Lingerie of the Week: Only Hearts Sheer Half Dot Swiss Slip

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Only Hearts, via Dollhouse Bettie

We’re starting a new feature on The Lingerie Addict this week…Lingerie of the Week, where we feature pieces we’ve been particularly pining over (pardon the alliteration).

I don’t know if you know this, but I am obsessed with sheer black lingerie. And no matter how many times I try to change things up with a little color in my lingerie wardrobe, I inevitably come back to black.  For awhile, I thought it just meant I was dreadfully uncreative and boring, but I now I’m beginning to realize that’s just my style. I love black lingerie.

I also love vintage and vintage-inspired slips. I’ve written about my love of slips on the blog before, and also referenced it in one of lingerie YouTube channel. To me slips are the epitome of effortless sexy (Elizabeth Taylor, anyone?), but they’re also really good at their original purpose…as layering pieces.

I can see this Only Hearts slip being the perfect complement to a light and summery sundress or, if you’re especially bold, underneath a pencil skirt with the flounced hem peeking out. And, at $46, it (hopefully) won’t completely wreck your summer fashion budget.

What do you think of the Only Hearts Dotted Half Slip? Have you tried the Only Hearts brand before? I’d love to get your thoughts…in either direction.



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  1. Thursday
    24/07/12 at 6:45

    Nice idea for a feature, Treacle! I’m a big fan of slips as an aid to comfortable dressing, and love a bit of sheer black lingerie myself. Personally not a fan of dots or ruffles however, so I’ll skip this one:)

    • 26/07/12 at 11:46

      I don’t like super ruffly pieces, but I am a fan of swiss dots. I think it livens up a sheer background nicely. Where do you usually get your slips? And is there anything you’re really wanting right now? :)

      • Thursday
        28/07/12 at 2:34

        Oh yes, Swiss dot can be very lovely, and now that I think about it, I think a few pieces may have snuck into my wardrobe too…

        Most of my full slips are vintage, and a number of my half-slips. The rest tend to be eBay finds, actually, and I suspect a number are from a certain English department store. Pluse size slips that are pretty and do the job are quite hard to come by here – always open to recommendations!

        On the theoretical lust list: I am a sucker for pretty black/beige or cream combinations, so I love the look of this Bordelle piece:

        • Thursday
          28/07/12 at 21:18

          Oh my, I’ve just seen some of the new season La Perla, including this one:

          • 29/07/12 at 2:49

            Yeah, I am loving everything about this new upcoming collection. I don’t like the whole “Oriental-inspired” PR langauge they’re using to describe, but there is some beautiful lingerie here.

        • 29/07/12 at 2:51

          Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. I don’t actually own any Bordelle pieces. Do you?

          • Thursday
            29/07/12 at 3:09

            No, the Bordelle size range isn’t very inclusive, for a start, and my lingerie budget isn’t quite so grand, either! I haven’t seen any of the La Perla copy yet, just the images, so they haven’t had the chance to annoy me…

  2. 24/07/12 at 15:18

    I’m not the biggest fan of that particular slip either, but I do see the purpose of slips in general and they are nice things to own :)

    • 26/07/12 at 11:47

      They are! And if you’re on a budget, they’re an affordable way add something nice and lacy to your lingerie wardrobe. Even if this slip is out of reach, there are tons of beautiful vintage slips on Ebay and Etsy at an affordable price.

  3. 26/07/12 at 6:56

    Looking forward to more of these features! Love this week’s!

    • 26/07/12 at 11:45

      Thanks, KathTea! Any pieces you’re lusting over right now?

  4. 26/07/12 at 20:54

    “And no matter how many times I try to change things up with a little color in my lingerie wardrobe, I inevitably come back to black. For awhile, I thought it just meant I was dreadfully uncreative and boring, but I now I’m beginning to realize that’s just my style. I love black lingerie.”
    No shame! I’m very much the lyric, “all black everything!” I occasionally include color, but I like to think the black helps them to stand out even more- contrast and all. Also, I was mildly surprised at your all black confession, I think most of the pictures I remember you posting including fancy prints, usually flowery.

    • 27/07/12 at 12:09

      Yeah, I usually take photos in more bright and colorful styles because it just looks better in pictures. I mean, I like it too (otherwise, I wouldn’t wear it…even for photos), but on everyday basis black lingerie is where it’s at for me. ;)

  5. 27/07/12 at 9:14

    Now I can’t say I see the purpose of this item except as what we use to call a “frilly-dilly”, meaning lacy with no functional purpose. The can-cans under our dresses were frilly dillies.
    I love slips and have 5 or 6 of them of different lenghts, colors and styles. As a child of the 50-60’s our slips were to prevent seeing through our clothing, now I am not sure what their function is. One thing I have not seen in years is a slip with a shadow panel, now those were functional. Maybe that is why most of my slips were sewn by me. ;-)

    • 27/07/12 at 11:40

      I think wearing something ‘just because it’s pretty’ is a function too. Goodness knows, boring beige microfiber bras and panties would do the job for most of us, but lingerie is available in a range of colors and fabrics because we like that also has an aesthetic purpose (it makes us feel nice)…instead of just a functional one. And I think that counts too. ;)

  6. 28/07/12 at 16:35

    Oh that slip is simply beautiful. Must agree with you treacle…I am an addict for sheer black! Nice find. x

    • 29/07/12 at 2:50

      Glad you like! What’s been on your radar lately?

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