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Lingerie Review: Built Up Chemise and Lace Short by Tia Lyn

Built-Up Chemise by Tia Lyn

Built-Up Camisole by Tia Lyn

Lingerie for review was purchased with my own money. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

While Tia Lyn makes a huge range of sizes, the company particularly excels at plus size pieces. They've won all kinds of awards for for their plus size line and have been featured prominently at Full Figured Fashion Week for several years now. I bought these pieces back in February, so they've been washed and worn many times by now. In fact, this review took so long to get up because I've been wearing them so much.

Core Chemise by Tia Lyn - Front View

Core Chemise by Tia Lyn - Front View

I bought both the core chemise and the core lace short as a set. While I got my set as a special order through The Sophisticated Pair, these pieces can be found lots of places --- including Tia Lyn's own website.

I purchased these pieces in a 1X, which is currently a tiny bit too large for me. I'm probably between sizes, but sized up to get the extra space in the bust. These pieces are most definitely designed for fuller figured women and accommodate larger cup sizes easily. I am not wearing a bra under this in the photos and you can see that it provides some light support, despite having no underwires. I could probably create more support by going down a size, but it would also be less comfortable for sleeping and lounging in.

The panties are pretty standard in terms of size and feel, but well-made and a worthwhile part of a matching set. Despite both pieces having lots of lace incorporated into them, they've survived lots of trips through the washer and dryer with hardly a scratch on them.

Core Chemise by Tia Lyn - Back view

Core Chemise by Tia Lyn - Back view

The back has a traditional type of clasp like a bra, but in this size the band isn't tight enough on me to provide support like a well-fitted bra band would. Again, if I sized down this design probably would provide more lift --- I may try that with the next set I order from them as an experiment. I love the two-tone lace details on this piece. The brown is a great yet unconventional pairing with the teal color.

Lace Detail on Tia Lyn Chemise

Lace Detail on Tia Lyn Chemise

My favorite feature of this set is that it is so easily washable. I own a lot of dry-clean-only dresses and hand-wash-only lingerie, so I love that I can chuck this in the washing machine with a bunch of t-shirts and have it come out looking brand new. These sets are made of stretch lace and stretch satin, so they will stretch out slightly over time. For that reason, I'd suggest sizing down if you're between sizes. The lace is extra soft, which makes it great for lounging and actually sleeping in.

Tia Lyn really hits the sweet spot when it comes to beautiful plus size lingerie. The pieces are easy to care for but still beautiful. The fabrics are high quality and the fit and design are thoughtful. I'm extra impressed that I've been wearing these non-stop since February and they still look basically new. For a two-piece set that comes in around $150, that's a steal.

These pieces will be coming out in red this autumn, so I'll definitely be repurchasing this set in that colorway. They also have a beautiful vintage-inspired line that I'd like to try as well. This has become a sleepwear staple for me and I highly recommend it to those of you who love beautiful and comfortable sleepwear.

Holly Jackson

The Full Figured Chest provides creative and elegant copywriting for the high end lingerie industry.

9 Comments on this post

  1. Eric says:

    Hello Holly, Thanks for writing this review on this peace. I curious how the sizing compares to Bra size? You mention that if you had gone a size smaller you think it would have offered more support. However you don’t mention what your Bra size actually is.

    Did you ever order the next one a size smaller? If so how did it effect the rest of the fit?

    I’m curious because I’m interested in ordering this for my wife who wears a 40D-DD. According to the size chart provided on their website that would be a 3X, but I feel like that would be to big. What are your thoughts?

  2. Holly, this looks amazing on you! I love the color on your skin tone, and I am so excited to see the final review. <3 I have this same chemise and really love the look and feel. Some bra-sized lingerie pieces give better support, but I don't feel like it is something I could really sleep or lounge in comfortable. With Tia Lyn, I feel like it's a piece that feels sexy and sophisticated but exceptionally comfortable too.

    P.S. To Wendy and anyone else curious, we can order Tia Lyn via email and do offer our special order discount with free shipping. We haven't placed a large order yet because we're still getting more into lingerie, and some of our customers are used to "adult store" prices. I have been trying to emphasize that this is truly a quality piece with luxurious fabrics that are totally worth the price, and for the people who take the plunge, they always come back for more. It's just a process! :)

  3. wendybien says:

    I also looked at Tia Lyn a few months ago after reading a positive review from Sophisticated Pair, and was disappointed to see there was no way to buy from them or really anywhere online that I could find… BUT!!! It looks like the brand recently started selling directly online:

    • Cora says:

      I saw that too! So excited…that is definitely the right move for them as I’ve been wanting to try this brand for awhile too.

  4. SFYSSam says:

    Love this Tia Lyn chemise- the bust support is a lovely feature. We’re so happy to have these in store – it’s so helpful to have a review of how this piece washes and wears over time. I’ll second that the chemise runs a bit large. I normally wear a large, but fit the medium in this style.

  5. Great review, Holly! As a retailer who is wading into ordering Tia Lyn very slowly, this kind of review is absolutely invaluable. Though I’m carrying a different line of theirs, I agree wholeheartedly re: fabric — I’ve been impressed with the quality.

  6. That is chemise is absolutely beautiful on you and you definitely rock it :) I got into lingerie thanks to Cora and since then I think I gravitate towards chemises more; this one is one I’d LOVE to be able to add to my collection!

  7. Jodi says:

    Thanks for the review. I’ve looked at Tia Lyn before and liked the look of their items. However, their website doesn’t have prices. Where did you purchase yours from and if it was the Tia Lyn site, what was the process? Thanks!

  8. jason says:

    you look very pretty. i would to purchase the outfit you have on

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