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6 Pieces Of Plus Size Lingerie To Go Under Your Wedding Dress

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

Image via Forever Yours

Image via Forever Yours

I was out at brunch this weekend with a soon-to-be-married friend. She's plus size and while she felt like she had lots of dress choices, she complained that she'd struggled to find something great to go under it. "You should write about that," she told me firmly.

Lots of plus size brides are on a similar lingerie quest, so today I'm covering my favorite plus size lingerie pieces to complete your wedding day ensemble. These pieces range from flirty and sexy to serious shapewear that will take a few inches off. I've arranged them by approximate shaping level, so if you're looking for something with serious hold then you're better off trying the last few pieces on the list.

Image via Hips and Curves

Image via Hips and Curves

High Waisted Panty with Lace Up Back by Hips and Curves:

Hips and Curves offers some of the cutest bridal pieces around. These high waisted panties have a touch of retro with a fun modern (and flirty!) touch at the back. If you're looking for something fun and thematic to wear under your dress and aren't worried about serious shaping, you can't do much better than these.

Image via Hips and Curves

Image via Hips and Curves

11" Short Shaper Skirt with Detachable Garters by Hips and Curves:

If you're over beige shapewear and want something sexy and light to wear under your dress, this mini shaper skirt is the way to go. The garters are detachable to work with your wedding day outfit and the skirt will smooth everything out without feeling constricting.

Image via ASOS

Image via ASOS

Bridal Retrolution Slip by Gossard:

Gossard's Retrolution line has been around for awhile now, but this bridal slip that combines retro and futuristic touches is worth highlighting. Many women have trouble finding a low-cut bra to go under their dress, but this slip has a great plunge bra built in that should work with almost anything.

Image via Elomi

Image via Elomi

Maria Basque by Elomi:

Elomi has smartly redone their bridal line, since the old one wasn't really breaking new ground. The new Maria line is gorgeous, comfortable and provides great lift to plus size women with larger cup sizes. While I haven't tried this basque, I have nothing but love for the strapless bra and thong in this line. This set blends function with style for a part of the market that doesn't see enough attention.

Image via Forever Yours

Image via Forever Yours

Smooth Bustier by Va Bien:

Sometimes you just need something basic for the big day, which is where this bustier by Va Bien comes in. It's simple, pretty and will create a great shape. Va Bien shapewear is especially breathable, which makes it great for brides in warmer climates or those who are planning to dance the night away without changing outfits.

Image via Dollhouse Bettie

Image via Dollhouse Bettie

Rago 9357 Lacette All In One Girdle:

Rago dominates the heavy hold shapewear market for a reason --- their pieces will not only reshape your body, but take inches off you in the process. If you're looking for some serious hold under a clingy dress, this all in one girdle will get the results that you want.

Which pieces are your favorite? What did you wear under your wedding dress?

Holly Jackson

The Full Figured Chest provides creative and elegant copywriting for the high end lingerie industry.

9 Comments on this post

  1. Lisa Strong says:

    I recently purchased the lace up panties ffom Hips & Curves and after one wear the fabric loops have pulled out of the seams. Loved the panty but the craftsmanship was definitely inferior.

  2. Sara says:

    I’ve just recently bought lingerie from Hips and Curves, I loved it, all of the stuff I got fits very well.Love this plus size outfits.

  3. Tassie Dmyterko says:

    Hi there! Really appreciate the full cup and +sizes, cause that’s what I am!!! However, after looking at the basque piece- I’ve noticed the model and I seem to have a similar problem! Our breasts look like they are “flattened”into the cup (the space between the breasts do not look like the perky models on the tv) and the cup underwire seems positioned about 2inches under the fold of the breast! I have this problem every single time when trying to buy anything strapless. If you would like a new subject to write about, please let it be how to get fitted for a large cup strapless!!(or torselette). Hope to see some great advise soon!!!!

    • Evija says:

      It might be you’re trying to fit into the wrong size. My boobs tend to have that gap, but otherwise fit fine like they should, uplifted, if the size is right. But do note that since a strapless is mostly kind of like a balconette just without the straps, you won’t get that perky crease, rather a shelf effect – i.e. uplifted cleavage, kind of like with a Renaissance corset or something like that.
      Personally if you want that perky crease look, I’d try a Wonderbra strapless, I know I’ve tried one and it wasn’t exactly my cup of tea, and I’m not entirely certain about the plus size thing (I was 34E at the time), you cold give that a shot.

    • Lahnna says:

      On that same note, it does honestly look like the cup or band is too big for the models wearing the pieces. The outline of her breasts are resting just as they would without a bra, which tells me she’s in the wrong size. Cora has mentioned several times in various articles that resources are minimal when companies (especially smaller companies) shell out for photo shoots. The lingerie is most likely only available in a small size run, so they must work with what they’re given.

      If you’re not being lifted into the cup then the band is not doing enough work and you need to try a smaller band size (and possibly a bigger cup size if you feel squished). The band is where 80-90% of the lift in any bra comes from. In strapless styles change that percentage to 100%.

  4. Thursday says:

    I’m not really sure how widely applicable the Gossard piece is for plus sizes – it only seems available up to a 36 band, and whilst I certainly do not grudge any lady who fits into that size range, 36 seems pretty common in non-plus labels.
    Not being a fan of white, I think a delicate peach or beige looks much prettier for a bridal look any way. That Elomi basque would appeal so much more in a vintage peach!

    • Holly Holly says:

      This piece goes up to a 36 band, but the others in the range go to a 44! I just picked this one since I personally liked it more, but there’s lots of other beautiful pieces in larger band sizes in the same range.

      • Evija says:

        Hmm, do you have any sizing tips on Elomi? I’m afraid a 36 band and 46 inch hips don’t exactly fit in the same garment, as for me.. :D but it’s too pretty to say no.

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