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Review: The Pink Pantaloon Co.

The Pink Pantaloon Co.'s Amelie French Knickers

The Pink Pantaloon Co.'s Amelie French Knickers

[Disclosure: These items were sent to me free of charge for review purposes. All opinions are my own.]

I wear a lot of pink. Like, a lot. The desk where I'm writing this is pink, my hair is usually a little pink, and yep, most of my lingerie is pink. So naturally, when The Pink Pantaloon Co. introduced themselves, I was all. over. it. An entirely pink lingerie company? Yes, please.


The Pink Pantaloon Co's packaging

All of their luxury silk knickers and loungewear are made-to-order in their UK studio from a single roll of pink silk. The designs are simple but pretty. Lingerie like this is my favorite because you can wear it as outerwear, as shown in their cheeky lookbooks. The silk is opaque and thick enough that you could wear it under a short dress on a windy day, or under something sheer and lacy just for fun. I am between a medium and large according to their size chart, so they whipped up two surprise pairs for me in size large: the India High Waist Knickers  ($188/£130), and the Amelie French Knicker ($115/£80).


The Pink Pantaloon Co's on-brand packaging

Opening the fancy black box, tied up with remnants of their signature pink silk, was super exciting. Their branding is definitely on point. My pieces were all wrapped up in black tissue paper and closed securely with a matching pink wax stamp. There isn't a riveting story behind the color, or why they chose to use only one shade; the design team simply liked the fabric, a pretty dusty-rosy-pink satin with a hint of stretch.


The Pink Pantaloon Co's Amelie French Knickers and India High Waist Knickers

But my thoughts about the branding dissipated when I realized the construction quality is really poor. The waistband elastics aren't properly finished or even pressed correctly, so the thinner elastic waistband of the India knickers flips inside out constantly, whether it's worn or lying flat. The French seams weren't clipped enough or pressed out before finishing, making them bulky. The hems looks like they have been accidentally stretched as they were sewn, given them a slightly ruffled appearance that isn't terrible, but likely wasn't intentional.

The waistband elastic of the India High Waist Knickers isn't properly pressed or finished, so it flips over whether laid flat or worn.

The waistband elastic of the India High Waist Knickers isn't properly pressed or finished, so it flips over whether laid flat or worn.

Some mistakes are even worse. On both pairs, all points on the hem that cross over another seam or piece of elastic--and some inexplicable points where there isn't a seam to cross over--are not folded over completely. These parts not only look terrible and are a sign of careless sewing, but will fray over time.

The hem on the India High-Waisted Knickers is unfolded where it meets each strip of elastic, leaving the edge raw.

Like all of their products, The Pink Pantaloon Co. made these two pieces just for me, so I can't blame this on poor sample sewing--this is poor sewing in general.

The hem on the French knicker has multiple sewing mistakes

The hem on the Amelie French Knicker isn't completely folded over in many spots.

The fit is decent for both pairs. I love the super high slits on the sides of the Amelie French Knickers; they're a classic tap pant fit that I'd definitely wear lounging around the house. I like the contrast of the charcoal grey elastic around the waist too, but it's not visible in any of the photos online, so it was a surprise. Plus, the description listed this item as having a "fitted waistband," so I assumed it would have a flat, fitted waistband with some kind of closure. The elastics are average lingerie elastics, and there are so many beautiful elastics in the world that, for the price point, I wish they picked something a little fancier.

The Pink Pantaloon Co.'s Amelie French Knickers

The Pink Pantaloon Co.'s Amelie French Knickers

The Pink Pantaloon Co.'s Amelie French Knickers

The Pink Pantaloon Co.'s Amelie French Knickers

I'm not personally a big fan of high-waist boyshort panties (I prefer my narrow hips in panties that are a little smaller, or at least cut a little higher), but the India High Waist Knickers are cute, too. If your hips are at the upper range of their size chart, this style will probably be very snug; my hips are about 40" and despite being smaller than the size chart specifies, the Large fits pretty well.

The Pink Pantaloon Co.'s India High Waisted Knicker

The Pink Pantaloon Co.'s India High Waisted Knicker

The Pink Pantaloon Co.'s India High Waist Knickers

The Pink Pantaloon Co.'s India High Waist Knickers

Both pairs are cute and their branding and packaging are great for the aesthetic they're going for, but the sewing quality is just so poor. If I'm spending upwards of $100 on panties, I expect the quality to match the cost. Compared to the beautiful seams of other classically-styled, UK-made brands like Harlow and Fox or even the less expensive Ayten Gasson, The Pink Pantaloon Co. really can't hold its own. Hopefully in the future, their production manager raises the bar.

What do you think of The Pink Pantaloon Co.? Is good branding more important than quality sewing?

Quinne Myers

Quinne Myers is a lingerie expert living in Brooklyn, NY, where she creates quippy written content, crafts dreamy illustrations, and runs the ethically-made loungewear line, she and reverie.

4 Comments on this post

  1. Vlada says:

    It still amazes me how many companies have such poor sewing and yet high price points. I agree that the designs would have translated much better if the quality was up to par.

  2. Lia says:

    Good branding is definitely not more important than quality sewing, at least to me! I agree with what you said- at that price point, I would expect fantastic quality. The fact that it’s made of silk and has luxury branding doesn’t compensate for the poor quality. I do like the shade of pink they chose.

  3. Estelle says:

    I read this review like “OMG a brand that works all in pink, I really want…. oh. Never mind”. Their Zoe playsuit does look super cute, but I wouldn’t consider paying £150 for it after seeing these pics.

  4. Karolina says:

    I am left so baffled by brands who send poorly made items for review. Especially in this instance, where the faults are so glaringly obvious – where’s the quality control? It’s such a shame as these designs could be quite nice if the stitching was actually up to scratch.

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