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Review: Nui Ami 'Paris' Camisole & Shorts

Disclosure: I received this camisole and short set for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own.

Nui Ami are a relatively young British brand, offering a delightful range of pretty and functional cup sized sleepwear. Their luxurious offerings are swathed in silk and beautiful French leavers laces; whilst I don’t consider their designs particularly boundary pushing from an aesthetic perspective, they are elegant and versatile. The colour palette of their first collection is a relatively neutral selection of blushes, blacks and whites, paired with modern prints and graphic lace placement.

'Paris' camisole and short. Photo by Nui Ami

'Paris' camisole and short. Photo by Nui Ami

I must admit that the notion of cup sized sleepwear rather piqued my interest. As a small busted woman, I have never felt the need to seek out supportive sleepwear. Nevertheless, I am very aware that this is an issue that many fuller busted women face. It’s encouraging to see an independent brand creating a product that tackles this issue; particularly as Nui Ami have a rather exceptional size range for a new independent brand. Their top size range claims to work for bra sizes between 30-40 bands and B-F cups. Co-ordinates are available in sizes S-XL and the website includes extensive information on the measurements of individual pieces.

Nui Ami 'Paris' printed camisole and short. Photo by A. Lindseth

Nui Ami 'Paris' printed camisole and short. Photo by A. Lindseth

For this review I was sent the Paris print camisole (£150) in size 30/32 D/DD and the matching shorts in size S (£95). The Paris range also includes a robe, chemise and pajamas. Most pieces are available both in the print and a plain blush silk. All garments are made in the UK, with the shorts exclusively in a stretch silk and the camisole featuring a mix of stretch silk, meshes and leavers lace.

Nui Ami 'Paris' short detail. Photography by K Laskowska

Nui Ami 'Paris' short detail. Photography by K Laskowska

The shorts are a relatively simple style but they’re well executed. Stitching is accurate and neat throughout; seams are overlocked to allow for the silk’s slight stretch, with the hem finished in a neat and graphic black satin binding. The waist is finished with a plush elastic waistband applied with a 3-point zigzag.  They're quite generously sized; the rise is high enough for them to sit on my natural waist, and they fit my pear shaped figure well. They’re exceedingly comfortable and figure quite prominently in my regular lingerie rotations.

Nui Ami 'Paris' printed camisole and shorts. Photo by A. Lindseth

Nui Ami 'Paris' printed camisole and shorts. Photo by A. Lindseth

The camisole is truly the talking point for this brand though. The construction and patterning of this piece is particularly interesting; it’s crafted as a supportive soft bra, with soft stretch mesh cups with non-stretch tulle side slings, a wide plush elastic underbust and adjustable plush shoulder straps with gold toned rings and adjusters. Scalloped lace is neatly machine appliquéd onto the mesh and silk, with gorgeous scallop panel detailing.

Nui Ami 'Paris' camisole lace and silk detail. Photography by K Laskowska

Nui Ami 'Paris' camisole lace and silk detail. Photography by K. Laskowska

The fit is certainly more firm than I’d expect from a camisole but not as constricting as a bra: certainly a good balance for a piece designed for sleeping in as I don’t think I could take the squeeze of a bra band all night! The bust fit is definitely more supportive than the majority of non-wired bras that I wear; the cups offer fairly full coverage and give a subtle lift and relatively natural bust shape.

Nui Ami 'Paris' camisole interior cup detail. Photography by K. Laskowska

Nui Ami 'Paris' camisole interior cup detail. Photography by K. Laskowska

I must admit that although I find both pieces exceedingly comfortable, the camisole wouldn’t be my personal first choice for sleeping in. This is purely as I prefer to not wear anything with elastication or synthetic fabrics during the night. That said, I have found the camisole perfect for day time lounging. It’s a wonderful glamorous alternative to my usual baggy t-shirts for days when I don’t leave the house. Whilst it may not work for me personally, I would love to see how this piece works for fuller busted women: if it’s been well –patterned for larger cup sizes, I can imagine that it would be somewhat of a Godsend for individuals looking for support 24/7. Even for smaller-busted/core sized women this brand produces some undeniably beautiful nightwear pieces, with or without Nui Ami’s signature support.

Readers: What do you think of Nui Ami’s designs? Would you try cup-sized sleepwear?

Karolina Laskowska

Lingerie designer. Spends most of her time sewing bras and getting excited by chantilly lace.

3 Comments on this post

  1. Viktoria says:

    As a big busted but a small plder woman, I would love to try this. I am always looking for beautiful sexy lingerie this is comfortable, supportvie and affordable. We older women (60 +) want sexy too.

  2. Nice one! Looks very beautiful and perfect for everyday wear. Also the comfy design adds an extra advantage.!!!

  3. UK Lingerie says:

    You look amazing! We’re so in love with Nui Ami designs!
    If you don’t mind, we’d like to share it with our followers, since Nui Ami is one of our new brands :)
    Thanks :)

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