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Lingerie News for November 2014


Photo Credit: Vogue

A roundup of everything interesting that happened in the world of lingerie for November…

  • [The Daily Star] Mouawad Doubles Up For 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra  – In 2001, Lebanese jewelers [Mouawad] set the world record for most expensive bra when they created a bra for Victoria’s Secret that was valued at $12.5 million. Their next bra for the brand, complete with diamonds, rubies, and sapphires is the Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra valued at $2 million. This year, models Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio will rock these million-dollar bras, which took 1,380 hours to create.
  • [Fast Company] This Company Is Changing How Women Go Nude – Nubian Skin, a London-based lingerie line founded by Ade Hassan, provides “flesh colored” underwear for brown skinned women. Although Hassan doesn’t have a fashion background, she took one look at her lingerie drawer and found a gaping hole in the industry. After spending a year looking for a manufacturing company, Nubian Skin was born and offers lingerie priced at $60 (or less) in four colors: Cinnamon, Café Au Lait, Berry, and Caramel. The brand hopes to expand by offering more sizes, launching a hosiery line in December and eventually moving into brick and mortar stores.
  • [Time] The 100-Year History of the Modern Bra Is Also the History of Taking Off Bras –  The first bra was created by 19-year-old Mary Phelps Jacobs, who sewed together two handkerchiefs when she wanted an alternative to her normally restrictive corset. Although many women weren’t really wearing these makeshift bras outside the house, it was World War I that allowed bras to become more commonplace when the metal in women’s corsets were demanded for the war effort. Eventually Caresse Crosby (formerly known as Jacobs) sold the patent to The Warner Brothers Corset Company for what would be $21,000 today.
  • [NY Times] Compression Socks and Hose Are No Longer for Grandma – Many women who would take long flights experienced puffiness with swollen legs and ankles, but many of the options for compression tights were sold at either pharmacies or stores targeted toward older people. But now, several companies have created very fashionable compression legwear for women like Jamie Rubin (director of United States sales for the French designer Isabel Marant) or  Connie Chang (Refinery29’s style director) who suffered from swollen ankles and legs. In order to create this stylish legwwear, Vim & Vigr (a compression socks company in Montana) hires designers from brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren.
  • [Vogue] The Best Lingerie Come in All Sizes – A slideshow featuring various full busted women photographed in their lingerie where some of them talk about their journey to finding the right bra for them.
  • [Quartz] Can Big Data Really Make a Better Bra? – With so much data about how women are wearing the wrong bra size, one company has decided to directly address this. True&Co, founded by Michelle Lam, offers an opportunity for women to try their bras before buying and asks customers to answer some questions after they receive their lingerie. The bras they’re sent are based on their responses to the website’s quiz, where each woman is placed along a color-based fit spectrum that’s dictated by the shape and size of their breasts. While the bra recommendations are “brand-agnostic,” True&Co’s own bras are shaped by the data and feedback it receives from its customers.
  • [Business Insider] Victoria’s Secret Has a Billion-Dollar Strategy for Casting Models – In order for models to earn a spot in the highly-coveted Victoria’s Secret fashion show, the model has to be well liked by the brand’s female customers. So famous models like Kate Upton, or even former Angels like Miranda Kerr or Erin Heatherton, were either rejected or ousted because the brand felt their careers intimidated women. The top Angels are those who are most often photographed with their families. 
  • [Fast Company] This Lingerie Company A/B Tests The World’s Hottest Women To See Who Makes You Click Buy – Through A/B testing, AdoreMe has learned what works and what doesn’t (i.e.: blondes don’t sell well) and is very meticulous with its research, often shooting different models wearing the same set or the same model in the same set but in different positions. The brand also performs this level of testing each month, going so far as to determine which hand positions will help better sell an item. In addition to all this research, AdoreMe has found that the right model and pose is even more influential than price, and a well liked model can easily sell a higher priced item. Although many online retailers perform A/B testing, the incremental changes AdoreMe has made since its inception has allowed it to match the profits of competitors like La Perla.
  • [Popular Science] How Women’s Bra Sizes Weirdly Correlate to Their Spending Habits – Alibaba, a Chinese web sales giant, has found that Chinese women with E-cups tended to spend more money on bras while  B-cups fell into the lower spending categories overall by an overwhelming 65% and C-D cups were in the middle [spending range] 61% of the time.
  • [The Guardian] The Rise of Latex: Why Fashion is Having a Fetish Moment – Many celebrities, such as Kate Moss and Kim Kardashian, have been spotted wearing latex dresses by Atsuko Kudo, a London based designer. But this isn’t the first time rubber has been in the public eye; Marc Jacobs (as well as other designers like Alexander McQueen) featured rubber in his collection during the Autumn/Winter 2011 season.



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