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Addition Elle Review: Ashley Graham Unpadded Lace Bra and Satin & Lace High Cut Panty

Ashley Graham X Addition Elle Lace Unpadded Bra

Ashley Graham X Addition Elle Lace Unpadded Bra

Items for this review were provided by Addition Elle. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope everyone had a great holiday break. I’m back today with a review of the latest from Addition Elle, whose partnership with Ashley Graham has been picked up by Nordstorm and is selling like hotcakes.

Addition Elle Unapadded Lace Bra and Panty Set

Addition Elle Unapadded Lace Bra and Panty Set

I wanted to see if the line had changed any since last season, as it’s still a relative newcomer to the plus size lingerie market. The line has actually expanded this season to include some really interesting pieces and options, but none of the really unique pieces were made in the G & H extended range. I picked this purple and black lace set because it seemed like the more interesting and ornate of the two options that were made in my size.

Unpadded Lace Bra by Addition Elle x Ashley Graham

Unpadded Lace Bra by Addition Elle x Ashley Graham

This lace was incredibly hard to photograph, but these are the most accurate images I could get. This cut and sew bra features a 3 part cup and is made up of a black base with a dark purple lace overlay. It’s not sheer, but it is incredibly lightweight and the fabric has lots of stretch. As you can see, the lace has a metallic element which was the hardest to photograph. In bright light and in real life, it’s a silver metallic glint. The lace continues all the way down and covers the bottom underwires, but doesn’t continue all the way around to the back of the bra. Instead of a single strap, the bra features a stretchy set of thin double straps. The center gore is non-traditional and fairly flexible, which means that this bra probably won’t tack if you have narrow set breasts. It didn’t on me, but I have that issue with most brands that don’t use industrial strength gores. The open gore is decorated with a bow with black crystal beads.

Unpadded Lace Bra Closeup

Unpadded Lace Bra Closeup

Again, the light in my house makes it look like a copper metallic tint, but I swear that it’s silver in real life. This image does give you a close look at the details on the lace though.

Satin Lace Panties by Addition Elle - front view

Satin Lace Panties by Addition Elle – front view

The panties are very basic in the front, but make up for it with an entirely sheer lace back.

Addition Elle Satin Lace Panties - back view

Addition Elle Satin Lace Panties – back view

As you can see, they’re completely unlined and surprisingly risque! I love when brands play with true sheer laces and fabrics in plus size lingerie, so bonus points to Addition Elle for being willing to try this style of panty. The panties are stretchy and comfortable. These have been through the washing machine and dryer on the delicate cycle once and have come through just fine.

So how does this look on someone who isn’t Ashley Graham? Here you go:

Addition Elle x Ashley Graham Unpadded Lace Bra and Panty

Addition Elle x Ashley Graham Unpadded Lace Bra and Panty

This is probably a cup size too small on me post-holiday weight gain, but will fit just fine once I get back into the swing of things this month. The bra is a 36H and the panties are a 1X. If you’re full-figured, how you feel about this bra is going to depend greatly on how you feel about things like built in sideslings and serious shaping capabilities. This is not a Polish bra, or even a Panache bra in terms of shaping and creating a narrow/more front and center profile. Since I have dense breast tissue, I tend to gravitate to bras with sideslings because they help so much with shaping and with fit. As you can see, this would be a better fit on me with something like that built in. That said, in this case, I don’t care.

Would I wear this bra to run for the bus? No. But I do like that it gives a surprisingly great shape under clothes, is really soft and feels light and comfortable. Adding extra shaping elements to narrow the profile or add extra lift would make it feel rougher and a less comfortable. When it comes down to it, I have a lot of industrial bras in my collection that do all of those things. However, none are as comfortable as this one. This feels more like a Victoria’s Secret bra in a plus size range than a Panache or Elomi bra, which is okay. There’s room in the world for both styles and I’ve found myself reaching for this one multiple times since it arrived. If you are someone who loves that super narrow profile and a extra dose of lift, this probably won’t be your jam. But if you’re looking for a lightweight and comfortable bra that feels and looks good, this is definitely a good one to try.

Have you tried Addition Elle lingerie? What do you think of this set?

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Holly Jackson

The Full Figured Chest provides creative and elegant copywriting for the high end lingerie industry.

3 Comments on this post

  1. Amanda says:

    I have had that bra in my shopping cart so many times. Now I regret not buying it!

  2. Evija Z says:

    It’s really lovely, and the two straps are a really refreshing option after the standard nearly inch-wide elastic that so often comes with plus size bras. I do wonder if they have something to do with the fit in general, but nevertheless this set looks awesome.

  3. Emily says:

    Oh my god this looks so good on you, I love it!!

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