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7 Santa-Inspired Lingerie Pieces That You Won’t Want To Regift

Image via LaBelleFairy

Image via LaBelleFairy

’Tis the season for sexy santas and erotic elves — well, nearly the season anyway. As a lingerie copywriter, I see a ton of holiday-oriented lingerie that I have fairly mixed feelings about. Well, at least until this year. I’m not sure if I’m finally embracing the cheesy Christmas lingerie or if the selections have just gotten better, but this year I’m officially jumping on the holiday lingerie bandwagon.

Image via Seven 'Til Midnight

Image via Seven ‘Til Midnight

Part of my issue in the past is that holiday lingerie has felt more exploitative than sexy. A vast number of holiday lingerie lines are produced at lower price points, which can result in some flimsy-looking sets that are advertised with lines like “Impress your man with your sexiest Santa imitation.” This year, companies seem to be focusing on lingerie that fits and flatters real bodies rather than fantasy pieces that look uncomfortable and awkward to wear.

Image via Coquette

Image via Coquette


The new lines from Coquette and Seven ’Til Midnight are two great examples of companies who are changing the look of affordable holiday lingerie for the better. Both of these lines are continuing the extremely literal interpretation of holiday lingerie while injecting the whole thing with fresh colors and a nice retro feeling. I’m also impressed with how well plus sizes are integrated into both lines — it’s great to see big companies creating flattering looks for plus size ladies rather than just making sheer red mesh tents. I also appreciate that each piece has a counterpart in each size range, which is the way things should be.

Image via Coquette

Image via Coquette

Independent designers have released holiday ranges for several years, but this year I’ve seen several designers that are working with traditional holiday colors and themes to create gorgeous and fun pieces.

Image via LaBelleFairy

Image via LaBelleFairy

This corset by La Belle Fairy is a great example of how to make amazing themed lingerie that transcends the whole ‘Santa’ aesthetic while simultaneously referencing traditional holiday colors.

Image via Knickerocker

Image via Knickerocker

Instead of cheesy Rudolph-themed panties, Knickerocker offers up a version that is both festive and a nod to traditional Nordic prints.

Image via La Lilouche

Image via La Lilouche

The red ‘Belle’ bra by La Lilouche is an incredibly sexy and elegant take on red and white lingerie.

While I’m still against sexy Santas and elves, I’m definitely going to be embracing some red and white lingerie this year during the holiday season. Amazingly, my only issue is how many great choices there are!

Holly Jackson

The Full Figured Chest provides creative and elegant copywriting for the high end lingerie industry.

4 Comments on this post

  1. Jenny Frank says:

    I am really in a festive mood, enjoying these seasonal picks!

  2. Estelle says:

    That LaLilouche bra is stunning! I agree with Thursday though, the more costume-y pieces still look, well, costume-y… The corset is gorgeous too :)

  3. Holly Holly says:

    I think that’s a completely valid response, Thursday! Like anything, I think one’s mileage may vary on the shinier and more traditional pieces. Thanks for commenting! :-)

  4. Thursday says:

    I’m afraid that the more traditional pieces still leave me cold, but the pieces that strike me as just lingerie that happen to be in Christmassy colour combos are quite lovely – the corset of course, and the red chemise from Coquette. They’d easily get year-round wear!

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