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20 GG+ Full Bust Bras (That Are Actually Cute)

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

Elomi Soraya Plunge Bra and Boyshort

Elomi Soraya Plunge Bra and Boyshort

The market for full bust bras grows every season, and there's never been a bigger selection of pretty, supportive lingerie for people with a high bust-to-underbust ratio than there is today. We even have an entire, gorgeous post on full bust lingerie trends from CURVE this season.

However, for those of us who wear over a GG cup, cute stuff is still hard to find. It was pretty easy to write an article featuring 15 pretty DD+ cup bras, but only a fraction of those featured go above a G in UK sizes, and I definitely heard your comments about it! So many GG+ bras fit squarely into those three stereotypical "big bra" words: beige, pointy and grandma.

Panache Clara Bra

Panache Clara Bra

There are a few big reasons for this, most involving money and risk (or the lack thereof). It's also just harder to develop cute full bust bras that support the extra weight; you can't scale up a 34C bra into a 34H and trust it will work the same in the bigger size.

Scantilly Surrender Basque and Brief

Scantilly Surrender Basque and Brief

But cute fuller-bust options are out there, and not to worry - I've done the searching for you. Each of these bras comes in at least a few sizes over a GG cup (that's a J cup in US sizes). From sexy black styles to pale strapless numbers, you'll definitely find something to love.

GG+ Bras for Every Day:

GG+ Bras for Special Occasions:

Do you like these selected fuller-bust bras? What styles do you want to see in GG+ bras?





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Quinne Myers

Quinne Myers is a lingerie expert living in Brooklyn, NY, where she creates quippy written content, crafts dreamy illustrations, and runs the ethically-made loungewear line, she and reverie.

7 Comments on this post

  1. Dawn says:

    That Elomi Soraya one is kind of pschedelic. I like it! On a side note, why does it seem like all the good bra brands are based out of Europe. What’s wrong with the American market…

  2. Bridgette says:

    Any that aren’t lacy (read lumpy) under a thin shirt? I have only found one supportI’ve bra in my size (40H) and it has lace so I have to wear a tank under everything. :(

    • Amber says:

      Chantelle’s Revele Moi bra comes in a 40H and is smooth and beautiful under t-shirts! And it’s sheer, which is sexy.

  3. DDtop says:

    Hi Elomi do so many along with Goddess esp both specialise in the bigger end as both Wacoal brands.
    In the premium brands you have Empreinte,there’s also a few other French? brands that go bigger ive found plus Primadonna as i wear Madison in 42I and Deauville in 42H both very supportive as well designed.
    Plus as you say can’t up scale a 36B which is one reason many don’t go above 38G on a good day! as there just not made/designed to a sufficient standard to be able to give support and last!.

    Plus some are what id just call fashion bra’s ok for an evening but wearing all day doing things no!
    Elila is on the up with range/styles as that one above is stunning in the white with floral plus there is Glamorise they have a very large range along with a few other USA brands but another one not on here which isn’t cheap though but excellent quality is Ulla very large bands and cups something for anyone!
    Many of the Polish brands do a range also as there is so many over there hard to name them all!

    One thing that does become more an issue i’d guess is projection +/- band size and wide/narrow rooted as some won’t fit so well if wider and wide rooted so you need a bra that takes more in from the sides rather than just front or likes of wires will dig/prod.
    For me as a guy that has “Grown” i like my PD Deauville&Madison Deauville has deeper cups than the m it takes in more from the sides also so if have side tissues perfect but i also like my Elomi/Goddess Raquel,Cate,Kayla,Keira,Adelaide plus few others all similar cut/shape i call a middle of the road bra in price but shoots higher than the price and perfect for all day/every day wear so good value and support works for me.
    One of the issues i have having Fibro&Raynauds is i mark/scar easily things pressing hard/awkward soon become very painful which many find with likes of fibromyalgia on my forum so have to choose wisely what to buy/wear plus get issues with my Prolactinoma so they get sore/tender if not comfortable.

    you can always use likes of Herroom/Bare necessities and others to search for sizes just type in size will brings lists up plus search bar on browsers you’d be pretty surprised on sizes many do go upto as had a lady on Twitter ask about a sports bra as she was 38J i replied Elomi EL8041 she came back wow i didn’t know they went upto that size.

    Admittedly some ranges/sizes are a bit “Granny’fied” but on the whole that is/has changed as they have to to survive as many now are very ample up top long gone are the days of 36B being “busty”

    There are also brands/places/makers doing custom sizing esp in the Polish brands but also in the USA&UK and would guess in other places like Germany! so there will be something for everyone somewhere so don’t take 2nd best as your worth it take care of them.

  4. Jennifer says:

    I agree with the above, some long lines and cage bras. There is some in this article but I’m a 30jj and they dont make sizes high enough! I love vintage style lingerie but I can never get matching bras because of my bust size.

  5. Tansy says:

    Thanks for this post – it’s great to see some cute/sexy styles available in GG+. I especially like the Ewa Michalak Magique S and the Elomi Soraya.
    One style I’d love to see more in GG+ is longlines. It seems to me (though admittedly I’m far from an expert) that a longline style should be particularly good for supporting the bust from below and taking a bit more pressure off the shoulders. Plus I love the look of a lot of longline styles!

    • Jess says:

      Freya do some long line styles, as does panache with the piper bra, but ive found they arent really long enough, they just seem to add an extra CM on and this just rolled under my bust. Maybe for you they wont do this, bravissmo also do their own longline styles however ive never tried these.

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