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5 Sources For Pretty Plus Size Pajamas and Loungewear

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

Image via Lu Lu West

Image via Lu Lu West

As someone who works at home full time, I'm really devoted to the concept of loungewear and nice sleepwear. While I don't get dressed up much when I'm at home working, I do like to wear something that is comfortable, flattering, pajama-like but also socially acceptable enough if I have to answer the front door. As the season changes, more of us are looking for cozy items to curl up in as we hide from the colder weather. If you're plus sized, it can be hard to find loungewear and sleepwear that fits and is flattering without breaking the bank, so today I'm making a list of five great places to start looking. If you're not plus sized and love something on this list, many of these items come in a full range of sizes from XS to 5X.

Image via Brastop

1. Brastop
Brastop is a D through K discount bra retailer based in the UK, but they also carry a great range of discount loungewear from high quality brands. The Brastop loungewear selection doesn't go past a size US size 16/18 or so, but what is there is great for women who are in the lower end of plus size or stuck in the gap between size 12 and 18. My favorite is the Kris Line brand of loungewear which is high quality, great on curves, and hardly ever shows up in the US. It includes chemises, lounge dresses that look good enough to go out in, and nice matching sets like the one above that can be worn for lounging or for sleep. Sizes range from XS to XL.

Image via BedHead

Image via BedHead

2. BedHead Pajamas
It can be surprisingly tough to find a great pair of classic pajamas if you're plus sized, but BedHead is here to help. Their plus size line uses the same fabrics and patterns as the rest of their well-known line while expanding their size range. I love this pair of cute bird pajamas, which would be great for sleep but also for a holiday brunch with the family. Sizes range from 1X to 3X.

Image via Lu Lu West

Image via Lu Lu West

3. Lu Lu West
One of my all-time favorite pieces of sleepwear comes from Lu Lu West, so it's no wonder that this plus size lingerie and loungewear company has stayed on my radar. Lu Lu West focuses on pretty basics that are easy to incorporate into your life in comfortable and durable fabrics. Their pieces feel wonderful on and fall perfectly over plus size curves. If you're looking for something cute and basic, this Best Boyfriend Shirt is a great place to start. It comes in light pink and lavender for some extra variety as well. Sizes 1X through 4X.

Image via Figleaves

Image via Figleaves

4. Figleaves
I always think of Figleaves as a bra only retailer, but lately they've been putting out some fantastic options for sleepwear and DD+ clothing. This Camelia DD+ Chemise is perfect for elegant lounging and sleeping --- even better, it's available up to a size UK 22! Sizes UK 8 through 22.

Image via Hips and Curves

Image via Hips and Curves

5. Hips and Curves
Of course it's impossible to complete this list without plus size lingerie giant Hips and Curves. They have tons of great plus size options, from football jersey inspired nightshirts to daintier items like this Edwardian Nightshirt. I love how affordable and flattering their options are --- it makes it easy to treat yourself! Sizes 1X through 5X.

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Holly Jackson

The Full Figured Chest provides creative and elegant copywriting for the high end lingerie industry.

3 Comments on this post

  1. Tiffani says:

    Thanks so much for making this list! I’m a US 14/UK 18 on top and US 16-18/UK 20-22 on bottom so I have a really hard time finding cute, comfortable pajamas – which is what I wear as soon as I get home! Haha. So this will be very useful for me. :)

  2. Lara Maxwell says:

    Lovely post Holly. Being a plus size girl myself, I find that I also have to deal with the struggles of finding pretty and flattering nightwear. Great tips of places on the web that I can get something thats fits and also looks great. I especially love the Lulu West Boyfriend Shirt, not sure if I can get it here in Scotland : ) Just retired my Hanky Panky chemise that I love, so will need to keep the look out for something I can snuggle up in. It’s getting a wee bit chilly.

    Lara M
    Indie Chic

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