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5 Colorful Silk Lingerie Pieces for Plus Size Ladies

Image via Louise Ferdinand Lingerie

Image via Louise Ferdinand Lingerie

Hi, my name is Holly and I’m seriously obsessed with silk lingerie. While I love a sexy mesh teddy as much as the next woman, there truly is something special about silk. It feels soft, luxurious and even seems cool on your skin on the hottest days. Sadly, if you’re a plus size woman it may seem like there isn’t much out there for you made out of silk or even in the luxury lingerie market at all. While the market is still more limited, especially if you aren’t willing to jump into made-to-measure waters, the plus size silk lingerie options are now are far better than they used to be. Lots of designers are experimenting with pieces at various price points, which means more choice for customers who may just now be trying out the luxury lingerie market. If you haven’t tried silk lingerie before, here are my top five pieces to start with.

Image via Beatrix Privé

Image via Beatrix Privé

MONDRIAN Silk Thong by Beatrix Privé:
I’ve been eyeing various thongs from this collection for months now, which means at least one will probably end up in my lingerie drawer sometime soon. If you haven’t tried silk underwear, these thongs are a great start. At $32 per thong they won’t eat up your monthly budget while they still boost all those amazing features that make silk underwear feel special. While I don’t normally love thongs, I adore that the waistband on these can be worn high waisted for smoothness or folded down for more low waisted pants. These thongs come in lots of beautiful colors and patterns, which means it’s easy to pick up several to match your favorite bras or lounge pieces.

Image via Ayten Gasson

Image via Ayten Gasson

Ruby Liberty Print Bed Jacket by Ayten Gasson:
I’m probably a little biased when it comes to Ayten Gasson — I own five of her pieces and two are these bed jackets. While the price tag makes it a splurge for some people, I promise these bed jackets/silky outerwear jackets are worth it. I wear mine at home and when I’m going out with skirts, pants and over dresses. Ayten carries a narrow size range as regular stock, but will make any piece to order which makes her sizing functionally infinite. Ayten’s pieces are made with UK-sourced silks and laces, which means you’re also helping support fair wages and small local businesses when you buy from her.

Image via RavenDreams

Image via RavenDreams

Jane Panties in Ballet Pink with Crystal Beaded Lace by RavenDreams:
The UK has become a lingerie designer’s paradise in the past few years! RavenDreams is another small company that is out to rethink and redesign plus size lingerie so it truly fits and flatters plus size women. They’ve recently released a new line of panties in stretch silk that is gorgeous, feminine, and extra luxurious. I hope they’ll revamp some of their previous babydolls to match these gorgeous panties — it would make an amazing gift set for a special occasion.

Image via Lu Lu West

Image via Lu Lu West

Olivia Sensual Teddy in Cobalt by Lu Lu West:
I reviewed one of the silk slips by Lu Lu West last year and it is still one of my favorite pieces of sleepwear. Luckily several pieces from last season are currently on sale, including this slinky teddy in a showstopping cobalt blue color. If you’re in the market for a set, just pick up the matching cobalt blue silk robe that is also on sale!

Image via Louise Ferdinand Lingerie

Image via Louise Ferdinand Lingerie

Edie Bra by Louise Ferdinand Lingerie:
I mention Louise Ferdinand a lot, but it’s because she’s spent the last few years putting out pieces that stand out from the pack. Her size range is incredible and her pieces represent the best of luxury lingerie. Her base materials are silk, but she adorns her bras with tulle and various details that turn them into true works of art.

How do you feel about silk lingerie? Would you buy any of these pieces?

Holly Jackson

The Full Figured Chest provides creative and elegant copywriting for the high end lingerie industry.

5 Comments on this post

  1. Jean says:

    Love silk and would like to see more for variety. It is far more comfortable than nylon/polyester fibers. Thanks.

  2. […] you’re plus size or an in-betweenie and love silk lingerie, check out my piece for The Lingerie Addict this week! As a bonus, one of the silk pieces is only […]

  3. jessa says:

    I’m not plus size, but I can confirm that ayten gasson’s pieces are of incredible quality. The feel of the silk is wonderful, much richer than what you normally get, I even ended up keeping a camisole that doesn’t really fit because the feel of it was so lovely. Holly, do you have any idea what the cost of made to measure items might be?

    • Holly Holly says:

      Ayten’s pieces are just incredible! I’m glad to know other people love her, as I feel like she isn’t talked about nearly as much as she should be. The two times I ordered there wasn’t an extra custom fee for made to measure!

  4. Thursday says:

    You know, I’ve been following Ayten Gasson for years, but always with a sigh, as I was sized out of their range. This is the first time I’ve seen any mention of made-to-order. Huh.

    Unfortunately, Louise Ferdinand’s bras appear to top out at a38 band size?

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