The Lingerie Addict Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I’m new to The Lingerie Addict. Where should I start?

I’m new to lingerie. How do I even begin?

I’m looking for the weekly lingerie sales posts. Where can I find them?

What about sample sales?

How can I tell if a bra is fitting correctly?

How do you feel about going braless?

Do Bras Prevent Breast Sagging?

How often should I wash my bra?

How can I make my daughter’s first bra buying experience a positive one?

What should I keep in mind if I choose to get bra-fitted at the mall or a lingerie boutique?

What are the different kinds of bra wires?

How do I replace my bra straps?

Bras are cool, but I’m really looking for comfy knickers. Where can I find those?

Why can’t I talk crap about other people’s bodies here?

Should I shop online or in a lingerie boutique?

Where do you recommend shopping online?

Why is lingerie so expensive?

I’m a full busted woman looking for lingerie. Where should I shop?

I’m a plus sized woman looking for bras. Who should I buy from?

I’m a small busted woman looking for bras. Who should I buy from?

I’m a pregnant or nursing mom looking for bras. Who should I buy from?

I’m a mature woman. Any lingerie advice for me?

I have a muscular body type. What tips should I keep in mind?

I’m looking for hosiery. Where should I start?

I’m looking for affordable lingerie. Do you have any articles on that?

  • I don’t know what affordable means to you.

I’m interested in buying a corset? Any tips?

I already have a corset. How do I take care of it?

I’d like to make a corset. How do I get started?

Do you have any articles about tightlacing?

I want to wear my corset more often. How do I style an outfit around it?

I’m looking for classy lingerie? Do you have any articles on that?

  • I don’t know what classy means to you.

I love pinup, retro, vintage, and burlesque lingerie. Any articles on that?

Any advice for brides when it comes to wedding and honeymoon lingerie?

I’m looking for shapewear. What are all the different kinds?

Is lingerie just for people in relationships?

How do I buy lingerie for my partner?

Can you help me become a lingerie model?

How can I break into the lingerie industry?

How do I dye my lingerie?

I’m interested in a boudoir photoshoot. Any advice?

Why do lingerie retailers…

What do you think of diversity within the lingerie industry?

What do you think of Victoria’s Secret?

Who sells lingerie on Etsy?

Know any companies that make lingerie in the U.S.A.?

What about ethical or eco-friendly lingerie?

Is lingerie appropriate for Mother’s Day?

Who makes the most expensive lingerie?

What was the first thing you ever wrote about?

Where are your reviews?

What other lingerie bloggers do you recommend?

How can I guest post for you?



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  1. Thursday
    06/02/13 at 4:53

    I was just about to search for boutique recommendations on TLA ahead of my trip to the US and Canada in March….and here’s the link! Perfect timing :-)

  2. Jackie
    28/03/13 at 19:55

    Hi there, I love your site – so helpful! I’m planning on making the permanent switch from pantyhose to a garter belt with stockings, and I’m wondering what is better for a longer lasting stocking: 100% nylon or a nylon/lycra blend? Which runs less? I’ll generally be wearing sheer nude or sheer black in a 15-20 denier for office wear, but want to cap the price at $30 or less, hopefully under $15 ideally. Thanks for your help!