Summer Vacation: 10 travel friendly products for the girl on the go

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Ah, summer. It’s a time to relax, spend time with friends, and enjoy the warm weather and sunshine. For many it is also a time for adventure, to try new things and make new memories to last a lifetime.

Though the economy is not what it used to be, people are still finding ways to vacation this season. Whether it be a jaunt to the beach, a weekend getaway to visit family or an excursion to a far away land, we are a nation of summer vacationers eager to enjoy life and we have the Facebook photos to prove it!

This summer the airline industry has forecasted an estimate of 208.7 million people will be flying the friendly skies in the US alone. Determined to weather the rising costs of flights and growing number of passenger restrictions, vacationers continue to travel year after year in the name of fun and relaxation. But all this jet setting is not without its fair share of hassles.

Once prospective travelers get over the initial undertaking of where to go, when to go and how much to spend, they are then faced with the next dilemma: what to pack. This last question takes on a whole new context once weather, size limitations and TSA restrictions are factored in. One must consider how many pairs of underwear to pack, if there will be a place to do laundry, how to hide any unmentionables from prying eyes, etc. With all these challenges, preparing for a journey can sometimes become more stressful than initially anticipated.

Luckily we live in an age of innovation, problem solving and the internet. If you are in need of quick and convenient packing solutions there is now an array of helpful new inventions at your fingertips all meant to make your life and journey a little less painful. And with new undergarment advancements that work double time, you should never have to sacrifice comfort, hygiene or safety no matter what your destination or schedule.

Below are 10 travel friendly intimates and accessories to help you navigate your summer vacation with ease. Wherever life may take you, these picks are sure to take the stress out of traveling, leaving you to focus more on the destination rather than the journey.

Exofficio Give-N-Go Panties

2 exofficio-givengo

Exofficio is a great resource for travel friendly clothes and accessories. Their products are designed to work overtime and offer conveniences others don’t. The Give-N-Go lacy thong, boy cut brief and string bikini shown here, are made with a highly breathable nylon spandex treated with a microbe shield to maintain freshness. These light-weight panties come in multiple colors and are extremely quick drying, allowing for daily washings by hand if you happen to be without laundry facilities. Perfect for camping trips or long extended stays, just a few pairs are needed to keep comfy and hygienic through your stay.
Available at, $18.00-$22.00

Eagle Creek Silk Undercover Bra Stash

3 eagle-creek-silk-undercover-bra-stash

Eagle Creek is another top-notch travel site for bags, supplies & accessories. They offer an array of money concealing belts and wallets including this bra stash that can be attached to the front, side or strap of any basic bra. Available in 2 colors for maximum discreetness, this washable pouch is silky soft and moisture resistant keeping your valuables safe and away from the prying hands of pick pockets. The pouch can also be used on a panty waistband or wherever you find it most convenient and comfortable.
Available at, $13.50.

Warners Unbelievable Unwire Bra

4 warners unbelievable underwire

This past winter Warners launched their new Unbelievable Unwire bra and it has quickly become one of my personal faves in the category of comfort. This wireless bra is soft and supportive with a top-secret material in place of the wire that is surprisingly flexible and resilient. Available up to a size 38D, the Unwire bra is perfect for travel allowing it to be squished, folded, bent and scrunched into any which way or shape while perfectly bouncing back into form each time with no creases, wrinkles or crushed cups to show for it. Comfy, convenient and capable this bra has a permanent spot in my suitcase.
Available at, $38.00.

Moving Comfort Luna Bra

5 moving comfort luna bra

If you are a more active traveler who requires a no-fuss, highly supportive bra, then try the Luna Bra by Moving Comfort. Not only does this modest t-shirt bra offer high impact support but the construction and fabrication make it comfortable for all day wear. Its moisture wicking and ventilated mesh zones will help you keep your cool and the bonded seams eliminate any bumps and bulges. In addition, the adjustable back closure also makes it quick and easy to get on or off which is convenient when on the go.
Available at, $54.00.

Danielle Creations Wear Me / Wash Me Lingerie Bag

6 danielle ltd1

One of the more common packing predicaments is where to keep dirty laundry so that it doesn’t contaminate the rest of the contents of your suitcase. A cute clean/dirty laundry bag may just be your answer. The “wear me” side of this zippered pouch is meant to keep clean undies fresh and readily accessible. While the “wash me” compartment on the other side is meant to stash dirty unmentionables in order to avoid any lingering odors or embarrassing TSA security checks. Plus the embroidered lingerie on the front is not only cute but can also help you to avoid accidental laundry mix-ups.
Available at, $23.00.

Sea To Summit Pocket Laundry Wash

7 seatosummit pocket laundry wash

Speaking of laundry, wilderness outfitter’s Sea To Summit stocks pocket soaps that are convenient and portable for campers and travelers alike. These lightly scented sheets are biodegradable and can be purchased in body wash, shampoo, shaving gel or hand wash form. But the laundry form is most convenient for long excursions. Just drop a couple of these soap sheets into water and you can suds up your dirty drawers in no time. And since they are liquid-free they can be easily stashed in a carry on or purse while adhering to TSA standards.
Available at $3.95 for 50 leaves.

Onederwear Disposable Briefs

8 OneDerWear-Color-Product-7-06-09-1024x854

If laundry just isn’t your thing and you want to avoid the hassle of it while on your vacation then how about a package of disposable underpants? These 5 pack cotton briefs from Onederwear may not be the most flattering of styles out there but their comfort and convenience is undeniable. Available in a thong, brief or bikini these panties can also be laundered and re-worn multiple times along the way if you so choose, saving you time and money in the long run and leaving you with extra suitcase space for your journey home. Which also means more space for gifts and souvenirs!
Available at, $9.85 for a pack of 5.

Travelsmith Unisex Disposable Crew Socks

9 travelsmith unisex disposable crew socks

Like the “wear and toss” travel mentality? Travelsmith has also got you covered. Well your feet at least… The unisex crew sock is both lightweight and biodegradable and comes in a 5 pack of black or white. Wash them a few times or simply toss them when you’re ready. There is no need to carry home any smelly socks with these on your packing list. Travelsmith also offers a unisex ankle sock version as well as a couple styles of disposable underwear for both men and women.
Available at, $10 for a pack of 5.

Brag Bra Bag

10 brag-bra-bag

Since the industry has yet to invent a disposable bra (with good reason) most women are forced cart them around in their luggage on long trips. This can sometimes become a packing problem as straps and hooks can easily become tangled and cups are often squashed or crushed during transportation. The wear and tear it can take on a bra is not ideal especially considering the amount of money we sometimes shell out for a good quality bra. Try investing in the Bra Bag from The Brag Company. These stylish pouches can hold up to 6 bras inside while preserving their shape up to a G cup. Not only do these hard foam cases protect your delicates but they are also available in an array of cute prints and colors to match your style.
Available at, $54.95 – $59.95.

Bedroom Kandi Discreet Personal Massagers

11 kandi-kisses

You may already be familiar with Kandi Burruss from the 90’s vocal group Xscape or from her roll on the Real Housewives of Atlanta. But now Kandi is adding Adult Toy Designer to her resume with her new line called Bedroom Kandi. The collection consists of lingerie, lubricants, books and personal massagers including 2 discreet styles that resemble makeup cases. The Kandi Kisses lipstick massager is sure to fool anyone with its petite size and lifelike packaging while the Make Me Over massager looks just like a pressed powder puff, complete with compact case for storage. Both are powerful yet subtle – ideal for luggage at risk of being searched or snooped trough.
Available at, Kandi Kisses: $59.00; Make Me Over: $89.00.

Safe Travels!

Do you have any travel tips to share? How do you make travel less stressful?



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  1. Thursday
    16/07/13 at 5:43

    That silk stash pouch looks much more comfortable and discreet than the fiddly waist pouches I’ve worn when travelling overseas before. Can’t go wrong with a natural fibre, too.
    Personally, if I intend to ditch items as I go, I’m not much one for buying something just to throw it away after a single wear. I’d be more likely to pack items that are reaching the end of their lifespan, but are still comfy. On extended trips, I will not pack anything I’d be upset to lose to a foreign washer/dryer!

  2. 16/07/13 at 11:02

    I don’t wear lined or padded styles so the bra bag is not a requirement…but I want it just the same because it’s totally cute! Re: The Bra Stash…I will admit, to on occassion, just stuffing whatever needs to be stuffed into the side of my bra. This goes from cash to lipstick to phone to…a mickey of vodka. Definitely not comfortable but it worked, lol. Only with the Prima Donna Madison, mind you, because of the stretch lace and interlock. Being a G cup has its perks, sometimes! lol.

  3. al fair
    17/07/13 at 0:47

    I’m interested in quick dry underpants, but as someone who gets uti’s I try to wear all cotton underpants all the time. I’ve been touring with my bands for a long time and the last time was my first time in Europe and i had a freak out about how infrequently we could do laundry, cause I change my underpants every day, and carrying 25 pairs of underpants seems crazy.

    and the only times I’ve washed underpants in the sink, I ended up with yeast infections. I don’t really have a point but I need a travel solution for tour!

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