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Lingerie For Your Inner 1920s Party Girl: The Trashy Diva Flapper Robe

Trashy Diva Flapper Robe

Trashy Diva Flapper Robe


This robe was provided by Trashy Diva for review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

I was extra excited when this review opportunity came through, because I'm a huge fan of Trashy Diva's dresses and own a ton of them. Somehow, though, I'd never gotten around to trying any of their lingerie options. I'd never even set foot in their lingerie boutique despite living close by.

The Trashy Diva Lingerie Store - Magazine Street Location

The Trashy Diva Lingerie Store - Magazine Street Location

If you're unfamiliar with Trashy Diva, they're a vintage reproduction clothing line out of New Orleans. Unlike some reproduction lines that focus on modern patterns and shapes, Trashy Diva tries to get as close to the classics as possible. They've taken this philosophy and applied it to some lingerie pieces recently, most notably this Flapper Robe that captures the 1920s perfectly.

The Trashy Diva Lingerie Store - Magazine Street Location

The Trashy Diva Lingerie Store - Magazine Street Location

Since I live in the same city as the Trashy Diva stores, I got to actually try on several sizes of the robe before I picked the size for my sample. All of them are cut generously, and as a 12/14 I fit both the medium and the large. I ended up going with the large so I could have more coverage over my chest, but I would have been happy with the medium as well. If you're planning to wear this as an outerwear piece I'd size down, while those planning to wear it as lounge piece or as a dressing gown should pick the larger size.

Trashy Diva Flapper Robe

Trashy Diva Flapper Robe

This robe has tons of lovely details that make it truly special. The floral embroidery is bright gold and absolutely stunning, while the fringe is decadent and lots of fun. I love how the embroidery goes all the way around, including to the back of the robe. It's that kind of detail that adds an extra dash of luxury to the Flapper Robe.

Trashy Diva Flapper Robe

Trashy Diva Flapper Robe

Since I work from home, I gave this robe a full try out - I wore it for an entire work day to see if it would be comfortable as well as pretty. I'm happy to report that it's comfortable and beautiful, which can be hard to find in the lingerie world. The robe is made from featherlight rayon, which makes it great for hot weather even though it has long sleeves. The sleeves can also be cuffed to make them shorter, which is nice if you're making tea or doing something that you're afraid will get your robe dirty.

Trashy Diva Flapper Robe

Trashy Diva Flapper Robe

Speaking of cleaning, I did not do a wash test on this robe like I do on all of my other review pieces. The robe is labeled dry clean only, and if my experience with Trashy Diva dresses holds true, then they really mean it. That said, you can spot clean this rayon easily with a little soap and water, so it's not a disaster if you spill some coffee on it. I've tried this and none of the colors ran, but I wouldn't dunk it in water to handwash it without at least doing a spot test on the embroidery and the black rayon.

This robe is incredibly comfortable and I'd recommend it to anyone who wants a 1920s-style lingerie piece that can actually stand up to lounging around the house. This robe is beautiful and striking, but it can also make it through Sunday brunch and the occasional dog cuddle. I really hope Trashy Diva produces more lingerie like this, as I'd absolutely buy more.

Holly Jackson

The Full Figured Chest provides creative and elegant copywriting for the high end lingerie industry.

4 Comments on this post

  1. Sweets says:

    I seething with jealousy, yes, but mostly I’m just thrilled that I know someone who gets to have this pretty thing in her life. I LOVE this robe. I have an entirely separate robe wishlist (as opposed to my all-the-other-lingerie wishlist), and this one is in the top three. It looks so fantastic! I love your pictures :)

  2. Beautiful robe and such lovely pictures!!!!

  3. Saeran says:

    Holly, thank you for doing a review on this robe! I have been anxiously waiting to see it reviewed or styled somewhere. I actually bought this a few weeks ago and I agree–it’s fantastic. I called them to ask about sizing and they recommended I order my usual Trashy Diva size. I’m 34-25-37 and they told me to get a medium–so you think a small would have worked better for me?. I had intended to wear it as a jacket, and while the fit seems ok, I’m not totally sure how to pull it off without it looking like I walked out of my house in my bath robe. Sure, Miss Fisher can do it, no problem. But what about the modern flapper? Trashy Diva lists this item under jackets and not robes, so it seems they have the intention of it being worn out though they have no examples of styling on their Facebook page or blog. Do you have any thoughts on this?

    • Holly says:

      I definitely think you could wear it out with the right pants and the right attitude. I’m normally a 14 in Trashy Diva and ended up with the L, but the medium fit with just slightly less material around my chest. Honestly, both were similar enough in fit that I couldn’t tell the difference without being really picky. If you have a medium and it works for you, I’d stick with it.

      I’d try it with some Miss Fisher style wide legged pants and some super eye catching high heels, personally. I’d be wearing mine that way if it wasn’t so horribly hot whenever I step outside, but I definitely will be trying it once October hits. Part of it is about attitude as well.

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