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Introducing Layneau Lingerie


Lately, there’s been more (and much-needed) conversation on lingerie for older women. The lingerie industry as a whole seems incredibly focused on women in my age group (we’ll just call that ages 18-29), and the ever-increasing popularity of “fast fashion” hasn’t helped to turn that conversation around. I’m six months or so away from being 30, and I know the things I like and the things that fit me have changed dramatically in the past five years. I’m starting to wonder what my tastes will be like when I’m 40, 50, or 60 and if there will be any lingerie brands making products for me as I move through different stages in my life. All this is why Layneau’s debut collection really resonated with me.

I’ve talked to Kaaren, the Portland-based designer behind Layneau, a few times now. From the start, her focus has been on crafting lingerie for a different kind of customer… not just a more mature client, but also one who understands and appreciates the kind of fine garment construction that just isn’t present in fashion anymore, much less lingerie. While I was predictably drawn to items like the Ameliee chemise with its gorgeous lace hem, I also found myself coveting the velvet Contessa bedjacket. It’s so grand, but looks so comfortable. If a brand like this is around as I near middle-age (and if I can afford it!), I’ll be a very happy woman indeed.

Layneau’s gowns and chemises start at $650 and go up to $1200. The velvet bedjacket retails for $1200, while the nightshirts are in the $850 to $950 range. Robes are $2400. Sizes range from XS thru XL and custom colors are available upon request.

What do you think of Layneau? Is there room for another luxury label in the lingerie industry?








Layneau - MoscaPhoto

Layneau - MoscaPhoto

Layneau - MoscaPhoto  allhambra- Life in Layneau

Layneau - MoscaPhoto


Layneau - MoscaPhoto

Layneau - MoscaPhoto  Layneau - MoscaPhoto  Layneau - MoscaPhoto

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Cora Harrington

Founder and Editor in Chief of The Lingerie Addict. Author of In Intimate Detail: How to Choose, Wear, and Love Lingerie. I believe lingerie is fashion too, and that everyone who wants it deserves gorgeous lingerie.

18 Comments on this post

  1. tracy says:

    Beautiful collection and suitable for anyone with the taste to appreciate it. I think it’s something my customers would appreciate. I know I do. It’s nice to see a luxury collection for the full busted. I hope the designer adds more sizes. Speaking from experience, an XL usually only works a full size bust, not a plus size bust.

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  3. I’m 24, and I am officially putting that gold floor length gown and blue bed jacket on my wishlist (alas I’ll not be able to afford these price points, but I can dream). But my sense of style is roughly 90 years too late, so I’m probably not your average 24 year old consumer.

  4. Becca C says:

    I cant wait to show my mother-in-law these designs..she is 70(and a example to us all!) and often rues the difficulties in finding sexy/sensual lingerie that reflect the needs of the mature body.

    • kaaren bedi says:

      Thank you Anna! There is no greater compliment. You are not too late- the market is expanding to embrace a varity of tastes. I first got interested in vintage lingerie in my teens. Wearing my grandmother’s art deco slips (the gowns were too precious!) I would slip on my Charles Jordan gold heels and dance the night away.
      Fast forward and I’m months away from 50- still wearing the heels, but putting a dress over the slip now.
      Taste is just that- it is not age. Sure it refines and develops but the core is always with us.
      While my body has softened my spirit is sharper. And so are my demands. I need a chemise to graze my knees, I want the side seams to be back rather than on center side. That way when I wear a dress the seams don’t fight. The sides are cut higher to help contain and control the’ girls’ and the cut is on bias and seams added to offer a light embrace.

      Yes- my pieces are expensive. On average they take 10 hours to make with the bed jacket and robe taking over 20 hours to construct. My seamstresses are highly qualified having worked for couture houses in Europe.

  5. Kaarn, I think there is a disconnect here. Perhaps “mature” has not adequately been defined? What I am hearing is the models natural G cup really means nothing. Is she a 28G or like many American women, a 40G? These are two very different breast sizes. Again, the concept of a mature body, vs a young body. The body I have now I could never have imagined when I was 30 and only had one child. These styles will not keep my “girls” who have nursed four babies in place at night. I have accepted that they live in my armpits at night! If your XL is a 14-16, the translation to sizes is again focusing on those tiny frames. No matter what happens with my waist or hips, my bust and shoulders always puts me into a 16-1X, depending upon the manufacturer. I’m 5’4, experiencing the typical middle age spread and wear a 38F. I have found making my own lingerie a pretty good way to go. After seeing your designs, I was drawn to this vintage pattern similar to the bed jacket.

  6. Adrienne says:

    I’m 33 and have had a child. The biggest change for me getting older and lingerie is that I cannot stand to wear the super short chemises that now barely cover my bum. I’m really drawn to the first set of photos at the top. The gowns go down to the knee or ankle with gorgeous lace and are still amazingly sexy. They are absolutely stunning and beautiful – I wish I could afford these.

    There is also the issue of color. When I was in my 20’s I loved the really bright hot pink and lime, leopard print, etc. But now that seems a tad juvenile (for me). I really like all the colors featured here. They seem really appealing for a woman in her 30’s, 40’s + who is not feeling like a college coed anymore. Beautiful collection.

    • kaaren says:


      Thank you! I agree with you0 a big motivator to start this line was looking for a chemise that covered my rump! It was so frustrating I made my own.
      As the business grows we will be looking to do a more modest price point line- but it’s a few years off. Keep checking in…..

  7. Teresa says:

    Love your site, being a cross dresser I appreciate all the silk and lace and wish my budget would allow me such delights to order some of your beautiful delicate peices , love all of them , dream of my self covered with your silk a waiting my lover to come home, hoping she will take me and love me in the delicate silks .

  8. kaaren says:

    The dark haired model is 5’1″ and a natural G cup. We cut for a 0/2 dress up to a 14/16 with a medium being a solid 8. The Ameliee and Maggie chemises’ are both good choices for larger busts as the seaming offers soft support. No- it is not the level of support you get with a bra. Nor is it intended to be. But it will keep things in their proper place if worn to bed – hate when the girls slip out at night! And there is room for a bra if worn as day wear.
    Yes, our prices are in line with Carine Gilson as is our construction- we consider our customer a Global Citizen. Age is not our criteria, just maturity, refinement and taste.
    Thank you for all your feedback! It all helps.

  9. Thursday says:

    I’m not yet thirty, but the classic styling and lovely details of these pieces are very attractive. The luxury price tag is definitely prohibitive for me, though.

  10. Robin says:

    Can you share what sizes (dress, bra band, bra cup) you manufacture for when you call them XS/S/M/L/XL? Odds of a brand succeeding are higher if there is a niche (trying to be everything to every size). You seem to be aiming for larger busts- and therefore you are hearing the needs/wants/desires of those women.
    I too am seeing the disconnect of drapey silk without the support they would need.
    As a petite woman, I am adding perspective from a marketing & collector viewpoint (as from the models I can tell this brand would never be small enough for my frame).
    For the pricing structure I would actually expect bespoke work & certainly fitting. I’ve ordered cross-continent UK-made bespoke garments, w/ personal fitting details- for less cost.
    If this viable business is to last & grow, you will definitely need a global sales base. American women have now been trained to buy quantity over quality. And based on sizing, the entire markets of Japan & China are lost. UK and Europe have a long history of well constructed lingerie. Being petite, I am an addict of Agent P. Buy even they have succumbed to a diffusion line (albeit fronted by a celeb & her sister).
    American women looking for workmanship have for years been shopping outside of the US for lingerie, so your business competition is at global level. Brands like I.D. Sarrieri took years to start selling to consumers in the USA, but have done an about face in business willingness.
    BTW- I think discerning taste is discerning taste (not an age demo). The USA is aging as a country (not as rapid as Asia, but getting there). The price point alone will drop out women of youth. And those wearing the word “pink” on their behinds (other than V.S. employees) may never grow to be your audience.
    Thank you for listening.

  11. Annmarie says:

    These designs are so beautiful, and some of them seem to be also suitable as daywear. Stunning as they may be, and I have no doubt they’re also extremely well constructed, I’m afraid I have to side with the previous commenters regarding their price range.

    I’m sure Kaaren views herself as an artist, and very rightfully so, but I wonder if in addition to the “true to the core, no compromise” creations there can be a more affordable line as well. This comes from someone who had bought some designer lingerie silk items in the past, but never had to exceed the $400-500 limit.
    And I’ll be glad to support a designer who resides not too far from where I live!

  12. These are beautiful, but aimed at a mature woman? I cannot picture myself when all of the models are so much younger. The company needs to have mature models. I agree with BusyBP, that support is needed for sagging breasts, etc. Thought is also needed that after women give birth to numerous children, items which hug the abdomen are not on my wish list. As I age (I’m 57) I am more picky about the fabric type and find I cannot wear many synthetics, so silk and a silk/cotton blend are my fabrics of choice yet these routinely do not have much stretch. In this price range, I wouldn’t even try something on. Earning an income all of these year definitely has changed how I value items, and for something to sleep/lounge in or even wear as a slip will not be allotted this type of funding. I believe a manufacture could make items with soft laces and silk fabric in a more reasonable price range.

  13. BusyVP says:

    While these designs are lovely, what is missing for the older woman is support. Even a medium bust will sag with age and for us DDD girls, we need lift. For me to spend that kind of money for these items – you will need to include some bra like engineering. Otherwise these are the same as other options out there already.

    • kaaren says:

      This range does include subtle engineering built in- using old world technique like fine bias cutting and seaming we offer more support than you would expect. The model in the fist series of photos is a G cup! Our fabrics are fine silk with a hint of lycra and ultra fine silk and cotton.

  14. Courtney says:

    Class and luxury are stylish not matter the age of the person wearing it.

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