super high quality materials and luxurious sewn details, this definitely isn't the bikini for you. But if you want a cute little pastel bikini that actually fits fuller cup sizes, without going the custom-made route, this is a great option.

It's not perfect, but bikinis like this one are why I love what the ASOS Fuller Bust bikini line is doing. They aren't out to make the perfect full bust swimwear for you to invest in and wear 'til you die. Instead, they're making on-trend bikinis that happen to be for fuller-busted people, and they sell at a great price point.

Would you wear full-bust swimwear that mimics core-sized bikinis? Or do you prefer your swimwear to have more support?




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Quinne Myers

Quinne Myers is a lingerie expert living in Brooklyn, NY, where she creates quippy written content, crafts dreamy illustrations, and runs the ethically-made loungewear line, she and reverie.

2 Comments on this post

  1. Lotte says:

    Oh my. I ordered this one a while ago as well! I got *so* excited when I saw it online, and then *so* disappointed once I tried it on. I realize that at this price point, I can’t expect perfect construction & support, but the top just fit awkwardly and gave me no shape at all. I have several bralettes and bikini tops that give me a nicer shape & more support than this bikini (I’m a 32F). I don’t think full-bust bikinis have to be as structured as my regular bras, but I do want to feel “secure in them” (i.e. sturdy padding, no loop-and-string construction for the underbust band,…)

    I’d happily pay much more for a bikini like this if I actually felt comfortable in it. This way, I had to send it back :(

    • Quinne says:

      Yeah, it’s not a structured cup at all, just a foam-lined triangle cup! Maybe higher-end swim lines will take the hint from bikinis like these, and start making cutie swimsuits for fuller busts that have actual support included.

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