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Review: The Cosabella Lingerie Extended Line

Cosabella Extended Line

Cosabella Extended Line

All pieces reviewed were provided by Cosabella. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I wrote about the marketing behind Cosabella’s new “Extended” line awhile back. While many people were interested in the repercussions for the plus size market, many people also asked me what the new line was actually like. Today we’re going to table the industry talk and focus on the actual pieces themselves.

Closeup of Never Say Never Bra

Closeup of Never Say Never Bra

I was sent a Never Say Never Soft Bra in Garnet and the matching Hotpants from the line. I straddle the line between full busted and full figured, since I have a large cup size and can wear either a 34 or a 36 band. This makes non-bra sized items a little tougher to size, I have such an extreme size difference between my chest and my waist. Unsurprisingly, I ended up with two different sizes in this line for the bra and for the bottoms. The panties fit well in a 1X, while I needed the bra in a 3X to achieve a similar level of coverage as the ladies modeling the line. As you can see, while the bra is lined the support comes only from the stretch lace rather than any type of underwire.

Never Say Never Bra - Lace Closeup

Never Say Never Bra – Lace Closeup

Cosabella Hotpant Closeup

Cosabella Hotpant Closeup

The lace used on these pieces is beautiful and incredibly soft. The bra is basically entirely stretch lace, while the panties are a mix of stretch lace and cotton. I’ve washed this set several times now (in the machine, no less) and it still looks new.

Cosabella Extended Review

Cosabella Extended Review

Here’s how they look together! As you can see, this bra is not giving me much support. That’s okay — it’s not designed to. This shouldn’t be confused with the support level of an underwire bra, but it makes a great sleep or lounge bra for around the house. If you have a smaller cup size than I do, I think it would do just fine as a nice breathable everyday bra. The fabric breathes well, it’s light and slightly supportive and is great for hanging around your house in the heat or for sleeping in the summer.

However, the panties are the real star of this set. I like these more than I like the Hanky Panky line of panties, which is saying a lot! The cotton makes them extremely comfortable and easy to wash and wear. I also like how they are high waisted and flattering. I’m 5’4″ and they hit me at just the right spot on my waist. They’re great under pretty much everything and I will definitely be picking them up in more colors.

The bras in this line will be a love it or hate it item for full figured customers. I love light lounge bras for around the house, but I also recognize lots of people like underwired support at all times. If you do, this bra probably isn’t for you. For those of you who are willing to try a less supported option, I think this bra is a great choice. However, everyone should try at least one pair of these panties. While I still love the Hanky Panky thongs, these may be my new standard high waisted briefs.

Have you tried the new Cosabella Extended line yet? What do you think of these pieces?

Holly Jackson

The Full Figured Chest provides creative and elegant copywriting for the high end lingerie industry.

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  1. Kevin Reese says:

    We love Cosabella, however for a small business breaking into the market with this line it will hurt your pockets, the cost is above $2000 min just to retail which sucks because it is a lovely collection.

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