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Lingerie News: September 2014

Pizza Costume via Yandy.com

Pizza Costume via Yandy.com (Photo from ELLE)

A roundup of everything interesting that happened in the world of lingerie this month…

  • [TIME] No, Wearing a Bra Will Not Give You Breast Cancer, Study Shows – In 1991, a study trying to find a link between wearing a bra and breast cancer had been conducted – the first of its kind – with findings that suggested women who didn’t wear bras were at lower risk. However, after studying 1,500 women, a recent study published in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention finds no such link. Study author Lu Chen suggests that because people have a hard time understanding why breast cancer rates are higher in the US than in developing countries, bras become an easy target.
  • [ELLE] Meet The Man Who Made Your Halloween Sexy – A staff writer at ELLE interviews Chad Horstman, the CEO of Yandy.com, about his company’s sexy Halloween costumes. During the interview, Horstman goes on to explain several details about his company: where his inspiration comes from, the amount of time it takes to produce a new outfit, the mentality of his customer base, what religious beliefs prevent him from making one particular costume, and how he got into making sexy costumes.
  • [The Independent] Lingerie brand Nubian Skin is set to launch new range of ‘nude’ underwear for darker skin tones – After noticing how difficult it was to find “nude” colored underwear for women of color, London-based brand Nubian Skin became inspired to create a range of lingerie specifically to meet this need. The collection will consist of both plain and lacy bras (sizes from a 30B to 36E with plans to expand to plus sizes in the near future), knickers and hosiery. The new line will be available on their website in early October.
  • [Huffington Post] Sorry, That Caffeine-Infused Bra Won’t Help You Lose Weight – The Federal Trade Commission forced Wacoal America and Norm Thompson Outfitters (which owns Sahalie and others) to refund the customers who bought their caffeine-infused clothing, which were sold as weight loss aids. The FTC complained the companies hadn’t provided any evidence to support their claims, which boasted that their clothing could break down fat and that slimming results were visible in under a month. According to the FTC, the refunds would total $1.5 million.
  • [Autostraddle] What the Criticism of Lingerie-Clad Women in Tech Got Wrong –  Laura Mandanas pens a rebuttal to the reaction around Dear Kate’s recent ad campaign that featured prominent women in tech wearing the brand’s underwear. Mandanas asserts that taken within context, the campaign features “women as the complex, multidimensional beings [they] really are” and that this ad is a clear act of feminism by helping to “break down restrictive definitions of “acceptability” for women in career choice and body type.”



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