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3 Reasons to Support Our Lingerie Addict Advertisers

Clockwise from Top Left: True Corset, Hepburn & Leigh, and Spurst Lingerie

We love our advertisers, and not just because they give us money. Though you may not know this, TLA sponsors are a critical part of maintaining the editorial integrity, article quality, and standards of ethical blogging you’ve come to know and expect on The Lingerie Addict. And while I understand that everyone reading this already has their favorite brands and boutiques, I hope you’ll spare a minute or two to visit our sponsors, especially once I tell you why they’re such an important part of what we do.

Even though we’re only halfway through 2012, its been a really big year for The Lingerie Addict. The blog is regularly getting over 100,000 readers per month (this time last year, it was less than half that). We’ve gotten mentioned on some major websites… like TIME, TODAY, and The Washington Post. We’ve made the blog more “official” by like filing our federal trademark for The Lingerie Addict. And, of course, we’ve ticked off quite a few people… because it’s just not TLA if everyone likes us.

If you’ve been reading us for awhile, you know that The Lingerie Addict was really small and really unknown for years. But I don’t think we can call TLA a little blog anymore. You’ve turned it into something much, much bigger.

And that’s where our advertisers come in. Here’s how:

1) Our sponsors keep us online. Literally. In the last year, we’ve not only moved The Lingerie Addict from Blogger to WordPress (yay!), we’ve also upgraded our servers. Several times. As a reader, having a better server means the blog uploads when you visit it, no matter where you live or what kind of traffic we’re getting that day. Our sponsors also enabled us to hire a web developer so all the little tweaks and upgrades that need to happen, happen… and we stay online.

2) Our sponsors help us write the content you know and love. Unlike many fashion magazines, our content isn’t limited to who can afford advertising space. And while we’re not an indie-focused blog, many of the brands and designers we talk about are independent. All of our content (over 1,000 articles worth) is 100% original. Because of our sponsors, my six writers and I have the creative and editorial freedom to talk about the subjects that truly interest us (and interest you!) no matter how niche, controversial, or unprofitable they may be.

3) Our sponsors help The Lingerie Addict stay fair and ethical. Though it’s not something I really talk about, I try hard to abide by ethical blogging standards. That manifests itself in a number of ways — from paying our writers to declining payment for editorial to refusing to edit reader comments that brands disagree with. Our sponsors make sure we never have to worry about going offline because we turned down a shady ad deal or made the wrong people angry.

Earlier this year, I mentioned that I decline around 60% of the advertising proposals I receive… usually because the brand in question doesn’t agree with our policy of separating advertising and editorial. It can be hard to find sponsors who support what you’re doing so much that they want you to keep doing it. But I am happy to say that every single one of the advertisers we work with supports, respects, and encourages our unique point of view.

As I said in the beginning of this post, I know you already have your favorite stores, and I’m definitely not asking you to change who you buy from. But if you could spend a couple of minutes checking out one or two of our advertisers, it would mean the world to me… because they make so much of what we do here possible.

Here are a few of my fave looks from each store:

Indie Designer Advertisers:

Playful Promises

What Katie Did

Kiss Me Deadly

VIP Advertisers:

Lingerie Diva

True Corset

Eucalan Lingerie Wash

Spurst Lingerie

The Las Vegas International Lingerie Show

Our Other Advertisers:

Hepburn & Leigh

Kuhmillion Lingerie

Perfectly Petite Lingerie

Corset Chick

Philippe Matignon

The Pinx Fox Boutique

Cora Harrington

Founder and Editor in Chief of The Lingerie Addict. Author of In Intimate Detail: How to Choose, Wear, and Love Lingerie. I believe lingerie is fashion too, and that everyone who wants it deserves gorgeous lingerie.

3 Comments on this post

  1. latexpinup says:

    i just purchased my first bullet bra from What Katie Did and i am thrilled. i also recently purchased some lingerie from Lucy B and got some lingerie from Dottie’s Delight’s as a gift. i’m planning a Bettie Page inspired photo shoot that will never be seen by the public. a year ago i had never heard of TLA or any of these brands, i was 100% loyal to Victoria’s Secret but, i didn’t think i was sexy at all. thanks to you, Treacle, your blog, your unbiased editorial opinion, and your advertisers, i am discovering what sexy means to me, and have more confidence than i ever have.

  2. Elegy says:

    I for one can vouch for the amazing and personalizing customer service of “What Katie Did” and “Playful Promises.” They’re just. So. Nice! And of course I love how the items are packaged. In addition to that, while I have not bought from them directly and therefore have not had a customer service interaction, Kiss Me Deadly has a lovely thing going for them with their Facebook community. Really, check these brands out.

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