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8 Pretty Bra Choices for Plus Size, Full Bust Women

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

Nicole, aka "Fussy Busty"

Today's guest blog post blog post is by Nicole of Fussy Busty. Nicole has been fitting customers, friends and family for bras for four years and it's one of those things she's really passionate about. When not writing for her blog, Nicole stays busy with her husband and three large dogs, while also finishing up her MS in Psychology and maintaining a wedding favors business on Etsy. She loves all things creative and loves helping women to see that no matter what size they are or what they look like, THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL!

You can find Fussy Busty on Facebook and Twitter @Fussy_Busty, and also at where she reviews lingerie for the plus size, full bust woman and pioneers for equal access to beautiful lingerie for everyone.

On my blog, I write from the perspective of the plus size full bust woman. Right now, I wear a 40J, but no less than a year ago, I wore a 46 G? H? At the time, I didn't even know what cup size I wore because I couldn't find a bra that fit my plus size figure AND my full bust. So, here I present to your plus sized readers a list of choices they can turn to which provide not only a wider range of plus size bands, but also a full bust cup range. All sizes are UK sizing unless otherwise noted. I'm not endorsed by Nordstrom in any way, I just happen to know these stores carry some of these brands and make note of it so readers know where they can go to try things on.

Elomi 'Caitlyn'


Elomi is a really great brand that has come a long way, even in the few years I have started wearing them. The bra shown is the Caitlyn --- available in fashion and continuity colors --- which has a size range 38-42 DD-K; 44-46 DD-HH. This style is definitely full coverage, but it is truly wonderful. The lift and fit of the Caitlyn are great, especially for a full bust. Elomi caters to plus size women's shapes with wider wings, wider straps, and comfortable underwires. You can find the Caitlyn through many retailers, and if you're looking in the US Nordstrom is a great store that stocks the Caitlyn in many sizes (if not all in the range). It runs about $56.00, but you may be able to find older fashion colors on sale, or maybe great deals on eBay.

Elomi "Tamarie"

The Tamarie is probably one of my favorite Elomi bras because not only does it provide great full coverage and support, but it is also pretty. Something you might love is that the wires don't come up very high under the arm, which is really quite wonderful. The Tamarie is available in continuity colors, with a pretty amazing size range including: 36-42 DD-HH, 44 DD-GG, 46 DD-G, and 48 DD-FF. This wonderful bra has all of the great features that Elomi brings to plus size bras. This also usually runs in the $50 range. While I haven't seen it at Nordstrom lately, I know you can find this style online.

Of course, Elomi offers many different styles, including a few padded bras, a gorgeous plunge (The Betty), a sports bra, wirefree bras, a strapless and even a basque. The price range and quality of Elomi is what makes it so accessible, and is usually the first brand I suggest to women who are looking for a nice plus size, full bust bra.


**U.S. Sizing**

Goddess "Rose Banded"

Goddess is definitely one of those brands that has seemed under the radar to me, but ask many bra bloggers and they recognize Goddess as a plus size brand. They offer many different styles and colors to suit your personality, and something I really like about Goddess is that they often offer multiple frames or styles of the same bra. The bra pictured is the Rose Banded Bra, and this is also offered as a bandless bra, and as a soft cup (though the size ranges are different for each style). This Rose Banded is currently offerred in continuity colors and some fashion colors, and has a wonderful size range, including: 36 DDD-K, 38-42 DD-K, 44 DD-J, and 46 DD-I. As I note, these are US sizes meaning that a K = UK H, J = UK GG, I = UK G and so on. For info about sizing, click here Goddess Sizing. Goddess is definitely a more budget-friendly option for women, coming in mostly under $50 for a new bra.

Goddess "Alice"

The Alice full cup bra boasts the Goddess "M" frame for maximum bust lift and separation (yay!). The Alice is also available as a soft cup bra, though again, the size range is different. It is available in continuity as well as fashion colors. For the underwire bra, the size range is: 34-44 G-N (N = UK JJ cup), 46 G-M, and 48 G-L. I know the sizing can be confusing if you are used to the UK sizing but it's not too complicated, and as noted with the Rose, Goddess does provided a conversion chart on their website. Again, the price is around $46.00 for this bra.

Goddess "Marilyn"

The Marilyn is a gorgeous strapless bra! It is available in continuity colors and a somewhat smaller size range than some of the other Goddess styles. Sizes available are: 34-46 B-H, 48 B-DDD. What's great about this strapless is that Goddess taps into another underserved end of the bra size spectrum, the plus size-small cup community. The strapless is available on Bigger Bras for only $38.00! Wow!


**U.S. Sizing**

Primadonna "Deauville"

Primadonna is definitely one of those brands that can make you fall in love with luxury bras. Their bras are made with amazing fabrics, including beautiful stretch laces, yummy embroidery, and are constructed so beautifully. Many of their bras have elegant accents (like crystals and bows) which elevate the brand to an even higher level. Before we fall in love even further, I think it's definitely important to note that PrimaDonna bras range in price from $90-165.00. But you definitely get everything you pay for. PrimaDonna as a brand has full collections that offer matching panties, garters, shapewear and various bra frames.

The pictured Deauville Undewired Bra is gorgeous! It is available in continuity as well as fashion colors, and comes in a fair size range. Sizes offered are: 30-44 FGH, and 32-40 I. Price point for the Deauville is roughly $139.00. If you need help converting sizes to UK sizes, the size chart for Goddess is the same for PrimaDonna bras. This bra is part of the holistic Deauville collection which includes different styles of bra (strapless, spacer, balconnet, etc.), panties, garter belts, shapewear and so on. Again, sizes for different styles do vary.

Primadonna "Madison"

The Madison full cup bra is the first I ever owned from PrimaDonna, and I cannot say enough positive things about this bra! The shape of the Madison is really great! It lifts and supports a full bust, and it definitely pushes tissue forward (instead of wide and under the arms). The top of the cup is stretch lace, which really helps for those of us with slight differences in breast size. The straps are wide and supportive, and it is adorned with pretty bows and a checked fabric on the lower cup of the bra. This style is available in continuity colors as well as fashion colors, and is available in sizes 32-46 FGH, and 32-44 I. This bra is $113.00 and worth every single penny.

There are not many stores that carry PrimaDonna in the US, but I do know the chain of Intimacy stores does carry PrimaDonna.

Elila Lingerie

**US. Sizing**

Elila Full Coverage Lace Bra

Elila Lingerie provides many choices for the full figure, fuller busted woman. While many of their styles are softcup bras (and the size range for softcup bras includes up to a 54 G), their underwire styles are simple and beautiful. Pictured here is the Full Lace Underwire Bra, available in both fashion and continuity colors. The size range of this bra is 36-46 DD-I cup. Price range for Elila is similar to Goddess, typically hitting under $50.00.

Elila as a brand offers shapewear, panties, nursing bras, sports bras, longlines and so on, with panty sizes being offered up to a 5XL. It is a well rounded brand that seeks to offer options to a wide range of customers.

I hope these options help plus sized, full bust women to find a best fitting bra that is not only supportive, but also comfortable and attractive. If you're a plus size, full bust woman, what are some of your favorite bras?

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Cora Harrington

Founder and Editor in Chief of The Lingerie Addict. Author of In Intimate Detail: How to Choose, Wear, and Love Lingerie. I believe lingerie is fashion too, and that everyone who wants it deserves gorgeous lingerie.

8 Comments on this post

  1. Vicky says:

    Why is it seemingly assumed that gals with large breasts also require large band sizes? Try to find a pretty full cupped bra with lacy straps in a D or DD with a 32 or 34 band size. Likewise, there have got to be women out there who, although not well endowed with large breasts, would like something feminine with a large band size and smaller cups.

    • Cora says:

      Welcome! We have so many articles on this topic, Vicky. It seems like this may have been the first article you’ve landed on, and so you’re not familiar with our archives, but if you click the full bust tag, you will see that there are plenty of options.

  2. Renee Martinez says:

    Please!!!! I need help. I have been searching and searching for a comfortable bra. However, lately I just leave the stores in tears. I am a 46 year old woman, am full figured (but not quite plus size), and have the most awkward bra size – 36H. My shoulders are indented, they ache constantly, as well as my neck and back. Any recommendations on where to privately shop for what I feel has become emotionally embarrassing?

  3. Stina says:

    Elomi is definitely my go-to brand. I got fitted for Elomi at a lingerie boutique up in Delaware (fantastic service!) and ever since then I can’t match them for sizing. 42H, that’s me. The ladies in Wilmington say that that’s a pretty popular size.

  4. risha says:

    Love the website

  5. BonnyBard says:

    This is such a useful article, thanks! Finally some nice looking plus-size bras, I’m going to go check these out!

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