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Introducing Evollove

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

Evollove Beauty Blaze Set

Photo via ASOS

I’ve been excited to cover Evollove for quite some time. I first discovered the brand when passing through Journelle a while back. The D-G tag was tantalizing and caught my eye first. Hmm…

I’m always on the lookout for something beautiful in my size, and this number was in a gorgeous shade of blue. Before I spent any money I didn’t need to at the time, I found my way out of the store. Evollove wasn’t through with me yet, though! Anytime I’d walk by, or in, Journelle, it would beg me to come pay it some attention. By the next time, it had a friend. I wasn’t going to be able to resist for long. I avoided this beautiful bra one more time as I shopped with a friend for a bachelorette gift. Third time must be a charm as that’s when I finally gave in to the temptation…

Evollove Beauty Blaze in Green

I had a taken a friend in for a spring spruce up and while waiting for her, one of the lovely staff suggested I try one on. “They fit really well” was all I needed to hear from her! I mean, it couldn’t hurt. It was for research purposes, of course! I selected a simple, lined black lace balconette called Beauty Blaze in my usual 32G and realized instantly I was in trouble. The cup provided full coverage. Enough that I wouldn’t have any spillage if I ran for a train or bent over to pick something up, but not so much that it would show in a scoop neck tee. The band fit snugly, but without being too constricting. However, I was mostly impressed with the lift! My friend and the delightful assistant in the store raved about the fit as well.

Well, now I was all attached. I needed this bra. So, how much damage was this going to do to my bank account? Much to my surprise and excitement, this bra was at an amazing price point as well. For the amazing fit and fashion, I couldn’t believe the value. This style retailed at $55. For that price, I could get two. I was hooked!

After doing a bit more research on the brand, I discovered that Evollove is a Bendon brand. Like other Bendon brands (e.g. Elle Macpherson, Pleasure State, Stella McCartney), Evollove has a true focus on fashion. The full collection includes eye catching colors and lively patterns. However, compared to other Bendon brands, I found this to be truer to size. I know from my experience (and from that of other ladies) with other brands like Elle Macpherson, I have to go up a band size, but I found my usual 32 to fit just right as I mentioned before. Snug, but not too tight.

Evollove Castaspell Long Line Bra

While I love this style, it isn’t practical to wear under just anything, especially for work, but on the weekend, game on! The lace lies flat so it isn’t bumpy. It also has a cute little string bow in the front. This style comes in other colors, like a vivid teal and a racy red.

Since this time, I’ve experimented with two other Evollove styles, the Alanya plunge and the Hearts Afire foam cup balconette. I’ve decided that I just can’t wear a plunge. Even in the best fitting, well-crafted brands, that style just isn’t conducive to my shape due to the minimal coverage in the area where I need it. At the start of the day, everything was in place and the bra created a beautiful shape. However, by day’s end, with lots of movement, everything didn’t quite stay in place and I found myself doing a lot of covert adjusting. My advice: if you can wear plunges, go for it! The balconette, on the other hand, nailed it! While the foam cup provided more structure than the lined balconette, it did so without adding extra bulk.

Evollove Hearts Afire

Overall, Evollove is a great choice for full cups and is now one of my absolute favorites. In addition to the above, there are numerous other styles, colors, and silhouettes, including matching panties. Evollove is sold at boutiques around the world and online retailers such as Asos and Bare Necessities.

Has anyone else had success with this brand? Please share your experience and your favorite styles.

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9 Comments on this post

  1. saloma says:

    Evollove looks good. I tried it and it fits well. Thanks for sharing

  2. Joce says:

    love evol evollove, Have four bras, two of which are pictured and i don’t adjust them from the time I put the on till, getting home at night, evolutionary styling, love love lift it! (12E)

  3. Krista says:

    Sounds good, Ana. Report back. I also wonder if you could take them to a tailor or something. I know that’s an extra cost and that they should just be made in more accommodating sizes, but could help you in the meantime.

  4. Krista says:

    Ana, thanks for your thoughts. I will be on the look out for brands with 28s. Process makes a good point. Try the 30. I’m not sure how snug you like your fit, but it may work for you.

    Joan, you are correct that they are from the same parent company. Not the same brand. I asked about that, too. I loved DimitySO as well. I believe yet are still sold outside of the US.

    Let me know other things you are interested in learning about!

    • Ana says:

      Hi Krista, I might try some 30s, however I do like my bands to be pretty snug and I even have some bras in 26, so if I do try Evollove I might have to alter the bands as Princess suggested.

  5. Joan McClane says:

    I heard somewhere that Evollove used to be DmitySo… or they are from the same parent brand, perhaps? Does anyone know if this is true? I have the ribbon thief set by DmitySo before they disappeared and it is one of the best fitting, well made sets I own (I’m 32DD). I’m seriously considering trying Evollove, especially if they’re anything like DmitySo!

  6. Princess says:

    Hi Ana, I come from Australia, where evollove is one f the only full bust brands offered in department stores. Being a 28 back I still have two of their bras, one of which was quite firm and the other of which was a super stretchy 30. Maybe experiment with which styles are tighter, and buy those, or take in the bands, as the shape that evollove gives is amazing.

  7. Ana says:

    I remember their launch but since they do not offer my size I never looked at the brand again, just came from their website now and what a pity they don’t do 28 backs because I saw a few bras I would totally grab if they did come in my size.
    Night Sky Contour Balconnet Bra, finally a brand that does a plain black lace long line, it was great to have Freya and Cleo make them in 28 bands but I didn’t like any of the prints they came in, why is it so difficult for full bust brands to do something simple, classy and beautiful like this? I don’t own a single plain black lace bra, what’s up people? simple lace bra = basic, yes, lace, not the molded ugly stuff you people usually do.
    Other of the styles that caught my eye was the Love Charm Contour Balconnet Bra, the way the lace goes on to the band is awesome because I personally am not a fan of brands using pretty fabric on the front and doing the wings in plain mesh, I feel ripped off by that lack of attention to detail, so it is refreshing to see one of the less expensive brands taking this kind of details into account, it only comes to show that it is not because of production costs but because designers are lazy like that.
    And the third piece I spotted that is worth mentioning is the New Beauty Chemise Slip. Evollove where did the XS size go??? I need this in my life. We 28 back girls are in need of a substitute to Bravissimo nightwear who abandoned us; it would be great if Evollove filled the gap with far more sexy and beautiful pieces than Bravissimo ever had, like this one. Once again simple sheer lace design, that’s the way to go.

    P.S.: as you can tell I’m not a big fan of prints and such but I find that even in that area Evollove excels, just look at the Luck Key Contour Balconette Bra, lovely, I’ll have one of those in black/purple/red 28F please! It even has a little key charm, and wings that are made of the same fabric as the front…

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