5 Year Anniversary Giveaway: Kiss Me Deadly Custom Corset & Matching Lingerie Set

Kiss Me Deadly “Lydia”

Happy Monday! We’re kicking off this week’s 5 year anniversary celebration with our most ambitious giveaway yet, from one of my most favorite lingerie brands in the world: Kiss Me Deadly.

I’ve been a fan of Kiss Me Deadly for a really, really, really long time. I’m talking since way back in 2008 when I first started blogging. Their Vargas dress and Sirena bra were a revelation to me, and the more I’ve gotten to know about this brand (and Catherine, the crazy-awesome woman behind it), the more I love it. Make no mistake, I’m not an unbiased observer here. I’ve got all the feelings for Kiss Me Deadly and I don’t care who knows it. That’s why I’m so excited about this giveaway, the first of its kind we’ve done here.

Kiss Me Deadly ‘Pink Alouette’

You, my readers, have the opportunity to win one of the custom, one-off, made-to-measure corsets by Ava Corsetry shown in the sketches below. You’ll notice there are no actual photos of this corset here. That’s because it doesn’t exist yet, and it won’t until the lucky winner receives her special, handmade-just-for-you one in the mail. You’ll also get the gorgeous coordinating lingerie…either the turquoise Lydia or Pink Alouette sets (which we do have photographs of, shown above) to match the beautiful corset of your choice. All told, that’s about £500 (or $750.00) worth of lingerie!

Kiss Me Deadly ‘Lydia’ Corset 1

Kiss Me Deadly ‘Lydia’ Corset 2

Kiss Me Deadly ‘Pink Alouette’ Corset 1

Kiss Me Deadly ‘Pink Alouette’ Corset 2

Ready for your chance to win? Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Leave a comment telling us which collection from the Kiss Me Deadly archive is your favorite. (This entry is mandatory.)
  2. Follow Kiss Me Deadly on Facebook.
  3. Follow Kiss Me Deadly on Twitter.
  4. Tweet about the giveaway using the hashtag #lingerieaddict.
  5. Follow The Lingerie Addict on Facebook.

As usual, the first entry (leave a blog post comment) is required, but the others are optional and you only need to do them if you’d like to take advantage of extra entries. This giveaway is open internationally. Please use the Rafflecopter widget at the bottom of this post for all your entries so we can keep track of them. Don’t forget to include your e-mail address so I have a way to contact you! The Kiss Me Deadly Giveaway ends April 29th at 11:59 p.m. The contest winner will be chosen at random on April 30th and publicly posted to The Lingerie Addict. The contest winner must respond within 48 hours to claim their prize or a new winner will be chosen.

Thank you for celebrating my blog anniversary with me and best of luck!

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  1. Thursday
    22/04/13 at 6:19

    I have to choose one collection as a favourite?! So many have become classics of my lingerie drawers. The Van Doren pieces are probably my go-tos for style and comfort, especially the eight strap suspender belt and the pin-up knicker. Giant knickers win!

  2. Claire w
    22/04/13 at 6:25

    The Vargas girdle was what inspired me to look into retro lingerie and lingerie garment making, I can happily say I now have half my wardrobe filled with different lingerie now!

  3. 22/04/13 at 6:42

    My favourite collection from KMD is definitely the Vargas dress! It’s still one of my favourite lingerie pieces, it’s perfect in every way! I can be wearing the frumpiest outfit over the top of it and still feel sexy!

    Toots x

  4. Emma
    22/04/13 at 6:43

    My all time favourite KMD item is the Vargas dress, I wear it all the time and its lasted so well! Plus it’s super flattering and makes me feel great :)

  5. 22/04/13 at 6:47

    My favourite Kiss Me Deadly collection are the Vargas girdles. The frist KMD garment I came across online was the peach longline girdle and I was instantly smitten. It was my introduction to the brand and stands out as a signature piece: elegant, sassy and versatile.

  6. Andria
    22/04/13 at 6:50

    MY absolute favorite collection so far is probably the Van Mimi items

  7. Trinity
    22/04/13 at 6:50

    The Plum Mimi is, by far, my favorite collection. It’s just so purple and lacy!

  8. Aurelie
    22/04/13 at 7:01

    Black and red jolie is my favourite!

  9. Dorien
    22/04/13 at 7:01

    Pick one favorite? Gosh, that’s really hard! I think i’d for the Vargas girdles because it’s simple, sexy and just gorgeous. It’s quite hard, if not impossible, to find lingerie like the Vargas girdles in the region i live so when i found out about Kiss me Deadly you can imagine how happy i was!

  10. Therese
    22/04/13 at 7:08

    I am really a fan of the Multiway Vargas Dress!

  11. Aislynn
    22/04/13 at 7:14

    My favourite would have to be the Van Mimi collection. It was so amazing and I wish I could own some of it.

  12. Meghann
    22/04/13 at 7:29

    If I’m forced to pick I’d go with Van Mimi and Red Sirena. There’s no way I can chose between them.

  13. Niki
    22/04/13 at 7:41

    I love the lace on peach of the Amelie collection!

  14. Angelica
    22/04/13 at 7:45

    My favorite collection from Kiss Me Deadly is Lydia. :)

  15. 22/04/13 at 7:47

    My favorite from the archives is definitely Candy Box! Candy and lingerie just go together so perfectly :)

  16. 22/04/13 at 7:53

    Oooh super exciting! My favorite from the Kiss Me Deadly archive is definitely the Elle robe, so dramatic!

  17. Jennifer
    22/04/13 at 7:55

    The Alouette Emerald is my favorite, without a doubt – the color is just so lush and green and perfect! (It’s an unusual color for lingerie, but also my favorite color, so it was pretty much love at first sight.)

  18. Catherine
    22/04/13 at 7:58

    Well, the Vargas longline girdle is probably still the most beautiful, streamlined, smooth, elegant and classic girdle I’ve ever seen! Especially in peach and ivory, which were really classic underwear colors in the 30’s, my period-of-choice. I’ve seen lots of vintage ads of Depression-era “aspirational” underwear, and the Vargas longline can definitely stand up to them.

  19. October Green
    22/04/13 at 7:59

    I adore all of the collections but my favorite would have to be Blue Deville. I crave everything from that collection. So incredibly beautiful.

  20. Ceci
    22/04/13 at 7:59

    The Candy Box collection was just the perfect set for me!

  21. 22/04/13 at 8:06

    My favorite KMD is the swimsuit line AND Pink Alouette collection! The swimsuits are sooo playful! The Pink Alouette collection is extremely beautiful!

  22. Leahanne
    22/04/13 at 8:12

    I think Blue Jezebel is my favorite. But it’s very, very hard to choose.

  23. Eve
    22/04/13 at 8:21

    I love the Vargas Dress. I have one from a sample sale and everyone called it the “Hairy Morgana” so that has to be my favourite really!

  24. Isabel
    22/04/13 at 8:34

    My favorite is the Blue DeVille, so beautiful!

  25. Jessica
    22/04/13 at 8:35

    I wish the Beth was still around, it would be perfect under my wedding dress!

  26. 22/04/13 at 8:52

    I love the Pink Alouette. It’s so pretty, feminine and ladylike. I adore the shape of the bra.

  27. Mystery
    22/04/13 at 8:55

    The Red Sirena set has to be my fave out of all the collections. Can’t go past drop dead gorgeous red!

  28. Jen J
    22/04/13 at 8:57

    My favorite item from the Kiss Me Deadly archives is the Cherie Teddy. I love the color and the shape!

  29. Alexis
    22/04/13 at 9:07

    My favorite piece from the archive is the Van Doren suspender belt, hands down. I’ve always loved wearing stockings, and since my first interest in lingerie, the piece I’ve wanted more than anything is a good, sturdy, sexy suspender belt. I quickly became obsessed with lingerie fashion, and Kiss Me Deadly was among the first makers I coveted. The Van Doren suspender bra was also one of the first things to go on my lingerie wish list.

  30. 22/04/13 at 9:36

    What, choose? Hah, I guess I would lie, cheat and steal to get Beth back in business… Sigh.

  31. Chelsea
    22/04/13 at 9:40

    I adore the Lydia set and I have been hoping to order a Van Doren suspender belt for a while now! :3

  32. 22/04/13 at 9:42

    I absolutely love the Red Sirena collection. It’s irresistibly sexy, but practical enough to wear all day long!

  33. Wytch
    22/04/13 at 9:49

    The Mimi set has to be my favorite. It’s so decadent looking.

  34. Syrah
    22/04/13 at 9:51

    My favourite lingerie would be the Vargas dress. I really hope my size will be available again soon. In the swimwear section, I love the Deluxe bikinis!

  35. Hannah
    22/04/13 at 9:51

    I think my favourite is the Blue Jezebel- I love the rich colours.

  36. Alexandra HALL
    22/04/13 at 9:52

    My all time favourite is the Van Mimi collection. But I still hope the Delacroix will be back some day (in dark blue, please!!) and plan to buy the Elle Robe for my birthday :)

  37. Elizabeth Taylor
    22/04/13 at 9:55

    My favorite collection is Lydia.

  38. Sarah
    22/04/13 at 10:02

    Kiss Me Deadly is where I purchased my first item of lingerie beyond bras and knickers. First purchase: Black and Red Jolie Suspender Belt. Now I’m hooked on garter belts and stockings! The Jolie remains one of my favorite collections; I wish I had purchased the matching longline girdle or underbust corset while I could!

  39. Jules
    22/04/13 at 10:05

    I adore the Jezebel Longline in red! I’ve always found the long lines very flattering for my body type,

  40. Ru
    22/04/13 at 10:07

    I can’t choose just one! But… well… I’ll have to go with Jolie. That pale color, those tiny bows.. so delicate and lovely.

  41. Beth
    22/04/13 at 10:18

    If I had to only pick one favorite, I’d go with the Lydia because I love the color.

  42. Laura Brasinha
    22/04/13 at 10:20

    Only one? well…. the Cherie Teddy is my all time favourite, even if it’s a one piece collection! It’s so adorable and perfect….

    (I follow both Kiss Me Deadly and The Lingerie Addict on Facebook)

  43. 22/04/13 at 10:22

    Kiss Me Deadly took my breath away the first time I saw them. I love all the Van Doren girdles, and the Elle robe broke my heart when she didn’t fit me. Favorite-collection-I-could-wear? The Mimi plum collection. The waist cincher and the black lace brief with matching plum stockings were just so, SO divine. Shoot, I also love the blue Jezebel. I’m a fan, clearly.

  44. Melissa
    22/04/13 at 10:32

    i love pink allouette, but amelie is also darling. it’s too bad it doesn’t seem to be in my size.. (32a)

  45. Patricia
    22/04/13 at 10:38

    I really love the Lydia collection!

  46. Hannah
    22/04/13 at 10:39

    I love the Multiway Vargas dress! So beautiful.

  47. Elizabeth
    22/04/13 at 10:42

    So hard to pick just one favorite! But … I’d probably have to go with the Multiway Vargas Dress due to it’s versatility.

  48. Ana Tomás
    22/04/13 at 10:42

    So hard to choose… probably Van Mimi, although I like Vargas a lot as well.

  49. Sarah.
    22/04/13 at 10:46

    The beautiful Red Sirena is my favorite.

  50. Molly
    22/04/13 at 10:51

    Oh, gosh, my favourite has to be the Lydia. I LOVE that colour in lingerie SO MUCH.

  51. 22/04/13 at 11:01

    Normally I go for the quirky but as an owner of one of the best garter belts out there, I have to say I LOVE the Van Doren Classics!

  52. Katherine N.
    22/04/13 at 11:05

    I’ve gotta say, trying to look through them and find my favorite was tough. But, the Vargas (particularly those in the permanent) collection is damn sexy. I’m also quite a fan of Van Mimi from ’08.

  53. Leila B.
    22/04/13 at 11:10

    I love the Vargas dress… So classic! But really, I could take them all…

  54. Elle
    22/04/13 at 11:13

    I love the Pink Printed Vargas Longline Girdle and the whole deadly sin picture series. the girdles color makes me love it more than the shape since its not pure white but a gentle color that makes you look gorgeous

  55. Katie
    22/04/13 at 11:15

    Loooove the Vargas dress!

  56. JT
    22/04/13 at 11:20

    The Pink Alouette #2 design is the favorite at our house.

  57. 22/04/13 at 11:21

    The Delores swimsuit steals my heart every time… But if we are strictly speaking about the lingerie, then the Mimi collection wins!!

  58. MT
    22/04/13 at 11:32

    I’d have to say the Van Mimi is my favourite (if I could choose one of all those beauties). All that lacey goodness!

  59. Magda
    22/04/13 at 11:49

    There are so many gorgeous sets, but if I have to pick one, Sirena (especially in black) is my favorite

  60. 22/04/13 at 12:12

    I first became aware of Kiss Me Deadly in 2009 with their Arabian Nights campaign. So I think those will always be my favorite. Esp Alouette in Peach.

  61. Breanna
    22/04/13 at 12:22

    I adore the Amelie collection.

  62. Tanya
    22/04/13 at 12:23

    The red Sirena sets are definitely my favorite. So sexy!

  63. Amanda
    22/04/13 at 12:29

    I love the red Sirena and Mimi sets, they are so fun and sexy!

  64. Linda J
    22/04/13 at 12:51

    I love the Tempest Rose collection!! So pretty.

  65. Olivia
    22/04/13 at 12:51

    My favorite is the Vargas Shapewear collection!

  66. Carla D.
    22/04/13 at 12:58

    I absolutely love the Tempest Rose collection. So sexy and seductive. :)

  67. Lindsey
    22/04/13 at 12:58

    It’s really hard the pick one collection but I really dig the red Sirena!

  68. Maddie
    22/04/13 at 13:02

    The Multiway Vargas Dress is the most practical and gorgeous undergarment I’ve seen – love it!

  69. 22/04/13 at 13:05

    My fav is the red sirena.

  70. Lily
    22/04/13 at 13:08

    The Van Doren is probably my favourite collection :) classic.

  71. Danielle
    22/04/13 at 13:22

    I really love the Red Sirena! Gorgeous!

  72. Megan
    22/04/13 at 13:42

    I discovered the covet-able Candy collection just a month too late, I believe. Such a fun print, though!

  73. Malin
    22/04/13 at 13:45

    The Mimi set is my favourite, the deep colour is amazing <3

  74. Scottie
    22/04/13 at 13:52

    Oh my gosh, I love Kiss Me Deadly. I bought the Jezebel knickers and a 6 strap suspender belt and was so, so impressed; it’s some of the best-made lingerie I’ve ever seen. The pieces I’d most like to own now are the Elle knickers and robe in black.

  75. 22/04/13 at 13:52

    I love the Vargas dress from 2007 with the aqua top. I’m gutted that they don’t make it anymore!

  76. Akosua
    22/04/13 at 13:54

    I’m loving the “Fifi” set. So gorgeous.

  77. 22/04/13 at 13:55

    Oooh I’d love Lydia, but then I’d also be happy with any of them!

  78. Mary B
    22/04/13 at 14:03

    I love every version of the Vargas Dress.

  79. 22/04/13 at 14:11

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the current Amelie set. UNF.


  80. Kit
    22/04/13 at 14:14

    I love all of KMD’s collections but I have to say the Red Sirena is my absolute favorite! I adore it.

  81. sadiya
    22/04/13 at 14:22

    I have to say, I can’t choose between the Mimi plum, the Elle or the Blue Deville collection. They’re just so lovely in completely different ways. You just can’t measure them by the same measuring stick, you know?

  82. Maqda
    22/04/13 at 14:51

    Platinum Sirena. Which i luckily for me own. This bra is one of my favourite pieces ever.

  83. 22/04/13 at 14:55

    The Red Sirena is my fav! So many beautiful collections though!

  84. Sandra
    22/04/13 at 15:00

    The Van Doren suspenders are amazing and practical, but i’m currently in love with the Ida set.

  85. SydneySin
    22/04/13 at 15:11

    It’s so hard to choose just one favorite! I have been eyeing the Ida and Blue DeVille. But if I had to choose it would be the Ida…rawr!

  86. Amanda V
    22/04/13 at 15:26

    The current collection. The colors are just so beautiful!

  87. 22/04/13 at 15:31

    Wow they are all gorgeous. It’s going to be hard to choose!

  88. Darren E
    22/04/13 at 15:37

    Without a doubt, my favorite is the “Red Sirena” collection…my beautiful red-headed wife would look fantastic in that collection…

  89. Erin
    22/04/13 at 15:38

    Oh my gosh, I love everything Kiss Me Deadly does! If I had to choose a favorite, I’d say the blue DeVille set. What an amazing giveaway!

  90. Soni
    22/04/13 at 15:40

    I have to say, my favorite is the current one. I do love that Ida!

  91. Ava Dahl
    22/04/13 at 15:41

    Oh, I NEED Lydia Corset #1 in my life!!

  92. Annalise
    22/04/13 at 15:43

    I love the elle robe, I think it’s classically beautiful.

  93. 22/04/13 at 15:43

    Red Sirena is definitely my favorite.

  94. Carolee
    22/04/13 at 15:45

    So hard to choose a favorite! It’s a toss up between Ida (I’m weak for leopard prints!) or the Cherie teddy!

  95. Danielle
    22/04/13 at 15:45

    Happy Blogversary, Cora! KMD’s Van Doren collection is classy, simple and a #win. :)

  96. QLyla
    22/04/13 at 15:46

    I’m also finding picking just one favourite… but I guess I’ve been eyeing the Vargas girdles forever now, so that might qualify as a favourite.

    Other than that, I love the Tempest Rose and Red Sirena bras, but wish they were available in larger cup sizes!

  97. Nicole
    22/04/13 at 15:48


    Elle Is my favorite! Its beautiful and classic.

  98. Ali
    22/04/13 at 15:49

    I absolutely love the Red and Black Jolie, that and the red Sirena. It’s hard to pick!

  99. Amaryllis
    22/04/13 at 15:51

    It’s definitely the longline vargas girdles for me – my first KMD piece was the plain black one, and I now have, ahem, “a few” different pieces, but it’s the longline girdles that I really couldn’t live without in my lingerie drawer. My saddest moment ever was realising that I’d left buying the red longline girdle too late :(

  100. Lana Marie
    22/04/13 at 15:55

    Kiss Me Deadly is AWESOME ~ I love those ladies! So picking a favorite is hard~ The Vargas Longline was the first ever piece of lingerie/shapewear i bought and its still my go-to piece- love the bows on the garters! Anyway, I have quite an overflowing lingerie collection now thanks to them ;) From the archives-id say my favorite is the Candy Box – though i never was able to get my hands on any of the pieces from it. I never win anything (lol) & id probably just freak out if i did, so I’m mostly just posting to say how marvelous KMD is and if you don’t own any of their stuff you should go out and get it- Its a great company to support- they are super nice and their designs are always fun and high quality! Congrats on the 5 years! Woooo!

  101. Michelle Parris
    22/04/13 at 15:56

    I would have to say the Vargas girdle! It makes me feel like a lady when I wear it, it’s amazing!

  102. 22/04/13 at 15:59

    The Van Doren suspenders was was got me hooked, but I love the Van Mimi line.

  103. Morgan
    22/04/13 at 15:59

    Love the construction of Kiss Me Deadly’s lingerie. I’m a huge fan of the Van Doren set and think that the Pink Alouette set with Corset will be super cute!

  104. 22/04/13 at 16:01

    One of my favorite pieces….the Vargas dress! So versatile. One of my very favorite KMD pieces in my collection. Thanks so much for the chance to win! Such an AMAZING prize! Happy 5 year anniversary too, I remember this blog when it first began, seems like just yesterday!

  105. 22/04/13 at 16:04

    It’s so hard to pick a favourite colection, but I’d choose the Ivory Vargas set!

  106. Tatjana Thi
    22/04/13 at 16:05

    My favourite is the Blue DeVille. The colour is so bautiful and I adore the skirt.

  107. Alice
    22/04/13 at 16:06

    The Red Sirena collection! I have the bra and would loooove the entire set. It’s so beautiful and so incredibly comfortable and flattering too. This is the best giveaway I’ve ever seen, Treacle!

  108. Mary Keifer
    22/04/13 at 16:07

    Wow! It’s hard to choose. I like the Pink Alouette for the way the bra is made as that style looks the best on my girls, but the Red Sirena bra is beautiful. I’ve never owned a set like this, starting to think it’s time I did. :-)

  109. Irene
    22/04/13 at 16:11

    I ADORE Kiss Me Deadly. My favorite collection from them is probably the Red Sirena, although I love the Mimi too.

  110. Shy Cloud
    22/04/13 at 16:17

    How do you possibly just pick one? Damn near impossible, but I’ll have to go with either Blue Jezebel, or Ida. Their panty girdles are to die for.

  111. 22/04/13 at 16:20

    My favorite HAS to be the plum-colored Mimi collection. It’s just the right amount of purple, lace, and bad-assery all in one! However, if I am feeling a bit more feminine, the Blue DeVille collection is right up my alley. Can you tell I like jewel tones?!

  112. Brandy Emberton
    22/04/13 at 16:27

    Fraulein Annie is my favorite.

  113. Viola Vainglory
    22/04/13 at 16:34

    I love the 2009 Jezebel collection. I wanted the longline version so badly when it came out!

  114. Emily
    22/04/13 at 16:35

    How to pick just one favourite? Hmm probably the Ida. But possibly the Elle robe and tap pants.

  115. Eileen
    22/04/13 at 16:41

    I LOVE the Red Sirena collection, particularly if it came in emerald green or sapphire blue!

  116. 22/04/13 at 16:42

    The current Jezebel is my favourite (blue one), but if it has to be an ‘archive’ piece the platinum Sirena was pretty awesome!

  117. 22/04/13 at 16:48

    I LOVE the Elle robe and the tempest rose set. I’ve wanted that Elle robe for…. forever….and the tempest rose in purple is to die for.

  118. Aimee
    22/04/13 at 16:50

    Favourites oooooh, Ida, Pink Alouette, Lydia, Red Sirena, my GAWD how’s a girl to choose?? if i ABSOLUTELY had to choose… have to say Ida. Love it all :)

  119. Katelin
    22/04/13 at 16:57

    The Elle! I splurged on the robe when it first came out and even though its more expensive than anything other piece of lingerie I own I can say with 100% certainty it was totally worth it! Vintage, sheer, goes with everything, and most importantly it’s swishy!

  120. Mary Rachel
    22/04/13 at 16:58

    Jezebel is lovely.

  121. Sarah
    22/04/13 at 17:06

    Mmmmm, this is a toughie I would say it’s a toss-up between the Red Sirena and the Black Vargas Dress. They’re just so perfect, though I think that the Red Sirena wins by a slim margin. There’s just something perfect about the black lace and red fabric. *sighs blissfully*

  122. Christine Kuchta
    22/04/13 at 17:06

    I love my Red Sirena bra and Vargas rollon… *ahem* I have them on at the moment.. :)

  123. 22/04/13 at 17:15

    The Pink Printed Vargas Longline Girdle has to be one of my faves! It’s just so pretty and feminine and goodness why can’t alllll girdles look like this?!

  124. Patrice
    22/04/13 at 17:15

    It’s hard to pick a favourite, but I would have to say the Jezebel knicker for opening my eyes to just how sexy big knickers can be!

  125. 22/04/13 at 17:22

    Oh, for me it’s the Blue Jezebel collection. I’m smitten.

  126. Lynn
    22/04/13 at 17:25

    I have always wanted to try KMD. After reading all the accolades I am very tempted. Just wish the bra cup sizes were bigger for me to have real matching set.

  127. daisy richards
    22/04/13 at 17:38

    Favourite collection…. Hands down tempest rose. First of all the name.. Evokes sultry smouldering siren in a bar sipping some exotic cocktail we all want but cant pronounce!! Then the colour ways; baby pink on black lace. Classic lingerie colour way if ever there was one. The baby pink veiled by black lace is iconic within industry and is the signature colour way of a whole hoard of the leading brands. The first few things that really set this set apart from any of the other sets at KMD ( really anywhere i have to admit its been my favourite investment set of the year!) where first of all the lovely shell/scalloped bra and suspender shaping. I loved this so much as someone who generally doesn’t wear bras all that often its rare for mr to find one i never want to take off! (to further that point its one of the few bras i own that i actually CAN wear all day without wanting to take it off the moment i fall through my front door) this scalloped shaping also really set apart the suspender and to be honest i wish theyd done it on the cincher to because its something different to your usual straight or slightly curved hem on pieces like that. It also really emphasises continuity within the collection which is why i was so surprised the cincher featured a straight hem. The second thing that set it apart for me was the velvet trim also used on the corset. I would love to see this used more frequently in their collections because it adds a slight luxury feel to the finish!
    another thing within the collection that i liked was the inclusion of a Vargas panty girdle; the knicker i chose when buying. What in finding very frustrating within industry at the moment is the lack of attention to detail in knicker design. Sooooo many brands in fact pretty much all design the bra and then pic a basic pattern to make the knickers in to match. I really want to see more of what KMD are beginning to do which is give not only options in knickers when it comes to a set but experiment a little more. Id love to see a design focus in a set on knickers instead of the bra which is why its such a shame getting an elle set to match the knicker is proving difficult due to fabric constraints because full circle tap pants are…. Frankly very rare!!! But i digress….. I loved that kmd gave options within this set in knickers and suspenders.
    all in all a very sultry collection beautifully shoot beautiful pieces (also really lovely to see it on a black model despite my love for morgana and her ‘and what’ face!’ a favourite by miles :) x

  128. Michelle
    22/04/13 at 17:41

    I love the red Sirena set. The photo shoot of Little Red Riding Hood sold it for me!

  129. 22/04/13 at 17:47

    It’s too hard to choose, but the original Vargas set from 2006 is my all time fave. It’s simple but gorgeous and has this jaw-dropping oh my god where did those curves come from silhouette that makes me want to roll around in silky bliss for the rest of my life. :)

  130. Caroline
    22/04/13 at 17:59

    Bye Bye Mein Herr Fuller Bust Bra is so cute, and the Sirena sets are amazing. Then again, I love the swim sets… It so hard to choose a favorite.

  131. Nitika D.
    22/04/13 at 18:05

    I love the peachy-pink satin Jolie set. So romantic!

  132. Kai
    22/04/13 at 18:13

    I am a huge fan of the Vargas dress! It’s the sexiest!

  133. Jenni
    22/04/13 at 18:21

    Really hard to tell which collection is my favorite, but if I must then it would be Vargas dress, so classic and chic <3.

  134. Meg
    22/04/13 at 18:52

    I love the Emerald Alouette! The world needs more green lingerie (I also love the Lydia!!). Green is my best color, and I absolutely think there is a shortage in green lingerie :)

  135. 22/04/13 at 18:53

    My favorite is definitely the Vargas dress!

  136. Vanessa
    22/04/13 at 18:56

    I absolutely love KMD lingerie! The Vargas collection has to be my favourite.

  137. Morgan
    22/04/13 at 19:12

    Oh it’s so hard to pick! I just love all of KMD’s stuff! I adore my Vargas Dress and I also love the Blue Jezabel line!

  138. spoyltone
    22/04/13 at 19:17

    The Sirena is my all-time favorite KMD design. It is my most coveted piece of lingerie that I sadly never purchased when it was available…..sigh.

  139. Linds
    22/04/13 at 19:24

    The original black vargas girdle dress was my very first and still fav from KMD. Whenever and wherever I am strutting about in a cute dress and stockings I’ve got that baby on underneath. I also have a small obsession with the cherie teddy, especially in the latte and rose colours! :)

  140. Tamara
    22/04/13 at 19:33

    Probably the Van Mimi collection. Sadly I found out about it too late… sigh.

  141. Sarah Schulhauser
    22/04/13 at 19:47

    The Van Doren is classic. Retro touches that are totally modern.

  142. Melanie M.
    22/04/13 at 19:49

    If I had to pick my favorite KMD collection, it would have to be the Red Sirena. I’ve had my eye on it for a loooong time…

  143. maeve
    22/04/13 at 19:50

    Oh I should probably ask straight off, is this comp open to international readers?

    If so count me in, if not – oh no!

    Hard for me to choose a favourite between the Vargas lines and the Alouette in Blue but seeing as I actually own the longline six strap cincher and a pair of briefs from the Alouette line I’d have to pick that.
    They’re the only Kiss Me Deadly pieces that I own (so far) and I love them. The Lydia piece above though look lovely. Such a beautiful colour.

    • 22/04/13 at 20:00

      Yes, it is open to international readers! I need to add that in there…great question!

      • maeve
        24/04/13 at 13:24

        Yay! Great, Thanks.

  144. Caroline
    22/04/13 at 19:58

    My favourite is the Sirenna in Black!

  145. Joyce
    22/04/13 at 20:02

    The Multi Way Vargas Dress, although I love almost everything by Kiss Me Deadly.

  146. Taylor King
    22/04/13 at 20:13

    I like the Emerald Alouette!

  147. Laura
    22/04/13 at 20:16

    It’s hard to make a choice, but I’m loving the Mermaid Swim Collection – perfect for gals with my body type.

  148. Helen T
    22/04/13 at 20:19

    My favorite sets have to be the all of them! Seriously though, the Red Sirena and Mimi and Vargas dress and …

  149. Amanda S
    22/04/13 at 20:30

    My favorite KMD collection is the Van Mimi from 2008. So gorgeous.

  150. Jordann
    22/04/13 at 20:34

    Oh wow, I think my favorite, if I had to pick just one, would be the Red Sirena, because I am a sucker for red and black lingerie and the lace is just so pretty.

  151. Michele F
    22/04/13 at 20:36

    My favorite Kiss Me Deadly collection is the Van Doren. I love the big pants, the Pin-up knickers and seamed shorty. I have yet to try the bralet and love the look of the long sold out retro bra. It really needs to warm up here so I can wear stockings and try out the boned suspender belt. Classic black, you can’t go wrong.

  152. 22/04/13 at 20:39

    the plum Mimi is my absolute favorite so far! i wish i could get every piece of it <3
    someday, i'll wear KMD everyday!

  153. Melisa
    22/04/13 at 20:51

    The Elle collection is definitely my current obsession. Specifically the black Elle peignor, it kills me how beautiful it is. I feel like anyone can feel beautiful and elegant in this set! But I also feel that’s true for all the lingerie from Kiss Me Deadly, their stuff is timeless.

    The giveaway is so exciting! I’ve never owned a full set of lingerie. I’m only nineteen, so there’s still some time to work for an entire set from a high end brand like Kiss Me Deadly. ;) Lots of love from Las Vegas!!

  154. aminie
    22/04/13 at 20:57

    I love a lot of things in the KMD range, but the Vargas line is a killer! <3

  155. Nikki n
    22/04/13 at 20:59

    The Blue Jezebel. I just love the color and shape.

  156. Socorro E
    22/04/13 at 21:25

    I absolutely love giveaways, hopefully I get lucky! I really like the Red Silk Elle Robe as it is super sexy and decadent and an excellent piece that describes me!

  157. Dianna
    22/04/13 at 21:25

    I fell in love with Kiss Me Deadly the first time I saw the Red Sirena. But Since then I have disccovered that there isn’t really a thing they make I don’t love!

  158. Danielle
    22/04/13 at 21:37

    I absolutely love their garters, but the pink printed vargas girdle is one I really wish I would have gotten for myself when it was available. There is something about pink lingerie that I j’adore.

  159. Alexis
    22/04/13 at 21:42

    I love the Van Doren sexy sheer look! I own a KMD suspender belt I adore!!!

  160. Sara K
    22/04/13 at 22:07

    It’s gotta be the Sirena for me. I’m a fan of all the colors it’s come in so far.

  161. Mandy
    22/04/13 at 22:20

    I still ache for the Candy Box collection. I’m a sucker for sweets.

  162. Maria
    22/04/13 at 22:50

    I absolutelty fell in love with the plum Mimi, that color purple is so amazing!

  163. Melissa
    22/04/13 at 22:54

    Sirena in Platinum from the archive, but I LOVE it in red!!

  164. S. Lynn
    22/04/13 at 23:08

    Is there anything sweeter than the peachy deliciousness of the Amelie collection?

  165. Cindy
    22/04/13 at 23:11

    My favorite collection is the Vargas Shapewear line. I’ve been lusting after the Vargas Dress for the past few months [and hope to purchase it soon]!

  166. Anna
    23/04/13 at 0:12

    Any and ALL of the Vargas dresses! Totally wearable, totally sexy, totally comfortable too (not an easy thing to find).

  167. 23/04/13 at 0:34

    I fell in love with the Blue Jezebel set the moment I saw it! I love the jewel-tone blue, and the vintage-inspired cuts are both strong and sexy.

  168. Natalie
    23/04/13 at 2:26

    My favourite Kiss Me Deadly collection is the Ivory Varga Shapewear Collection. This is such a classic collection!

  169. 23/04/13 at 2:39

    I absolutely love the DeVille set in black. I wish it were remade!

  170. Sam
    23/04/13 at 2:54

    My favourite has to be the Ida collection…because I’m a sucker for a fantastic leopard print!

  171. Carly
    23/04/13 at 3:51

    My favourite collection would be “Ida” because I have a sick obsession with leopard print! I want!

  172. Taryn
    23/04/13 at 3:58

    Choosing just one is so hard. I have to admit though, the Beth collection (primarily the basque) is the lingerie that got away for me. When I saw it wasn’t on the site anymore, my soul was CRUSHED.
    That being said, I really love the Alouette in emerald!!

  173. Victoria
    23/04/13 at 4:07

    I really like the Blue Jezebel, it just jumped off the page at me.

  174. Melissa
    23/04/13 at 4:33

    My favourite KMD by far is the Plum Mimi set, though their Red Sirena is also stunning. It’s so hard to choose just one! I own all of their latest except for the Pink Aloutte. Still need to grab that one. ;-)

  175. Cassie
    23/04/13 at 4:42

    My favourite one that I own is the Fifi set, but I’d also really love to get my hands on the Lydia (I LOVE that colour!)

  176. 23/04/13 at 4:47

    Oh this is like being asked to announce with one if your favorite child!!! ;) obviously favs depend on mood – however my Vargas Longline Girdle is the most used. Its so special but I don’t need to have a ‘special day’ to wear it or a ‘special outfit’ to wear it under – I’ll wear it on a boring Tuesday in the office .. EVERY DAY IS A VARGAS DAY :)

  177. 23/04/13 at 4:47

    The Red Serena is my favorite! That’s exactly what I’d wear to go hunting… ;)

  178. 23/04/13 at 4:59

    I absolutely adore KMD and have been collecting their things for a couple of years now. I also had the pleasure of meeting Catherine when I visited their little boutique in London a couple of months ago. I think my favourite would HAVE to be the ‘Pink Alouette’ – it’s stunningly beautiful, it’s just a shame that my student loan wouldn’t stretch that far!

    Happy Blog-iversary – keep up the wonderful work :) xx

  179. becky
    23/04/13 at 5:09

    I think my favorite would have to be the Lydia Collection, I just love the look of vibrant colors in such a classic/retro design. I’m also in love with the Vargas dress. *sigh, everything Kiss Me Deadly creates is so gorgeous!

  180. 23/04/13 at 6:21

    Wow, just wow. What an incredible giveaway, thank you! I think my favourite might be the red Sirena set. Luckily for me it’s heading my way this week!

  181. Merit
    23/04/13 at 7:28

    I’m with Treacle, I love the Sirena set. It has a certain elegance and sophistication that I like, with gorgeous details like the lace and the curved bra straps. So lovely!

  182. 23/04/13 at 8:10

    My favorite has always been the Van Mimi! How can you say no to all that perfect black lace?

  183. Jason
    23/04/13 at 8:35

    My favorite line from the archives is the Van Mimi set, because I love the vintage look with modern twists. Plus, I think my wife would look gorgeous in it!

  184. 23/04/13 at 8:53

    I adore the Sirena in black, that is definitely my favourite!

  185. christie
    23/04/13 at 9:05

    Blue zezebel…. pure fairytale, one day you’ll be mine!

  186. sleepyheathen
    23/04/13 at 9:10

    Choosing onle one is so hard! I think that I have to go with the Blue Jezebel right now though.

  187. Denise
    23/04/13 at 9:11

    I love the Cherie teddy in peach. So lovely!

  188. 23/04/13 at 9:27

    The Lydia that you can win with the corset just happens to be my favourite!

  189. Emily LB
    23/04/13 at 9:36

    My favourite has to be the Mimi collection: the delicate eye-lash lace coupled with the sultry plum satin, just beautiful…

  190. Evija
    23/04/13 at 9:46

    Emerald Alouette.. my first love affair with KMD. still have it, still love it – best pushup bra EVERESTEST.

  191. Alice Howard
    23/04/13 at 9:46

    My favourite has to be the Red Sirena, the lovely satin drape across the bust just makes me scream ‘WANT!’ everytime

  192. Christine
    23/04/13 at 9:58

    Love the Vargas and Alouette!

  193. Allison
    23/04/13 at 10:28

    It’s so hard to choose, but I think my favorite right now is the Ida collection.

  194. Sara
    23/04/13 at 10:35

    It’s so difficult to choose a favourite collection when everything KMD makes is amazing! If I have to say one though, it’s the jezebel. The combination of blue and dots is just delicious.

  195. Sarah
    23/04/13 at 10:49

    My favourite collection is the Vargas one – the girdles are to die for.

  196. Jon Snow
    23/04/13 at 10:57

    I like the Bye Bye Mein Herr Fuller Bust Bra mostly because it’s finally a size that my busty wife can actually fit.

  197. Sylvia
    23/04/13 at 10:58

    My favorite is the Blue Jezebel, the color is jus so irresistibly deep and beautiful

  198. Brianna Music
    23/04/13 at 12:04

    I have to agree with Lingerie Lesbian on this one… Does anything go together better than candy and lingerie?

  199. 23/04/13 at 12:22

    Although I have quite a few KMD bra & panties sets (Alouette, Sirena, etc. & adore them greatly), the practical me will tell you that my favorite collection has to be the Van Buren. I get ever so much use out of my Van Buren suspender belts, you see. First, I purchased the 6 strap style (the 8 strap style was out of stock) & then later was able to add the 8 strap to my KMD collection, too. Everything from KMD fits fabulously well & I have never been disappointed by any KMD item. Kudos to Catherine & Congrats to Treacle on your 5 year Anniversary!

  200. Logan Spector
    23/04/13 at 12:25

    Although it’s nearly impossible to decide which collection is my favorite, I absolutely LOVE the Tempest Rose collection! It’s so feminine and lacy, but really structured at the same time, and the scallops on the bra and suspender belt look fantastic. The whole collection seems retro, but very modern at the same time.

  201. Pigi
    23/04/13 at 12:25

    Love the Ida!!! Grrrrrr !!!!

  202. Anna Rice
    23/04/13 at 12:32

    I love the Lydia collection so much! The bra itself is amazing comfortable and the knickers are big enough to be comfy yet lacy enough to make me feel super-sexy!

  203. Melanie M.
    23/04/13 at 12:45

    My favorite collection would have to be the red Sirena. <3

  204. Bonny
    23/04/13 at 13:08

    OH MY GOODNESS! I love literally everything! How could I choose? You could literally hand me any of those and I would be happy. :-) but I’m loving the swimwear particularly the one with the little sailors on it. But as for the lingerie, I like the Lydia collection.

  205. Vicki
    23/04/13 at 13:16

    I like the Lydia Corset 2. I like the high waist suspender with an underbust. I’d love to win – Kiss Me Deadly has such beautiful lingerie!

  206. Julian J.
    23/04/13 at 13:32

    i adore the lydia set!!

  207. Ellen
    23/04/13 at 13:38

    I love the pink silk cherie teddy! So cute.

  208. Tara
    23/04/13 at 13:45

    I cannot choose the blue deville is gorgeous, the Vargas dress beautiful and the red serena collection to die for. I also have a soft spot for the plum mimi. I could go on but I still cannot pick a favourite.

  209. Taylor
    23/04/13 at 14:17

    I loved the Candy Box line. So cute, yet cheeky!

  210. Gretchen
    23/04/13 at 14:23

    I love the look of the Red Sirena collection. Sexy!

  211. 23/04/13 at 14:38

    Omg, this is so awesome! It’s so hard to choose a favorite, I love the idea of “Elle” but I’m soo weak for leopard pattern so it will have to be “Ida”

  212. Dara King
    23/04/13 at 14:42

    I love the Van Mimi set, wish it would be brought back!

  213. Lux
    23/04/13 at 14:42

    Wow this is great, it’s hard to pick a favorite collection, but i would go with the Red Sirena, all of them are amazin but that “red riding hood” feeling it’s awesome.

  214. 23/04/13 at 14:43

    I adore the Elle set. It’s so classy and gorgeous!

  215. Cecilia
    23/04/13 at 14:45

    I’m gonna have to go with the Mimi. It curves in all the right places….all my right places anyway!

  216. Haydee Alejandra Aguilar Urbina
    23/04/13 at 14:45

    My favourite collection from KMD sould be the Red Sirena, soo sexy!

  217. linseeds
    23/04/13 at 14:47

    The Van Mimi does it for me …. but then so do so many others!

  218. 23/04/13 at 14:48

    Hard to pick but I have to say the Falling in Love collection (mulberry colorway) and Vargas Dress have my heart!

  219. Jessica Lee Simpson
    23/04/13 at 14:48

    Blue DeVille – the corset in that collection was simply to die for!

  220. ally katte
    23/04/13 at 14:51

    My favourite is the Sirena in platinum

  221. Meredith
    23/04/13 at 14:54

    I love the Vargas Dress! It’s so lovely

  222. Paige Shepherd
    23/04/13 at 15:00

    I just spent half an hour trying to choose one! The favourite has gotta be the mimi collection, the dark plum shade is perfect for my ginger hair :D

  223. Sophie Bourke
    23/04/13 at 15:03

    I do love the Vargas dress, I’m actually wearing it right now :D

  224. Lindsey
    23/04/13 at 15:06

    My favourite is the teal Delacroix set. It’s a pity I didn’t find the brand until my search for decent suspenders led me to KMD.

  225. Abbi
    23/04/13 at 15:13

    The Mimi, and the plum Vargas longline girdle which matches, my first piece of KMD!

  226. Santos Chavez
    23/04/13 at 15:15

    My favorite collection would have to be the “Alouette” plunge style! I’ve made it my mission to find and collect all of the colourways. The cup shape is perfect for my figure and I can wear it all day! Oh and did I mention I get ALL THE CLEAVAGE?! Seriously, whats not to love?

  227. Jodie Pether
    23/04/13 at 15:15

    I love the Lydia set as I have always adored that teal shade, I also love the pink alouette too. Always find myself lusting after all the kiss me deady collections.

  228. Holly
    23/04/13 at 15:21

    Blue jezebel! In no small part because of the imagery, which is awesome.

  229. Heather
    23/04/13 at 15:23


  230. nadia
    23/04/13 at 15:32

    My favorite es Amelie, but it’s reallyu hard to choose! I wish I can afford one set fom KMD soon ♥

  231. Chrystal Allen
    23/04/13 at 15:34

    A hard choice indeed, but I’m kind of obsessed with every single Vargas piece, especially the pink printed one, that ribbon detailing is too cute!.

  232. Aoife
    23/04/13 at 15:40

    I have to choose just one?! The Jezebel Longline Knickers are beautiful, particularly in the cerise :)

  233. 40sfemme
    23/04/13 at 15:57

    I love the Vargas Dress – it’s definitely on my wish list! I’ve also been lusting over the Blue DeVille suspender skirt… sooo pretty!

  234. Kira Foster
    23/04/13 at 16:01

    Ooooh, tempest rose is SOOO gorgeous!

  235. Mara
    23/04/13 at 16:11

    i love the Amelie set.

  236. Katarina Jukić
    23/04/13 at 16:15

    It was too hard to pick just one. :(
    But if I had too chose, my absolute favourite would be Red Sirena! :)

  237. Ina
    23/04/13 at 16:28

    Love the Vargas collection, the Vargas dress especially. It looks so sexy.

  238. 23/04/13 at 16:45

    Definitely the monochrome collection, I love the effects of the fabric.

  239. Andrea
    23/04/13 at 16:49

    I love the Lydia collection! Amazing colour.

  240. Kristina
    23/04/13 at 16:50

    My girls wont stay in put. My choice is therefor The Lydia Collection. The full cover bra looks that it would give enough support and i love the almoust poisonous color.

  241. Hannah
    23/04/13 at 16:51

    The blue Alouette is my favorite–it’s a shame they don’t remake collections! The pictures of Viktoria Modesta wearing it are fantastic, and the colors really pop.

  242. Logan Spector
    23/04/13 at 16:52

    It’s almost impossible to pick a favorite, but I absolutely love the Red Sirena collection! The colors, fabrics, cut — everything! It’s all fantastic!

  243. 23/04/13 at 17:03

    Anything from the Vargus styles. I’ve been eyeballing the girdle for a long time. I haven’t bought it because I have nothing to wear it with.

  244. Haley Tichonuk
    23/04/13 at 17:13

    I would have to say my fave is the Red Sirena, just because I love how the red looks, but seriously, there is not a collection of theirs that I don’t love! They make the most classy and gorgeous lingerie ever. I can’t get enough!

  245. Ben
    23/04/13 at 17:16

    It’s hard to choose, but I absolutely love the Red Sirena collection!

  246. Stacey
    23/04/13 at 17:35

    The Vargas girdle dress has to be my favorite KMD item! I have three versions of it and I love it because it’s practical and sexy at the same time.

  247. Nikki
    23/04/13 at 17:47

    I’ve wanted that Van Doren bonded suspender belt for AGES!

  248. 23/04/13 at 18:11

    Everything Van Doren is my favourite for sure! I love the Van Doren 6 strap suspender!

  249. Celina
    23/04/13 at 19:15

    I love the Van Doren collection the lines and architecture of the pieces are simple and timeless.

  250. Fiona
    23/04/13 at 19:36

    My favorite is definitely Tempest Rose, the design of the bra is so gorgeous!

  251. A
    23/04/13 at 19:38

    My favorite is the Red Sirena collection!

  252. Andrea
    23/04/13 at 19:45

    Red Sirena is my favourite, if only for that amazing fairy tale shoot.

  253. Amanda Welborn
    23/04/13 at 19:46

    If I HAD to choose just one collection it would have to be the Vargas shapewear items. The pieces are so simple yet beautiful.

  254. Helena Rant
    23/04/13 at 19:51

    The Blue DeVille set is my favourite!

  255. Alec
    23/04/13 at 19:52

    I absolutely LOVE the Van Mimi from 2008! <3

  256. 23/04/13 at 19:52

    can’t really decide between the Van Doren collection + the Sirena and Amelie collections! they’re all utterly sublime and gorgeous ^_^

  257. Sarah
    23/04/13 at 20:18

    The Ruby Van Doren I think! But that’s a hard choice for sure

  258. Michael R.
    23/04/13 at 20:19

    Personally I like L’Amour as it would be the best possible look for my fiance’s figure, though I do admit the Vargas dress is a close 2nd. Love the deep purple of the L’Amour collection which gives it the nod.

  259. Anna C
    23/04/13 at 20:28

    My favorite is the the Cherie Teddy from 2008. It’s so elegant but also easy to wear <3 Although the Amelie collection runs a very close second. I'm a sucker for blush and pink colors.

  260. Adney
    23/04/13 at 21:18

    I LOVE the Delacroix in Teal, it’s gorgeous!!

  261. Yaara
    23/04/13 at 21:22

    I loove the Blue Jezebel set! Blue is my favorite color (:

  262. Shannon
    23/04/13 at 21:26

    Loving the Alouette in Emerald, seems like a good green is hard to find

  263. MBGrammer
    23/04/13 at 21:42

    We love the Lydia

  264. Cadence Ryanne
    23/04/13 at 21:53

    OMG! Give me the Mimi! How have I not purchased anything from Kiss Me Deadly before! Either Van Mimi or lace less Mimi – they are incredibly sexy and to me the ideal of vintage inspired lingerie. Drool.

    • Cadence Ryanne
      23/04/13 at 21:56

      PS Happy anniversary!

  265. Helen C
    23/04/13 at 22:02

    I love the Sirena collection. The contrast of the delicate lace and the strong lines of the straps is really striking and beautiful.

  266. 23/04/13 at 22:03

    I’ve had my eye on the vargas girdles forever. but everything Kiss Me Deadly makes is so gorgeous. It really is hard to choose. I love all the longline girdles…. someday I will have one! This is a great contest, thank you for the opportunity and happy anniversary to you :)

  267. 23/04/13 at 22:10

    It’s so hard to choose, but I’d have to go with the Platinum Sirena set – such an unusual classy colour for lingerie.

  268. Hannah
    23/04/13 at 22:52

    It’s a toss-up between the Red Sirena and the Vargas dress!

  269. johnny
    23/04/13 at 22:54

    Vargas Girdles

  270. Michaela Crutsinger
    23/04/13 at 23:03

    I love the Lydia collection!

  271. Kelly Goris
    23/04/13 at 23:30

    As many before me have commented: how can one choose? I have always loved the idea of suspender belts, in fact over the years I have accumulated a large number of them: ranging from tiny cheap ones to beautiful French lace works of art. But I hardly ever wear them, because the stockings are difficult to attach, the belts sags, the clips snap loose, the whole thing is uncomfortable. Then there was Kiss Me Deadly, and my first purchase from them: the Van Doren 6 strap. Whole days I can do hours of walking, and I will feel sexy and comfortable, and never once (not once!) has a strap sagged or snapped loose. So even though I love many of their other things, I can not wait to own many more, I would say that it has to be the Van Doren, for being the too often forgotten combination of beautiful and comfortable and functional (which is what I love about KMD most anyway), and finally allow me to actually wear suspenders

  272. Martin Allison
    23/04/13 at 23:40

    My favorite is the Blue DeVille Underbust Corset. It would be a great addition to any party or special occasion that my wife and I attend.

  273. Martin Allison
    23/04/13 at 23:42

    I just signed up for the Kiss Me Deadly Facebook page. I have been an Addict blog member these past five years. We enjoy seeing the new lingerie items that Treacle and her new crew show us each month.

  274. jennifer palmer
    23/04/13 at 23:47

    Absolutely everything by KMD is amazing. I have been coveting their creations for as long as I’ve been lurking their facebook page. I just cannot choose, it is all so freaking gorgeous.

  275. 24/04/13 at 0:21

    I love the Lydia 1 corset!! I’ve been eyeing some KMD lingerie but have yet to buy some because of funds. I am doing all 5 so I can have more chances! Thanks for running such a koala tea blog!! (And congrats on the recent nuptials!)

  276. MJ
    24/04/13 at 0:37

    The corsets are absolutely stunning! I love the details!

  277. Christina
    24/04/13 at 1:42

    I love everything in the tempest rose collection!!!

  278. Mya
    24/04/13 at 2:33

    *swoons* Holy shoot that lydia corset will be superb!
    Favourite collection… The Van Doren set probably. I own two of the red Van Doren bras, I wish I had the original and diamond as well.

  279. Burk
    24/04/13 at 3:02

    I love the Ivory Classics collection, though it was honestly almost impossible to choose! I probably spent about an hour debating, there were too many beautiful options to choose from.

  280. Blanca
    24/04/13 at 3:20

    Oooh definitely the Vargas shape wear collection. I would love to own the Vargas multiway dress. That would be my favorite!

  281. Carrie C
    24/04/13 at 3:38

    Anything Amelie of course!

  282. Becky Richied
    24/04/13 at 3:43

    I absolutely love the Tempest Rose Underbust Corset, and it’s ensemble.

  283. 24/04/13 at 4:36

    Alouette! I have it in blue and pink.

    P x

  284. Lisa Nolan
    24/04/13 at 4:54

    If i had to choose it would be Lydia closely followed by Red Sirena just because of the sear sexiness of it xxx

  285. Debrah
    24/04/13 at 5:00

    There’s so much products that have been on my wishlist for at least a year, but if I had to choose, I’d go for the Elle. It looks luxurious, beautiful and seductive.

  286. PG
    24/04/13 at 5:11

    The multiway vargas dress is amazing :) I love it and would have one already if only it came in smaller cup sizes…

  287. Ariana
    24/04/13 at 5:42

    I’ve always had a soft spot for the the blue deville set with high waisted panties… but I also really like the Mimi and Vargas collections… its so hard to choose!

  288. Adrienne Gordon
    24/04/13 at 6:35

    I like the Red Sirena collection.

  289. Tari Lawson
    24/04/13 at 6:48

    I like the Lydia.

  290. Melanie
    24/04/13 at 7:56

    I have just seen on the KMD site a picture of the Mimi cincher which, we are informed, is based on a vintage design, with a plum centre overlaid with black lace, black satin side panels, a powernet back, and eyelash lace ruffles along the hips. What is not to like?

  291. Carlyn
    24/04/13 at 8:11

    Hi! Picking my favorite collection was really tough. But I eventually narrowed it down to the Ida. The colour of the leopard print is striking – it’s beautiful and deep, giving it a rich feel. The silk bra is really comfy (an offers enough support for a larger chesty woman). The briefs are in a lovely 50s style with the sheer black giving it a fun, sexy feel. If I had to recommend a collection it would definitely be the Ida collection!

  292. Tiina
    24/04/13 at 8:37

    The Vargas, definitely <3

  293. Amber
    24/04/13 at 9:22

    I’ve been lusting over KMD for so long it’s hard to pick just one! I love the Alouette and the Vargas collections, and the Elle robe is amazing, but honestly I’d wear any of them. And their swimwear is SO cute!

  294. L Dub
    24/04/13 at 11:01

    I really like the Lydia, that is gorgeous!

  295. Mer
    24/04/13 at 11:54

    Yet another indecisive person here. Since I can’t keep sitting here drooling over the gorgeous lingerie, I’ll pick one of my favorites: the Fifi. Love the construction and the color!

  296. Maria
    24/04/13 at 11:56

    The Elle collection really does it for me, especially the red silk robe.

  297. Corone
    24/04/13 at 12:24

    I love the Vargas dress.

  298. Lorena
    24/04/13 at 12:43

    While ALL KMD collections are lovely and charming, my favorite collection – so far – is the Van Doren classic collection.

    The reason? To me, the Van Doren items are the LBDs of the KMD family: they’re timeless, they’re functional and they go absolutely great with everything!

    As a stocking lover, I’ve searched for years for the ideal suspender belt to wear my stockings with; sadly, in my country this garment is quite rare and those I could find were of mediocre quality. However, thanks to the Lingerie Addict, I came to know this remarkable brand and my very first purchase was the Van Doren 6-strap suspender belt in the Ivory limited edition – at that moment, the classical Black was out of stock – and by wearing my stockings with that little big number… let’s just say that my stockings weren’t the only things lifted ever since.
    Wearing a KMD suspender belt makes your spirit glow, makes your skin aroused with excitement, and I hope to add more to my collection -maybe the lovely Amelie, the ravishing Ida o the sensual Sirena – in the nearby future :-).

  299. 24/04/13 at 12:46

    I love all the variations of the Vargas dress. And the Elle robes. It’s so hard to pick!

  300. Jen Hutchinson
    24/04/13 at 12:50

    Pink Silk Cherie Teddy
    Who ever wins these anniv giveaways will be super jazzed, they are amazing!

  301. Laura
    24/04/13 at 13:01

    The Amy Collection is gorgeous to me. Sirena a close second.

  302. Lily
    24/04/13 at 14:09

    Love love loooove this brand so much. It’s hard to pick a favourite but the Longline Vargas Girdle is simply amazing.

  303. Honey!
    24/04/13 at 14:33

    My favorite is definitely the Van Mimi! The delicate black lace in phenomenal! I would love to channel KMD’s photoshoot for the set and do my own sword-wielding zoro dance in panties!

  304. Nicole
    24/04/13 at 15:43

    The Fifi is so me. It’s gorgeous!

  305. 24/04/13 at 15:56

    I’ll always love Candy Box!

  306. Susan
    24/04/13 at 16:05

    I love the pieces from the Fifi collection! Teal and black are gorgeous together, and it’s a combination that I don’t see around very often.

  307. AlexaFaie
    24/04/13 at 16:11

    I love the Jezebel Longline in Red. I sadly never managed to get them for myself as by the time I had the money (was a poor student at the time) they’d sold out in my size. Still totally gorgeous!

  308. 24/04/13 at 16:15

    Oh that Demi Corset looks so elegant! Would love to have it.

  309. 24/04/13 at 16:21

    This is very exciting because the Pink Alouette is totally my favourite style from Kiss me Deadly. And these sketches look so gorgeous!

  310. Sophie V.
    24/04/13 at 16:35

    So much beautiful lingerie! I really love the Beth basque, sooo lovely.

  311. Jo
    24/04/13 at 16:59

    The Van Doren is just beautiful and simple. But the model shots on KMD are always great (and look like such fun to do!)

  312. Erwin
    24/04/13 at 17:17

    The all look amazing, but I think Vargas Dress is my favorite!

  313. Ali Turner
    24/04/13 at 17:23

    My favourite KMD set is the blue Jezebel, it’s fairy tale styling is classic and seductive.

  314. Kay
    24/04/13 at 17:37

    I adore the Elle robe, gives such a beautiful figure.

  315. 24/04/13 at 17:51

    I abolutely love the Blue Jezebel set, i love the royal blue color and shape of the bra and those knickers aka girdle are to die for!

  316. monica meza
    24/04/13 at 18:35

    I AM IN LOVE with Pink Alouette!

  317. 24/04/13 at 19:11

    I love the DeVille bra/panty set and the Vargas Girdle to go with it (:

  318. Francisco Boni
    24/04/13 at 19:19

    I love the Lydia because that Set looks amazing on my girlfriend! <3

  319. Chelsea
    24/04/13 at 20:37

    I love the Ida collection from KMD! I can’t get enough leopard print! <3

  320. Katie Roch
    24/04/13 at 21:43

    I love the Pink Printed Vargas Longline Girdle because it is so feminine

  321. Julie
    24/04/13 at 22:50

    I LOVE the Van Doren collection, but that Elle robe is just to DIE for!

  322. 25/04/13 at 0:02

    I was so close to going with Delacroix in Teal… And then the Jezebel… But I think I have to settle on the original Vargas collection. Love love love. Although I want every Vargas girdle too, both panty and longline… Guh. I’m bad with decisions.

  323. Amelia
    25/04/13 at 0:30

    The Vargas longline dress. I’ve never seen something like it before or again, it’s just so beautiful!

  324. 25/04/13 at 0:36

    I love the Vargas girdles, especially in plum and peacock! I long for one of them… I try not to look at the bras, knowing they don’t come within a mile of my size. Hurts too good to look at that hotness and not be able to buy! :D

  325. 25/04/13 at 0:42

    The Mermaid Swim collection definitely caught my eye! I wouldn’t dare complain if I got to try one of those.

  326. marissia watkins
    25/04/13 at 0:53

    demi corsett

  327. Sarah
    25/04/13 at 3:52

    I love the Cinnamon Falling in Love Bra and Shaping Brief from the Fraulein Annie collection. Such a pretty and feminine color rose with the ivory lace.

  328. Karen Che
    25/04/13 at 3:57

    All of these collections are so unique, but if I must pick one I’m most fond of, I love the Red Sirena look. The way the red pops out of the black lace is divine!

  329. Elizabeth
    25/04/13 at 4:53

    Love the Van Mimi line!

  330. 25/04/13 at 6:49

    I’d say the Amelie-collection because of the pale pink colour that is easy to wear under light coloured dresses. What I really like about the collection is that it looks timeless, basic and chic, super feminine and soft. =)

  331. 25/04/13 at 7:38

    I love the Vargas collection, have had my eye on a few Vargas pieces for a while now :)

    Thanks for the giveaway, fab prize x

  332. 25/04/13 at 7:46

    I adore all the shapewear from KissMeDeadly, all is so feminine, elegant and of fabulous quality. Though my absolute favourite item has to me the Vargas Longline Girdle!!

    – Without a doubt every lady should have one in their lingerie collection.


  333. Thahirah
    25/04/13 at 10:38

    My favourite is the Blue DeVille collection. Too bad the suspender skirt sold out, been dying to get my hands on that!

  334. Leilia
    25/04/13 at 12:25

    I think the original Jolie collection is my favorite Kiss Me Deadly collection. I love how classically vintage it is.

  335. Shannon
    25/04/13 at 12:49

    I really love the Red Sirena, but the Vargas dress juuuuust edges it out for number one.

  336. Mikaela
    25/04/13 at 12:52

    I love the Lydia collection! The style and colors are pretty amazing.

  337. wishyful
    25/04/13 at 13:05

    The Elle. Robes just make me so happy!

  338. 25/04/13 at 13:14

    My favourite set is the Tempest Rose, I have the bra and it’s one of my top 2 bras ever. Sirena is a close second but I’ve never had the chance to get it in any of the colours I like.

  339. Molly
    25/04/13 at 13:37

    The red Alouette Dress is gorgeous!

  340. Peter
    25/04/13 at 14:06

    I really like the Vargas collection, looks amazing. Thanks for the giveaway :-)

  341. Katherine
    25/04/13 at 14:48

    Pink Silk Cherie Teddy

  342. Tiffany
    25/04/13 at 15:19

    Wow, what a giveaway…. Wow.
    Picking a favourite is a challenge! I’ve drooled over their website too much. I love their Ida set, and Blue DeVille is gorgeous. But my favourite has to be the lace on Van Mimi and the lines of the long-line bra are gorgeous (especially worn with the bolero…). Oh my. Every bit of it is amazing.

  343. hourglass420
    25/04/13 at 16:52

    day corset

  344. Noemí
    25/04/13 at 18:21

    Vargas Shapewear is my favorite collection :)

  345. Sophie Wrightson
    25/04/13 at 18:37

    i love love love love love and dream of having the red sirena collection and the vargas dress :D x

  346. Grace H.
    25/04/13 at 19:23

    I love KMD! I purchased my first piece from the Vargas Collection last summer. I love the Vargas pieces! Modern Sexy, yet Vintage Sexy.

  347. 25/04/13 at 19:43

    I have to say that I love the Lydia, it’s elegant, it’s got lace and the colours are wonderful!

  348. Sabrina
    25/04/13 at 20:36

    I love Kiss Me Deadly and how they photograph their models and lingerie. That’s part of the fun for me. It’s so hard to just choose one of their collections! I think my favorite collection of theirs is the Red Sirena. I love how sassy it is!

  349. JC
    25/04/13 at 21:28

    Lydia for sure. What if we ALREADY follow both on FB?

  350. Maggie
    25/04/13 at 22:12

    Ooh, from the archives, I’d probably say the Candy Box bra and knicker would be my favorite.

  351. Danielle
    26/04/13 at 0:28

    I love the Mermaid Swim Collection

  352. 26/04/13 at 2:34

    I like the Red Sirena set

  353. Ilse van D
    26/04/13 at 4:42

    I absolutely ADORE the Mimi set! It’s so gorgeous!

  354. dani marie
    26/04/13 at 5:40

    i absolutely love the swim collection and the bits and bobs.

  355. Jennifer
    26/04/13 at 11:08

    I love the Van Mimi and the Jezebel from past collections, but there are so many lovely pieces its hard to pick! Kiss Me Deadly is one of my favourite lingerie brands for sure.

  356. Anne
    26/04/13 at 12:44

    You mean I have to choose just one? If I MUST I will choose Red Sirena. But only because I had to!

  357. Katie Nelson
    26/04/13 at 15:17

    The Van Doren pieces are classic and easy to match with others. :)

  358. Devonne
    26/04/13 at 15:26

    The Lydia set is literally my dream lingerie.

  359. 26/04/13 at 15:28

    I have the same problem as everyone else, in that I love basically everything Kiss Me Deadly does. But I’ve always suspected that the Red Sirena set would look mindblowingly amazing on me, so I have a special spot in my heart for that set. I’m also in love with the glamour of the Elle robe!

  360. Cody
    26/04/13 at 15:34

    The Red Alouette is great with the classic red/black lace combo. It’s also one of their few collections with thongs which mixes things up a bit.

  361. Claire
    26/04/13 at 17:04

    love the Multiway Vargas dress!

  362. Afia
    26/04/13 at 17:49

    I love love LOVE the any interpertation of the vargas shapeware <3

  363. Pamela
    26/04/13 at 17:49

    I adore the sleek and bold look of the Red Sirena collection.

  364. Maggie
    26/04/13 at 20:48

    It has to be red Alouette Dress. Everything about it is classy and hot.

  365. 26/04/13 at 21:35

    I love the Fraulein Annie Collection! The Falling in Love Bra is lovely.

  366. Amanda
    26/04/13 at 23:55

    I like the Van Mimi but they are all gorg.

  367. Ang
    27/04/13 at 1:36

    Happy fifth anniversary Treacle!! I have been lurking your lovely blog for years, here’s to many more years to come :)

    As for Kiss Me Deadly, narrowing down to one favourite item from the archive is a very difficult thing… I adore the plum Mimi and probably wear this set the most, though the single item I wear most of all is my Van Doren Suspender Belt – I never knew a suspender could be comfortable enough to wear on a daily basis til I owned this beauty!! It’s more comfortable – and saucier – than tights, and I’ve never had it spoing my stockings off unexpectedly, unlike many other fashion suspenders ;) I’m extra pleased I managed to pick up the delicious Vargas dress in black and red and would never part with it… But if KMD were to resurrect something from their archives I would adore it to be the platinum Sirena – the colour combination is so stunning and I’m filled with regret that I missed out, alas!


  368. Lyudmila
    27/04/13 at 2:04

    I like the Mermaid Swim Collection

  369. Aaron Cooper
    27/04/13 at 2:36

    I think Beth is the sexiest. Van Doren a close second.

  370. calista
    27/04/13 at 5:43

    the mimi! the colour is gorgous

  371. Emma
    27/04/13 at 6:35

    The Vargas Dress is so beautiful and is definitely my favourite :)

  372. jessie
    27/04/13 at 6:57

    I’d choose the vargas girdle from the lydia set- the color is so pretty!

  373. Cécile
    27/04/13 at 8:37

    Hi ! ^^

    I have a huge crush on the Vargas dress, but my favorite collection has to be the Sirena. I loved it in its first color, but in red it’s even more amazing *.* KMD is by far my favorite lingerie brand too, plus they’re an independent one, yet I never could afford one of their sets =(

  374. Millie
    27/04/13 at 10:19

    Definitely the Lydia set, so beautiful. Although I also love ALL of the Vargas shape wear :3 x

  375. Laura
    27/04/13 at 10:21

    My favorite set from the archives has to be the Elle, because that robe is absolutely phenomenal and I am in love with it! Especially in the red — it’s just divine!

  376. Alexandria Baker
    27/04/13 at 10:42

    The Red Sirena collection is so gorgeous and sexy. Love it!

  377. Erika
    27/04/13 at 10:57

    The Lydia and Red Sirena collections are my favourite!

  378. jc
    27/04/13 at 11:17
  379. Kaylee
    27/04/13 at 11:22

    The Plum Mimi set was my absolute favorite, loved the lace detailing on it and the color was gorgeous!

  380. Laura
    27/04/13 at 12:09

    Sirena and Amy are both so gorgeous.

  381. Ashley
    27/04/13 at 12:16

    i love candy bow, it is the sexiest in all the land.

  382. Summer
    27/04/13 at 12:36

    How do you pick just one?! I love the Lydia collection with the gorgeous turquoise, the black lace and the flattering lines. But don’t forget about Amelie in feminine sheer peach and ivory eyelash lace overlay.

  383. Savannah
    27/04/13 at 12:41

    I love the ‘Pink Alouette’ Corset 2!

    My favorite collection is definitely the “Cinnamon Falling in Love” merchandise under the Fraulein Annie collection. The colors and details are beautiful and amazing.

  384. Rhonda
    27/04/13 at 12:45

    I love the Lydia style. I like the bra and the bows on the garter.

  385. Kathleen K
    27/04/13 at 13:16

    I love Elle.

  386. Melissa
    27/04/13 at 13:24

    Love Amelie!!!! So sweet and ultra-feminine, but with a touch of sass! Happy fifth anniversary!!!! :)

  387. William Cruse
    27/04/13 at 13:47

    I think my wife would look good in the Tempest Rose

  388. Skye Cameron
    27/04/13 at 13:52

    My favourite collection right now would likely be the Tempest Rose, that scalloped bra is to DIE for. I also love the lydia because the colours are very sexy and rich.

  389. Ashley
    27/04/13 at 14:01

    Well I know the dress isn’t a collection but my absolute favorite thing from KMD is the Vargas dress. I love it! I love it more than anything else in my lingerie drawer and I am so excited to get the new one with the purple when it comes out! Aside from that I would have to say that collection wise I love the Lydia, Red Sirena, Pink Alouette(as well as the new peach one), and the Tempest Rose! With Kiss Me Deadly you cant choose just one!

  390. 27/04/13 at 15:14

    My absolute favourite is the Candy Box set. It’s just so, so different! I love lingerie but most collections get a bit same-y after a while. The Candy Box set, though… it’s like Marvel meets Film Noir meets Pulp Fiction! Brilliant.

  391. Cassandra
    27/04/13 at 15:28

    My all time favorite is Alouette in Emerald. I love green and that collection was amazing. My Current favorite is Tempest Rose.

  392. Ciera
    27/04/13 at 15:29

    I love the Alouette in Peach. It is so beautiful!

  393. Geraldyne
    27/04/13 at 15:33

    The Tempest Rose is my favorite.

  394. Karla
    27/04/13 at 15:41

    The Mermaid Swim Collection looks lovely.

  395. Lesli
    27/04/13 at 15:47

    My favorite one collection from KMD is definitely Sirena in Red. It has an incredible, seductive look – especially the cut-away bra. And after all, who can resist red? I love it!

  396. alloen
    27/04/13 at 15:48

    i’m a floral and lace girl, so the original alouette in pink from 2006 is gorgeous –i love larger, simple floral prints.

    (though, after finding out for a majority of the contest entries you need to have a facebook or twitter, i’m pretty disappointed… as a person who avoids “personal” social media because of the repercussions it can have on school/job placement, i can only have one entry –and a corset is entirely out of this girl’s reach with college next year)

  397. Token Ware
    27/04/13 at 16:16

    Blue jezebel. Wow!

  398. Claire
    27/04/13 at 16:26

    The Red Sirena – if only they did my cup size! It’s an absolutely gorgeous colour.

  399. Eva Guevara
    27/04/13 at 16:34

    My favourite is the Blue Jezebel collection because of the lovely royal blue and the polka-dot mesh, which is utterly fantastic.

  400. 27/04/13 at 16:36

    I really like their Van Doren piece from the permanent collection!
    Thank you for this amazing giveaway :)

  401. josh
    27/04/13 at 16:40

    The whole Vargas series is fantastic.

  402. Trudi
    27/04/13 at 16:45

    It’s all really just varying degrees of obsessive love for all the collections – I remember when I first found KMD online from here in NZ, I was blown away by how beautiful it all was. So if I have to pick a favourite, it would be the Peach Jolie, because it’s unbelievably romantic, and for the nostalgia of it being my first KMD set.

  403. larissa
    27/04/13 at 17:10

    I absolutely need all the pieces that in the mermaid swim collection!

  404. Hannah K
    27/04/13 at 17:52

    Oh it’s so hard to choose. The Plum Mimi is very lovely- I have the knickers but they sold out of the bra in my size before I could catch it. I’m really looking forward to their new busk-less corsets and I’m drooling over their Falling in Love cinchers.

  405. Margeaux
    27/04/13 at 18:43

    God, the Vargas dress is so gorgeous. How could anyone NOT drool over it?
    Definitely one the most lovely pieces I’ve seen from any company.

  406. Karen
    27/04/13 at 18:52

    The Blue DeVille won my hear at first sight :-)

  407. Karen
    27/04/13 at 18:54

    *heart :-)

  408. Gabriella Duncan
    27/04/13 at 18:55

    My current favorite collection is Tempest Rose. I’ve been vying over it for some time and really need to purchase it soon! Own a number of pieces by Kiss Me Deadly already. They are definitely a favorite of mine as well.

  409. Koen
    27/04/13 at 21:16

    Definitely Lydia.

  410. Stephanie Larison
    27/04/13 at 21:41

    Pink Printed Vargas Longline Girdle, I’m in love with that!

  411. 27/04/13 at 22:18

    The pink silk cherie teddy is amazing.

  412. Lorena
    27/04/13 at 22:21

    While ALL KMD collections are lovely and charming, my favorite collection – so far – is the Van Doren classic collection.

    The reason? To me, the Van Doren items are the LBDs of the KMD family: they’re timeless, they’re functional and they go absolutely great with everything!

    As a stocking lover, I’ve searched for years for the ideal suspender belt to wear my stockings with; sadly, in my country this garment is quite rare and those I could find were of mediocre quality. However, thanks to the Lingerie Addict, I came to know this remarkable brand and my very first purchase was the Van Doren 6-strap suspender belt in the Ivory limited edition – at that moment, the classical Black was out of stock – and by wearing my stockings with that little big number… let’s just say that my stockings weren’t the only things lifted ever since.
    Wearing a KMD suspender belt makes your spirit glow, makes your skin aroused with excitement, and I hope to add more to my collection -maybe the lovely Amelie, the ravishing Ida o the sensual Sirena – in the nearby future :)

  413. Jen R
    27/04/13 at 22:56

    The Lydia 1 is by far my fave of the designs there. Of the collections on their website, it’s a hard tossup between Lydia and Red Sirena! They’re all so snazzy.

  414. Diana
    27/04/13 at 23:12

    The Tempest Rose collection is my favorite! :)

  415. 28/04/13 at 0:15

    Van Mimi collection hands down. totally hot!!!

  416. Jasmine
    28/04/13 at 0:26

    I have been admiring the Vargas series for some time. I just adore it, although I don’t own any pieces yet.

  417. Leah Baird
    28/04/13 at 0:27

    My favorite is Multiway Vargas Dress.

  418. Adena
    28/04/13 at 0:50

    I love the Mimi collection!~

  419. Ursula
    28/04/13 at 1:09

    How can I choose just one!?! I’ve been eyeing the Sirena collection, and now I want a girdle or varga dress too!

  420. mariovario
    28/04/13 at 2:31

    red sirena !!

  421. greendragonfly
    28/04/13 at 3:49

    It’s terribly hard to choose from such beautiful designs. I’m torn between the Jezebel Longline in red and the vargas girdle.

  422. Hortencia
    28/04/13 at 4:13

    So far my favourite KMD piece is my vargas dress. I love that it gives a great shape but still looks gorgeous on. I also love my fifi set because the colour is beautiful. Big knickers are always a must.

  423. AmandaAndHat
    28/04/13 at 7:38

    It’s hard to pick a favourite from so many gorgeous pieces but I’d definitely have to say the Red Sirena set. Something about that black eyelash lace – it’s so delicate but so elegantly sexy too, especially how it trims the girdle, and the Red Riding Hood style promo image was one of this things that first made me get excited about the Kiss Me Deadly brand!

  424. andy
    28/04/13 at 9:09

    the Delacroix in Black in a great set

  425. Melinda
    28/04/13 at 10:03

    My favorite is and always will be the beautiful L’amour set. I’ve always had a thing for beautiful fitted lingerie and a bustier is always so much fun!

  426. Zach
    28/04/13 at 10:32

    My wife is in love with the brand and has asked me to enter. She really wants a custom corset.

  427. Ashley S
    28/04/13 at 10:44

    Fraulein Annie!

  428. silviabia
    28/04/13 at 11:26

    I love Mimi!

  429. Rebecca White
    28/04/13 at 11:39


  430. Ginger Giannoni
    28/04/13 at 13:04

    Of the drawings I love lydia 1, classic and the color will be great with my red hair, but of the ones in the collections Red Sirena is my absolute favorite! I would wear it to tame my big bad wolf.

  431. Catherine
    28/04/13 at 13:09

    I love everything they have now and have made in the past. If I had to choose, it would be the pink printed vargas longline girdle. I love that it’s still very neutral (for me anyways!) and it has a beautiful print.

  432. Hanna
    28/04/13 at 13:38

    As much as I love, love, love the Vargas collection, I’d have to go with the Blue DeVille as my all time favourite. I crave that suspender skirt, despite having absolutely nothing in my possession that would go with. Come to think of it, I would probably wear it by itself anyway. The colour is wonderfully rich and manages to a) not be black, b) not be cutesy-twee, c) not be bridal and d) not resemble my granny’s underwear in any way. That’s a tough thing to pull off when it comes to vintage-y lingerie!

  433. Susan Churchwell
    28/04/13 at 14:14

    I think my favourite collection is Elle, I love floaty swishy things!

  434. 28/04/13 at 14:41

    I love the Deluxe Bikini for practical reasons. But I am pretty much in love with the whole current season :)

  435. Rachael
    28/04/13 at 14:51

    I’m in love with the Jolie set. So gorgeous and fresh!

  436. Josephine
    28/04/13 at 15:10

    The Vargas dress! I have it in peach and love it. I can’t wait till the ivory version comes out hopefully soon as I very much want to wear it for my wedding.

  437. Nicole
    28/04/13 at 16:11

    The pink-printed vargas long line girdle is so pretty! So elegant! It is my favourite

  438. Rust
    28/04/13 at 16:12

    Hard to choose! I would have to say the Van Mimi is close!

  439. Leslie L. Stanziani
    28/04/13 at 17:33

    I like tempest the most.

  440. Jennifer Reed
    28/04/13 at 19:33

    My favorite collection from the site is the Tempest Rose Collection. BEAUTIFUL!
    reejen at comcast dot net

  441. 28/04/13 at 19:59

    the blue jezebel and elle collections are my favorite!

  442. Elan
    28/04/13 at 20:02

    The Red Sirena is gorgeous!

  443. Colleen Boudreau
    28/04/13 at 20:09


  444. Jennifer
    28/04/13 at 21:10

    I love, love, love the Tempest Rose Collection. The scalloped edge of the shell bras are so pretty.

  445. Shannon K
    28/04/13 at 21:27

    I adore everything Kiss Me Deadly!
    I think my favorite past set is Mae, and currently I really like the Pink Silk Cherie Teddy.

  446. Karrie Millheim
    28/04/13 at 23:20

    The Demi Corset is amazing

  447. Amber
    28/04/13 at 23:47

    I found Kiss Me Deadly and The Lingerie Addict via Twitter links. I can’t believe I’ve never come across you folks before!
    Everything looks amazing, but the DeVille suspender skirt is by FAR my favorite item from the archives. I’ve never seen anything like it before – stunning and unique and oh so sexy. Swoon-worthy indeed. :)

  448. Samii Meyer
    29/04/13 at 0:38

    I like the Elle Collection

  449. Kaylie
    29/04/13 at 5:12

    I love the blue deville collection as well as the red sirena one they both have a sultry sexy vibe.

  450. Bridget Carpenter
    29/04/13 at 5:17

    The Van Doren sets without i doubt! Elegant, timeless and just a wee bit cheeky:) xx

  451. Lulu
    29/04/13 at 6:31

    Ι λικε Vargas Shapewear)

  452. 29/04/13 at 6:49

    I found this collection here: http://www.kissmedeadly.co.uk/shop/category/422/collections/pink-alouette
    The Pink Alouette my favorite! oh-so-amazing!
    I love your giveaway
    from India! :)

  453. Olivia
    29/04/13 at 7:49

    I love the Mimi collection! The plum and lace are gorgeous.

  454. 29/04/13 at 8:52

    I’m so glad this giveaway exists or I never would’ve discovered this brand! The Jolie and Ameile have to be my favourite sets; they are so delicate and pretty but still have that incredibly sexy 40s/50s shape. Beauuuuutiful.

  455. Cybelle Oliveira
    29/04/13 at 9:22

    Tempest Rose!!!

  456. Nola G.
    29/04/13 at 9:23

    I am loving the Blue Jezebel set! That polkadot lace is pretty amazing O_O

  457. JJ.
    29/04/13 at 10:03

    I love most of the items on their website, but at the moment, I’m lusting over the Ida Silk Bralet and the matching knickers!

  458. Cate
    29/04/13 at 10:17

    My favourite is the black Vargas Dress. It oozes sexiness but is chic, utterly vintage and just a little bit naughty!

  459. jean-louis proust
    29/04/13 at 10:32

    the first run of deville, since that one was a bit stretchy unlike version two that had no stretch what so ever.

  460. Devyn
    29/04/13 at 10:45

    I think of all the stunning collections that I am in lust with (Lydia, Fraulein Anne, Red Sirena, ANY of their swim line), it is the Tempest Rose collection I’m loving the most. The lines are so interesting and unique when it comes to the bustlines, and I am SUCH a sucker for lace overlay, especially when it’s done so exceptionally stunningly. SIGH, I dream of some of their lingerie!

  461. 29/04/13 at 11:41

    My favourite set from the Kiss Me Deadly archive is Candy from 2011. I have the chemise and the briefs. It may be one of the most cutesy things KMD have created, but it is still mostly black with some naughty sheer panels :-)

    I already follow KMD on Twitter and Facebook, and I’m pretty sure I follow TLA on Facebook too. Just trying to check my my work internet doesn’t seem to like FB today! I shall tweet about the comp now too :-)

  462. 29/04/13 at 12:08

    I’ve always loved the Blue Jezebel collection. That longline knicker is to die for!

  463. Anna
    29/04/13 at 12:20

    Jezebel is my favorite collection!

  464. Sophie
    29/04/13 at 12:26

    my favourite piece has to be the vargas dress in the aqua colour, it’s so beautiful! it’s also wonderfully convenient that it’s control wear, though it still looks sexy and glamorous x

  465. Kate
    29/04/13 at 12:27

    I love love love the Turquoise Deluxe bikini. It’s so classic and modern at the same time.

  466. 29/04/13 at 12:45

    How am I supposed to pick just one?!
    Under duress, I’ll have to go for the blue Jezebel.

  467. Erin
    29/04/13 at 12:47

    I LOVE the Candy Box set. It’s so cute and sexy!

  468. Dovile
    29/04/13 at 13:05

    My favorite collection is Swim, especially the Turquoise Deluxe Swimsuit.

  469. 29/04/13 at 13:25

    RED SIRENA FOR THE WIN!!! Everything about this collection just works: the retro silhouette, the black/red colour combination that just oozes SEX…Just perfection!

  470. Ann
    29/04/13 at 13:46

    I *love* the Vargas Dress. Just as soon as I save up my grad student pennies, I’ve got to get one for myself!

  471. Denali
    29/04/13 at 13:57

    Oh my god, these drawings are phenomenal! I want one soooo bad. @_@ My favourite collection thus far is probably the Red Sirena. :)

  472. Melody
    29/04/13 at 14:01

    My fave? How can I choose! I love the peach jolie and the peach alouette. The plum vargas girdle is amazing too. And Van Mimi! Argh…I guess the peach alouette is the prettiest to me.

  473. Megan Rose
    29/04/13 at 14:35

    Ah, that Lydia corset is amazing! I can think of so many burlesque acts I’d like to do with it!

  474. 29/04/13 at 14:40

    I’m amazed the Red Sirena isn’t more popular – it’s *gorgeous* – my favourite by far!

  475. Fran
    29/04/13 at 15:09

    Do you realize how difficult it is to pick one collection? haha
    They’re seriously all so gorgeous! I’m currently saving up to get the complete Ida collection, but it was seriously a struggle choosing between Ida, Red Sirena, Van Doren, and Black and Red Jolie. I’m gonna go with Ida though, I mean I like it enough to actually buy it so, I guess I can call it my favorite :)

  476. susan smoaks
    29/04/13 at 15:42

    okay it’s hard to choose but i have to say my favorite is the Multiway Vargas Dress

  477. Emma
    29/04/13 at 15:54

    My favourite would have to be the Alouette… blue because I own it :) Though sadly the bra doesn’t fit anymore so I can’t wear it! The Lydia is a close second though, and I want to own it :)

  478. Melissa
    29/04/13 at 17:04

    I can only pick one I’d have to go with all of them. I only have one problem I don’t think the Bras will fit me other than that I love them all.

  479. Sara
    29/04/13 at 17:51

    I love the Black and Red Jolie.The way the suspender belt forms to the body is really sexy and the fabric looks incredible. I like the longline girdle more than the corset but both are very nice.The combination of black and red is always great!

  480. Ivana
    29/04/13 at 17:52

    My favorite is definitely Vargas Dress :)

  481. Ashley Morrissey
    29/04/13 at 18:14

    Completely in love with the Elle collection, the Mermaid Swim Collection and the Ida and Lydia collection! But really, I love everything. Ugh, perfection.

  482. va
    29/04/13 at 18:15
  483. Katherine
    29/04/13 at 18:39

    I’ve always loved the classic, sexy, sleek look of the Vargas Shapewear collection.

  484. Katie
    29/04/13 at 18:43

    Blue DeVille. I want to put a fancy pair of shoes on with that collection and tango the night away.

  485. Jessie
    29/04/13 at 18:55

    After going through the archive, I’d have to say that Sirena is my favorite (specifically in red!). Being pin-up Little Red Riding Hood is kind of my dream, haha.

  486. Genny Rebekah
    29/04/13 at 19:51

    I absolutely adore the underbust corset, especially in plum! I’ve always wanted to get an underbust, but that’s surprisingly one kind I don’t have yet.

  487. magpie
    29/04/13 at 20:59

    I kinda love the Vargas shapewear. It’s miles away from blanx, hideous spanx, which is the first thing that pops to mind when I hear “shapewear”. >_o I also love the Sirena collection, and am sad that my black Sirena bra no longer even remotely fits me!

  488. Nataly Carbonell
    29/04/13 at 21:33

    Hi there, I’m in love with the mermaid Swim collection!

  489. Camille
    29/04/13 at 22:21

    My favorite collection is definitely the Sirena Collection! I’m a sucker for the sexy black lace and stunning satins.

  490. 29/04/13 at 22:38

    I like the turquoise of the Lydia Collection. Everything is so glamourous!

  491. Lily
    29/04/13 at 22:40

    I love love love the Fraulein Annie collection!

  492. Sarah
    29/04/13 at 22:41

    The Elle robe, not only is the cut gorgeous but the ability to wear it and coordinate what you wear underneath to show makes it even better to me.

  493. Kelsey Keefe
    29/04/13 at 23:32

    I like the Elle robe! It’s so pretty and long, and just quite pretty. I like the Vargas shapewear, too, since I don’t own anything like it!

  494. Katie
    30/04/13 at 0:04

    It took me while to pick a favorite! But after long deliberation I’d say it has to be the Mimi collection. I love every single piece, and I love the colors. I don’t own anything from Kiss Me Deadly.

    I’m actually very new the beautiful world of lingerie, thanks to this blog! I finally got my first corset last summer after years of dreaming, and in an internet hunt to make sure I took proper care of it, I ended up on this site and haven’t looked back! When I get out of college and actually have money to spend on good lingerie, this is definitely a collection I’d like to get for myself

  495. Donna K
    30/04/13 at 2:58

    The Van Doren pieces

  496. Courtney
    30/04/13 at 3:00

    My girlfriend REALLY likes the Lydia Corset #1.

  497. 30/04/13 at 8:56

    I am in LOVE with your Vargas Girdle & Dress. The lingerie set Lydia and robe Elle are amazing too. It is quiet difficult to choose- your designs are just thrilling.


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