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Surprise! These 15 Pretty Lingerie Sets are for DD+ Cups

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

Fact: full bust lingerie (roughly defined as anything above a DD cup) has to be made differently from core-sized lingerie. What works for a C cup probably won't work for an F cup. Bras for larger cups need thicker straps, sturdier fabrics, and bigger hardware. However, when I was looking for great DD+ lingerie to add to this roundup, I was struck by how many of the latest styles look so... boring.

It takes a lot of engineering to make a full bust bra, so the lack of innovation is understandable, but it's also disappointing. A cut-and-sew full coverage bra with a basic skirt attached to the bottom makes an easy babydoll, and a new color can make a tried-and-true style seem "interesting." Sometimes, the full bust lingerie market feels almost entirely made up of 4-part cups, basic embellishments, opaque materials, and absolutely no risks taken.

Thankfully, that isn't only that way! From illusion mesh to nipple cutouts (yes, really), DD+ bra wearers can have just as much fun with their lingerie as their core sized counterparts. Here are my favorite lingerie styles to accommodate a larger bust without the classic, "big bra" look.

Which look is your favorite? What other styles would you like to see in full bust? 



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Quinne Myers

Quinne Myers is a lingerie expert living in Brooklyn, NY, where she creates quippy written content, crafts dreamy illustrations, and runs the ethically-made loungewear line, she and reverie.

17 Comments on this post

  1. Redheadfae says:

    I know this is an old post, but in case anyone is looking at those BlueBella bras for full bust.. be forewarned that they are merely “boudoir” lingerie: pretty sexy but no good for support as far as wearing longer than the average lingerie spends on in the bedroom, LOL. I have two of their sets, I’m a US 36H, UK 36FF, Polish 80FF.

  2. Mimi Heft says:

    Which look is my favorite!? Yes, all please! I’m especially fond of the use of sheers—Curvy Kate Scantilly Peek-A-Boo, Adina Reay Fran Sheer. I also find interesting (and a bit odd) the optical illusion the Bluebella Iana body suit makes, where her body appears much smaller, due to the color contrasts—I wonder if the illusion is due to it being a flat photo, and that it wouldn’t appear as such in person, in 3D.

    I love the idea of the nipple cutouts, but I wonder how often they actually align to fit so perfectly as shown, considering the variety of breast shapes and nipple placement. Mine, for instance, point more downward, so I guess it depends on how the bra lifts the breast, if it settles into the cup in the correct position.

    I’m glad the question was raised re: whether the models were, in fact, full busted. I also get frustrated by not seeing enough models shaped like me, more overtly endowed. But learning that cup size is not necessarily a visually obvious thing does soften my opinion a bit. I’m having trouble, however, picturing just how that works—how it is that what appears to be a B is actually a DD+—but I trust you, Cora!

  3. Shell says:

    I’m smaller than the demographic the post is aimed at, being ‘only’ a D cup, but it’s always been an ordeal finding good selection in a 32 band size. Figleaves has over 600 choices in my size! My gratitude to you for this article, because I’ve never before experienced such a huge selection (and decent prices to boot).

  4. AlexaFaie says:

    I’d just love more plunges as none of these styles have a low enough centre wire height for me to be able to wear them with my center full close set breasts. At the moment I barely even care about the style being pretty or fun, I just want stuff which fits properly as I’m sick of having to pick bras which don’t have enough immediate projection so my bust causes the cup fabric to wrinkle and fold as it tries to fit into the part of the cup with the most volume. Also sick of having to go a cup size up to get more volume where I need it but having to suffer with too wide cups which dig into my armpits and which get spaced progressively further apart on the band as the cup size increases.

    It kinda sucks when even a plain black or beige bra with no fancy details is a unicorn bra for your bust type.
    Currently wear the Satine by Bravissimo in a 32FF/32G (have both sizes) but it’s not that great. I want to try Ewa or Comexim but am concerned about the centre gore height as even on their supposed plunge styles they come up far higher than I can wear. My 32G Satine has a gore height of a teensy bit over 2″ and even that is too much and leaves marks on my chest. ??

    • Marit says:

      I’m also close set, though I don’t have problems with fit projection-wise (I’m a 30F most of the time, with relatively good fit in a regular Freya/Fantasie plunge). It might be too shallow a style, but my best bra for a low gore is the Gossard Glossies. I could use a teeny bit more volume in it in a 30F but the wires are perfect, if I size up to a 30FF they’re too wide and there’s wrinkling in the cups. It’s also massively comfy for me (light and almost feels like nothing). I hoard them!

      I don’t know if they will be any good for you with your volume, but thought I’d mention it just in case. Lord knows I struggle to find myself bras… It’s not easy! I hope you find your holy grail super comfy, super fancy bra soon! :-)

  5. Angela Friedman says:

    That Playful Promises Amelia set, though!! I don’t know why I hadn’t seen that one before – it literally took my breath away! Great list, Quinne <3

  6. Ann Courtney says:

    Such a shame they could only find one DD+ size model but I guess they want to show their creations off in what they see as the “best light”

    • Cora Cora says:

      Hi Ann, I’m afraid I don’t understand what you’re referring to here. DD is full bust, but it isn’t necessarily a large cup size. DD+ also looks different on everyone based on their height, weight, proportions, etc. Are you perhaps confusing the term with plus size?

      • Ruffienne says:

        Cora, like Ann, I too was puzzled by the choice of models.

        While you are correct that a DD+ looks different on different women, the common element is that the garment is designed to accommodate a full bust.
        It’s disingenuous for you to say you ‘don’t understand what she’s referring to here’.
        Few of these models have what could be considered a full bust, even when body type is taken into account. I doubt that they are representative of the general body-types of the women who are the intended purchasers.

        It’s exceedingly frustrating not being able to see how full bust (or plus size, for that matter) lingerie performs because it has been photographed on a smaller proportioned model – a practice that is rife in almost every quarter of the industry.

        • Cora Cora says:


          Thank you for commenting. However, my question was genuine. While most, if not all, of the models in this article are full-busted, only one is plus sized. This is why I wondered if the original commenter was confusing the definitions of plus sized and full busted.

          While I do agree that these models aren’t fully representative of the population of DD+ bra wearers, it is true that a cup size like 30DD does not appear “large” to most people. As a point of comparison, my own cup volume – which I don’t believe anyone would describe as large – is equivalent to a 30DD.

          The original commenter asserted there was only one full bust model shown in this article, and I know for a fact that is not the case. Wanting to see more full-busted models (or models with larger busts or models with body types more representative of the general population) is not the same as asserting that only one model in this blog post fits the criteria of being DD+. I completely agree with your frustration over the lack of more comprehensive representation…but not so much that I’d be willing to go along with a claim I know to be inaccurate.

      • Sharon says:


        I agree with you. In fact the notion that if you have a DD+ cup you are plus size makes it even more difficult to find a large cup if you are under a 38 band. I am a 34H. Thank you for these lovely pieces.

  7. Holly Harlott says:

    Wonderful list!! I’ve had the pleasure of trying the exact Adina Reay Fran set that you posted and it’s so lovely. The mesh is beautiful quality and the bra is very supportive without being uncomfortable. I’ve worn it for 8-hour work days and it’s great. The bottoms are gorgeous as well and I find that they provide a bit of shaping as well. I love the set! I also adore the Ava bodysuit, it’s so beautiful.

    I’m hoping to try many of these brands soon! Dear Scantilly has been on my list for ages but sadly they don’t ship to Canada (yet). I also love Empriente and Fantasie. The Rebecca bra is my go-to comfort bra.

  8. Dean Armour says:

    The Miranda peep hole bra and the babydoll are my favorite. Of course I’m a guy but I can recognize beautiful things. I would love to see my wife in these. Or I could wear them.

  9. Tansy says:

    There are some pretty cool styles here; I think the Playful Promises Amelia is my favourite. That said, I’m always a little sad, when I see posts like these, to find that most of the styles don’t go above a G cup. Is there any chance of a similar post in future for GG+ lingerie?

    • Khadijah says:

      For GG lingerie, try Primadonna. Amazingly beautiful and incredibly comfortable bras that I’ve worn for 12 hour shifts at the hospital (including 2 hours of commuting), so 14 hours altogether and it’s amazing.

    • Holly Harlott says:

      Try Elomi or Goddess lingerie for anything beyond a GG cup.

    • Irene says:

      Hi Tansy. I wear a 30GG (or H, depending on the brand) and I find myself sized out of a lot of full-bust options too. As Holly Harlot mentioned, Elomi and Goddess are good for higher cups, but only if your band size is between 34-46. Panache’s Sculptresse also is good for those band sizes. The cup sizes for these seem to extend to either H or K in British sizing for Sculptresse and Elomi and up to an N cup in American sizing for Goddess. I just glanced at some styles on their website to find that, as I am not within that size range.
      If you are a smaller band size like I am, Panache and Cleo by Panache have band sizes between 28 and 38 and cup sizes extend either to H or J, depending on the style. Curvy Kate and their other brand Scantilly have bands from 28 or 30 up to 38 and cup sizes up to HH or K, depending on the style. I have bras from these brands and find they work well. Also, some Freya styles include J cups, but I find most of their stuff is geared toward G or GG and below. Freya’s band sizes are usually 28-38. And Bravissimo bras usually have a great size range for smaller bands, 28/30-38 with cup sizes up to a K, sometimes up to an L.
      I also hear Ewa Michalak offers a huge size range, though I personally haven’t tried any and I’m not sure if Polish sizing runs the same as British sizing.
      I hope that’s helpful to you and anyone else above a G-cup. Also, I too would love a GG+ post on the Lingerie Addict! Us GG+ girls often get sized out of full-bust lingerie and have like, half the options of what’s out there for D-G cups.

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