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Organic Silk Nightwear Review: Natural Beauty Sleep

Disclosure: Review item provided by Natural Beauty Sleep. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

The Empire Nightie by Natural Beauty Sleep

The Empire Nightie by Natural Beauty Sleep

I'm kind of a loungewear junkie, so I was thrilled when the opportunity to try out Natural Beauty Sleep products came along. While I've purchased several organic silk sets before from Ayten Gasson, I was looking forward to being able to compare organic silk qualities and how different brands approached it. In some ways, Natural Beauty Sleep is the polar opposite of a brand like Ayten Gasson. While the two are clearly united by their commitment to quality and a small carbon footprint, Natural Beauty Sleep pieces are plain instead of patterned. Silhouettes are basic and classic, while navy trim adds a dash of color to each piece.

Natural Beauty Sleep approaches organic silk from what's essentially a health perspective -- in fact, the founder of the brand was inspired by the healing benefits of organic silk when it came to treating various skin conditions like eczema. Organic silk is hypoallergenic, which is important to note if you're someone who struggles with fabrics that scratch or make your sensitive skin itch. There's clearly room for this kind of marketing in the industry: after all, why pay for expensive lotion and face wash and not add high quality nightwear into the mix?

Empire Nightie by Natural Beauty Sleep

Empire Nightie by Natural Beauty Sleep

The Empire Nightie I picked was a size L, which fits approximately a size UK 16 (US 14). As you can see, it's simple yet beautiful. While I don't normally gravitate towards white lingerie, I do tend to go for the simple and classic when it comes to fashion. This piece is comfortable, beautiful, and feels incredibly luxurious against your skin. As a note, I'm wearing my Panache Envy under this for the photos - there's no built in support.

The nightgown has a sheer panel in the front that gives it a nice modern feel, but this piece is fittingly all about the fabric. The organic silk used is thick and wonderfully soft. This piece comes in around $200 and is worth every penny.

The Empire Nightie and The Gatsby Robe by Christine Lingerie

The Empire Nightie and The Gatsby Robe by Christine Lingerie

Of course, being me, I couldn't help wondering how I could use this piece to make a full loungewear outfit. In some ways it's the perfect pairing, as so many silk loungewear brands out there now are focusing on patterns. This picture has it paired with my Gatsby Kimono by Christine Lingerie, which is one of the pieces I've been trying to wear with everything lately. The classic cut and color of the Empire Nightie makes it easy to incorporate into your current loungewear, even if you're someone who leans towards colors and patterns like I do.

Lingerie for various ages isn't discussed much, but as I get close to 30 I've found myself thinking about the appropriateness of clothing and lingerie more. This is one of those pieces that is truly ageless, which is rare in lingerie. I feel comfortable in it, but I could also see someone my mother's age wearing it and feeling the same way. It's a classic, in all of the best senses of the word.

If you're looking for luxurious basics, it's hard to go wrong with this piece. In fact, I like it so much I'm debating picking up a pajama set from them as well.

What do you think of this nightgown? Have you tried any organic silk lingerie or loungewear?

Holly Jackson

The Full Figured Chest provides creative and elegant copywriting for the high end lingerie industry.