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Review: Sheer Pantyhose

Hosieree Love Seamless Tights

Hosieree Love Seamless Tights

The stockings featured were sent to me by All thoughts and opinions are my own. All photos courtesy of

I’ll admit it. I don’t think I’ve worn stockings since 2003. My obsession with opaque tights for fall and winter excluded, I’ve mostly rocked a bare leg when given the chance of hose or no hose. I’d seen others, like Cora, indulge and share their experiences, but personally, I wasn’t sure I was a “stockings girl.” Perhaps this is because of my adolescent associations with itchy, ill-fitting, stifling stockings I was forced to wear. This is why I was excited to review samples from, an online retailer specializing in fine European hosiery.

I received two different styles to test out. I will start with the Illusion 15 No Waist style in Nero, my favorite of the two.

Hosieree Illusion 15 (featured here in Naked)

Hosieree Illusion 15 (featured here in Naked)

I figured basic black was a great place to start as I dipped a toe in the stockings waters. This style’s primary attribute is no waistband. If you’ve ever battled the pantyhose roll, you can understand why a style without an elastic waist band may be ideal under your most form fitting clothes. While it didn’t stay perfectly flat under my clothes after a full work day, the lack of waist band made this style much more resistant to the rolling and bump and lump forming under my dresses I’d experienced with other brands and styles before. As far as size, I found the 3/L to be the right fit for me. Falling along the border between that and the 2/M, I found that going up a size was useful for me in avoiding the crotch sag that sometimes happens if you go down a size.

In addition to the fit, I also appreciated the look of this sheer style. The glossy sheen provided a sophisticated, glamorous, and appropriately professional look. The brand promotes this style to be highly resistant to runs. I haven’t pressure-tested these for runs, but in my life, I’ve been known to be hard on stockings (yes, I was that little girl with runs and holes in my sweet heart-spangled stockings), and I’ve yet to get a run yet after multiple wears. Retailing at $13.50, this basic stocking is a great value.

The second pair I tried was the Flex 10 Adjustable Waist in Daino, a nude shade. As opposed to the last style, this one was more matte. While this style has also yet to receive a run after a couple of wears (woo hoo!), I wasn’t as impressed overall. One of my ongoing challenges with stockings brands in general has been finding “my nude.” As a woman with brown skin who has faced this challenge with everything from foundation to bras, I know I’m not alone! I can’t say this would be the experience of all women of color or that the brand doesn’t have a color that fits me, but the site as is made it difficult for me to search. It may be something that needs a bit more trial and error to be sure that my skin tone could be accommodated.

Hosieree Flex 10 (featured here in Caresse0

Hosieree Flex 10 (featured here in Caresse0

This also did not have an elastic band, but I did not have the same success with the rolling. My hunch is that it is because this pair did not have as thick of a denier (denier = thickness of the yarn, 10 vs. 15 in this case). Again, as a stockings newbie, I’m not sure that’s the reason, but is something for you to consider. The bottom line, know (or learn) what works best for your figure and your body.

With both styles, I will say I was impressed with the fact that never once did I have to deal with any pesky itching as I had with other stockings in my past. That is definitely a selling point for the Hosieree brand.

The Hosieree site has a wealth of options and I would suggest exploring them if you are looking to venture into the stockings world. Not only is the Hosiree brand featured, but a number of other brands, including Falke and Cervin, which I know has a good reputation in the hosiery world. Prices on the site range widely (I saw options from around $10 to around $70), but there seems to be something for everyone from sheer and opaque to fishnet, fashion, and more. The site ships from within the US and abroad which also makes it an appealing option for hosiery aficionados. Right now, orders over $65 have free shipping, so now would be a good time to stock up on some new styles for fall and winter. Particularly as temperatures are dropping on the east coast, this is quite tempting.

Hosieree Carmen Fishnet

Hosieree Carmen Fishnet

Have you ordered from Hosiree before? If not, or if you do, let us know more about your experience!

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