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You Get What You Pay For: An Adore Me Lingerie Review

Editor's Note: Since publication of this article, we've written a new series with updated information on Adore Me. This new series is not a review, but is meant to inform consumers about specific changes to the company since the publication of this piece. To access that series, please visit the following pages: Part 1 - why we're revisiting Adore Me, Part 2a - thoughts on the new collection, Part 2b - more thoughts on the new collection, and Part 3 - a conversation with the CEO, Morgan Hermand-Waiche.

Disclosure: The lingerie in this review was provided by Adore Me. All opinions are my own.


Adore Me Lingerie

In the lingerie industry, there's a bit of a taboo against actually saying something negative about a brand. Everyone's awesome to work with. Every design is amazingly perfect. Every collection is the best one yet. Even when a brand is doing something that's obviously a problem, no one wants to be the one to actually say it. Today's review of Adore Me probably won't make that company very happy. But there are some things I've noticed about the way Adore Me does business that concern me, and I feel that other customers should be made aware. As a result this review is broken into two parts: my commentary on the issues with the way Adore Me brands itself and a review of the product sample I was sent.

For those who haven't heard of it, Adore Me is a lingerie version of sites like ShoeDazzle. You sign up to become a member, hand over your credit card info, and every month a "curated" selection of products is placed in your showroom. All the products are the same price ($39.95 if you're an Adore Me member; $49.95 if you're not a member), and that amount is automatically charged to your credit card each month... like a subscription service.

In their various press releases and marketing materials, Adore Me pitches itself as a place to get "designer lingerie" for less money. This article about Adore Me published on The Lingerie Journal says the company works with a "team of designers." This Business Week profile says Adore Me brings the "best in French, UK, US, and Brazilian fashion" to their customers. This letter, enclosed with a blogger's review sample from a year ago, says Adore Me provides the "finest lingerie, created by prestigious designers." Finally, in this TechCrunch article from a year ago, Adore Me makes the claim that they design and manufacture all their lingerie sets in house.

The only problem? Adore Me's lingerie is neither designed nor manufactured by them. It's not designer, and it doesn't come from the finest houses of anywhere. The lingerie Adore Me sells is sourced from the same brands I see at the International Lingerie Show every year --- brands like Parfait by Affinitas, Jezebel, Felina, Rene Rofe, Leg Avenue, and Seven 'til Midnight. Now there's nothing wrong with selling items from these brands. Nordstrom Rack sells items from Rene Rofe, and Macy's sells items from Jezebel. However, I do take issue with a company using buzzwords that imply high-end, expensive, luxury lingerie when they're really just relabeling items and selling the same stuff everyone else does.

In the TechCrunch article mentioned earlier, I tweeted at Sarah to tell her none of Adore Me's designs are made in-house, and the article was revised to say the following, "Adore Me designs and manufactures its own products. This is (and from far) the essence of our business. Then, it is true that we also have a few partners amongst some of the finest brands across the U.S. and Europe, but we unfortunately have strong non disclosure agreements with these selected brands so we can’t quote them publicly.”

I still believe that statement is somewhat less than true, but it shouldn't take a blogger who's familiar with what goes on behind the scenes "calling a brand" out to get them to recant a lie. Most women aren't going to know any better, and for a company to claim they're doing something they're not (working with a team of designers to sell luxury lingerie for less) strikes me as incredibly dishonest. Plain and simple: be open about what you're selling and where it's from. Don't try to feed me a line about how it's actually really expensive, designer stuff from Europe when it isn't.


Seven 'til Midnight bustier sold at Adore Me.


Adore Me 'Harriet' teddy on left. Seven 'til Midnight 'On the Prowl' teddy at right.


Adore Me 'Breanna' bustier on left. Seven 'til Midnight 'Simply Stunning' bustier on right.

adore me seven til midnight basic instinct corset

Adore Me 'Bagheera' corset on left. Seven 'til Midnight 'Basic Instinct' corset on right.

Seven 'til Midnight teddy sold at Adore Me.

Adore Me 'Jodie' teddy on left. Seven 'til Midnight 'Parisian Lace' teddy on right.

Adore Me 'Nalani' Bra Set on Left. Parfait by Affinitas Leslie Bra Set on Right.

Adore Me 'Nalani' Bra Set on Left. Parfait by Affinitas Leslie Bra Set on Right.

Adore Me 'Kandi' bra on left. Affinitas 'Sydney' bra on right.

Adore Me 'Kandi' bra set on left. Affinitas 'Sydney' bra set on right.

Adore Me 'Emily' Bra on left. Affinitas 'Serena' Bra on right.

Adore Me 'Emily' bra set on left. Affinitas 'Serena' bra set on right.

Adore me Evalina on left. Affinitas Fiona on right.

Adore Me 'Evalina' bustier on left. Affinitas 'Fiona' bustier on right.


Adore Me 'Effie' corset on left. Leg Avenue 'Jesse' corset on right.

The 10 pieces shown above are just the first handful I got around to making comparison photos of; there are plenty more. In addition, I noticed that several of the pieces Adore Me sells are significantly more expensive than they'd be from other websites selling the same brands (like So not only are you not actually buying designer lingerie, in some cases, you're even paying more for the privilege.

For my review, I ordered the sheer chemise shown at the top of this post in size M/L. I had no issues with either the ordering or shipping process. Though the lingerie came with an Adore Me label, the item was actually made by Rene Rofe and is a knock-off of another garter dress made by Trashy Lingerie (a piece I actually own in leopard print). The camidress also came with a g-string, which I promptly threw away (I've never viewed those flimsy g-strings as much of a "bonus").


Adore Me 'Cadeisha' Sheer Chemise on left. Rene Rofe mesh camidress on right.


Rene Rofe Mesh Babydoll and G-String on left. Trashy Lingerie 'Corazon' garter chemise on right.

Despite the seaming details, this lingerie is strictly for the bedroom only. Unlike the Trashy Lingerie piece it's a derivative of, Adore Me/Rene Rofe's mesh camidress offers neither shaping nor support... just plenty of stretch. The mesh and the lace aren't terrible (I've worn worse), but they aren't remarkable either, and the quality is about what I would expect for lingerie of this price point. Surprisingly, the garter grips are metal, however, they're not removable. The garters are slightly adjustable, but the grips were still more or less at my knees (which doesn't make this an ideal piece to wear with stockings either, in my opinion). The medium large did fit, but I was definitely on the outer edge of the size range, and I'd say this item maxes out at around size US10 (maybe a 12 if you're not especially curvy). The hem of the camidress hit about where it does on the model --- right around the fullest part of my hips.

If I didn't know who actually made this camidress and who it was inspired by (that is, if I thought I was getting designer deal on the cheap), I would probably think this was a fairly inoccuous piece of lingerie. It's cute. It's retro. It's inexpensive enough that you'll get your money's worth after only a few wears. Aside from the pin-up and retro details, there's nothing really "special" about it, but it's harder to get specialness at this price point.

I have to say though, I would never pay $50 for this item (Adore Me's non-member price) or even $40 (the member price). It's selling for around $20 in a lot of places, and I'd pay around that much. I might go as high as the mid to low $30s, but no more than that. If you're really digging the retro style, I honestly think taking that $50 and putting it towards a Rago Corselette would be a better use of your money.

Some of you may be wondering why this review is somewhat harsh compared to most of my reviews. As I said above, the issue isn't that Adore Me is selling cheap lingerie (assuming the cheap lingerie is being made ethically, of course). And while I happen to personally dislike knockoffs and relabeling, this article isn't about those things, either. Lots of places, from Bare Necessities to ModCloth to Nordstrom Rack, are getting into the cheap lingerie game. It's an easy money maker for them. And lots of companies, from Hips & Curves to Frederick's of Hollywood to Secrets in Lace, play the relabeling game (which, for the record, I think is really unfair to customers). Some of the pieces Adore Me sells are nice (the Affinitas sets in particular are a good value), and I know fully well that many women cannot afford to drop three or four figures on their lingerie. So this article isn't about them selling cheap goods.

What I don't like, though, is when a brand acts like it's scouring the streets of France, England, and Brazil looking for exclusive deals when really they're just hanging out at the same Las Vegas tradeshow I go to every season. I understand the value of a story; I know that branding and marketing and PR are important to the success of any brand. But it's not okay to pretend to be something you're not.

I think part of the reason I feel so strongly about this is because I remember how little I knew about designer lingerie when I first started writing this blog. If I had run across a site like AdoreMe back in 2008, I would have genuinely thought I was getting a great deal on lingerie from "prestigious designers." Because I simply wouldn't have known any better. Not only would that have skewed my opinion on what designer lingerie is and how it should feel and how much it should cost, I probably would have felt taken advantage of once I wised up (assuming I ever did wise up, of course). Most customers aren't in a position to do the kind of research I do on a daily basis, but that doesn't mean brands should take advantage of their ignorance.

You can't have it both ways, Adore Me. Either find honest-to-goodness discount designer lingerie to sell, or just be honest about where you're getting these fabulous "deals" from.

Have you tried Adore Me before? What did you think of them?


Cora Harrington

Founder and Editor in Chief of The Lingerie Addict. Author of In Intimate Detail: How to Choose, Wear, and Love Lingerie. I believe lingerie is fashion too, and that everyone who wants it deserves gorgeous lingerie.

218 Comments on this post

  1. Alexa Jordan says:

    I have found affordable lingerie, so I don’t think it is always a get what you pay for concept.

    • Cora says:

      You also linked to your web store of cheap lingerie in this comment (before I edited it out), so I think there may be a bit of bias here.

  2. Heather says:

    It looks like the follow-up articles have been deleted? I’m curious about Adore me because i found a chemise on their site that looks exactly like one I own from the in-house brand at Anthropologie that I’ve had for years and is starting to look a bit rough around the edges.


    I’m so disappointed. I’ve never had to file a complaint with FTC or BBB, but I think I’m going to be forced to do so. I returned 3 orders quite a while ago and they still haven’t sent me my refund. I’ve sent numerous emails and the only response I get is to wait a month. If I returned the merchandise and the customer service rep has acknowledged that they have indeed received the box…then they have the goods and I should have my money refunded. Isn’t that basic knowledge of how retail works? I’ve never had an experience like this and I’m so, so frustrated!

  4. Telisa says:

    I’ve been a customer with adore for almost 2 years. I put notifications to remind me to skip a month which is between the 1st- 5th of each month. I did skip it on the allotted time and today on the the 23rd they took money out my account. I called about getting my money today they keep telling I have to wait on 28th to get my money even though its their error and they refused to let me speak with an supervisor. I’m so done with them. I don’t like anyone to play about my money, I don’t care if its $1, $2, and etc, its mine and for adore me to take it without my permission.

  5. Khrys Kayne says:

    Awful customer service. I placed my first order with Adore Me March 2nd. It is April 11th and the order has not even shipped. Absolutely ridiculous.

    • Marlene says:

      Serves them right getting all of these bad reviews. This company is honestly the most disgusting company I’ve ever done business with. The shipping, the quality, and how unsanitary this company is with it’s bras, panties, and lingerie was enough to cancel my subscription.

      (I bought a few bra a panty sets. One of the panties that contained a plastic panty liner smelled like fish!) I think it had been used and returned.

      • Jennifer A Harris says:

        This place is a scam it lies tells you it will not charge you until you order a box and then it would only be 20$ but all a lie as Soon as you register not even look at anything they try and debit your card twice for 39.99😠😠😠 lost a potential customer with your crooked cheating ways!!!!!

  6. Vernon Palango says:

    I’ve purchased items from Adore Me in the past, and have had some good experiences. But I just placed an order and they were unable to ship it for over a week (claimed it was in stock), After several phone calls, and e-mails, I was told they couldn’t confirm when it would be shipped. I then asked them to cancel the order, and they claim they can’t cancel it either. All I can say is that if they can’t cancel an unshipped order, that’s their problem and bad customer service. Period. I’m canceling my account with

    • Juli says:

      I received my first bra/panty set from The side underwire on the bra dug into my arms and the panties were way too big. Went to website and requested return; no response. After a week I went back to website and using online chat, again tried to return. Told it was now beyond allowed return time frame. When I discussed history of trying to return and my options, online chat stopped responding. I kept typing are you there? (chat box remained open on screen) for 20 min without a response. I then sent multiple emails but only got one response. The response told me to go through website; however since I was beyond the “returnable time frame” there was no option to return.
      I’m left with a set I can’t wear and a bill I’m pissed to have to pay.

    • Robert says:

      I ordered items for my wife for Valentines. They have terrible logistical communication between order / stock / delivery. One item was out of stock but I was not notified until 2 days before Valentines and delivery. The in stock item did not arrive on Valentines even though I called them and they indicated they would make it a priority to do so

    • Sarah says:

      I just had something very similar happen to me. I placed by order on March 3rd and was informed after the order that they were experiencing longer shipping times because of moving there distribution center. Well it is April 25th today and the order hasn’t been shipped. I ordered so that I would have nice lingerie for my wedding in 10 days! They wouldn’t let me cancel the order and then responded that “she exhausted her abilities and could offer a 50% refund” After I threw a fit about it being in store credit she says “Oh you want it on your credit card” Yes I would! Then I get the email about it and she put the refund in store credit! Cancelled the VIP and will never use this store again.

  7. Mari Yeghiazaryan says:

    And just to let you know adore me doesn’t have a really good quality . You can stop by department store and buy it on sale and pay less with good quality .I just unsubscribe from adore me today I been there customer over 2 years . I always ordered stuff and never did really pay attention when I will get my items but this year December 1 I placed in my order and today is December 17 I haven’t rec’d it and I’m going out of town on December 12 I emailed them asking plzzz do overnight shipping at least one of the items but nope they ignored my request I even called them they said Roy was gonna call me back and he never did and prior to this they send me my set with the bra missing !!! Basically I’m very disappointed .

  8. Corrina Eggleston says:

    Do you know of a good lingerie site to buy bra sets from? I like the idea of adore me but the company does suck. I want something along those lines but with good customer service.

    • Cora says:

      Hi Corrina,

      Thanks for stopping by. The entirety of TLA is dedicated to good lingerie sites to buy bra sets from. I’d either start by clicking on this post or simply by searching within our archives.


    • Mari Yeghiazaryan says:

      I just unsubscribe from adore me today I been there customer over 2 years . I always ordered stuff and never did really pay attention when I will get my items but this year December 1 I placed in my order and today is December 17 I haven’t rec’d it and I’m going out of town on December 12 I emailed them asking plzzz do overnight shipping at least one of the items but nope they ignored my request I even called them they said Roy was gonna call me back and he never did and prior to this they send me my set with the bra missing !!! Basically I’m very disappointed . I’m a very loyal person but once you do me wrong that will be the end .

  9. S says:

    I order some items from close to October from last year (2016), I got what I was expecting, everything fine until there. Around 3 months later I found out that I was enrolled on their “VIP” service which is nothing but an automatic charge on my card to keep buying their stuff or have a store credit.

    I looked on the webpage for refunds and a way to cancel the subscription and finally got to the reviewed on the Internet, and finally realized that it wasn’t an easy task.

    I think there stuff is wonderful but when you want to make a complaint or take it back its very hard. Come on ADORE ME, Get your act together!!!!

  10. Deb in Denver says:

    I saw a few TV ads for & thought I’d give them a try. I got an “introductory offer” (since one can’t even VIEW their products w/o giving that info). I saw some very cute sets & decided “why not?”
    While the styles are nice, the quality sucks. Neither of the bras fit, both in different weird ways (so no point even trying panties). The materials may be nicer than Walmart, etc., but the way they are put together definitely is not! Trying to return then. Having little success getting an answer as to how to do it. NO return label or even pkng list in box. Feeling pretty frustrated

  11. Jennifer Newberger says:

    The one bra I got from them was WITHOUT A DOUBT the most uncomfortable bra I’ve ever worn. I’ve just unsubscribed. After 3 orders, I’ve been overwhelmingly disappointed with everything.

    • Pamela says:

      Myself as well a bra needs to be tried on and worn to get the true feel of it. So I wore mine and it rubbed under my arm bad enough to make a sore. Being at work I had no choice but to wear it thru the day…At that point I couldn’t return it so I have a bra that hurts and I can’t wear it but I’m stuck with it???? Also the panties that came with it wouldn’t stay up when I wore my leggings.

  12. Kati says:

    I understand this is your opinion but im glad I didn’t take it as fact because some of your information is either inaccurate or outdated. For example: the VIP fee is never charged monthly. Actually the fee is only charged if you fail to follow the rules. I’ve been a member for months and never charged a fee because I click skip when I don’t plan to buy. It’s quite easy.

    • Onyx says:

      This review was from 2013, so some of the things mentioned may not be relevant now in 2017. They have updated links to newer reviews at the beginning of this post.

    • Violet says:

      That doesn’t make sense. Of course you are charged monthly – AdoreMe says it directly on their website. Saying that you are charged only if you “fail to follow the rules” is the exact same thing as saying you get charged monthly when “the rules” are that you have to go into your account and manually skip every month you don’t want to pay.

  13. JC says:

    question – does anyone have a similar service they DO like? both my wife and I are suckers for matching lingerie and as you know going to the department store where there are 80 bra designs you like but often not matching panties is a headache – that was how i found the site. Like the majority of the reviews I’ve also had issues with “processing” taking a long time and sizing being less than uniform….

  14. Kelly says:

    I placed an order Jan 26 2017 and its been processed already plus shipped.
    Problem though… its still at some “post office” but when I called the post office they said they only recieved an electronic notice so I’ve sent msgs to customer service and they haven’t don shit but they all say the same thing. They give the same update word from word. Their customer service sucks. Its a scam!

  15. Carla Foster says:

    I appreciate reading this blog before going out there. I always feel buyer beware when a site wants my credit card information from the get go! Thanks again!

  16. Kandis says:

    I wish i would of found this site before ordering from them. ?? I ordered on 1/8/2017 my order is still in processing!!!! Their customer service sucks. They really need to be trained better on how to handle calls, I wanted to cancel the order they said they cannot cancel the order. Im just so pissed. Never again would I ever order from this scam company!!!!!!

  17. Carol Cannon says:

    I am writing to thank you. I appreciate the fact that you do NOT have bouncing boobs, postage stamp panties with the butt hanging out, swaying hips, etc. It is so refreshing to see actual pieces WITHOUT the sex thrown in. Yes, your pieces are sexy, but so much more inviting to see. Thank you so much.

    • Kelly Wilson says:

      PLEASE DO READ: I just recently made a purchase to AdoreMe on the 8th of January, 2017; my payment went thru on the 9th— over $100.00 in merchandise which I was very excited to make my purchase because I did not read any reviews yet until after the fact.
      On the website, it says orders are received and processed within two to three days… now mine had been processing for about six days before I sent the the first e-mail to customer support… to which I only got an automated response. For the last three days I’ve sent e-mails and had not heard back even an automated reply this time so I called customer support to see what was going on.
      After calling twice I finally got through to which the woman said she didn’t know why my order was still just processing or why no one had responded to my e-mails and she would look into the matter and e-mail me back. Now I had gotten a prompt e-mail back from her explaining that she still did not know why my order was only still processing but that she would let me know when it did go through to be shipped… now I sent her an e-mail back as quickly as she responded asking that they just cancel my order and refund my money because I was not happy with the process and didn’t even want the product anymore… no e-mail back… I e-mail again… nothing…
      So I call up again and get through right away to another woman who told me that “unfortunately at this time, there is no way to refund my purchase even though my order has not yet shipped and there is nothing that I or she can do about it.” So they took my money right away and even though my order has not yet been processed or shipped, I cannot cancel my order even though it has been over a week and nothing has happened aside from them taking my money. I’m even afraid to cancel my account because god forbid I need to return the merchandise and they will probably give me just as hard a time anyways. She gave me a $10 voucher towards my next purchase which I would love to have told her to stick it you know where but I know there really isn’t anything they can do about it and I’m sure, based on the reviews I’ve now read, that they get this all day, every day.
      So now I am stuck $100.00 out, with no way to get my money back and no merchandise or any idea on when I will or if I will ever see said merchandise… NEVER AGAIN– THIS COMPANY IS NOT GOOD AND HAD I READ THE REVIEWS FIRST I WOULD HAVE NEVER EVEN TRIED… BETTER OFF STICKING WITH VICTORIA’S SECRET i AM SO PISSED OFF AT THE WAY I’VE BEEN TREATED HERE.

      • kristina says:

        Im having the same issue. Tomorrow will be 10 days since i placed this order. Ive called twice and emailed 3x and they still havent sent my order. I asked for refund and got the same response. Have you gotten your order yet?

        • Steph says:

          I’m experiencing the exact same issue. I placed my order on the 8th a dog have talked to customer service 3x. I was told I “just need to be patient as their warehouse is backed up”. My order still has not shipped as of 1/18

      • Jen says:

        I’m having the same issue!! No updates on the status of my order in weeks. I tried the chat feature… had it on literally ALL DAY at work without response (over 5 hours I had it opened), tried phoning, emailing..nothing. I have never seen such terrible customer service anywhere!E

      • Honey says:

        Hi All,

        I’ve had a similar issue with a different company and was able to call my credit card company and get refunded based on non-delivery of merchandise. There may be some time stipulations to this, but mine was over a year after purchase. They were still able to handle it. Try to deal with your CC and you may get this money back!

      • Jenn E. says:

        I’m having the exact same issue, placed my order on the 18th, called 2x’s and got the same party line. All I ever get is “we have to check with the warehouse”. I’m not out $100, but still I’m so pissed. Hell even my bf is pouting at this point.

      • Lee Zacher says:

        my man tried to sign up for me, and ever since then it’s been like pulling teeth to try and get communication and update his email to mine, make exchanges and try and get the right sizes! They are also very slow and delivery! I would not recommend them!
        Also, AdoreMe never has the things I want, it’s like they go out of a size & NEVER get it again!!!! Soooooo frustrating! I was really hoping for a good underwear online connection 😰 better just stay away …..

  18. Beth says:

    Oh thank you SOOOO MUCH for this article!! My daughter was considering buying a subscription with them because she hates shopping for this kind of stuff in the stores. I read the article to her as well as several of the reply’s left by other reader’s, and we were both surprised at what we learned about this company. Extremely grateful for your article!!

  19. JZ says:

    You are awesome! Straight to the point and brutally honest, but with respect. I agree with your assessment of Adore Me. It is simply trying to be something that it’s not. I thought a subscription would be something nice for me and my partner, but it proved to be repeatedly disappointing. Thank you for your honesty, candor, and consumer advocacy.

  20. Thomasa says:

    Not to mention when you give a bad review they don’t post it they send an extremely long email that doesn’t acknowledge the issues you stated. But of course if real reviews were posted more people like my self wouldn’t have purchased in the 1st place.

  21. Amanda H says:

    I thought about getting a set because I wanted to feel sexy but for the prices and the fee every month I just couldn’t afford it .. . I also thought that for the price I could go elsewhere ,find better quality and lower price . Glad I didnt get anything ! all the problems other people have had convinced me that I made the right decision ! thanks for posting this information ! I totally would have never known otherwise that companies actually do this kind of shady stuff.

  22. Charlotte says:

    I do agree that AdoreMe should be upfront with their customers. However, I have used them for the past two years and been very satisfied. They constantly have sales and being a member gives you “perks” that make it worth the $40 per set in the long run. For example, I ordered a a corset set and a swimsuit last night and spent $19. Every time you buy 4 items, you get the 5th one free, and you can opt out every single month but still be a member. I honestly couldn’t care less who made an item, as long as I feel good in it.

  23. Hadley B says:

    I bought a bathing suit from adore me about two months ago. I tried it on and it did not fit right. I returned the bathing suit and got an email about a week later letting me know that they were not refunding me due to deodorant residue found on the top piece. I called because I could not see the supposed pictures they attached showing any residue. The woman I spoke to informed me that not only did they not refund me the $39.95 but also charged me $20.00 because they couldn’t resell the bathing suit. I asked for them to send it back to me and their reply was “we threw it in the trash”. I will never shop at Adore Me again and I want others to know what they are in for.

  24. Denise says:

    Returns are NOT hassle free. It’s easy enough to send back, sure. But then you get an auto-response canned email that says the item was damaged and you’d get no refund. They tell you to refer to an attached photo to see the damages… It’s the online photo from their website!

  25. Britt says:

    I am a VIP member and i was happy with their products. Unfortunately I had to request a refund on my VIP charge. It’s very ridiculous how they claim they have hassle free refunds. It’s been almost a month and i have not gotten my money back. i did everything they told me I called my bank and nothing was done. I call the customer service # and i get no help. They tell me the same thing every time I call that I’ll receive an email 3/5 business days. They are quick to take out money but have poor customer service when we need their help. i have taken this to social media and it looks like I am not the only one who’s been robbed of from this company. I also reported to better businesses bureau. This is unacceptable and such a shame because I did love their products. I’ve asked them to cancel my VIP because of the horrible service but they refused to do so as well. I’m pretty sure they will just delete this review

  26. Barbara says:

    this company is a complete scam. I bought one set (which was cheaply made and overpriced) and then they started changing me monthly without my consent. My bank is in the process of fighting the charge but they are a scam. Please save your money and shop elsewhere.

  27. Fed up with uneducated opinions says:

    This article amounts to nothing more than “the blind leading the blind”. Do your readers a real favor and EXPLAIN the reason why companies have to outsource, and relabel. Aka, the cheap people who are not willing to pay a reputable company or designer their fair share.
    ALSO take into account that when a legal agreement is drawn up, there is a NON-DISCLOSURE clause.

    • Cora says:

      We’ve talked about this quite a bit, actually. I invite you to search our archives. You’re also welcome to submit a guest post if you have a perspective you’d like to share.

  28. Leigh says:

    Wow, I wish I had seen this blog before making purchases from Adore Me. I already knew about the terrible VIP business model from dealing with Fabletics, so that is not my problem, you just have to remember to skip. Mine is their retched voucher codes for exchange. They are blatantly stealing!
    Original purchase: I bought 3 items 2 @ 59.95 1 @ 39.95 = 159.85
    Returned all for Voucher codes – New items: 1 @ 49.95 2 @ 39.95 = 129.85 Any store credit left for me?? NO! I’m out $30.
    Returned 1 because it was sent with the wrong strap. Got a voucher code and bought the same item again.
    New item – STILL WRONG STRAP. Now I just want my money back. Nope. Not an option because I made the purchase with a voucher code! After arguing with a supervisor at customer service and being told that I should write the company an email, I decided to just cut my losses, pick one more shitty product and call it a day. I pick something and go to use the last voucher code and it is no longer working! Sent an email to customer service, I don’t expect to hear back from them. Never again.

  29. Lindsay says:

    DO NOT order from this company!!! It is such a scam!! The quality is shit, pardon my language, but it is. They automatically enroll you in their VIP Membership and charge you $39.95 every month without you knowing! And it is nearly impossible to find a way to unsubscribe. Stay away from this company!

  30. Terri says:

    I tried it out. I didn’t realize I was auto enrolled when I got that first $25 special, but after they sent the email I purchased a second set. I should have waited to see the first item.

    This lingerie is itchy and uncomfortable and I can buy it at any adult novelty store for less than $40. I immediately unsubscribed and made sure they won’t be charging me again. Wish I would have found this sooner. They don’t allow any negative feedback on FB so it makes it hard to find the truth.

  31. Cheryl says:

    Wow…just Wow! Thank you very much for this blog…. gave me all the answers I was seeking without too much effort! I have seen the Adore Me ads all over for a long time but had no interest, knowing that it would probably just be a cheap chinese knock off type product and surely not french designer lingerie (having been in the biz a long time, I know you get what you pay for). I did fall for the Fabletics ad and wanted to check out their leggings outfit for $25. Nope, nothing I like for $25, and in the $35 range every style I liked was not in stock in my size/color so I settled and made it to check out in the “1 hour time limit” (nice touch, that sense of urgency). I got to the checkout page and read the VIP membership fine print and said NO WAY, are you kidding me? People do this? Since I’ve had a lingerie website since 1999, I know that many never read the descriptions, no less fine print so this is a heck of a scam. However, I can see it being limited to a short term business model. Can’t stay in business with that many unhappy customers. It seems that the little businesses are often lost in the shuffle …. these days it’s all about the advertising dollars bringing in customers, not the actual customer service. Very few carry inventory, many are drop shipping, direct sales from China are also a killer but people are looking to save money anyway they can. Problem is you WILL end up getting your money’s worth…cheap=cheap….and if something seems too good to be true, it usually is.

  32. Danicatalina says:

    Hey Cora,
    Thank you SO much for putting together this thorough post. What you’ve shared here not only sheds a not-so-pretty light on Adore Me’s business practices, but it also has inspired great conversation around customer service and the subscription service. I’d like to add a couple of items to note as well….

    – Adore Me uses UPS Smart Post–which is essentially expedited USPS. While this may not prove to be an issue for many, it is if (in my case) the US Postal Service doesn’t deliver to physical addresses. It has been a nightmare trying to track my package, since Adore Me only shows the tracking information on the UPS site (which, conveniently, is outdated information for a package decidedly not mine). Solution: plugged the information into the USPS site and got updates + called my local post office to ask them to hold the package.

    – The subscription service, not surprisingly, is STILL couched in language that makes it unapparent you’ll be charged monthly. I had to jump through the same hoops that KFG mentioned above in order to cancel. A semi-important note: you MUST cancel before the 5th of the month to avoid being charged for the next month.(

    – Customer service: still horrible. Incompetent, uninformed representatives man both the phones and email support.

    Thank goodness I canceled when I did–and perhaps more importantly, that I found this post.

    Now, on a positive note: I’m excited to poke through the rest of your blog’s content to see what you’ve found that does work! Thanks again, Cora :)

  33. BlackPowerBunny says:

    I’m not the average consumer (20 years in fashion and home retail). I’ve used this service and I’ve got no complaints. The lingerie, panties, and bras have all fit. The shipping is fast and there’s tracking texts. I’m a savvy online shopper so I pretty much go to a store for groceries.

    We all have a list of what is important to us. I don’t care about relabeling, inspired designs as knock-offs is something different (think Steve Madden shoes and Louboutins), or designer lingerie. This company offered me the convenience of getting a bra and panty every month for $40. Done.

    I believe every consumer should be held responsible for their purchase choices. All of these subscription services clearly state it’s a subscription. Birch Box, Shoedazzle, Club W, The Blue Apron…they’re all the same. That fine print we as shoppers don’t wanna read clearly state the terms and conditions. There’s no scam in following through on the commitment you agreed to. I’ve yet to have an issue unsubscribing as I’m trying Shoedazzle for a second time, but this is about lingerie.

    I do believe people should do more research before any purchase. I did mine and I’m content with the lingerie Adore Me sells.

  34. umich77 says:

    I have truly had the worst customer service experience with this website. I wanted an alternative to retail for my undergarments. However, this is not it. I bought one item, and then I was unknowingly signed up immediately for VIP membership, which means that I get a 39.99 charge every month on your card. Tried to call the company – during their normal hours, according to their website – I got connect to two different voice messages, then automatically disconnected. Finally, I got transferred to a representative. Was told I would have to wait for 20 minutes – waited – then I was connected to a message saying that the mail inbox was full and was automatically hung up on. This has happened several times – even when I called at different times. This site is not worth it!

  35. Allison says:

    So I purchased a set from the company 6 months ago and I won’t lie I do love it. It’s just pjs, nothing fancy. I have a large bust and a tiny waist so the top didn’t fit well but I didn’t want to go threw the hassle of returning it so I kept it. In pretty young and not the best at closely looking at my bank account, but saw that I have been getting charged $40 a month for something I DIDNT sign up for. Now realizing it I’ve tried multiple times to contact the company and it either says they’re busy and it hangs up, or I get hung up on. I’ve emailed and get no response. I had to go to my bank, cancel my card and fill out a bunch of papers and now have to wait 48 days for them to hopefully get back to my bank. Every time I get on a website I make sure not rising up for any membership because I’m a poor college student and I know I didnt sign up for anything. This has been such a hassel and I hope someone will see this before purchasing and think twice because I’m out a couple hundred dollars and a lot of stress.

  36. Yana says:

    Hi Cora,

    I wish that I had read your review before I purchased lingerie from Adore Me. I bought a bunch of bras that seemed great in my normal size, and none of them fit. I went through eight rounds with their customer service trying to get bras in the right size, and I still haven’t been able to unsubscribe. I absolutely hate this store and their low-quality products.

  37. The Lingerie Addict says:

    This is one of their in-house designs. You can get a longline bra from a lot of places, but if you want this specific bra, it’ll have to be Adore Me.

  38. KFG says:

    In order to cancel your VIP membership make sure you are logged in and go to

    • Jnerd says:

      Thank you so much for posting this link! I have been trying to cancel forever – just spent 26mins on hold and got disconnected. I’ve sent 2 emails and submitted 3 contact forms – never received any information on how to cancel.

      At this point I am going to just call any money spent a sunk cost and make sure to check my credit card every month to ensure I don’t get charged.

  39. omfg says:

    If anybody is thinking of ordering from this company DON’T DO IT. They do not provide tracking info for anyone outside the US. Since the new update the website and app no longer work on my device. When I called to explain that they are charging my card but I can’t load the site the response from the agent was “well I can load it fine on my end”. Well what about the consumers ability to load the site? Guess its not important as they not only didn’t offer suggestions, but didn’t even look into my account to see how long its been happening. At no point was a single part of my information taken to look into my account. I have made 2 separate purchases on the site. My mistake for not waiting until I received my first package. Neither have arrived. And because theres no tracking available once it leaves the US, even though other online retailers are able to provide full tracking of items, I can’t even see if they are marked as delivered. Not a single time did the agent offer to look into it. I will never, ever order from these greasebags again. I’ll bite it for the $80. But they’ll never see another dime from me. And since the unsubscribe option is unreliable according to other comments I will look at stop payment through my credit card company.

  40. anon says:

    Cora, thank you for this very informative post. I came across it quite by accident when researching this company. Because of your post and the accompanying discussion, I think it is fair to say I won’t be entering into any kind of a purchasing arrangement with them. I am grateful for ‘running into’ you and I am thrilled to have found your blog. And thanks to all the ladies who had dealings with this company, because of all of your heartache, you have saved a soul! Thanks everyone!

  41. Amanda says:

    I’m so glad I read this article. I just saw their commercial on TV and I immediately looked for reviews. Thank God I didn’t get mixed with this subscription.

  42. Michelle Goodman says:

    This site is seriously shady. I wish I had read reviews about it on sites like this one before signing up. I was lured onto the site with the claim of the $25 first purchase, and didn’t realize until after making that first purchase that I was automatically – without my consent – signed up for a VIP membership. I wasn’t too upset about it however, because I read through the terms and conditions, and even set a calendar reminder every month to skip the month or cancel the membership eventually. My problems started occurring, however, when my first purchase arrived and didn’t fit right. I called the Customer Service phone number to ask for advice on a bra to exchange the poorly fitting one for (yes, there is one, and the number is (800) 433-2367)) and waited on hold for over 30 minutes without ever talking to a person. I also sent an email and never received a response. I tried calling Customer Service again and again over several days, at different times in the day, and never could get through to a person. I always heard the same message: that all agents were busy, hold times exceed 15 minutes, and you can try calling again at another time. This made me start to wonder if they really want to help customers, or if they’d prefer customers give up and throw away their money.

    That thought really started to get confirmed when I went onto the site today and first tried to cancel the VIP membership. Before Adoreme would allow me to cancel the membership, I had to TAKE A TEST, with very carefully worded questions that mislead you into keeping the membership. (Disclaimer: I’m an attorney, and very familiar with carefully wording questions, and I had to read these questions multiple times to make sure I knew what I was answering and agreeing to.) Next, I had to go through multiple screens with information that kept trying to convince me to keep the membership or switch it to fewer shipments, all of which also had very carefully worded and designed questions to review. So, Adoreme is obviously trying to prevent people from stopping the VIP membership, and praying upon the less detailed oriented and those who may not understand the questions.

    Next, I tried to return the bra I had previously purchased, and discovered that although they claim to offer “free returns”, that is extremely misleading. Returns are only free to the extent that you’re not paying to ship the item back. First, there is fine print if you search for it that says the item is “subject to a $5.95 restocking fee”. Second, you’re never going to be refunded your purchase price; instead, you can get a free exchange, which I elected to do. If, let’s say, you don’t like the item you received in the exchange, you’re stuck in a hamster wheel of continuing to exchange items until you find one you like, or you’ll just have to eat the purchase price and end up with nothing. That’s in no way a “free return” in my opinion. Third, by making the exchange, the site automatically signed me up for VIP membership again! I only discovered this because I got an email that said “welcome back” after the fact.

    All in all, is nothing more than a glossy, well marketed SCAM! Beware before signing up for the site!

  43. Jeremiah Easter says:

    Obviously this is a trend, so I’m going to repeat adding fuel to this fire with the details of my experience. I bought one item from AdoreMe and it was sub par. My girlfriend wore it like twice, even though she picked it out and sized it. She said it seemed cheap and was pretty much bedroom only, aka, too uncomfortable to be worn out.

    However, the worst part is that they added me to their unclear “VIP” program. I am not an internet buying idiot, and I’ve seen my share of auto-debit scams – hello – (don’t judge people – it was post divorce) but the details of the VIP program were obscure and I was caught completely unaware that they would be charging my card every month, regardless of whether I bought something!

    I am now three months into my “VIP” membership (which probably stands for Volumes of Ill-gotten Profit) and they have charged my card twice for un-purchased items. Although I should mention that they thoughtfully allow me to apply their unexpected charges to store credit, how sweet.

    Anyway, there site does not make it easy to unsubscribe, in fact there is no method to do so immediately. You must use their web form to email them and then they promise to “send instructions on how to remove yourself”. WTF? As if we all don’t have other things to do besides wait for and then perform some detailed instructions on how to stop these assholes from taking our money. Did I mention they try to force you to take a quiz on the details of their VIP program before they will unsubscribe you? I am seriously appalled by their sneaky and dishonest ways.

    I have now requested my second unsubscribe and I refuse to jump their their unsubscribe hoops. If they do not unsubscribe me this time I will be posting this story on every single site that I can in my best attempt to discredit this company and try to prevent others from every making the same time-sinking mistake I did. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING from

  44. Disqusted says:

    A tiny update:
    Have been through adoreme dot coms “Unsubscribe process” twice now… And THEY ARE STILL CHARGING MY CARD.
    Yesterday I held for 35 minutes before they auto disconnected. AFTER I HELD FOR 35 MINUTES.


    This outfit is nothing but pure EVIL. Please don’t make the mistake I did. STEER CLEAR OF THESE THIEVES.

  45. Vicki C says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

    Friends, blogs, and various social media sites with sexy shiny pictures had been luring me closer and closer to taking the plunge. Tonight I even went so far as to download their app and favorite a number of items.

    And then the voice of reason struck, or at least attempted to. I’m not big on impulse buys, but have a major lingerie weakness. I just couldn’t ignore my practical side though, even with all their supposed, “deals” I couldn’t get around my suspicion of their monthly auto billing practices. If their lingerie is so great it should sell itself. I would be checking back for new items on a monthly (ahem…weekly) basis, but I would be doing it for the love of the product and company, not because I was being forced to.

    Still…it’s late, I’m on cold meds, there was a decent selection of shiny plus size pretty things. I was soooooo very close. Thank you for being the voice of reason when my own failed me.

  46. Amanda says:

    Wow… I just got my first VIP bra & panty set in the mail and noticed you get exclusive discounts if you download their app… I Googled AdoreMe to find out more info and found this instead. I’m glad I did. I’ll be going into this process with eyes wide open now; thank you so much for the insights (article and comments alike!).

  47. Costumerchx says:

    I used to buy from Adore Me but they stopped carrying my size. A while back I got desperate and got a bra one cup down with one back higher and took it in in the strap. (The customer service guy suggested this, even though I explained that was terrible advice as bras don’t fit well that way, but whatever.) Last week my partner and I were watching tv and a commercial came on that said they carry every size. I said they didn’t cary mine before so we checked the site and found out they had two bras in my size. My birthday is this weeks so my partner ordered one set for me as a gift. It came today. I opened the plastic to try it on and it looked REALLY SMALL (for me) in the cup. I tried it on anyhow. Nope, WAY too small in the cup. I look at the tag and it’s a european size, but that shouldn’t matter. For example, a 32 H north american is the same cup fit as a 32 FF european. This cup is neither. It looks closer to a DD. It literally cut my breasts in halves. I call customer service and wait 30 minutes to get A VERY RUDE rep who blames me, trying to say “it’s european sizes and it says right on the picture of that bra set that they fit small.” I’m looking at the site while she says this, and no it doesn’t. And that’s not how european sizes work. It’s super unhelpful that she knows so little about bra fit. After being blamed for their false advertising and not helping me at all I decide instead of an exchange I want to return it and never order from here again. I try to go through the site but it’s not working. I try to write a review and it doesn’t let me. I call back and wait another 25 minutes and ask for a manager, who I’m told is gone for the day. So they’re getting away with being super rude because they’re unsupervised? The second rep had tons of bad attitude as well. Then I get an email (not responding to my earlier inquiries for help) but for exchanges. Instead of the 30 days listed on the card in the box with the bra and panty set and listed on their web site, they tell me I only have 20 days. There are many many stipulations that are all in bold. The oddest was that I was to either give the package to my mailman or leave it in my house mailbox, but not to put it in a mail drop box and not to go to the post office as it’s in bold to NEVER WAIT IN LINE to mail your package. You have to agree to their terms and policies to follow through with the return but the terms say they can change their terms and policies at any time without notification, and they did. Within hours of me calling. WHAT A SCAM. They also say they don’t have to acknowledge the return for 30 days, which means you don’t get your money back for up to 30 days after they get your package.

  48. Queonnah-Latrice says:

    Man!!!! they got me …. i wish i would have read this before i ordered from them. i am a pure bra and panty junkie and victorias secret is usually where i go when i want something of high quality but i dont always have victorias secret money(specially with the bras at least i can get panties during sales) being in college and all so i stumbled apon adore me a while ago and have been thinking about ordering from them but i always had this hesitation but decided to ignore it and try it (after all it said first bra for 19.95 i thought it wouldnt hurt but i am pretty upset that im just reading about the fact that they relabel out of all the reviews ive read i have seen it stated nothing about that! i havent got my stuff in the mail yet and if im not satisfied i will be sending it back, asking for my refund, and unsubscribing to them completely.

  49. betzy says:

    IM so scared right NOW i wish i would have read reviews before buying my first set for 19.95. SO heres my story. Adore me came from an ad and i wanted to buy more bras and underwear, when i signed up i was given the 19.95 deal but never used it so i signed up with a different email and had a 19.95 deal AGAIN so i thought damn this is a bomb ass deal i will not let this go, so as i browse through their sight i fall in love with a set i buy it (I HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT THE VIP MEMBERSHIP) and done I’m just waiting for my order conformation number. so i check my other account and i se that i also have a 19.95 deal still so I’m browsing i see something that i like i go to buy and i noticed the VIP membership and I’m like…oh no i can’t handle that i badly go on the other email and i don’t want to be charged up to 40 dollars on my account. so i go back to my other account i try to find out how to cancel my member ship i see the chat box and i asked them how can i cancel, they send me a link and i use the link to cancel my member ship online, i go through this 3 part quiz and they ask if i want to be on vacation I’m like nope i don’t want a member ship and bam I’m done, no member ship but now I’m scared because i herd some people canceled their member ship but are STILL CHARGED, i can’t afford to lose that kind of money, so i thought maybe i should remove my card information, IT WONT LET ME!!!! i try on my phone i feel a sense of relief when i see a delete button i use it and it says i can’t UNLESS i use another card. IM GOING CRAZY. i send them and email and there is no answer and i even cal ten and they said their line is full.. i doth know what to dooooo

  50. god of wings says:

    I found your review when I was googling reviews about this site because I was iffy about these so-called deals and I’m so glad I found you. If I can get the same exact pieces cheaper elsewhere, then that’s what I’ll be doing. Thanks for being honest with your review!

  51. Cara says:

    I honestly disliked this company so much. I tried them several years ago, and the lingerie I got ran FAR too small, but more importantly, was HORRIBLE quality. I wouldn’t pay more than $5 for the quality of the lingerie I got (and immediately returned). You can get better quality lingerie on Amazon for half the price! I actually get all my corsets through Amazon because $15 will get you something far sturdier than this stuff.

    Also, their customer experience is truly horrifying. Trying to cancel out of the subscription plan took some SERIOUS work, and the first month after I had cancelled, they still pulled $40 from my account, which took another nightmare of calls and holds to get refunded. I would never, ever use this service again, and would actively recommend to others that they STEER CLEAR.

  52. Cora, great article! I strongly believe that a company should be direct and open with their customers. I try to be as honest as I possibly can and I would never promise someone something that I could not deliver. I certainly don’t claim to design my own intimates as I buy from a variety companies around the globe and I have no problem telling people if their were made here in the USA or in the UK or China. My goal is to give my customers what makes them happy for a price that they can afford so I offer Daily Delicious Deals with clearance priced intimates. Also, recently I decided to sell a $100 gift certificate for $50. It’s no hoax. I want women to have the opportunity to purchase a variety of lingerie and really feel like they are getting a fantastic deal. Every woman should feel confident about their body. Sure it would be great to have an in-house design team with my label on each piece, however I do not, nonetheless, I am proud of what I sell and at affordable prices. I was raised to believe that honesty is always the best policy. Thanks again for such great reads!


  53. Kristen F says:

    HOLY COW! I soooo wish I would have looked up this review before ever ordering from this site! I Couldn’t even finish reading all these comments on here but from what I did many of us were fooled. I Like others on here NEVER saw anything saying “by purchasing something from us you will automatically become a member of our rip of vip program! I have set up a reminder in my phone the first of every month to skip the month. What made me giggle was the “Don’t want to purchase something this month? No problem! we will credit your account! Forgot to skip the month? no problem! We will refund your monthly charge for account credit!” UMMMMM HELLLOOO???? If your automatically taking my money monthly for a account credit then how can you refund an account credit with an account credit!??? First set I ordered, didn’t fit ( my fault plus it ran smaller). I didn’t bother with the exchange because I was getting ready to move, it took longer to get to me than expected because contrary to what they say on there site, it is not delieverd from ups. It is a surepost package with final delivery from the local post office. The box is not discrete by any means. I has the adore me logo plastered on every side possible. Any how, my problem comes with my second order… they had a labor day sale BOGO on limited sets. I’m a broke college student so this was too good to pass up. Before placing my order, I edited my account and deleted my old address (The one I was living at for the last order) I added in my current address, placed my order with the last of the money I had. This was late on friday night/ Saturday morning. The little voice in my head told me to check my order Tuesday morning, It was still processing…. TO BE SHIPPED TO MY OLD ADDRESS!!!!!!!!! Before I got a chance to step away from my boss and call, I got a text from them saying my order shipped! I called them right away and was quoted a 16+ minute wait time! Are you kidding!? at 1:30 pm on a tuesday? okay fine I’m desprate. I wait the 17 minutes while doing other work pretended I’m not on my phone, just to have a 30 second conversation with a “stylist” who told me they can’t do anything once its shipped that I would need to contact ups. In all actuality it was probably still in their building. She never asked for my order number or anything. At this point I thought maybe it was my fault and the address didn’t save. I hang up look in my account info and no, no it was not my fault! my old address was not to be found! I later call ups who tells me no, infact adore me needs to contact them to change the address. I emailed adore me since I was at work at couldn’t wait their ridiculous wait time. They send an aknowledgment emailll and say if you have anything else to add feel free to reply to this email. I did a live chat with ups later, they informed me I couldnt make ANY CHANGES to my delivery because adore me had blocked that option. I couldn’t even pay to upgrade my package to be left a local ups. They told me to contact usps since they would make the final delivery. Usps told me I could way $12.95 for package intercept once they had it in their hands. Ha…. my ” 26 digit tracking number” NEVER worked on the usps site. The estimated delivery was for Monday september 14. I called usps and adore me friday. The first call to adore me quoted a 17 minute wait time, I reluctantly waited, just to get hung up on with out even being helped. I Call back furious ready to give them a piece of my mind, get a quote time of 6 minutes. Much better ill gladly wait that to give you a piece of my mind. after waiting 17 minutes my call got dumped into a full voicemail box that couldnt receive any more and then hung up on again. FURIOUS! I figured I would have the weekend to figure it out, then call monday morning. They tired to deliver it Saturday the 12, surprise surprise its not deliverble to that address so now its stuck in the hell of the local post office and they say i need to contact the sender….thats a joke. I am beyond over this company and all their dealings!

  54. Mari H says:

    I found my way here via an ELLE email featuring an Adore Me ad, so I decided to click. Of course, there’s this huge pop-up that wants your email addy before accessing the site, so I decided to search “Adore Me reviews.” And voila, I was led to this well-articulated, well-researched, hugely informative, and totally honest review well over an hour ago…I’ve also been reading all the comments, and find the same complaints that I’ve noted with other subscription sites. I myself, stay away from them, but am still incredulous that sites like Adore Me seem to be in the business of scamming people, moreso, than in the business of selling merchandise. BTW, Adore me was started by a Harvard grad~go figure. So Kudos Cora for exposing this unscrupulous site~I think they all should be shut down!

  55. Samantha Reddic says:

    Thank you for this article. Very eye-opening. I just recently started REALLY looking into quality lingerie. And looking for more bra choices than Cacique at Lane Bryant. I found Adore and was in love with the bra and panty sets for $35, I mean that’s one bra! Of course, EVERY single 44G, I looked into buying was sold out. And after reading your article, I feel some type of way about all of this. I guess for them ignorance is sublime. If you don’t know what to look for you will think you have no other options. Thanks again.

  56. Ashley Robinson says:

    I just ended my VIP membership and got scammed out of almost $200, that they took and I bought nothing with. When I ended my vip membership my credits went away. I think if they have charged your credit card they should keep the credits on your account. Not steal them away as collateral for being butthurt about my unsubscription from scratchy bras!

  57. Selina says:

    Hi All. Has anyone checked into the validity of the reviews on Adore Me? I recently joined and the first bra I bought was extremely uncomfortable. I went to look at the reviews and it seems like everyone loves it. Not just that bra but EVERY bra. That seems a little suspect to me. Normally I purchase bras from Nordstrom and can tell from the reviews what will work for me. In this case though I’m at a loss. Any ideas?

    • Cora says:

      I’ve noticed the same about Adore Me’s reviews. It’s very strange.

      • Lauren Martin says:

        Me too. I tried to review the bra I got today that was more like a DD instead of an H and all the reviews were the same on every bra and panty set. I mean, the same. Not similar, the same ones. It also wouldn’t let me review it.

    • Katy says:

      Yes!! I’ve also noticed that. They also don’t let you exchange a set more than 3 times or you’re stuck with it. Just found out the hard way. I kept exchanging them just thinking that I needed a different style, I was confused by reading all the reviews of people saying they loved their set but now I’m pretty sure most of them are fake. All of the bras are very poor quality and don’t fit correctly. I waited for about 20 minutes to talk to customer service (this was at about 6:30 pm central time) and the rep told me I couldn’t return the set but she would give me a $10 store credit (which I will probably never use), she pretty much ignored everything I said… My guess is that other people are also having a lot of issues. Stay far away from this company!!

    • omfg says:

      I tried posting a review recently and a little box popped up telling me my review was awaiting approval from a mod. My review was not “the bra is great, yay!!!” Because it wasn’t and dealing with customer service has been a nightmare. I’m positive my review will never make it on their site. I will never deal with this company again.

  58. JAZZ says:

    Thank you for this helpful review! I just wanted to add that “relabeling” and “private labeling” are different. The reason these seem to be knock offs of the same brand is because the company goes directly to the manufacturer and offers to sell their products directly from a drop shipping website, like, and sell it in bulk. The company usually makes a lower quality product for these sort of ventures, like Walmarts private label brand.
    So it’s not such a knock off.
    Though their prices are outrageous for that kind of private label. I agree 100%on that

    • Cora says:

      Hi! I think this is a great comment and a good point, but in this case, it is a relabeling. The products are identical, but have been sold with Adore Me’s tag as opposed to the original manufacturer/usual brand. I can’t speak for how things are in the rest of fashion world (as my specialty is lingerie), but I can tell you that Rene Rofe is not a private label manufacturer for Trashy Lingerie and that Adore Me has relabeled Rene Rofe’s products under their own name. The same is true for the other brands mentioned in this post (Seven ’til Midnight, Parfait by Affinitas, etc.). Adore Me worked out an agreement with the manufacturers to produce extra product under their company name so they could start doing business faster (which the CEO talks about in the articles linked at the top). Thanks for stopping by!

  59. Eugen says:

    This review is obsolete and should be updated or removed. You might argue that the review has been updated to contain links to the other articles but obviously, nobody reads the other articles. Also, most of the comments of the article talk about the VIP Membership which are super irrelevant to the actual content of the article.

    • Cora says:

      Hi Eugen,

      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. As with all of our reviews on The Lingerie Addict , the information in this review was accurate at the time of publication and therefore cannot be unpublished. Another, updated review of Adore Me, when and if that happens, would take place in a separate article. This has been our review policy on TLA for several years now, and is to ensure both the authenticity and transparency of product reviews on this site.


    • Cora says:

      P.S. Are you the same Eugen that is Adore Me’s User Experience Designer?

    • Lauren Martin says:

      My issue was not with the VIP, although clearly Adore Me makes it very hard for people to cancel it and don’t follow through. My issue was with the fraudulent advertising, the wrong sizes listed on the bra’s, the inconsistency, the false advertising, the HORRIBLE customer service, and the terms and policies that state that Adore me can change the policies whenever they want, without warning, yet agreeing to them is the only way to get a refund. I found her article very revealing and helpful. Especially since the reviews on Adore Me’s site are probably total crap, as I was unable to post a review for my purchase.

  60. Noelley says:

    I wish I found your reviews before I signed up with these criminals from Adore Me! They aren’t clear with ANYTHING! They charge you $39.95 if you forget to skip a month! And they say you have “store credit” and you can use the $39.95 on a later purchase… Well, I didn’t like what they had… And if I did like something, it wasn’t available in my size! So a year later I notice that my “store credit” is gone! And when I contacted them via Live Chat about it, they said if you don’t use your store credit within a year, it just goes away… GOES. AWAY. I don’t think this is LEGAL! I emailed them demanding that I be taken off this damned VIP thing, they asked why! And I told them why! That they charged me and gave me NOTHING in return! That my “store credit” just went away. You think that would be enough for them to say sorry and maybe give me back my store credit (at least for another 30 days just so I can buy cheap junk from them)… But NO! They told me “If you don’t like it, then you don’t have to use our site.”

    UUGGGGGHHHHH!!!! I hope they burn down.

  61. Anna says:

    HORRIBLE customer service. I’ve spoken to two reps, both with zero manners and rude personalities. I loved AdoreMe to begin with. I bought a corset first, which was very nice. However the thong that came with is was too small, but seemed EXTREMELY cheap anyway and I certainly wouldn’t want anything of such low quality touching my high quality lady parts (!). Threw them out. The first exchange was easy, but after later canceling my subscription (because they are sneaky about making you subscribe with your credit card…didn’t know I did it until it was done…), I ended up returning my next set. Wanting my credit, I called customer service almost immediately after canceling my membership. The man who who answered was short, rude, and acted like I was an idiot. Also acted like I was making a horrible, irreversible decision. Told me, with no membership, there was no way I could get my $40 credit…so I lost my fucking money!!!! Unbelievable. Stupidly ordered another corset recently, and it seems to be “temporarily lost in shipping”. Called customer service again, and the girl LAUGHED at me, saying, “Why would the post office tell you to call the sender? Like…we don’t have it.” Wanted to slap her through the phone. These people should not be dealing with people for a living. Sharks.

  62. Kenna says:

    I really like some of the Adore Me stuff. I’ve bought several items from them, but I feel the quality is nowhere near the worth the amount I paid. I’m just wondering how would I comparison shop like you did with all of the comparisons of the designers? I don’t know all the designers to look through. Please help!

  63. Tracy says:

    Wow, thanks for the detailed review. I just read an article on Yahoo! today regarding the decline of Victoria’s Secret and how companies like AdoreMe are taking market share away from them. I started to peruse their site, however after reading your review and analysis I’m going to pass on it. I don’t mind digging around at Nordstrom Rack for a good find!

  64. Jenn Osborne says:

    I really really really wish I had found this review before I purchased last month. The product was fine but the tracking information they sent didn’t actually deliver on the day that it said it would. I sat on hold for 36 minutes for a 5 second rude customer service person. I too did not realize I signed up for a VIP membership when I ordered. But I was like “hey, I’ll make this the year I get my sexy back.” And in the process I’m being screwed by this company. My second order was to be delivered on Saturday (3-7-15), it was not. I called twice on 3-9-15 and after waiting 15 plus minutes both times received very rude customer service people who guaranteed me it would be delivered that day. Impossible since they use UPS switching to USPS and well my lady had already come and gone. But they guaranteed. So here it is Wednesday and in reality they have no idea where my package is and guess what they say its not my fault, oh but they won’t refund me my money because they did send me the product. Alas I called the credit card company and am having it refused. Oh and btw I have called 3 times today, twice I was kicked to a voicemail that was full and that was after waiting for more than 15 minutes on hold. The third time I was on hold for 20 minutes and then the rep said she was getting her manager. So another 15 minutes on hold and I get…wait for it…a RUDE manager. These people are awful. I go out of my way for good customer service. I get people noticed by the employers when they treat me like a valued customer. And I’m not talking about giving me anything over the top (although that would be nice). So I will look for any platform I can to tell people to avoid this company.

  65. Kristen says:

    I’m so glad I thought to read up on Adore Me before purchasing anything. Shoe dazzle got me the same way with their shady membership “deal.” I’ve lost 50 pounds over the past two years, and I’m looking to create an entire lingerie wardrobe for myself. I thought AdoreMe would be a good start, but clearly not! I’m glad I found your blog. Can’t wait to read more from you!

  66. So happy I ran into this post. I am sitting here with my Adore Me free lingerie received (courtesy of Influenster). I am doing my usual research before writing my blog post on any product. I definitely appreciate the free goodies, but will also comment on the possible issues their customers might encounter.
    Is it OK to link this page on my blog post? (I know some of my readers like to do their own research as well). If you allow me to post, what are your guidelines when it comes to linking your wonderful page?
    **Heads over to the rest of the tabs on your page! Thanks for the scoop on all the good stuff!!!

    Thanks for your page,

  67. Tira D says:

    So I may be super late about the lingerie company Adore Me but I was very excited when I recently saw a review on YouTube and I was more than happy to go ahead and sign up for the monthly membership. My eagerness was slapped in the face when the site wouldn’t let me sign up for VIP membership via “prepaid debit/credit card” (which I use just fine for all of my similar monthly memberships such at Shoe Dazzle, Just Fab etc.). This really turned me off and disappointed me because I would’ve much rather signed up with my prepaid card to avoid bank fees. Also what about all of the potential customers who ONLY have prepaid cards? Guess no membership for them. So because of this fact I decided to sign up and take advantage of the discount they offer for first time buyers ($24.95 instead of the usual $39.95).After I receive my purchase I plan to promptly cancel my membership. I was confused at their seemingly discrimination against prepaid card holders, especially being as though there isn’t even any obligation to buy every month, so it shouldn’t matter whether it’s a prepaid card or bona fide credit card/bank debit card. I haven’t yet received my order so the quality of the lingerie has yet to be revealed but I will post a review on that too.

  68. Pickett says:

    Absolutely the worst service. I was on hold for over an hour because somehow I joined a. VIP program. I wasn’t told this until my second visit when I had “store credit” available. This isn’t a credit at all, it is a nonrefundable charge on your card without you knowing it and passing it off as a gift. When I tried to get a refund and cancel my “membership” they said there was nothing they could do and that I could call back later when my items arrive. I was then hung up on before I could say anything else.

  69. Coy says:

    Hi! Interesting article. :) I think the fact that you did all of this research and shared it to the world is amazing and I comend you for that. :)

    I did however want to leave a few comments for anyone who stumbles on this as I did. I recently ordered from Adore me with the knowledge they relabel. I LOVED my sets. I’m tiny. A 32A, so support really isn’t, unfortunately, needed. So I cannot speak to that and any ladies needing that extra support should probably buy good bras.

    I bought them to feel just as beautiful under my cloths as I did on the outside. :) I found them to be beautiful, comfortable and the quality I got was just as good as Victoria’s secret. I actually bought 4 more sets. So my experience this far has been a good one. Just saying. :)

    Anyway… I wanted to mention something which I don’t think a lot of ppl are aware of. My best friend has worked with many of the big discount retailers such as : TJ Maxx, Marshells, Nordstrom Rack and Ross. All of these stores sell “discounted designer clothing and items” which most ppl assume are due to overstock or items that were unsold by the big department stores. This however is not realty. What these retailers actual do is team up with the manufactures of these products and make new ones of lesser quality with less desirable prints and fabric. So inevitably you get what you pay for. I think this is the case with any discounted item you buy and people should realize this. I’m relaying this information, not because I want to downgrade your review – think it’s fabulous and extremely informative, but I just wanted to pass along the insight that if you are going to buy an item at a discounted price you are probably getting scammed in one way or another regardless of where you purchase it. I definitely felt so after finding out about all of the above stores!!! I refuse to shop there bc all these years I thought I was getting designer quality!!! Nope, just another corner cut by corporate America. :)

    • Cora says:

      Hmmmmm…lingerie is a bit different though. While what you’re saying may be true for Ready to Wear, Intimate Apparel land is a very different space and many of the rules that are true for apparel are considerably less true for intimates.

      So, for example, in a store like Nordstrom Rack or Ross, you’re seeing a mix of inexpensive items from inexpensive brands (like Rene Rofe) and discounted or overstock items from last season (usually from mid-level brands like Betsey Johnson, Wacoal, etc.). I know the difference because I see both sets of items during market season (albeit at different tradeshows).

      Lingerie is really, incredibly expensive to make compared to apparel and has much lower mark-ups than “regular” fashion. In addition, intimate apparel has a certain “floor” with regards to the quality of the fabric or what have you because not every fiber or finish works in lingerie.

      Anyway, in so many words, what I’m saying is your statements here make perfect for sense for the general fashion world, but are not quite applicable to lingerie. At the end of the day, nothing replaces consumer research. That way, at the very least, you can recognize a real deal when you see one.

  70. Jamie says:

    Bought one bra set from AdoreMe (very uncomfortable bra) and I forgot to cancel for the month of december and found out I had been charged the $39.95 on December 6! Not even the end of the month. I called to cancel and after waiting 20 minutes, I finally asked to cancel and she said she would put me on a three month vacation and I told her I just wanted to cancel and so she said alright and said that she did that, but when I looked at my email, she sent me the verification that I had three months off until I had to start paying again! Definitely a horrible situation to be in ugh.

  71. Joleenmean says:

    So, I read this while I waited on hold for 20 minutes to cancel my ‘VIP Membership’ when the phone was finally answered I politely uttered the phrase “Hello, I’d like to unsubscribe from VIP membership” and the line went dead. I guess this adds to the reviews stating that they were hung up on by Adore Me ‘customer service’ reps.

  72. Bran says:

    i love this review very well done and honest, thought i found good decent priced lingerie site that could possibly carry my size and their cheaply made and as always do not carry my proper sizing, i guess 30F in quality or decent made stuff is always gonna be like 100 or over, anyone know any decent or good brands who carry this ?

  73. Kaley says:

    HATE THIS SITE. i ordered a halloween costume and it was cheaply made and did not fit me correctly at all. Then took me forever to return it. In this purchase I never saw anything about reoccurring payments or anything like that so i was was super suprised/pissed when i saw another charge the next month. Now i am stuck with a 39.95 credit for some site i only wanted one outfit from. I feel completely tricked into it. they are a greedy company that do not care about their costumers. DO NOT USE!

  74. Olivia says:

    I ordered from Adore Me and was roped into their VIP Membership without even knowing. After I placed my order I received an email stating I was now a VIP Member and would have to make a purchase each month or be charged $39.95. I immediately called to cancel the whole thing. Order and all, and I was told that once an order is placed it cannot be cancelled, even though only 2 minutes had gone by and Im sure nobody had even started getting my order together yet.. So they told me i could have my account put on a 3 month hold which I would have to re-do every 3 months. I told her I did NOT want that, I want my membership cancelled. So she reluctantly told me that once my order is received, I can call back and she will cancel my account. So that is what i did, they told me it was cancelled, the next month came around and I was charged the $39.95 for not placing an order even though they said my membership was cancelled. Of course they are closed today and I cant contact them, so I will be calling them tomorrow. My father is a lawyer so I’ll get my refund regardless, I just hope they dont make this a bigger ordeal than they already have..

  75. Bethany says:

    I’m freaking out now, I had no idea that they charged that monthly fee. I already ordered something, can I cancel my VIP membership? Has anyone been successful with that before?

  76. Jezzurgal says:

    After seeing this company’s ad on Facebook, I was intrigued by the cute lingerie pieces and seemingly low advertised prices. After I read the fine print about needing to supply my credit card for the VIP membership benefits, I quickly logged out and started looking for some similar pieces online, and ….viola!!! I ended up finding and ordering the exact same pieces from Amazon for 40-50% less than Adore Me’s advertised prices. So, ladies, you can find these same cute items elsewhere online for significantly less without some silly membership.

  77. Jaelin R. says:

    Well I was researching Adore Me to see if their sizes are anything like Victoria Secret and I came across a lot of reviews, a review led me here, and I’m glad I didn’t buy anything from there. When I need to buy a bra or spoil myself a little I can’t really afford too much and I thought the prices were great for what they were giving you but to hear they’re ripping others off and possibly adding more to the price frustrates me, especially because I am new to wearing lingerie and aren’t really sure about most of the details of it (like how it’s supposed to fit feel like ect.) but anyway thank you for enlightening me a bit I will be following from now on to see what advice or things you have to say :) thanks again!

  78. rachel says:

    The place charges $40 a month for a membership! That’s so ridiculous and unbelievable, I pay less I’m car insurance! Quality sucks, same stuff on amazon for 70% the price. Don’t recommend and would never shop or even view their dumb site again! Better off shopping at Victoria secret for their outrageous prices at least you’ll get something beautiful for what you buy unlike this place, you don’t even get what you pay for. Thus place sucks!

  79. Donna says:

    I have ordered about 8 different bras and panties from this company, my family and boyfriend have ordered for me as well. I have a big problem with their sizes, because they are always different. You would think, since the company makes all these items, they would have consistency in their sizes. I order small in one item and the panties fit, the next time I order a small, the panties fit more like XXS. There is absolutely no consistency in their sizes what so ever! I could be a size 32 D to 34DD at any given time. I liked the gray lacy bra I ordered, but the size S panties fit more like XXS. They have strict 30 day return, that I realized too late. So stuck with bra that fits, but cant wear panties. I noticed there was a similar styled bra with same colored panties, so I ordered with size med panties this time. When I got the order, the bra fit a little big and the panties were huge on me. This was final sale item, so could only be exchanged for same item in diff size. I called the company because it would not let me do exchange online since they did not have same size bra still in stock. I told the sales person, I have the bra in right size, the panties are just the wrong size. The sales lady said, although they still had the panties in stock and in correct size would not let me return item in box and just swap for the correct size panties. I now have two lacy grey bras with matching panties that I can not wear! I told them to cancel my membership!

  80. Lindsey says:

    I actually liked the lingerie I bought from them. My problem is with their business practices. It’s not obvious when you’re making a purchase, but they opt you into a “VIP membership,” which continues to bill you about $40 every month, whether you make a purchase or not. There IS an option to pay as you go instead, but they put it in a grey box that the average buyer (who is not used to having to choose NOT to sign up for a subscription service) can easily overlook. I purchased a lingerie set and received it, but then realized a few days later that I’d accidentally opted myself into this VIP thing. They claim that you can “cancel at any time,” but when I called they said I have to wait ten days before cancelling. Where is that in your terms and conditions, AdoreMe? I’m especially irritated because it seems like they only have one person answering their phones, and the wait takes a long time.

    If they weren’t being so sneaky about it, I would have probably been a repeat customer, because I liked the stuff and it shipped quickly. With these kinds of business practices, I do not think this company will be very successful. Most of the money they are making is probably from people who don’t realize they’ve set up a recurring charge on their card. If you’re not the kind of person who checks your statements very closely, I can see how this charge could go unnoticed. If you want to last, AdoreMe, make “pay as you go” the default option and allow customers to opt into the VIP service when they understand what they’re signing up for. Otherwise you will ruin yourselves with a scammer reputation.

  81. Kelsey says:

    I’m not sure why y’all are blaming AdoreMe because YOU didn’t read that it was a monthly membership. If you actually read anything at all on their website, they CLEARLY state that it’s $40 per month, OR you can SKIP the month so that you’re not charged. Not rocket science people. Open your eyes and read, get off your self-righteous high horses, and stop placing the blame on anything other than yourselves. It’s your fault, not theirs.

    Anywho, I’ve ordered a teddie and a bra/panty set from them and I’ve found both to be high quality, beautiful, and to fit perfectly. And during the months I don’t want anything, I just press the skip button before the 5th of the month (like they tell you to-they send you a reminder email to do this at the beginning of each month).

    Also, they come out with new styles each month and have frequent sales to keep it fun and interesting. My husband loves my stuff from AdoreMe and so do I.

    • Kara says:


      While it’s unfortunate that myself and other readers didn’t realize that Adore Me was a subscription site, it is a common mistake. A upstanding company would not rely on sales and fees from customers who have no interest in their subscription or products as part of their business model. Nor would an upstanding company purposely design their website layout to hide their subscription-based model. You make it sound as if it’s easily found and common knowledge – and it’s not.

      Adore Me thrives on their customers not realizing this and capitalizes on it. Below I’ve listed numerous ways in which the Adore Me site tries to deceive it’s customers.
      1. The Adore Me homepage doesn’t actually say anything about its monthly membership. You can click on the “How it Works” page to find out about the VIP program, but despite it’s selling point being that it offers monthly lingerie, it’s not even mentioned on their main page. The home page resembles a regular, non-subscription based “store-front” in order to lead unknowing customers to think that the purchase process is the same as any other online store.
      2. When you go to purchase your item, the VIP membership is already selected on the side of the screen. The selection button next to the VIP membership looks like a bullet point rather than a selection (circular, same color as the text box it’s in), and the Pay-As-You-Go option is a white, fairly transparent button that isn’t all that visible.
      3. When you scroll down the purchase page, the Pay-As-You-Go option is partially covered by the “Adore Me Stylist” chat box, which also extended upward during the purchasing process, obscuring the Pay-As-You-Go option from sight.
      4. Typically when signing up for something extra (such as loyalty programs or memberships) there is something in the checkout that says something to the likes of “Membership – $0.00” in the invoice. Adore Me has no such text, as to limit their customer’s awareness that they are signing up for the VIP membership.
      5. All over the Adore Me website it has text that seems to indicate that Adore Me offers free returns. Here are the exact quotes “Free Shipping – both ways”, “Free shipping, free exchanges & easy returns”, which try to get the customer to think that they can return items free-of-charge, but if you read their fine print it’s actually a $5.95 restocking fee for any return (not including exchanges). You can call the return “free” apparently if the cost doesn’t occur until the item gets back to the warehouse.
      6. Under Adore Me’s FAQ page, it says “Can I cancel my membership? Easy & FREE! You may cancel your Adore Me Membership at any time without consequence. If you would like to cancel, call Member Services at 1.800.433.2367 Monday – Friday 9am – 6pm (EST). There is no cancellation fee.” This suggests that you can cancel the VIP membership whenever you want, without consequence, but from my experience (I called to cancel and was told to call back at another date five separate times). You can ONLY cancel by phone and they are ONLY available from 9am to 6pm EST. Fortunately this limitation on time wasn’t an issue for me, but for other people in different time zones and busier schedules, this can be near impossible. I don’t understand why a strictly online store cannot have any type of electronic unsubscription service (unless of course, they use this as a way to make the unsubscription process more difficult for their customers).
      7. The VIP notification email is made to look like a duplicate email of the confirmation of purchase. I believe this is a way to prevent customers from reading through the VIP notification email. In addition, there have been several complaints of the VIP notification email going into customers spam folders and these customers have no idea they are signed up until they notice the recurring charges on their billing statements. According to review sites, many customers will not even be refunded this money once they explain that they mistakenly or unknowingly signed up for the VIP program.
      8. Adore Me advertises its designers (see their “About Me” page) and talks about “creating fashionable, high quality, perfectly fitting intimates”, and how they “design our own intimates” making the customer believe that the intimates they are purchasing are exclusive to Adore Me. This is not the case as shown by Cora, above.
      9. Adore Me uses bait-and-switch tactics to make it so their customers have a difficult time unsubscribing from their VIP program.

    • Kara says:


      If that’s not enough to convince you, these past 12 months alone, Adore Me has had a whopping 131 complaints to the Better Business Bureau. While I don’t have the time to look through the nearly 200 complaints on BBB, I did look through the 20 most recent complaints and found that 16 of the 20 most recent complaints, had to do with customers unknowingly signing up for the VIP program. With 80% of customers with complaints having this same issue, you’d think a company would find a way to rectify this situation or clear up any confusion. But that’s not the case with Adore Me. If you fail to review their entire website before making a purchase or incorrectly assume that this online store has the same purchasing model as 99% of all other online stores, than you’re out of luck.

      Don’t get me wrong, I do think customers should be more wary and read all the fine print before they purchase somewhere (I can tell you for a fact that I do a ton of research for anything I buy online, and had only been lax with Adore Me because a friend – who as it turns out did not realize she signed up for the VIP program – encouraged me to do so).

      But I also think that companies should present themselves honestly, should not rely on deceiving tactics to earn money from their customers, and should agree to refund people who received no good or service (in reference to those customers who were charged for multiple months without their knowledge and were refused reimbursement although they purchased nothing).

      While I’m happy your experience with Adore Me has been positive, maybe you shouldn’t be so quick to judge those who had a negative experience.

  82. Kimber says:

    You are awesome. Thanks for posting this. Although I knew they were knowingly deceiving customers by how they go about their subscription, I didn’t know they were stealing people’s designs and calling it theirs! YUCK.

  83. JJ says:

    I actually despise Adore Me. I tried their intro deal for $20 for a set and was excited so spent an additional $170 on another order soon after. They charged me the day i made the order and then did nothing. After two weeks I was wondering why the items hadn’t shown up and I looked online and it hadn’t been sent. I emailed them and they acted concerned and said my account had been flagged for possible fraud so they just wanted to verify it was really me. This was odd to me since it was all the same information as my original order and they had never contacted me about it. I replied that I was happy to verify my identity but raised some questions about the oddness of the situation. Over the course of the next few days and several emails nothing had happened. Finally on a friday afternoon I got fed up and personally called them to verify my own identity (at this point looking back I think I should have just called the credit card company and got my money back). Leaving some additional frustrating details out, at the end of the day they didn’t bother to send out the items till the evening of the following monday and didn’t even bother to priority ship it. Hands down the worst customer service experience I have ever had. In addition to that I have discovered that the pieces are quickly falling apart when washed when even my cheapest lingerie from Target holds up perfectly fine.

  84. Erika says:

    They robbed me over $100 because the VIP Membership has very sneaky hidden fees. They take $40 a month without warning. I unsubscribed to their membership and yelled at them over the phone 4 times. Currently on hold to yell at them again. They keep taking my money even though I’m no longer a member. Definitely internet fraud. DO NOT buy from them.

  85. Lena says:

    I just wanted to share my negative experience with this company and their misleading business practices….

    I placed my order thinking that returns are free, because it distinctly stated on their website: “Free shipping both ways” with no asterisk or footnote indication to signify that returns have other costs besides shipping, such as a re-stocking fee. Most online clothing vendors that offer free return shipping do not charge re-stocking fees in my experience and the companies that do always make it very explicit. So when i decided to return the item i purchased because i was dissatisfied with its quality, the re-stocking fee of $5.95 was a complete surprise. Hence, I feel deceived and mislead and talking to customer service abut this has been unpleasant and futile.

    Also, after reading others reviews, i realized what their “VIP membership” actually means, because when i purchased the one item (i described above) and selected VIP membership, i only thought i was selecting a discount code NOT signing up to be charged every month. BEWARE they’re scam artists with a pretty website.

  86. Catherine says:

    I really don’t know what’s up with this company! I have been professionally fit at two different stores (not VS) and I know my size! However, when I ordered my size through Adore Me, it was way too big. I know these brands and I know what size I am in these brands, so why when I buy a bra in my size in a brand I’ve worn before, does it not fit? I’m either a 34F or G depending on the manufacturer, but according to Adore Me’s website, I’m a 36DDD. A 36 band is too big and I know that these bras come in my size so why are they being resized?

  87. Stephanie says:

    Buying from Adore Me has been one of the worst experiences for shopping for ANYTHING online. The quality of the lingerie I received was incredibly low, and they do not mention the monthly fees during the checkout process. So I was unknowingly charged for two months. I then used the “credit” when I realized this and ordered an average looking swimsuit. However, I have been trying to cancel my account with them but the phone number does not work from European countries. Heads up to anyone thinking about trying this place out — don’t bother if you’re from Europe because you will not be allowed to cancel your account since the only way to is through their phone number due to “security reasons.” I had to have a friend in the US call for me to cancel it which in the end defeated the purpose of some of the security reasons that the account holder must call.

  88. Kelley says:

    I accidentally placed an order for the wrong size and called them within an hour to change the size and/or cancel the order if that was not possible. They told me that they could not do either. That I would have to wait for the package to arrive, then take it to the post office for a return to either switch sizes or get a refund. Terrible business practices. Ordered from them several times before but will not again in the future.

  89. Ginger says:

    This company is a scam! Beware of hidden fees. I ordered a piece of lingerie and was completely unaware of the $40 a month fee. I have tried calling to cancel and after waiting on hold for twenty minutes the young lady was so rude. When I explained to her I didn’t know there was this fee and can it be refunded she told me not to holler at her. It was crazy. Then she explained to me future orders would be full price and I said that is okay I don’t know that I will order again she told me that was my prerogative and hung up on me… Terrible customer service.

  90. Jamie Carpenter says:

    I purchased a swimsuit I love from AdoreMe, but then wanted to cancel the VIP subscription because I don’t spend that much on lingerie regularly. As others have said, it is a pain in the a** to unsubscribe. You can’t do it online or through email, you have to call their customer service number, and they keep you on hold forever. I *think* I finally got my subscription canceled today, but I’ll be watching closely for the next month or so to make sure.

  91. Amy says:

    I absolutely hate the way AdoreMe runs their business. I’d actually shop from them from time to time if they didn’t run their business in such a way. It’s SO ANNOYING. and their emails are constant and non stop. I will never buy anything from them ever again.

  92. Brittany says:

    AdoreMe automatically charges your credit card every month after your first purchase. When you try to cancel your “active membership” they make ti unbelievably difficult. I HATE THEM! And will never, ever purchase anything from them again. They are a bunch of assholes and I would not recommend them to anyone.

    • Marilyn says:

      I despise this company. I have repeatedly told them to stop charging my credit card, but every month there is a charge. I am tired of asking my credit card company to with hold the payment. I have to fill out their form trekking them why. Hate, hate, hate this company!

  93. Karah says:

    As I’ve seen already posted, Adore Me had also tricked me into a VIP membership, which I wasn’t even aware I had agreed too. They charged $39.95 to my account and I was very confused. I called them and was on an automated voice machine for five minutes so I decided to just email instead. When I emailed them, they said I had signed up for VIP membership, that I received a conformation email (never got one), and also that there was no way they could refund the money since it was written in the terms and conditions twice apparantly. I emailed back once again demanding a full refund and a cancelation of my membership immediately due to the fact that I was not going to ever purchase from them again (quality was also very poor). I then received an email saying that in order to do that, I had to call their customer service number. I called the number two more times, waiting a total of 10 minutes before I could finally reach anyone. They gave me the refund (thank goodness after all of the trouble) and then tried to trick me into remaining a VIP member. They told me they were going to put my account on hold so that they would “skip next month” for me and I could still receive promotions, as if they were doing me a favor but only to charge me again in the future. I told them that I just wanted a complete cancelation and that I will never be on their website again. They definitely just want to take as much money as they can get and will trick you into it. Terrible business, unfriendly customer service, and poor quality products.

  94. Eva says:

    I don’t usually leave bad reviews – I figure I’d rather just leave good reviews and help the superstars stand out. But this company is really sketchy – its a total scam. I fell prey for their offer of a $25 lingerie set and thought – hmm, whoknows, maybe because they are based online and don’t have physical stores to add a lot of overhead, they can provide a good quality product at a low price. Not the case. First of all, the lingerie was terrible – and I’m not exaggerating – the underwire is poorly designed and the tips point slightly inward digging into my chest leaving a bruise – I was on a trip when I first wore it and threw it in the garbage in disgust after a 20+ hour flight where I was unable to get the damned thing off, but now I wish I had kept it to take some photos to prove how terrible it was. The quality is really low – the gap & victoria secrets stuff is WAY better – next time I’ll just wait for these stalwarts to have a sale.

    This was my experience, which as far as I’ve read online is very similar to that of others:

    My primary complaint:
    – As a company that is primarily an online retailer of lingerie, one expects a robust website through which to manage transactions. In December, I found an advertisement/coupon on Facebook for a set of lingerie for $25 at I decided to give it a try. The terms required me to sign up for a “VIP Membership” subscription, which I agreed to based on the claim that it would be easy for me to unsubscribe via their online site. After receiving the lingerie, I wore it and was very unhappy with it – the metal underwire was poorly constructed and the tips turned inwards sharply in the middle of my chest causing it to dig very deep into my chest and leave a bruise, which lasted over a week. Unfortunately, I was on a 20+ hour flight and did not have a bra readily available that I could change into. I discarded the bra shortly afterwards, not wanting to carry it around the rest of the trip. Shortly after this experience, I unsubscribed from their “VIP Membership” in order not to get charged for something I would never use.

    Unfortunately, just a week ago, I noticed a charge for $39.99 on my credit card and then realized that I had been charged 3 months 3 x $39.99. So I contacted AdoreMe to rectify the situation – I wanted: (1) my account credited, (2) to make sure I was permanently removed from their “VIP Membership” and (3) to be removed from their mailing list.

    The experience has been terrible on multiple levels:

    – First of all, I contacted Adore Me to try to rectify the issue via an online form. I received an e-mail response saying that this could not be resolved via e-mail. So I called in – to which I found out that my issue could not be resolved on the phone, but rather that I had to send in a written letter – and after a 30 day period, they would evaluate my request. I’m sorry, but 30 days & a mailed in letter is not good customer service in this day and time. Especially for a retailer primarily based on online sales.

    – Second, when I asked to speak to a manager, I was told that none was available at the moment, so I left my number and never received a response.

    – Third, there website no longer has a way to unsubscribe using their website – so I e-mailed them asking me to unsubscribe me from their “VIP Membership” – to which I received an e-mail saying that I could not use e-mail to unsubscribe, I had to call in to be removed, which I did. This did finally work, but it took multiple e-mails and a phone call with a 10 min wait time + 5 min talking to resolve.

    – Fourth, their customer service stated that the bruising caused by their bra was no due to poor garment construction/design, but that I was wearing the wrong size. I’m sorry, but I’m a 30 year old woman and have been wearing bras for a long time – in fact, I have quite a lovely collection from several of my favorite stores. So the point is that I know very well what my bra size is and if Adore Me had better customer service, they would be more concerned with tracking down the exact piece I had bought and investigating quality issues than insulting me.

    All in all, I feel that Adore Me is a scam. After an online search, I discovered that I am not the only victim of their business practices – many other people have similar stories:

    I have also found from a lingerie expert, that many of their advertising claims about providing “designer” lingerie are completely false:

    And more disappointment:

    After seeing how many other people have fallen prey to their scam – I decided I had to report them to the BBB, especially because on their website they boast having top ratings on BBB – which really makes me think poorly of the BBB, because its a rating that I have learned to put my trust in

  95. John says:

    I wish I had read all these reviews BEFORE I made my first purchase from AdoreMe. I have had a terrible experience with this company, similar to many of you. I got sucked into a promotional deal for $10 only to find out I had joined a club after I paid. I immediately tried to cancel the order but was told I could not. I imagine I will need to cancel my credit card to get out of this like many of you have done.

    The items sold by this company are poor quality (cheap rough lace and poorly sewn seams) and the sizes are all over the map. I cannot even find one piece that fits my wife properly. I had to return the first item and have been trying to find an item to replace it ever since. Each time I order a size medium, I find they are either too small or way too large. I have not found anything that is worth $39.95. The photos on their website look great but the products are junk. Frankly, I’m surprised to hear these items are made by reputable companies.

    I must say, their return/exchange process is pretty easy and so far, I have not had much trouble with that. One time they failed to credit my account for the return but I was able to remedy that fairly easy.

    In any case, I join everyone else in warning you all to stay away from this company.

  96. Kara says:

    First off, I want to thank Cora for your well written and researched post. I had no idea that relabeling was part of Adore Me’s tactics.

    In addition, I would like to advise other lingerie shoppers against shopping with Adore Me. I had a terrible experience with them. I was automatically signed up for the VIP program (which charges $39.95/month) and when I tried to unsubscribe I was told that I couldn’t without paying an additional $35 for the item I purchased. Even after I returned my unopened package to them, I was still threatened with the $35 charge. Each time I called to unsubscribe they said I’d have to call back a certain number of days later. And when I would call back on the date given to me, I was told another date. This happened 5 times! It was ridiculous!

    Their customer service is atrocious and customers who don’t realize they are automatically signed up for the VIP program, aren’t refunded the money removed from their credit card unless it occurred within 30 days. I have heard several reports of customers being out over a hundred dollars with no product to show for it.

    Please review the complaints on the Better Business Bureau and review website, Site Jabber, if you are still considering a purchase from Adore Me. However, know that there are much more legitimate and honest lingerie stores that are much more deserving of your money.

  97. jwrnzz says:

    Horrible racket going on here. I just spent 200$ with a two week rush delivery only to have the order marked completed. They’re not very careful at hiding their identities. At least two of them – shosho0092012 on youtube and dylanasuarez on instagram like to put it out there they draw on desks all day long and have cocktail parties. While they take in peoples hard earned dollars.
    They’re going to scam people upcoming in April in a new site called : which was put together by another site they own called which is hosted by a fake domain/hosting company called – I checked them on Wikipedia and they were copying the name and trolling with it, of the admin who took down the latest grandiose lies about siteground on Wikipedia. Some big data center in Europe my ass.. Also it’s been reverted, but they put there faces up in place of photos of tech luminaries in other articles that linked to the site. while wasting time in what I guess is their office/distribution center. The copyright lawyers for those companies who are apparently “endorsing” this shortyawards things is going to hopefully expedite my refund, as i’ll e-mail each legal department of said companies (big list) but if not my bank and visa will be called shortly after.

    You would think they’d have been shut down. Ive only been looking into this for an hour or so but this goes beyond just

  98. Zan says:

    The Adore Me site is horrible. I used a gift certificate that was given to me, placed the order, then the next month additional charges showed up on my credit card for $39.95. I called customer service and they informed me it was for their VIP membership. Customer Service was argumentative, they refused to place a supervisor on the phone, I called my credit card company to make sure the charges stop! What a scam!!! The items from the order were very low quality, will never use them again!!!

  99. Amy says:

    I had a TERRIBLE experience with this company! They are a bunch of crooks. I placed an order today and when i received the order confirmation it said that i had joined their VIP club for $40 a month! I didnt see anything about that when i was placing the order. I called the company to unsubscribe from the service and cancel the order and the woman on the phone was SO rude. She kept saying there was nothing she could do and that id just have to deal with it. I asked to be transferred about 20 times and she just kept telling me she couldnt transfer me. The only thing i could do was call my credit card company and cancel my card so they couldnt charge it in the future. Please learn from my mistake and stay away from this company!

  100. Jennifer says:

    I have to say be careful about their promo codes. Most of them, if not all are for first-time users only. I just tried using one for my second item and it was a FIRST TIME user only. Didn’t say that anywhere on the terms and conditions or on the ad itself. It did say it will replace any other first time deal, but that doesn’t mean it not first time only. Furthermore when I went to order the item it applied in my cart. It wasn’t until I got a receipt that it said they were charging me the full price. Be wary, I’m trying to get me money back but they’re so to respond when you have an issue with them consider refunds based on their faults.

  101. Danielle says:

    Thanks so much for this review, it made me decide not to get the item in my shopping cart. I thought it was a good deal, then i decided to check their cancellation policy for the membership and then decided to look up reviews and came to your blog. I have decided to go look elsewhere for affordable lingerie. There are some great finds at TJ Maxx for like $13 so I know great deals are out there, and now knowing the AdoreMe isn’t such a great place to shop I am going to unsubscribe and look elsewhere. Thanks! :)

  102. Sh says:

    HORRIBLE SITE! STAY AWAY! If i could give zero stars I would. They are crooks. They automatically sign you up for a VIP service that charges you monthly. I contacted them to ask to be removed. I waited on hold 10 minutes. I spoke very nicely but firmly that I wanted to be REMOVED and the charge of $40 to be taken off. The lady on the other line literally pretended I was on “mute” and that she couldn’t hear me. Disgusting.

  103. Eliza says:

    Horrible company to deal with. They scammed my daughter. Do not order from Adore Me.

  104. G says:

    I was about to write the exact same review as Alexie from above. I am not big on leaving reviews, but I would love nothing more than to spread word on what a scam and horrible experience making a purchase with Adore Me was. There was no fine print indicating that I was signing on for any sort of automatic renewal, and then they had the nerve to shoot me an email out of the blue saying that if I did not contact them to be removed from the list, then I would be billed automatically.

    Upon contacting them to be removed from their list, I then learned that the staff is not only rude and unhelpful, but extremely annoying and dishonest. I contacted someone who handles the chat line, and said that when I try to call to fix this issue no one answers, the chat specialist actually responded with ‘We are really busy and in high demand these days’. You can only imagine this didn’t absolve anything.

    I would HIGHLY recommend sticking with Fredricks or VS, or something similar to these lines when making a purchase. They have quality items and genuinely want the customer to leave satisfied. I would HIDE your credit card from this brand and stay far away.

  105. alexie says:

    Biggest scam ever. I wish I could put 0 stars. They charge you every month 40$ and this is not clear at all at first that you are signing up for this. They say they give you store credits if you invite friends but these ”credits” are never put in your account. Terrible customer service, they make you stay on the line for ever and hang up without even asking if you have more questions (which you do). You can’t unsubscribe within 45$ or else you must pay a penalty. Simply terrible experience.

  106. Ruth says:

    I ordered from their black Friday event, got a notice that my items were delivered, but low & behold…. I have no items. I called the company, they told my to call the post office. I called the post office, they told me to call Adore me…. I call Adore me back, they asked me if I have called the post office, I said yes, they told me to call you. Adore me says they can offer me 50% off of my next order…. Why on earth would I order from you again when I can’t even get the first order that I have placed? I’m now waiting 2-3 days for a supervisor to call me back & contemplating reporting the transaction as fraud on my credit card.

    • z says:

      It’s not their fault you didn’t get your package. If the post office said they delivered it, either they screwed up which is likely because they are morons, or someone stole your package from your porch, which isn’t adore me’s fault either. It sucks, but it’s not their fault. Call the police, make a complaint about your mail man. Ask your mail man what happened.

      • D.Brannon says:

        “Z” – Are you serious!?! No where in these posts does it ever say that “the Post Office said they delivered it”. And far from the “morons” you refer to them as, the Post Office is one of the very MOST RELIABLE businesses of all time!! The Post Office does NOT notify a recipient that a package was delivered! If something were mailed certified or with a with a return receipt requested, the COMPANY THAT MAILED IT would have received that delivery receipt, and IF they had, they would have provided a tracking number to the ‘customer’, which is NOT the case here. The sellers response to ‘check with the Post Office’ is just to put the customer off. Any ‘notice’ that it was mailed or received would have come from the company that CLAIMED to have mailed it. Nowhere in these posts is there any hint that the Post Office has failed to deliver – the only conclusion is that the ordered products were NEVER SHIPPED – a common practice with them (and I speak from personal experience!). In any event, this is certainly NOT A POLICE MATTER (who have no jurisdiction over postal employees!!). The proper authority to contact would be the Attorney General’s Office for the sate the purchaser lives in – All states have an AG’s Office, and every AG has a Consumer Affairs section that investigates fraud or dishonest business practices claimed by their residents, and can prohibit any company from doing business in their state. (Also, the correct term is not “mail man” – it is a Letter Carrier (and has been for more than 20 years!). Your knowledge and credibility are both very lacking. Stop defending this scam business; though you may not have been a victim of them, don’t assume that those many who were are not telling the truth. We already know they lie about what their products are, and have a long history of NOT delivering or even responding to, complaints. You need to read the article before you post such factless comments.

  107. SB says:

    I was looking at ordering from Adore me prior to reading this review and its comments. Aside, what are some quality, reliable online sites to order from?

    • Cora says:

      We usually mention at least a one in every blog post, and we have a list of them under the “Stores” heading at the top of the page. I’d take a look through some of our recent articles especially to see where we recommend.

  108. Michelle says:

    Thanks so much for this post and your investigation. I have been ordering from Adore Me for a while now and everything I have has either fallen apart or is extremely uncomfortable! Also, they are not consistent with their sizes. When you wear a 38DD you need consistency! I have a free credit to use and then I am done.

  109. Jamie says:

    My experience with AdoreMe was interesting to say the least. I never buy into the whole “designer goods” thing and don’t recall anything in my experience of their advertising implying that it was designer, just that you’d feel like a VIP if you joined their little club. I’ve found good quality at $20 and bad quality at $150.
    I felt the $20 introductory sale was a steal if they sold a good product. I was in the market for a white, slighly retro looking corset for a Bphoto shoot I did for my husband. I purchased a white corset with a bow on the top in a Medium. It was way too small on top which I found odd because 32C is not particularly large for a girl who wears a medium- also the first set wasn’t that cute in person and seemed a bit cheap. After an hour on hold I got instructions to ship it back. Even though the tracking number said it was delivered to them in one week, it took them almost a month, plus 2 more phone calls to get them to acknowledge the return. Then, they sent me an e-mail with a code for another free set- I was happy with this (I’m pretty forgiving) and quickly ordered another white brocade corset. I have to say the second corset I ordered was fantastic! It had metal boning, was true sturdy brocade cloth. I LOVE this corset. That being said, my previous experience soured the experience because I felt I could not trust them to keep their word of a good product. I don’t mind the once in a while, oops. I really minded having to hound them to keep their word.

  110. Mark Alexander says:

    Cora, I purchase most of my wifes bra and panties because I believe and want to see her in the best. I just signed up with Adore me and purchased the 1st two sets. The thing I look for most is matching sets that are advertised together. What store in your opinion offers the best quality money is not a big issue? Any thoughts would be appreciated…

  111. Morgan says:

    they buy the lingerie from other lingerie companies close outs – basically it’s the crap no one wants to buy. They then mark up a 3.00 bra and a 2.00 panty to 39.99 and tell you it’s a bargain ,, they never have been in the industry and have deep pockets to buy names and fake followers on Facebook . it’s a shame that companies like this give start ups a bad name. They don’t check the factories for labor issues or quality – your 39.99$ is actually worth $5.00 !!!

    • Cristel says:

      Please leave a comment about Adore Me on my facebook page….I am currently dealing with they and they are giving me the run around about cancelling a VIP membership I didn’t even know I had. I want them to see just how much “word of mouth” spreads about negative experiences. Heads up! This deceitful unethical business practice is still taking place and not only are the sizes off but they are defective and I think trying to sell defective stuff and even if the item is returned they make $5.95 restocking fee or more.

  112. Mackenzie says:

    From Adore Me Website:
    ‘Our commitment to perfect fit, contemporary designs, and incredible pricing means having to design our collections in-house.
    For this, we hired a seasoned Head of Design with 20+ years of lingerie design experience from big-name brands such as Victoria’s Secret and Wacoal-America, so that she could create the first exclusive Adore Me collection.’

    Awkward. The first time I visited this site I recognized a ton of Felina and Jezebel. Its disappointing that people are paying more than $35 for a Jezebel bra, as they rarely retail for more than $30.

    From trendspotting and sketching, to sourcing the best fabrics and testing every piece for maximum comfort, our design team meticulously oversees every stage of the creation process.

  113. Nicole says:

    ughhh hate this website! so many Jezebel pieces being sold for crazy high prices! i actually found half a dozen Jezebel bras within the first five minutes of browsing Adore Me. even with a “matching” panty its still more expensive than the actual manufacturer would charge.on top of that, you cant figure out how they actually fit if you don’t know who made it, since sizes differ between brands most of the time. i signed up forever ago out of curiosity but never bought anything, and im glad i havent.

  114. Susan says:

    I had a horrible experience with a groupon I ordered. Their customer service claimed that my return was incomplete and several times did not follow up. I went back to groupon and they refunded what I had payed, but I’m not even going to bother with going after them for the money I paid them. They did give me a couple of vouchers for free sets so I’m going to likely use those for all my trouble (in lieu of the money that I’m not going back to them for).

  115. Abbi says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this. Ive been eyeing an Adore Me corset set for a while now but I’ve been hesitant to part with my money because I’d never really heard of them before (found them through a friends facebook.) I was drawn to the ease and inexpensiveness of their business model, plus their mobile site is very easy to ues. But at 22 and working with a very tiny budget, I cant afford to run the risk of losing out on a flimsy “deal.” Why can’t things just be easy? Lol Why must businesses be so underhanded. I mean, I dont mind getting what I pay for as long as you’re honest about it. All I wanted was a corset for my anniversary . Geuss its back to watching for Victoria’s Secret to have a sale.

  116. Wow, reading through these comments just reinforces why I absolutely refuse to order anything online, and refuse to buy something just because it’s cheap. Hassle exchanging, returning, poor quality, poor fit. What a pain in the behind. I’m sorry, but this 36G prefers to purchase things that I can touch, see, and try on. And yes, my tits are worth $100+ anytime, ALL the time, lol.

    • Cora says:

      I order most of my lingerie online, and I would never interpret Adore Me’s business practices as indicative of all online lingerie retailers. In fact, I emphasized repeatedly in this piece that my issues with Adore Me had nothing to do with the fact that they’re online or even with their prices, but rather that they engage in deceptive marketing practices which are misleading to consumers. I think it’s important to remember that many women aren’t in a position to purchase their favorite brands from a local boutique (either because nearby boutiques don’t stock those brands or because boutiques tend to sell out more quickly than online stores), and I also think it’s worth remembering that many women simply can’t afford to spend $100 on their bras. Speaking as someone who started this blog because I couldn’t afford expensive lingerie, the issue isn’t that some women value their breasts less than other women, it’s that many women’s economic reality prevents them from spending upwards of 3 figures a piece on any item of clothing…bras included. While you’re certainly within your rights to avoid online retailers, for whatever reason, Adore Me isn’t anything close to a typical online seller.

  117. Corinne says:

    This is a bummer. I just saw this company today and saw they carried CUTE bras in my size (36F). I was psyched and was considering ordering from them. Not now, though. I guess I’m stuck paying $80-$150 for every bra i buy.

    • Cora says:

      Adore Me isn’t your only resource for cheap lingerie. You can check other online stores (like Bare Necessities, HerRoom, or Frederick’s of Hollywood), keep an eye out for bra sales, or search eBay for the bras you like on clearance. There are lots of options for women on a tighter budget.

  118. Jeannie says:

    I wanted to post an update.I did a review on the set from Adore Me and sent it to their site. It was MOSTLY a positive review other then I stated I didnt like the way the sizing was off.I still gave it a 3 star review and they didnt post it. I dont think I will be giving them anymore of my business if they cant even post an honest review.

  119. Charla says:

    I recently took the plunge and decided to give AdoreMe a try, even after reading this. I did my research on the Parfait by Affinitas bras and learned they fit small. However, my first try fit very small and I’m in the middle of an exchange. The process was very easy online and a new set is on it’s way to me. I’ll see how it fits.

    However, I was a little shocked to see the relabeling. I knew they did it, but it was poorly done. Their tag was obviously sewn in after (on top of the fabric) and there were strands from the cut out tags still unraveling in between.

    If my new set doesn’t fit, I will know that Parfait isn’t for me and not bother anymore. Probably won’t bother anymore anyway, to be honest, but it IS a great deal on the Parfait sets. (Initial VIP order is $20.)

  120. Jeannie says:

    I always believe in being fair so wanted to offer an update. I contacted Adore Me and told them that my set didnt fit. The customer service rep said I could exchange the set. I told her I had already tried on the underwear.She stated that if I had only tried them on I could send them back.I told her I didnt want to exchange them because I had them on my body.I said that I wouldnt want to put on underwear that someone else had worn so I would simply keep the set and just buy a bra extender to make the back fit better.
    I was also able to cancel my membership with no problem and my hold time was only a few minutes.

  121. Anita Senza says:

    I bought from Adore Me several times and I was very happy of what I received. I made my decision because I saw they had so many happy customers on Reseller Ratings which I always check before I try a new site. Here it is if you don’t know it:
    To your point Cora, I also noticed that some Adore Me items were also available in other lingerie brands, but it was cheaper at Adore Me (!) and they were the only ones to offer free and unlimited exchanges. So I went for it! I guess at the end of the day the most important for me is to get a great product at a great value, and this is what I got there.
    Then, I have been a happy customer and I also bought stuff at Adore Me that I didn’t see anywhere else. I’ve seen this more and more recently actually on their site.

  122. Jeannie says:

    I just received my first set from them.The band sizes run a size to small.I am a 38 d in all other styles.I ordered a 38 in the longline bra.It is more like a 36 band.My daughter had to help me get it hooked.The matching panty that says its large is really a usa size 8 to 10 pant size normally a large panty for me is a size 7 package.Lucky for me I have smaller hips so the panty fits.Now get this if just ONE of the pieces from the set doesnt fit you still have to send back BOTH pieces.I think thats crazy.Do they destroy that pair of underwear that didnt fit someone from a set?
    If I decide to order again how do I know if ALL their sizes are off? The boning in this longline set digs into my back.I have also read on several other forums where people have stated that they sent product back and were never credited. Also I can see where the org tags have been removed from my set.The tag on both the panty and bra clearly state made in china.
    I found your site AFTER I had already placed an order with them.I was excited to have found their company because it states they have their own in house designer and they have stylists. I am not at all happy right now.

  123. Stacie says:

    that’s why I stick to my Chantelle bras. Tried Adore me and never again! I felt like I was cheating :P

  124. Emily says:

    I had such a bad experience with them, thank you for actually being harsh with this review! Their
    “easy returns” took forever, they sent the item back to me for no reason, and their sizes are all over the place (probably from the rebranding from different companies).

  125. Becky Magson says:

    Thanks for sharing this, Cora. I really would never have known otherwise had you not exposed this. I’m quite shocked that relabelling goes on even though I’ve often wondered how products non lingerie related often look identical and yet have different brands printed on them. I don’t mind so much if I’m not being ripped off but when you’ve paid more for an item and descriptions are misleading, you feel taken for a ride. It’s not right at all.

    Becky x

  126. Beth says:

    Great article, Cora! I agree with you and the other commentors here that transparency is best when it comes to retail. I appreciate your honest reporting and love hearing your insider’s perspective.

  127. jane says:

    OMG Thank you for calling that out! I was thinking the SAME EXACT THING when I clicked on one of their ads! The funny thing is that many of those brands sell for much less at a variety of lingerie websites.

  128. Leila B. says:

    Thank you Cora!

  129. Rebecca says:

    Very informative article Cora. I have seen the Adore Me site and was curious about it. It seemed to good to be true. You did a great job backing up your opinion. Thanks for the tip!

  130. Hannah says:

    Secrets in Lace relables? How so?

    • Cora says:

      Their stockings (along with those of many other companies) are made by the same handful of nylon manufacturers, primarily Cervin.

      • Just now seeing the comment about Secrets In Lace Relabeling. Secrets In Lace does not Rebrand stockings. We buy open production capacity to do extremely large production runs with no less than 7 factories around the world one of which is our own factory; we create SIL designs to our specific requirements to include yarn types, heel construction, welt designs and finishes, then hold the contract factory responsible for delivery. Cervin is a brand and yes we both use the same factory for unique styles. Every single Secrets In Lace style that comes from that specific factory was originally developed by us for us or jointly to fill open capacity on one of a kind machines. Some styles remain exclusive developments and some exclusivities have expired with those stockings making their way to the Cervin Brand and others. And as time goes on you will see other original SIL exclusive welt designs and leg patterns pop up. I am not sure how my personally standing on the factory floor at a knitting machine with a technician, directing a development turns into Rebranding. Our contractual arrangements are not with Cervin nor do we pay Cervin. If any thing our significant production runs have kept some of these factories in the black and allowed our competitors to tag on. If you want to call out companies that receive Branded products and actually repackage them to their own packaging look no further than some of your own Affiliates and Advertisers who do just that.

        • Cora says:

          I stand by my statements. Any readers interested in wondering why I said Secrets in Lace relabels can check the following articles:

          Why do lingerie companies relabel products?
          On Stockings and Subterfuge: A Guest Post from Catherine of Kiss Me Deadly

          Readers who are interested in comparing products for themselves can visit this link and this link, and also this link, this link, and this link.

          In addition, it’s worth noting that Cervin/L’arsoie are one and the same. The first name is the company’s brand that they sell products under. The second name is the same company’s manufacturing or factory name. This particular arrangement is common for several lingerie companies I know of (StockingsHQ, Kiss Me Deadly, Made by Niki, and Playful Promises, among others), but it does mean you are technically correct that you don’t do business with or invoice Cervin.

          As a blogger and consumer, I do not have access to the complicated business agreements and legal contracts and marketing clauses that are part and parcel of our industry. I can only comment on similarities I see between what one brand is selling and what another brand is selling. These similarities are what I share with my readers. If you’d like to write an article explaining the complexities of stockings manufacturing on TLA, I’d be happy to take a look at it for publication. I’m sure it’d be an amazingly insightful read.

          You’re also welcome to publicly out those those affiliates and advertisers you see who are doing rebranding and repackaging. As I said before, I don’t have access to everything that happens behind the scenes, but I’m sure we would all be be interested in those names. I know I’m always looking for opportunities to add to my body of knowledge.

          Thank you for your comment,

          • Yes Cora, thank you for pointing out the styles that refer to my statement “Every single Secrets In Lace style that comes from that specific factory was originally developed by us for us or jointly to fill open capacity on one of a kind machines.” We agreed to put into production on newly acquired circular knit machines the 10 Denier in 2001, the 7 Denier in 2002 and Vintage Dot in 2003. Our Catalogue Covers from those periods are on Pinterest at

            Those laces were in their infancy in the late 90’s so none of us knew who was going to continue with what, but I must say that Art Deco print was a real dog – we never should have agreed to buy into that development!
            Keep an eye out for some unique welt treatments we originally prototyped coming along as well.

            While I am sure we can go around in circles I am not so sure how you get re-branding if we developed it first.

            Daniel Whitsett
            Secrets In Lace

            • Cora says:

              Hi Dan,

              Good to see you again! And thank you for pointing out that many of your products are indeed repackaged and used by other brands. As I mentioned in my previous comment, I don’t have access to the original factory records, manufacturing agreements, company accounts, or anything else of that nature. I simply report on the similarities I see…similarities which you appear to agree with. Like Secrets in Lace, most companies which sell these styles say that they’re the originator of them and many companies insist that these items were or are exclusive to them. My invitation for you to write an article about the details of stockings manufacturing on The Lingerie Addict still stands. Until then, I look forward to seeing your new welt treatments.

              Have a good week,

  131. HB says:

    I bought Parfait by Affinitas’s Fiona cami from Adore Me. I don’t remember what name they renamed the blue version as. I only bought it because I recognized what I was getting. The fact that they rename all of Parfait’s bra really would make it harder to research your purchases before making them. As a fuller-busted woman I like to read a lot of blog reviews before making a purchase online to get an idea about how the sizing runs. (In this case, I already owned a couple of Parfait bras in 30G, so I knew what size to order.)

    • Cora says:

      Exactly. There are plenty of women who want to buy lingerie from the brands they’re selling. No need to repackage it. I’m glad you found something you like. :-)

  132. Alicia says:

    Fascinating read, thanks Cora.

    I’ve actually been watching AdoreMe from afar for a little while – I know a lot of people in the French/Business/Start-Up community. My guess, from an outsider perspective, are there a few things at play here:

    – The founders raised money from tech-oriented angel investors and venture capitalists. It’s difficult to raise money, and a lot of investors are allergic to the word “inventory”. Most would rather fund the next “capital efficient” Facebook or Google, where the only fixed costs are two developers and Raamen Noodle. I wouldn’t be surprised if the founders were encouraged to think creatively and re-distribute 3rd party product to keep costs down.
    – There’s a certain caché to French product. As guys targeting a female audience, that’s probably their best “unfair advantage” and they’re trying to play it up in their marketing and branding. Not necessarily to deceive, but to differentiate themselves.
    – On the other hand, France is infamous for poor customer service. Most of the experiences everyone’s mentioned above are par for the course in Paris. This is probably a harsh wake up call / tough lesson for young French entrepreneurs going after an American audience with much higher expectations.

    Overall, it’s a fascinating case study in online retail and transparency. Online shoppers tend to be pretty highly educated and informed, and I think the brands that recognize that and offer complete transparency (i.e. Everlane) will fare far better than others. Tights should be opaque, not marketers.


    • Cora says:

      Really interesting comment, Alicia! Thanks for offering that insight into the venture capitalist/start up community and French customer service practices. It just shows that it’s really important to know your target audience if you plan on selling to them. Americans like a good deal, it’s true, but we also really like our customer service. :-)

    • Sierra says:

      Their company steal from you every month. Here’s an open letter I sent to the CEO.


      I have gone to the full extent of contacting you directly. I have contacted ADORE ME multiple times over the past year to try and cancel my VIP membership charges of $39.95 a month. I have contacted my bank provider and even VISA in attempts to block transactions from Adore Me. Your company has taken over $319.60 from me, in total since July 20th, 2015. I need a full refund seeing as that money was deducted from my college account and it is associated with my student loans. I have filed multiple claims providing documentation to your company and I’m sure you have it on file. It is extremely exhausting and stressful dealing with this. I am over 30k in debt and your company has stolen (because I have never used ANY of their offers or even looked at any offers) over 3 hundred dollars from me.
      I have never used or ordered anything from ADORE ME since June, 2015.
      I have never touched or logged on to the “show rooms”.
      I have no credit card info on file.
      I have no rewards points (wouldn’t I have 319.60?).

      Other professional and creditable companies reply instantly and are able to fully refund clients immediately.
      You should be able, if not willing to do the same.

      -S***** S******

      • Alexandra says:

        Hi Sierra,
        I contacted the NY Consumer Protection Agency and to the fraud department of the NY attorney general (they are headquartered in NY so you should do your complaint with the NY consumer protection agencies) and sent a complain through them after many unanswered requests to cancel my membership. That got them to finally do cancel my membership. They still lied in the letter they sent back to the consumer protection agency and claimed I just didn’t understand the cancellation process. I followed the cancellation process in their terms and conditions to the T and I had it all documented. I sent back copies of all communications wit them to the consumer protection agency and attorney general so they have it on file. More people need to complain at that level so hey can be investigated. That company is a huge scam. Good luck!

  133. Natasha says:

    Thank you for this review! I ordered from them months ago and it wasn’t really what I expected but I managed to get half off on a set so I didn’t feel TOO bad. I still wear the set once a while so I think I got my money’s worth but it’s not as luxurious as they try to make it sound.

    The company just seems really shady to me though. I was looking up reviews and they’re all pretty bad except for one site:

    But it’s really suspicious. Every time a bad review comes in TONS of 5 star reviews pop up, all of them from new accounts. I don’t think I’ll do business with them again!

    • Cora says:

      Hi Natasha!

      It’s funny…I noticed a similar pattern too when I was looking for reviews/feedback on Adore Me. But I didn’t want to include my theories about that in this piece, as of course, there’s nothing to substantiate them. It’s just interesting that you noticed it as well.

  134. Vega says:

    If any of you girls think that the big brands in the industry selling to the masses (Eg. Victoria’s Secret, the European big brands) are making their products in house, then you’re dreaming. Everyone is using white labels, usually from Asia. Maybe some of the European luxury houses, to have either in house, or exclusive lines made overseas, but anyway, they’re being made in 3rd world factories. So no one is knocking off anyone else, they’re just using similar suppliers, if not the same ;). Think about that next time you buy Victoria’s Secret.

    • Cora says:

      Hi Vega! You’re right…white label manufacturing is absolutely endemic to the industry. It’s something I realized once I began attending tradeshows. I don’t have a problem with white label manufacturing in and of itself, but I will *always* disagree with deceptive marketing practices. And in the case of the Trashy Lingerie piece shown above, it’s designed and produced in Trashy Lingerie’s own factories in California…so it’s not a piece which is made overseas or a piece which is produced by big brands selling to the masses.

  135. Katrina says:

    They’ve been popping up on my facebook lately as a “suggested post”. I thought the lingerie looked like it was from Victoria’s Secret! I bet some of it was.

    • Cora says:

      What’s likely going on is that Victoria’s Secret uses the same of the factories as the brands shown here. VS is large enough now to probably own their entire chain of distribution (or, at the very least, claim exclusivity on certain styles or prints). When I go to these tradeshows, I do see private label manufacturers selling things very similar to what I see in Victoria’s Secret, but I haven’t been able to put together definitive proof yet. When or if I do though, it’ll be a great blog post! :-)

  136. Estelle says:

    I had no idea relabeling even happened! Not with lingerie anyway – I bought a pair of regular-priced shoes from Dorothy Perkins once only to go visit my mum who had identical shoes with ‘Evie’ on the label (a Peacocks brand) that’d she’d bought for half what I paid. It did make me a little annoyed! It’s not really fair to customers, and I’m not sure why Adore Me try to sell it as their own range they make themselves anyway. What’s wrong with saying it’s by Affinitas or Leg Avenue if it is? A lot of people love those brands and actively search for them!

    • Cora says:

      That’s what I thought as well! I mean, I understand the cachet and branding appeal of French lingerie, but tons of women are searching for and want to buy Affinitas and Leg Avenue products specifically. It does seem a bit like they’re shooting themselves in the foot here.

      And yes, relabeling happens all over. So does renaming. I talked about in relation to stockings early on in my blogging career, but the rest of lingerie is certainly not exempt!

  137. Hibiscus says:

    This review is excellent!! I see far too much rebranding on the sly, especially in the corset area, and it is pointless—just offer the product! The foreign knockoff industry is a whole other thing that isn’t even worth discussing. The customer that is not near good retail outlets, and as you say, just isn’t educated about the product, is the one that suffers.

  138. I ordered something from Adore Me back in the beginning of February. They sent me the wrong item and told me that I could send it back to get a refund, but I’d have to pay a restocking fee. After a long email exchange, they finally agreed to waive the restocking fee (after all, the error was theirs) and I shipped it back, using their shipping label. They never refunded my money. I spent months having them lie to me “oh, it takes 3 weeks”… “oh, it takes 4 weeks”, etc and ignore my emails and facebook posts. So I filed a claim through my bank. When my bank called them with me, they pretended to cooperate, but put us on hold for long enough that the bank representative had to leave the call. As soon as the representative left, they said they wouldn’t give the refund, because they couldn’t find the returned item (they still owed me a refund, though, since they never sent me the item I ordered!). After arguing for an hour, they agreed to call me back in 48 hours with an answer. They never called. I called my bank again and they filed a claim… in mid-April. A MONTH later, Adore Me called me out of the blue… asking why I had called and what my issue was (as though I had just called them). When I explained the issue and that I had already filed a claim with my bank, they offered to ship me the correct item. I told them that I was done dealing with them and that they could settle it through my bank, as the claim had been filed. The next morning, I got an email from them, asking how they could help me… as though they forgot that they had called me the other day. It was bizarre. Anyway, I am still waiting to see what happens with the claim…

    Take my advice: NEVER order through Adore Me.

    • Cora says:

      Ugh. On the one hand, I’m sorry you had such a terrible experience. On the other, thank you for sharing that experience here.

      As a blogger, brands are often on their “best behavior,” so to speak when they’re working with me. So it’s super valuable to get reviews from people who aren’t interacting with brands in that capacity. Thanks again.

  139. Tara says:

    I ordered from them, thinking it was a steal. Lo and behold, the first set came and the lace on the bra was ripped. They claimed free returns, but had no instructions or labels in the packaging to do so. I tried to call to cancel my subscription twice, both times being on hold for over 30 minutes. Very unhappy with these guys, and thrilled when I could finally end my subscription.

    • Cora says:

      Nope, nope, nope, nope. That is definitely not okay.

      I signed up with exactly one of these monthly subscription-style shopping sites when they first started (Jewelmint, I think?), and was completely done with that entire business model in the span of a month. It obviously works for some people, but I like being able to choose when I want to buy something.

    • Cristel says:

      Come leave a comment on my facebook page campaign against Adore Me and their unethical business practices!!!

      I am having a super awful time getting my product #1 & cancelling my VIP Membership, which I didn’t even know I had. Somehow they set you up on auto bank draft for $39.99/ month if you don’t order something!!! BEWARE….THIS SHOULD BE CLEAR & SITE MAKES IT DIFFICULT TO FIND THE INFORMATION YOU NEED TO PROTECT YOURSELF. They are greedy people that just want your money at any cost. Stay away.

      • Kaity says:

        How do you cancel an adore me membership? Because I somehow became a VIP member and did not know that I was. Can you do it on the website or do you have to call their service number?

        • Priyanka says:

          You have to call to cancel. I’m trying to do that right now. I was on hold for over half an hour before giving up. Plus, the first time I called, after 10 minutes, they hung up on me! They have a chat on their website, but I don’t know why as it has never been helpful and the people chatting with you apparently can’t actually do anything for you…

          I’ve been disappointed with this company from the start, just been lazy about canceling. I’m pretty busty and have yet to find a single nightgown that is both cute and sexy and also supportive. And for their bras, nothing that comes in full-figured has any padding. I can’t wait to be rid of this company.

          • Katie says:

            Greeeeat. I ordered something & automatically became a VIP member. I had no clue, I thought I was just making a purchase! Bad business practice there. Now I’m not looking forward to calling & cancelling. You should be able to do that online.

        • vanessa cutler says:

          I, too, tried to make a one-time purchase. I suddenly became a VIP member. Throughout 2016, I have been trying to cancel my membership. Except, the associate is putting me on “vacation” and within a few months, the charges come up again. It’s been a never-ending battle. Even to this day, after thinking it was cancelled, did I get an email from adore me claiming “because you’re on vacation until december 31st, I cannot cancel your membership” What! I literally bought one shitty item a year ago, and I’m being charged still. This is complete robbery.

      • Fatima says:

        Exact my problem. I got a set (bad quality) and forgot about ADORE ME until I saw a charge of $50 CAD. So the first time I got a refund (where they still charged me $4.oo not sure why). And when I unsubscribed from them, next day I saw a charge of $50 CAD again. I called and they said “Well, you didn’t read when you were unsubscribing!!!” Such a SCAM. I’m so mad!!!! I paid around $100 for something that is not even a good quality.

      • Chris says:

        I’m not defending adore me!! But the sight clearly says when you sign up for VIP. Then it has VIP pricing and regular pricing. Not sure how people not reading is the sites fault?? All the other stuff about quality and returns is a problem though. That just compounds everyone’s issues to begin with

  140. Jessica says:

    I tried adore me a few months ago and was really disappointed. The sizes differed between the two things I ordered, they didn’t have the size I had ordered the first time so they sent me a voucher for a free set. When I returned both of them one got lost in the mail (I was using their return label) and it took several months to get a refund for the one I paid for. After returning the set I paid for I decided to trade in for some tights. They are not great, but I’ll take them over a set made of polyester and cheap mesh.

    • Cora says:

      At the very least, you know what you’re getting with tights, right? Sorry you had such a bad experience, but thank you so much for sharing it here.

  141. nikki says:

    I been wondering about this company. 40 dollars for a Parfait bra and panty actually seemed like a decent price to me but hearing about how they cut out the tags and the fact that they wouldn’t admit the brand made me suspicious. Like do these brands know and have a deal with this site or is something else shady going on?

    • Cora says:

      I agree…of all the brands, the Affinitas and Parfait by Affinitas sets were the best deal. And they’re not cutting the tags out of items; the tags say “Adore Me.” That means whatever private label company is behind Affinitas/Parfait by Affinitas has made an agreement with Adore Me to use Adore Me’s labels instead of their own. I think I should maybe do an article on private labeling now; it seems to be a topic a lot of people are curious about.

      • Caterina says:

        I certainly am curious, having seen what appeared to be knockoff Coobies in bloody Forever 21. Adore Me isn’t much better if it’s doing that, IMO.

        • Cora says:

          I honestly don’t know much about Coobies (who makes them, where they’re sold to, etc.), but I’ll definitely keep an eye out. Thanks!

    • MyNameIsAlsoNikki says:

      Actually, I was really suspicious about this when I first heard about Adore Me selling Affinitas/Parfait’s items – and the items the girls I spoke to were recieving were always damaged goods. I personally love my Parfait babydolls (wrong size, but great for nightwear/loungewear), and so I spoke to the company about it. They’ve given permission for Adore Me to rebrand and re-sell their products as their own (and they’ve given ASOS the same permissions). Needless to say, I was a little surprised. The company was more worried that the goods were arriving damaged and Adore Me was being difficult about the returns. This was about a year ago (I think, maybe longer, maybe not), so I’m not sure if it’s an issue that’s been fixed or not.

      • Gina says:

        I just received a few items recently. The pajamas I believe had a manufacturer defect. The pant leg literally ripped in half on day 2. DAY 2! Chatted with customer service and was told there was nothing that could be done, call customer service. So I call. I was told I would be on hold for 6 minutes and it is now 22 minutes. Though the price is enticing, the quality is just not worth it. Worst thing I have ever done.

  142. Annmarie says:

    Thank you so much for researching and exposing all those lingerie shenanigans. It’s a terrible feeling to find out you were cheated, let alone with something that supposed to be so intimate right next to your skin.

    • Cora says:

      Exactly! That’s the biggest thing. Like I said in the post, there’s nothing wrong with selling the products they’re selling, but there is something wrong with selling those products as something they’re not (and making false statements to the media about it).

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