Birthday Giveaway, pt. 2: Christine Lingerie Silk Goddess Gown


It’s time for Part 2 of this year’s Summer/Birthday giveaway, and I am *super* excited about this one.

One of my favorite things about our most recent giveaways here on TLA is that we’ve been able to host some truly luxurious, special, drop-dead-gorgeous items from brands lately. Our giveaway minimums have always been around $100, but I get so excited when we’re giving away an item that’s valued at two or three times that amount. I mean, I want you all to have nice things, and I basically get a rush of joy when we’re giving away something super nice. I wish you could see me now… I’m kind of bouncing in my chair.


For my second birthday giveaway, you have the chance to win a 100% silk gown from Christine Lingerie valued at $290. Named the “Goddess” gown, this pure silk confection measures 53″ long and is trimmed with French lace under the bust and at the back. It’s made in Canada (yay for more North American lingerie!), and the winner will have their choice between two colors: pearl with platinum lace or black with black lace. This gown is available in sizes XS thru XL, fitting a maximum dress size of 16 (maximum measurements of 42-37-46″). It’s beautiful, right?


If you’re ready to enter this giveaway (and I hope you are!), here’s how:

  1. Leave a comment with your favorite item from Christine Lingerie. (This entry is required.)
  2. Sign up for the Christine Lingerie newsletter.
  3. Like Christine Lingerie on Facebook.
  4. Tweet about the giveaway.
  5. Pin the giveaway image to your Pinterest.

As usual, the first entry of leaving a blog post comment is required, but all other entries are optional (you only need to do them if you’d like to increase your chances of winning). This giveaway is open internationally, so readers around the world can enter. Entrants must use the Rafflecopter widget at the bottom of the post so entries can be accurately counted, tracked, and checked. And please remember to enter a valid email address as that’s the way we’ll contact you if you win!

christine_lingerie_goddess_gown_pearl_2  christine_lingerie_goddess_gown_kohl_2

Terms and Conditions:  The giveaway winner will be chosen at random and posted publicly to The Lingerie Addict by Friday, July 11, 2014. In addition, a private email will be sent to the winner of the giveaway and Christine Lingerie on the same date. The giveaway winner must respond by July 16, 2014 to claim their prize or a new winner will be chosen. Entering this giveaway indicates an acceptance of all terms and conditions. Neither The Lingerie Addict nor Christine Lingerie can be held responsible for  failure to read or follow the guidelines detailed in this post. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Rafflecopter are unaffiliated with this giveaway. Persons working for The Lingerie Addict and Christine Lingerie and their immediate family members are ineligible to enter or win.

And that’s it! Thank you for reading The Lingerie Addict and best of luck!

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  1. Caitlin
    01/07/14 at 15:09

    I love the Gatsby gown in navy… Perfection!

  2. 01/07/14 at 15:17

    The Gatsby gown in saffron yellow because, well, I love all things yellow. Those peacock feather printed pieces are also very tempting, but it has to be the yellow gown :)

  3. Erica
    01/07/14 at 15:17

    Gatsby Gown in gold is just breath-takingly stunning!

  4. Lisa
    01/07/14 at 15:18

    It’s hard to pick just one favorite but I’d have to say the Betty Chemise as it is the perfect cut for my figure. I also like the Diva Chiffon Gown. :-) Of course, I also am in love with that Goddess gown! Stunning!

  5. caro
    01/07/14 at 15:26

    the diva chiffon robe! i die! and it’s on sale…

  6. Chiara
    01/07/14 at 15:32

    The Boudoir Short Gown in pearl is just stunning, elegant and a classic.
    Happy Birthday! Have a lovely, lovely day.

  7. 01/07/14 at 15:39

    I love the Diva Chemise in Black Cherry. What a sumptuous colour!

  8. Ellen
    01/07/14 at 15:58

    I love the Gatsby gown in black!

  9. Alex
    01/07/14 at 16:13

    The Gatsby gown in black is my favorite :)

  10. Andrea
    01/07/14 at 16:17

    The Gatsby kimono is just stunning… *drool*

    • Andrea
      01/07/14 at 16:20

      in the Midnight Gatsby Print, with the peacock. :)

  11. Holly
    01/07/14 at 16:22

    I love the Sugar and Spice Stretch Chemise, but the gown is gorgeous too!

  12. Heather
    01/07/14 at 16:29

    The Ginger chemise in black cherry is stunning! I also love the Candy cami and tap in black! It looks like a great sleep set for summer.

  13. Therese
    01/07/14 at 16:37

    I love the print Gatsby kimono!

  14. Beth
    01/07/14 at 16:42

    The Diva Chiffon Robe and the Capri Gown!

  15. Michele F
    01/07/14 at 16:45

    Oh my…I’m not usually a gown girl but I love the Gatsby gown in navy and the Glamour Gown in rose. The Diva Chiffon robe is beautiful too!

  16. Elsie T
    01/07/14 at 17:01

    Wow! The Sugar and Spice short robe in pearl is absolutely precious! I love it :)

  17. Nina P.
    01/07/14 at 17:23

    the petit four teddy!

  18. janet
    01/07/14 at 17:31

    the glamour gown for sure.

  19. Kateřina
    01/07/14 at 17:49

    I adore Diva Chiffon Robe.. thats amazing.. and Luxe Boudoir Robe too :))

  20. Hannah
    01/07/14 at 17:55

    I love the gatsby loungewear

  21. Angela
    01/07/14 at 17:58

    I love the Petit Four teddy in the petit four print.

  22. Alyssa
    01/07/14 at 18:16

    It is such a difficult choice; all the pieces are lovely. If I had to choose one, it be the Diva chiffon gown, though.

    Happy birthday!!

  23. Emily
    01/07/14 at 18:43

    The Petit Four Teddy is one of my favorites. Such a pretty print!

  24. Emily
    01/07/14 at 19:22

    I like the petit four nightdress but the dream catcher chemise is also beautiful!!

  25. Mara
    01/07/14 at 19:30

    the Sugar chemise in rose!! gorgeous

  26. Sarah
    01/07/14 at 20:23

    I love the Glamour gown and the Diva gown in that beautiful floral print!

  27. Izzy
    01/07/14 at 20:45

    My favorite is the Gatsby kimono in midnight.

  28. Sarah
    01/07/14 at 20:53

    I love the Glamour gown. So elegant!

  29. Alice Cassia
    01/07/14 at 20:58

    The glamour gown!

  30. Alisa
    01/07/14 at 21:10

    Luxe Boudoir Robe and Gatsby Loungewear (gorgeous!) are my two favorites! (Happy birthday, Cora!)

  31. latexpinup
    01/07/14 at 21:32

    My favorite is the Betty chemise.

  32. Ami
    01/07/14 at 21:43

    J ‘ adore the petite chemise and the silk robe!

  33. Becky
    01/07/14 at 21:49

    The Gatsby Kimono is my favorite!!! So elegant.

  34. Julie
    01/07/14 at 22:36

    The ginger button back in dark cherry is definitely my fav! It’s so elegant!

  35. Andrea W.
    01/07/14 at 22:51

    The gatsby kimono with the peacock print is amazing!

  36. Sabannah
    01/07/14 at 23:23

    I just live the black one and all the other beautiful lingerie you showcase. Thanks!

  37. josh
    01/07/14 at 23:29

    The Petite Four teddy is very cute!

  38. Faith
    01/07/14 at 23:30

    The Petit Four Bridal Chemise is lovely. The lace trim is beautiful!

  39. Madeline
    01/07/14 at 23:40

    I love the short sheer sleeves on the Sugar and Spice Short Robe.

  40. Faith
    02/07/14 at 0:08

    The Lola chemise is also super cute, especially in rose.

  41. bea
    02/07/14 at 0:59

    It’s totally not my usual style, but the Petit Four chemise is really speaking to me.

  42. Khadijah
    02/07/14 at 1:08

    Oh my goodness they have so many beautiful things!!! If I had to choose my favorite, it would be the luxe boudoir robe!

  43. Chantelle Walker
    02/07/14 at 1:17

    I love the button back in red :)

  44. Ilse
    02/07/14 at 1:45

    Wow, so pretty!

  45. Ilse
    02/07/14 at 1:45

    the Gatsby gown is my favorite

  46. Cate M
    02/07/14 at 3:21

    The Gatsby Kimono in Midnight is amazing! So many beautiful things!

  47. Hannah K
    02/07/14 at 4:44

    I love the Diva chemise in black cherry and the Petit four chemise in robin’s egg blue. I love colors offset by pretty contrasting lace.

    Happy birthday Cora! I’m only a few days younger than you. =D

  48. Thursday
    02/07/14 at 5:32

    I would have so much trouble picking between the colourways – they are both lovely. And again, I am a sucker for a beautiful robe – the Gatsby robe in blue is very pretty.

  49. ne-knopka
    02/07/14 at 5:45

    i like the diva chemise

  50. Jack R
    02/07/14 at 6:07

    Happy birthday! Everything there is gorgeous, but the sugar and spice short robe is my favourite.

  51. 02/07/14 at 6:21

    It’s so hard to choose cause everything is so pretty! but I think my fav is the petit fours chemise <3

  52. Jen N
    02/07/14 at 9:07

    I actually totally love this gown! None of the others take my fancy anywhere near as much as the goddess! Although the gatsby robe comes a close second!

  53. 02/07/14 at 9:55

    I’m afraid that I’m going to go with the crowd and say the Gatsby gown in black. It’s utterly gorgeous.

  54. marissia watkins
    02/07/14 at 9:58

    I like the petite four teddy.

  55. Sydney
    02/07/14 at 11:44

    I’m really fond of the Gatsby robe in the blue colorway :)

  56. 02/07/14 at 12:51

    My favourite piece is the Luxe Boudoir Robe and I was surprised to see that it is made in Canada!

  57. Maria
    02/07/14 at 13:19

    Petit four Bridal Gown is my fav ^^

  58. Erin Wingo
    02/07/14 at 13:41

    I love the Gatsby Gown in Midnight. Absolutely beautiful!

  59. Rachel
    02/07/14 at 14:17

    Definitely the Gatsby gown. Love the lower V-neck.

  60. 02/07/14 at 14:40

    I think the Glamour gown is my favorite, but there are so many good ones to choose from! I’m sure any of them would feel amazing, too.

  61. Faith
    02/07/14 at 15:21

    The boudoir long robe looks so comfortable.

  62. Tracy
    02/07/14 at 15:44

    Ginger in Robin’s Egg, for sure.

  63. Sierra
    02/07/14 at 16:08

    First off Happy Happy Birfday !
    One of my all time fantasies would be able to lounge around in old school hollywood lounge wear on period velvet furinature with fuzzy slippers, so I would have to say the Gatsby Lounge wear + Kimono. I could use some of that glamour in mylife, I have an outside job and I love being outdoors and getting dirty , but would love to be able to come home to that fantasy.

  64. Mark
    02/07/14 at 16:41

    I love the curve-hugging look of the sugar and spice stretch chemise!

  65. Sarah
    02/07/14 at 19:52

    I like the Sugar and Spice Short Robe

  66. Emily
    02/07/14 at 19:55

    I love the Gatsby loungewear in Saffron – the set just looks like a warm, silky hug!

  67. 02/07/14 at 20:26

    Ginger Button Back is such a gorgeous chemise. The color, the lace. Too gorgeous.

  68. Passerina
    02/07/14 at 20:54

    The Black Gatsby Gown is perfection!

  69. 02/07/14 at 21:35

    the black Gatsby Gown is so classic and elegant

  70. Lori B
    02/07/14 at 21:40

    That goddess gown looks amazing, but I also love the navy Gatsby gown. They’re all stunning, though. :)

  71. Ashley
    02/07/14 at 21:42

    I love the goddess gown and the glamour gown!

  72. Courtney Spahan
    02/07/14 at 21:49

    i love her robes but i have allways wanted something like the goddes gown! Invokes old hollywood glamour!

  73. JC
    02/07/14 at 22:24

    The Glamor gown; long an item of lust

  74. JC
    02/07/14 at 22:29

    The Glamor gown; long an item of lust even in duplicate.

  75. Lily
    02/07/14 at 22:38

    I absolutely love the Gatsby Kimono! The peacock print is absolutely beautiful.

  76. 02/07/14 at 22:40

    It’s soooooooo hard to choose! But I think the Sugar & Spice short robe stands out a bit more to my eyes, I have an uber soft spot for chiffon!

  77. Logan
    02/07/14 at 22:53

    Happy birthday! Mmmm, the Gatsby Kimono is so gorgeous…

    02/07/14 at 23:01

    I love the gatsby gown! It’s lovely!

  79. iamalighthouse
    02/07/14 at 23:02

    I signed up for the newsletter.

  80. Wehaf
    03/07/14 at 0:18

    I love the Boudoir long robe!

  81. Kayleigh
    03/07/14 at 0:19

    The Diva chiffon robe is to die for. ughh.

  82. Sara
    03/07/14 at 0:32

    I love so many of these pieces, but the Luxe Boudoir Robe takes the cake! Wow.

  83. Elizabeth
    03/07/14 at 3:26

    The petit four teddy is by far my favorite Christine piece. It looks so comfy and cute.

  84. Liz
    03/07/14 at 6:03

    I second, third and fourth the Gatsby Kimono. Give me a second to pick myself up off the floor and finish the other entries…

  85. Sophie
    03/07/14 at 6:14

    I´m totally in love with the DIVA CHEMISE. Its oh so beautiful!!!

  86. Christen
    03/07/14 at 6:59

    The Princess Caftan. Wow, that print!

  87. Catherine
    03/07/14 at 7:25

    I love the Sugar and Spice short robe, so pretty and soft!

  88. Lindsay
    03/07/14 at 8:41

    I’m a sucker for that Gatsby kimono.

  89. Maggie
    03/07/14 at 9:01

    The Glamour Gown in red- decadence defined!

  90. Jordan Carolyn
    03/07/14 at 9:02

    The Gatsby kimono in saffron Gatsby print! It’s to die for!

  91. Laura Brasinha
    03/07/14 at 9:53

    The Petit Four Teddy! Look at the amout of adorable in there!

  92. Fay Montlake
    03/07/14 at 10:02

    Definitely the Gatsby Loungewear!

  93. Cristina Pena
    03/07/14 at 10:11

    The Gatsby loungewear is gorgeous!

  94. Bonnie Malmat
    03/07/14 at 10:59

    I like the Mystique Long Robe. It would be great to lounge around in this!

  95. Thea
    03/07/14 at 11:03

    I love the ginger button back chemise in pale blue. I have ice princess coloring and that color palette really works with me.

  96. Julia
    03/07/14 at 11:11

    Easy choice – that blue Gatsby gown is heavenly!

  97. 03/07/14 at 11:18

    The Sophia Chemise in Pearl/Pearl Lace does it for me. I’m a fool for 100% silk and the lace detail that’s sort of rounded off… it’s just beautiful.

  98. Kelly
    03/07/14 at 11:34

    I love the sugar and spice short robe. So pretty!

  99. Heather
    03/07/14 at 14:04

    I think the Goddess Gown (in black) is my favorite! Though the Gatsby kimono is a very close second, it is hard to choose!

  100. Britney
    03/07/14 at 14:27

    I love the sugar and spice short robe

  101. Elisabeth
    03/07/14 at 16:12

    The Gatsby Gown is gorgeous!

  102. Duncan
    03/07/14 at 17:31

    The Christine Lingerie Glamour Gown is my favourite, with the Gatsby Gown in close second.

  103. IS
    03/07/14 at 18:25

    My favorite is the Luxe Boudoir Robe

  104. Allison
    03/07/14 at 20:23

    Absolutely in love with the Gatsby Kimono!

  105. Stephanie Gossett
    03/07/14 at 20:27

    I love the Gatsby Gown. The Saffron color is so beautiful. Thank you for this chance to win. We are renewing our vows, and this would be so nice to have! :) Happy Birthday!

  106. Pearl
    03/07/14 at 20:43

    I love the Luxe Boudoir Robe.

  107. Meg
    03/07/14 at 22:52

    The petit four teddy is my favorite. I LOVE a good teddy!

  108. linda
    04/07/14 at 0:58

    the petit four teddy

  109. Michal Danhelka
    04/07/14 at 15:33

    Silk robe looks beautiful

  110. Diana Giselle SanForc
    04/07/14 at 15:35

    I love the Petit Four Teddy!! It’s so cute!! <3

  111. ann hbez
    04/07/14 at 16:01

    I love the Betty or the Diva teddy:)

  112. 04/07/14 at 16:46

    I came to my trusted site looking for info on nude bras and I arrive at this blog post. This gown is gorgeous! And it’s my favourite item on the site :)

    Thank you Cora and the TLA team!

  113. Jodi
    04/07/14 at 17:10

    The Gatsby robe (with the navy gown) are my current favorites, although the Glamour gown in pale pink is beautiful, too. Thank you for offering the giveaway!

  114. Taylor
    04/07/14 at 19:37

    The glamour gown in rose.

  115. Amanda
    04/07/14 at 22:06

    Oh, I love the Sugar and Spice Robe! And I am thrilled to see you featuring a Canadian designer! Hooray!

  116. 05/07/14 at 8:25

    Oh it’s a tough decision but I think I would have to choose the ‘Candy Cami & Tap’ set – it’s so gorgeous and luxurious looking!

  117. 05/07/14 at 13:58

    Love all the robes, especially the Luxe Boudoir one!

  118. Meredith
    05/07/14 at 14:48

    This gown is actually my favourite! So Pretty.

  119. Ashley
    05/07/14 at 15:18

    Candy Cami & tap is realy cute.

  120. Christine
    05/07/14 at 16:31

    I love the Gatsby Kimono, what a lovely print!

  121. Simone
    05/07/14 at 16:50

    The Petit Four Teddy is amazing!

  122. Irene
    05/07/14 at 18:44

    The Ginger Button Back in blue is gorgeous! I’ve been obsessed with that shade for a while, and I can only imagine how amazing it’d be to lounge in blue silk satin.

  123. Emily
    05/07/14 at 19:08

    I love the Candy cami and tap!

  124. Madison
    05/07/14 at 20:31

    The gatsby kimono is gorgeous!

  125. Johnny B
    05/07/14 at 21:16

    I would love to see my beautiful wife in the Glamour Gown in Scarlett! What a masterfully crafted gown with reminiscent charm from a by-gone era!

  126. Sydnee
    05/07/14 at 21:27

    The gatsby kimono in midnight is gorgeous!!! also the Candy set. *starry eyed*

  127. Evelyn
    05/07/14 at 23:01

    The sugar and spice stretch chemise!

  128. Oliver
    05/07/14 at 23:45

    The petit four chemise.

  129. Jenna
    06/07/14 at 0:16

    The Diva, it’s the perfect combo of silk and lace!

  130. Caitie Boulos
    06/07/14 at 1:00

    The petit four teddy!!

  131. jessa
    06/07/14 at 3:58

    The tops of the Gatsby loungewear is just gorgeous, wish they were sold separately! (They’d still be out of my budget but not so impossibly so) They would be beautiful just with jeans and boots.

  132. Mya
    06/07/14 at 11:12

    Christine’s Gatsby robe is beautiful! Robes are wonderful.

  133. Bonnie
    06/07/14 at 12:02

    I like the Gatsby gown in navy

  134. Zoe Smail
    06/07/14 at 12:29

    I love that Lola chemise. So simple and elegant!

  135. Cálaeb Temple
    06/07/14 at 12:41

    i like the petit four bridal gown.

  136. Kayte CookWatts
    06/07/14 at 13:31

    The Gatsby loungewear would make me feel glam on a lazy day.

  137. Maria
    06/07/14 at 16:03

    I love the glamour gown and I’d definitely have to get it in red :).

  138. Josh
    06/07/14 at 17:11

    Having just gotten married, I really like the Betty!

  139. Kelly
    06/07/14 at 17:13

    The glamour gown, it is so very very pretty and old Hollywood glamour and opulent sexyness. Yum. In any color, they are all equally pretty.

  140. Nicole Santos
    06/07/14 at 17:23

    Petit four teddy!!! Beautiful!!!!!

  141. Melissa
    06/07/14 at 17:32

    I am lusting over the Glamour Gown. It’s beautiful!

  142. Isabelle
    06/07/14 at 17:55

    The Glamour Gown… and for the life of me, I would have the HARDEST time picking a color! It’s gorgeous in all 4 color choices!

  143. Amanda M. Cockrell
    06/07/14 at 17:55

    I love the glamour gown. I’m all about that old Hollywood style.

  144. Emily
    06/07/14 at 17:59

    The Gatsby Kimono is simply stunning

  145. 06/07/14 at 19:11

    I just love the Gatsby gown in black! (swoon)

  146. 06/07/14 at 21:12

    The Gatsby Kimono in Saffron is beautiful perfection. I’m a sucker for ornately patterned robes.

  147. Ellen
    06/07/14 at 21:20

    What a coincidence! I love this one!

  148. Raven
    06/07/14 at 21:43

    Gatsby Gown in Saffron is AMAHZING

  149. Christine Ann
    06/07/14 at 21:49

    The petit four chemise has to be my favorite. So elegant!

  150. Christine Ann Lopez
    06/07/14 at 21:57

    My favorite has to be the petit four chemise. So elegant!

  151. Deidre LeDoux
    06/07/14 at 21:59

    The diva chiffon robe.

  152. Alexandra
    06/07/14 at 22:16

    I love the Gatsby Kimono!

  153. Janelle
    06/07/14 at 22:41

    Candy Cami&tap pants are precious!

  154. Nikki Owen
    06/07/14 at 22:50

    I absolutely love the Betty Chemise in the robin’s egg blue with platinum lace. It’s simple, and elegant. The colors are fantastic, too – understated but not monochrome. It’s heavenly.

  155. Simone
    07/07/14 at 0:45

    The Betty in the Robins’ Egg Blue with Platinum Lace is just beautiful!

  156. Philippa
    07/07/14 at 1:49

    I love all the Gatsby Range by Christine Lingerie it would have to be in Navy for me :-) Also love the Goddess gown.

  157. Ralitsa
    07/07/14 at 4:26

    I love the Petit Four short robe; it’s a perfect combination of all my favourite elements in lingerie: lace, vintage and floral!

  158. Tris Mabbs
    07/07/14 at 5:06

    Sugar & Spice Short Robe – gorgeous! :-)

  159. Marsha
    07/07/14 at 11:39

    I love The Ginger button back in scarlet

  160. Jerry Dean
    07/07/14 at 12:40

    The classic PJs in Black Cherry are very nice

  161. Gina
    07/07/14 at 13:11

    The Luxe Boudoir Robe is stunning! What gorgeous lingerie.

  162. Margaret
    07/07/14 at 13:16

    I love the Glamour Gown in rose. It is a little out of my price range, but I think I am going to have to start saving my pennies.

  163. jess
    07/07/14 at 13:25

    The gatsby kimono is absolutely lovely.

  164. Sarah
    07/07/14 at 13:47

    The glamour gown in rose is soooo pretty! I love it!

  165. Monica
    07/07/14 at 13:50

    I absolutely adore both the Luxe Gown and the Diva Chemise!

  166. Jacqueline
    07/07/14 at 13:51

    The Christine Lingerie Candy Cami & Tap Shorts are my favorite.

  167. Bernadette
    07/07/14 at 13:51

    I love this gown in black. It’s simply divine!

  168. Violet
    07/07/14 at 13:55

    I love the Gatsy Kimono in midnight!

  169. Bonnie
    07/07/14 at 14:05

    I love her coco pajamas!

  170. Wesley
    07/07/14 at 14:09

    The Gatsby kimono is so beautiful! Definitely my favorite.

  171. Steve M-G
    07/07/14 at 14:14

    Favorite jumped out at me: Gatsby Loungewear-Saffron Print.

  172. Harriet
    07/07/14 at 14:22

    The Gatsby Kimono is gorgeous!

  173. Sarah A. Main
    07/07/14 at 15:02

    this is beautiful. i wouldn’t mind owning either colour.

  174. Sairyna
    07/07/14 at 15:41

    I loooooooove the Petit Four chemise, it is so gorgeous!

  175. Sarah
    07/07/14 at 16:18

    The Glamour gown in the rose colour is just stunning!

  176. 07/07/14 at 16:39

    It was a hard tie between the Gatsby Kimono and the Sugar and Spice stretch chemise but I don’t have anything like the Gatsby Kimono, so I’d say that’s my favorite right now. The fit looks so complimentary and the colors are so enticing in the blue range.

  177. Tia
    07/07/14 at 16:46

    I absolutely love the Petite Four Teddy! The colors on it are great and it looks so comfortable and gorgeous!

  178. Anna H.
    07/07/14 at 16:52

    I like the Gatsby Kimono!

  179. Ana Tomás
    07/07/14 at 18:40

    My favorite is the Diva Chemise, so pretty, love the color and the exquisite lace.

  180. Rachel S.
    07/07/14 at 19:33

    I really, really love the cut and colour of the Diva chemise. It is just so sumptuous and rich and exquisite! And I love that they’re made in my own country of Canada :)

  181. Mollie
    07/07/14 at 21:01

    The sugar and spice silk chiffon robe is so beautiful and effortless!

  182. Olivia
    07/07/14 at 21:03

    The Petit Four teddy is my favorite by far!

  183. Julia
    07/07/14 at 22:49

    I love the Gatsby kimono in both saffron and navy. :)

  184. astrid
    08/07/14 at 4:10

    the petit four teddy is so cute!

  185. Shana
    08/07/14 at 4:17

    I love the sugar and spice stretch chemise its gorgeous!

  186. Anna doolan
    08/07/14 at 4:29

    The Diva Chemise is to die for!

  187. Rebecca Hultgren
    08/07/14 at 6:59

    My favourite item is the Gatsby gown in the colour saffron, very nice and unusual colour.

  188. Charlotte
    08/07/14 at 8:33

    I love the Sugar & Spice Short Robe, it’s gorgeous!

  189. Andria
    08/07/14 at 8:42

    this one in black is gorgeous.

  190. 08/07/14 at 9:18

    Ah, I adore the bridal Betty chemise in Robin’s Egg Blue! (it was always my favorite crayon color, and looks amazing here as well, haha)

  191. 08/07/14 at 9:21

    I’m adoring the bridal Betty chemise in robin’s egg blue! (always my favorite crayon color, and it looks amazing here haha)

  192. AE
    08/07/14 at 10:08

    I think the boudoir short robe or the sugar and spice short robe is my favorite, but this gown looks pretty nice too (I just hope if I were lucky enough to win it would fit me; the nice thing about robes is they fit any chest size).

  193. 08/07/14 at 11:14

    The Petit Four Chemise. Looks so elegant.

  194. Kaija
    08/07/14 at 11:18

    The Petit Four Chemise. So elegant!!

  195. AA
    08/07/14 at 11:51

    The luxe boudoir robe is breathtakingly beautiful. And it looks so comfy, too.

  196. Sandy
    08/07/14 at 12:01

    Normally I go right for chemises but the Candy Cami and Tap pant in black is amazing! That would be my favorite.

  197. Amanda
    08/07/14 at 12:49

    I love the Diva Teddy in platinum with black lace! I have a really petite body and teddys with drawstring waists like this one always make me feel really beautiful!

  198. Tanya
    08/07/14 at 13:17

    I love the Gatsby loungewear set. It looks so comfortable, plus the pattern is gorgeous!

  199. 08/07/14 at 15:11

    My favorite Christine Lingerie item is this contest because I didn’t know about it til today!

  200. 08/07/14 at 15:26

    My favorite item is the Luxe Boudoir Robe…it reminds me so much of some of Gustav Klimt’s paintings with gold leaf!

  201. Alyssa
    11/07/14 at 1:38

    Diva teddy. That just screams comfort to me

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