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5 Pieces of Full Bust and Plus Size Sleepwear To Beat the Winter Blues

Disclosure: This blog post contains affiliate links.

Eden Lingerie Set and Chemise

Eden Lingerie Set and Chemise

It’s been freezing all over the country this week and if you’re anything like me, you’ve had it with winter. A few months ago I was looking forward to hot chocolate and cozy sweaters, but now I can’t stop thinking about spring flowers and nice long streetcar rides with the windows open. If you’re like me and need your dose of spring now (or are just planning to get away to a warm beach this winter), this column is for you.

This column today encompasses the whole range of full bust sleepwear options, with all support levels. Some of these offer no support and some offer wireless support, while the set at the end tries to reinvent the way full busted customers see their lingerie. As usual, just click on the pictures to find out more about each item!

Core Chemise by Tia Lyn

Core Chemise by Tia Lyn

Tia Lyn has been winning awards for their plus size range for years, which is especially suited to fuller figured women with larger cup sizes. This chemise says it goes to an F cup, but reliably supports up to an H cup well. Their pieces are beautiful, comfortable and washable. The stretch lace provides good wireless support, although it won’t rival your favorite underwire bra.

Georgette Babydoll by Hips and Curves

Georgette Babydoll by Hips and Curves

I own several of these Georgette Babydolls by Hips and Curves and wear them to sleep in all the time. While they don’t offer any support, the fabric drapes in a flattering way, and it’s just sheer enough to feel sexy rather than totally exposed. Hips and Curves also sells cute matching thongs to go with them if you like having a matching set.

WIrefree Nightdress by Bravissim

Wirefree Nightdress by Bravissimo

Bravissimo’s nightdresses feature wirefree support and now come in sizes up to a J cup, which is great news for those of us with larger cup sizes. These have had a following for years, so it’s nice to see Bravissimo continually expand their offerings up to a K cup and beyond. These come in several different colors and styles, all with a fully integrated wireless bra that provides support and comfort at night.

Edwardian Cotton Chemise by Hips and Curves

Edwardian Cotton Chemise by Hips and Curves

If you want to inject a touch of the Victorian era into your life, this chemise is perfect. I love the old fashioned simplicity of the design as well as the breathable cotton fabric – this would be perfect for spring and summer lounging as well as sleeping.

Eden Lingerie Set and Chemise

Eden Lingerie Set and Chemise

Freya is taking a new approach to bra and bedroom sets, and I’m intrigued by the concept. The Eden pieces functionally form a modular lingerie set that transforms from everyday wear to the bedroom through layering. The bra and panties promise classic Freya support, while the sheer Eden chemise can be layered over it for lounging or bedroom wear. It’s a fun way to get more wear out of your favorite lingerie sets and one I very much want to try later in the season. I love the floral pattern against the mint of this set, but I like it even more in the sheer fabric chemise. Check back later in the season – I’ll definitely be trying this one out.

Which of these pieces of sleepwear is your favorite? Are you as intrigued by the three piece Freya set as I am?

Holly Jackson

The Full Figured Chest provides creative and elegant copywriting for the high end lingerie industry.

4 Comments on this post

  1. rlord says:

    I love hips and curves stuff but I’ve recently lost a ton of weight and now all their stuff is to small. I’ve been trying to lose weight for years, then decided I’d feel better (and we finally had the money) just investing in better clothing so bought a bunch of really nice looking plus sized clothing and lingerie and, of course(!), I finally lost the weight! The worst thing, in our thin obsessed culture, complaining about lost weight is like complaining about marrying the perfect person or winning the lottery (I’d like to complain about those problems!) so everyone is less then sympathetic and I’m glad to have finally shed the pounds for health reasons and, more importantly, insurance costs but it’s still hard to find and accept ones body and find ways to still be pretty then turn around and find all my favorite stuff hangs on me like I’m wearing my mother’s clothes. Also, it’s not like I’m a size two or anything; I’m 5’9″ and I was 230 with a 38c (which pissed me off so much! Here I was plus sized but still with itty bitty titties comparable to my body and I grew up in boob city las vegas nv so I assumed I would have the ginormous boobies I’d see on all the billboards and while the rest of my body grew and even after breastfeeding three babies two years each I still was nothing like the plus sized models with their lovely hourglass figures and large overflowing bras. It just looked balanced and I couldn’t find a single plus sized modal who didn’t have a relatively large bust and try finding a padded bra in that demigraphic) anyway I’m now 175lbs and 36/34 c so I feel like I finally have the balanced look were my butt hips waist and chest are all on the same page. If I can get to 165 I get the max off my insurance bill so that’s my goal, hopefully it’s not all in my cup size. I guess this is just a anonymous rant at the world since this is a old post so people won’t likely notice. But I do love the articles, Cora. Thanks for the great writing and so well thought out.

  2. peace nkechi says:

    How do I buy these items (babydoll with in bra)

  3. Ellen says:

    I am interested in Freya’s sleepwear line-they seem to be one of the few major manufacturers picking up on the opportunity to fill a hole in the large cup/small band nightwear market. Something I would love to see in a list like this is more practical lingerie/sleepwear pieces for winter. While these are very pretty, they aren’t going to serve much purpose in the Northeast winter we’re having right now. I just got a satin set from PJ Harlow and it is super universal for keeping cozy but also staying breathable. Pile on the robes and long sleeves!

    • Holly Holly says:

      I agree! You can count me in on the day when some full bust company wises up and starts making cute flannel pajamas and nightgowns with a built in wireless bra.

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