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Lingerie Shopping: 3 Reasons to Buy Lingerie Online Instead of in Boutiques

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Editor's Note: For an alternate perspective on why shopping in a luxury lingerie boutique matters, take a look at Faire Frou Frou's guest post on the subject: Why Shop in a Luxury Lingerie Boutique?

I have a confession to make.

I buy 90% of my lingerie online. And I'm not alone.

Whenever I mention this, especially to boutique owners, they're usually shocked. I get accused of everything from not wanting to support small businesses to just being a "bargain hunter." But after talking with Holly, one of our columnists and founder of The Full Figured Chest, a few weeks ago, I realized we have the same reasons for lingerie shopping online and they all cluster around the same three areas: Customer Service, Merchandise Selection, and Return Policies.

Though neither of us would presume to speak for every customer who shops online, I don't think the issues we're going to talk about here are all that unique or unusual. As always, we'd love to hear what you think, agree or disagree, in the comments.


Treacle: Thanks so much for being willing to "go public" with me about the reasons we lingerie shop online. I feel like it's almost a taboo subject... there are a lot of assumptions about why people shop online, and they don't always match reality.

Holly: I feel like there’s a movement out there that says you should be going to boutiques all the time, and that just isn’t a reality for most people. I’m all for buying local, but it doesn’t always work well for lingerie.

Treacle:Why don't we start by addressing that whole, "If you shop online you must be a bargain hunter" mindset? I honestly don't understand the problem with customers wanting to get a good value for their money... especially if you're on a tighter budget. When I make groceries, I'm not ashamed to use coupons to save a few dollars. When I'm shopping for clothes, I won't buy a dress full price if I can find the exact same one on sale. Why is it wrong to apply that mindset to lingerie?

Holly: As a practical example, I purchased a bra in a brick-and-mortar boutique recently that I later saw on Brastop for 50% less. I didn’t return the bra, but I did find myself wishing I’d known before. There’s nothing shameful about paying less money for the same product if you’re able to do so. In fact, it enables me to splurge on the truly unique stuff that I find in boutiques, both online and off.

Treacle: Totally agree. As a customer, a boutique of any kind (online or brick-and-mortar) has only one or two opportunities to convince me to shop from them. But since it takes little more effort for me to reach the nearest physical store, I have to feel like it's worth my time before I go to it.

Holly: There’s also more pressure to buy in a boutique, at least if you’re a nice sort of person. Whenever I go to a boutique I feel like I should buy at least a small item to make their time worthwhile, even when I haven’t had the greatest experience.

Treacle: I've done the same, and what you said about not having "the greatest experience" is a great lead-in to the next topic... customer service. I visit a ton of lingerie boutiques, and most of them lose me as a customer by completely ignoring me when I walk in the store. Maybe I'm weird, but I don't think wanting a "Hello" or a "May I help you?" or even a "Be right with you," is out of line... especially when those same staff members are going out of their way to greet and help other customers.

Case in point, I visited a really well-known lingerie boutique in New York with my fiancé this past February. I'd been looking forward to visiting them all week. I'd set aside money specifically to purchase from them. I'd been talking them up for several days. And when I walked into the store, they acted like I wasn't even there. Other people who came in after me were helped straight away, but I was treated like I was invisible. It was so bad that even my guy (who doesn't normally pay attention to this sort of thing) asked what the problem was when we left. Needless to say, I didn't buy a single item. But I also don't announce that I'm a lingerie blogger when I visit boutiques, so maybe my treatment has something to do with that?

Holly: I’ve still had bad boutique experiences when they know I’m a lingerie blogger. A friend had made the appointment for me the last time I went to get fitted at a well-known boutique, so they knew I was a lingerie writer. The boutique owner still asked if I was pregnant upon seeing my size 12/14 body and tried to sell me a bra that didn’t fit at the end. I talked to another online lingerie boutique owner after all of this, who gave me the best advice I’ve ever heard about boutiques. “If you don’t walk out of there in a fabulous bra that fits while feeling fabulous about yourself, the boutique didn’t do their jobs right.”

Treacle: Exactly. If my options are going to your store and dealing with unpredictable customer service or just staying home in my lounge pants and ordering from my laptop, why wouldn't I choose the second option? It's just less trouble.

In the same vein, I also expect the staff at a lingerie boutique to be familiar with the products. If I'm wanting to know details about item, like sizing advice or if a brand runs large or small, the boutique's staff should be able to tell me. If not, then I start to wonder what value is being added to the boutique experience.

Holly: Exactly. Especially as a good online product description may already include that information! I always encourage my clients to provide as much fit information as possible for that reason alone. Sometimes online places are the best source for that kind of thing.

Treacle: Speaking of sizing, why don't we switch gears to selection now? I think the selection issue has two components: sizes and brands. As a 34C bra and a size L bottom, boutiques run out of my size all the time. And I understand that because they have limited floorspace so they can only carry so much product at once. But when I'm ready to buy something, I often choose the store that's most likely to have my size in stock... and that's online.

Holly: Selection is especially important if you’re in a rarer size range like the sub-A cup range or the full busted range. Lots of brick and mortar boutiques don’t carry what are considered non-standard sizes, and I don’t really blame them. How many sub-A cup or J cup women are going to walk in their doors on a daily basis? Online boutiques can carry less stock and therefore stock a wider range of brands and sizes, or use their access to a worldwide customer base to specialize in one size or style range.

Treacle: There's also a greater selection of brands online. Again, I understand limited floor space, but many lingerie boutiques carry the exact same brands. And I can only see so much Simone Perele and La Perla and Stella McCartney before I get tired of it and want something new. Everyone carries those brands. And they're good brands, but I like trying new lines and discovering new favorites. But because new lines and indie labels aren't guaranteed money makers, many boutiques won't carry them, and so once again, I'm more drawn to shopping online.

Holly: I was at a Neiman Marcus a few months ago, and stopped in to check out their lingerie department. They pretty much had all of the brands you mentioned, with some Natori and Hanro thrown in. The sales assistant and I chatted for awhile, and it turned out she was a huge fan of the smaller brands. She has apparently been lobbying for more diversity for years and seen no results. She says that department stores and boutiques mostly just want to carry lines that are guaranteed to sell.

Treacle: Right, and I absolutely understand the motivation behind that. It just doesn't make me excited to visit your store because I already know what's there.

Holly: Ideally visiting a lingerie boutique should be a fun exploration, but so often it is stuff that we’ve all seen before. Even my mother (who is 68 and doesn’t know where the URL box is on her internet browser) has started buying her beloved Hanro nightgowns online for that very reason. She’s tired of seeing smaller stocks of the same brands that she has seen for years at her favorite department stores.

Treacle: The last piece we're talking about is a big one for me --- return policies. Many brick and mortar lingerie boutiques have final sale only policies. I understand they need to protect their business interests, and preserve their profits, but from a customer's point of view, final sale policies are just a big neon sign telling me to go elsewhere because all the risk of the sale is on my shoulders. And when you're new to lingerie or trying something different or your size is changing quickly, you want the possibility of being able to make a return... even if you never actually do it. A good return policy also shows me the boutique has confidence in what they're selling... and that gives me confidence too.

Holly: A bra can feel so different once you’ve had it on for a few hours! Wires can poke you that didn’t before, or you can notice fit issues that happen when your breasts settle into the cups of a new bra. Being able to return a bra under reasonable circumstances is so important. Brick-and-mortar stores are competing against places like Bravissimo, where you can return a bra up to 28 days after you bought it.

Treacle: Exactly! As a customer, I have to ask myself which kind of store is best for my particular situation.

One more quick note that doesn't quite fit into any of these, but still matters. One of the things I'm always stressing to my clients is how essential having an online presence is. Most people find the nearest lingerie boutique online, not in the phone book. And not having a website or a newsletter or a Facebook page, makes you invisible to me and millions of other people.

Holly: I actually buy from several places online that have brick-and-mortar boutiques. I do so because of their completely unique selection of products, and have no problem paying higher prices for them. As someone who works with lingerie companies for a living, I’m always emphasizing websites and blogs. If you don’t have them in this day and age, you might as well not exist.

Treacle: At the end of the day, price isn't the only reason people shop online. While online shopping doesn't replace visiting a store, the truth is it's more common now than ever before. And the burden is on brick-and-mortar boutiques to make sure they stand out in the ever-growing crowd of new lingerie businesses. Thanks for talking with me, Holly.

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Cora Harrington

Founder and Editor in Chief of The Lingerie Addict. Author of In Intimate Detail: How to Choose, Wear, and Love Lingerie. I believe lingerie is fashion too, and that everyone who wants it deserves gorgeous lingerie.

38 Comments on this post

  1. Windie says:

    In Canada it’s almost necessary to shop online if you don’t wear a core size. The selection and prices are just far superior to boutique offerings. That said, I do love when I actually have the opportunity to try on lingerie before purchasing, and I have had a couple great boutique experiences. Physical stores, at least with how the market currently is in Canada, don’t really compare to the amazing number of options online.

  2. Thank you Holly and Treacle, and thank you all who left a comments. I just found this chat we are now in 2014;0) I have an online shop and sell only French lingerie designers, small unknown brands, still made in France. I’m very glad to hear about all what everybody say. I try to find all kind of good quality lingerie for all kind of women because I don’t want to focus on usual or mag model demand. My range go from the skinny to the curvy ( deep cup and large size until European size 48), the fabrics we use are essential and I’m specialise only in noble fabrics like cotton, silk, French and Italian lace, organic fabrics…I have those services : you can buy a lingerie and send us your measurement then we can check for you if it will fit you, each order is send in a nice packaging. I didn’t expect this but most of my customer are men and they request lot of advise sizing, shape of the bra…which I can reply to them because I work very closely with the designers lingerie I sell on my website. It even happen that for this kind of model or this kind of model knowing the size we suggest an other shape to a better fit and a better look;0) I really love my job and my business so when my customers received their orders and they send me a nice email to express their satisfaction I’m really feeling happy. Thank again for this very nice, usefull and interesting articles. Lynda

  3. firelizard19 says:

    Has anyone on here tried Intimacy? I’ve had great experiences with them, though they’re geared a little older in style than my taste runs (too busy, too much coverage for my taste). Since they’re an American chain, as far as I know, I haven’t seen them mentioned here. I did get a good sizing from them (there’s one in my mall) that made me feel amazing- and that really stands out in the US, where lingerie doesn’t seem to exist much outside VS and department stores. I doubt they’ve ever heard of a garter belt, though.

  4. Ali says:

    Such a great post. I hope you don’t mind my commenting on this a tad late.

    I fully agree with the issues you have brought up, I have bought from boutiques and department stores in the past exclusively because that’s all I knew. Now that I am learning that the kind of lingerie I gravitate toward is more represented by smaller unique brands that can be found online I will definitely head that way.

    Customer service is huge for me, I’ve been to some really high end boutiques that have been so intimidating to me I could barely even try anything on. That is a bad situation in my opinion. Any place of retail should be warm and friendly and accepting to potential customers regardless of what they look like or how much money they are perceived to have. The snobbery that continues to pervade will be the undoing of these boutiques now that we all have different options.

    Two things that also drive me to shop online these days for lingerie:

    1– it is difficult for me to get an idea of what lingerie will look like when it is lying on a table or hanging on a hanger. I like to see pictures of people wearing it so I know what to expect (Understanding that a model doesn’t necessarily represent how it will look on me, it is still nice to see what it looks like on a human).

    2– Hygiene. I’m actually surprised you didn’t mention this– hopefully I’m the only one with the bad experience here. I was in a very popular retail lingerie store one time and went to try on a full piece and another bottom and both were dirty (if you know what I mean). I was completely disgusted. I informed the salesperson and vowed never to buy bottoms at a brick and mortar ever again. Maybe that’s a tad extreme, but when it comes to lingerie, hygiene is very important!

  5. Emily Chloe says:

    The internet is just great, but I have a bone to pick with a lot of these online boutiques (,, and – I’m not talking to to you – completely). What’s with all the nipple covers! How am I supposed to know what the bra really looks like without guessing from comments and buying one to try on. Having your nipples show through is what makes many simple bras incredibly sexy. I see my nipples everyday, I think I can handle it.

  6. Thanks for the positives about online shopping, we often feel that people expect it to be all about getting it discounted – we try to sell a good product in the boutique and online at the same fair price. x

    I find shopping online a convenience thing – I only get chance late at night as we work 6-7 days a week. x
    From the shop owner’s perspective we have a lot of Male online customers, who say it saves embarrassment – which I can totally understand,
    Great Post
    Sue x

  7. Jon says:

    Love the article. I also like to shop for my wife. I do a lot of online shopping simply because I cannot get assistance in traditional brick and mortar type stores. I don’t have a problem going into boutiques – I like to shop and I like to see brands and styles that aren’t going to be at the local mall – but I definitely am made to feel unwelcome in most boutiques I go to. I travel for a living, so I have been to literally hundreds of boutiques across the US over the years. The lack of customer service in general is disturbing but if you are male it is truly bleak. I understand that the products are for women, but my money spends just as well. I usually couldn’t get assistance if I was on fire. I don’t understand this attitude because if you have the guy in the store, you have a sale, GUARANTEED. We are trying to find something nice for the wife/girlfriend and just need a little help to liberate our money. I’ve been the only patron in a very large boutique on Valentine’s Day and had several salespeople walk past without even a “hello” or a “what can I help you find?” I was there for 25+ minutes, actively looking in drawers and on racks with no assistance at all. I wanted to spend money on some “pretties” but couldn’t. I went elsewhere – the fancy chocolates I got were a big hit.

    Online shops rock. I have access to a much better selection or product, sizes, colors, fabrics, etc. Plus, many times I can order bespoke fabrics, sizes, etc. Try that in a traditional store. I know if it is in stock without leaving my desk. I don’t have to dig in drawers and deal with less than helpful “salespeople”. Why wouldn’t I shop online? Shopping in person (with a few notable exceptions) can feel like I’m getting a root canal. To be fair, there are great shops out there with fantastic customer service, but they seem to be the exception not the rule. I am sad to see that this is the same for the ladies.

  8. Sophie says:

    This was a very well-written and interesting article. We are constantly receiving feedback from customers saying that it is impossible to find any exciting new lingerie brands on the high street, so they have to turn to the web to find something new and original. Our main concern with boutiques is that customer service is paramount, especially when it comes to bra fitting. It is so essential that you are fitte properly in a bra that makes you feel fabulous and feminine, however, if you have snotty sales personnel this experience can quickly turn into one of dread.
    The recession has not helped any small designers, and a shop is just too expensive and risky now for any independent label to justify. I would therefore urge everyone to spend an extra five minutes on google, searching for new smaller lingerie labels, you might just fall in love!

  9. tjrilley says:

    I buy online because I am a crossdresser and usually afraid to go into stores. I’m afraid of being judged and/or mistreated because of who I am.

    • Lynn B says:

      The small lingerie boutique I frequent takes appointments. I know for a fact that the owner has made private appointments for men, as well as women, who prefer private personal service. Perhaps a small boutique near you may offer the same if you call & ask.

      • margaux says:

        Shopping online for lingerie is extremely convenient and makes it easy to get what you want when you want it. As a crossdresser, lingerie shopping for my wife is like a child in a candy store. I have found great enjoyment in shopping for lingerie for my wife at a small boutique during slower hours. The salesladies are always helpful when they see that you are knowledgeable and know what your wife likes. The real fun begins when I ask for the same lingerie in a size that fits me!!!

  10. Chloe says:

    I also buy 90% of my lingerie online. I live in London so I don’t really have much of an excuse because travel links are so good and there are so many boutiques within a short tube journey from me. However, I too hate setting time aside to go to a boutique only to find that my size has sold out. I love having more selection in terms of styles, brands, sizes and especially prices. I’m a student and online shopping makes my lingerie obsession far more achievable!
    Although, I do miss going into pretty boutiques and being surrounded by beautiful things because that’s what usually tempts me to buy something. Also, I have often been introduced to some great brands just by stumbling across them in boutiques.
    Chloe – Toots & Booty

  11. Ron says:

    I buy for my wife almost exclusively online. The sizing can occasionally be an issue, but once i learn how a brand fits i do okay. My biggest problem with lingerie shops is the way i am treated: Its like they think that because i am a man, i do not know how to shop for womens lingerie. I feel completely insulted by the experience. I know what styles will look good, on my wife, and what will not.

  12. I absolutely think the biggest advantage brick and mortar boutiques have versus online is familiarity with the product, and if they’re not making the most of that then they’re not doing their job well. Although our customer service reps are educated about the products we sell, they’re not handling them all day every day, nor do they get a chance to see how different things fit on different women.

    Several commenters have mentioned, and I agree, that one of the biggest reasons to shop online is availability. Many women simply don’t have access to brick and mortar lingerie stores aside from Victoria’s Secret (and some don’t even have that), so they have to go online if they want to find variety (in brands, styles, sizes, etc.). Online lingerie shopping opens up a whole world of possibilities. There’s also the anonymity factor. Some women (and many men) just aren’t comfortable shopping for or talking about lingerie around others.

  13. Jodi says:

    I shop online because there’s a better selection in my size. Going to a store around here usually means a subway (so I’m in the hole for fare costs before I even start.

    Give me something worth going to…or stock hard to find items (like cotton bras that aren’t for nursing and don’t look like sweats – the summers here are too humid for artificial fibers).

    Return policies are important too. Department stores often allow them, but boutiques don’t. Holly is right. Sometimes a bra feels different after an hour or two than it did when you first put it on.

    On the other hand, I did recently have two odd experiences with online shopping. One site had no customer service on the weekend (and then I got grumpy answers when I got through the next day), and the other was virtually silent on returns and exchanges.

  14. Sia says:

    I only shop online because my size which is 30G is non-existent in Perth where I live and if a miracle happens and I do find it, after jumping for joy, I then notice the price is double what you find online. That’s why I don’t even bother shopping in stores anymore I just stick to the nett!

  15. Jacq says:

    Why is “bargain hunter” associated with such a stigma ? Bargain hunting is not just for those on a tight budget. I’ve been raised that “if you look after the pennies, then the pounds will look after themselves”. That is save money where you can and it adds up. So I find it insulting to be looked down upon if I choose to look around for the best price. The other aspect usually tied to this mindset is Bargain = Low quality. Entirely not true.

    As an example I recently purchased a few sets of my favorite lingerie (at the moment – I change!) from the following online stores. (Dessus-Dessous, Anne-G lingerie, La-malle lingerie). I bought it online because I can get 40 – 50% of the european retail price and then because I live in Australia I can deduct the european VAT (18.5%) also. Quality ? well, my brand of choice was Lise Charmel !!! hardly cheap or nasty.
    So range of brands and size is one reason i shop online. quality has nothing to do with it, I can buy top-end or low-end online just as easily.

    You raised customer service/sizing as reasons. Well, I occasionally get fitted at a local store in Melbourne , which seems a hit and miss affair when you get the 18yr old sales clerk doing this. The reality is bricks and mortar stores are losing their business because they don’t treat us with respect. It’s insulting to have an 18yr old measure you up on the basis of 5 minutes of instruction. Plus when you go into a store quite often they steer you towards what they “the sales assistant” is liking, or being told to push, versus what you have expressed a desire for. In some cases this is warranted I suppose.

  16. Joan says:

    This is all about sizing for me.

  17. Great article Treacle and Holly! If you have a boutique/store near you that has helpful and knowledgeable staff then you should support them as much as possible (and I say that as an online only lingerie retailer). I know from my customers that they shop with us because we specialize in full bust bras that they simply cannot find in a physical location near them (try finding a HH cup in Northern Canada!)

    It’s a misnomer that online shopping is always cheaper or there is no fitting advice. We spend even more time explaining fit and educating women about their shape than most physical stores who just put you in a bra that fits (or maybe doesn’t) but don’t explain why it fits. I want women to feel in control of their bra size and fit so education is key.

    We are bound by manufacturer RRP just like B&M stores (because BraStop is owned by Curvy Kate they can undercut all their retailers – which understandably upsets the retailers who purchase Curvy Kate).

    No matter where you shop every woman deserves to have service that listens to her life not just assesses her body, choice and hopefully a joy of buying lingerie for her shape. xx

  18. Drew says:

    I’m going to echo Doug here… As a guy who shops for lingerie for my lady, I do a lot of shopping online with her. Getting to a lingerie boutique is often problematic because of where we live and the hours that we work.. (we work different shifts, and hers often changes).

    Add that to the fact that I personally feel very uncomfortable going into lingerie shops by myself. I know her taste and sizes exceptionally well, but a lot of the (mostly female) staff treats me like I’m a pervert! We know what works well from a handful of designers, and we stick to those online most of the time.

    That being said, I have had a couple of exceptional shoppes that have let me -ahem- participate in the selection and approval process….

  19. Amanda Boyd says:

    Really interesting! I was curious because I only sell online and always feel bad about having to tell people I don’t have a B and M shop or sell in other shops. At the same token I never buy an underwire bra online because I want to try at least 20 of them on first before purchasing and I would feel terrible taking a sales persons time to do that and then turning around and ordering the same item online for less. I also have a rule to myself of never returning anything that I buy so it’s important for me to try it on before buying. The reason I never return anything is because as a shopper I wouldn’t want to buy a bra that had been in another womans closet for a month so what happens to those garments ultimately? I also know that department stores charge back the manufacturer for the returned items without explanation and can also deduct it off the sales persons commissions months after the sale was made. Admittedly most of my shopping is done online but I save it for things I’m flexible on if they don’t arrive exactly as I expected and don’t ask the merchant to shoulder the risk of my consumer choices. Finally, I really feel for retailers especially independent ones who are paying the overhead for people to come in and try on and then buy somewhere else but I guess they need to do their best to offer to order in another size/color and provide blow you away customer service and reasons to come back. like cookies ;)

  20. Doug says:

    Great article! As a married, middle-aged man, who loves to buy lingerie for my beautiful wife (or, more accurately, SEE my wife in lingerie!), I buy mostly online. But, it’s challenging to buy any clothes (especially lingerie and shoes) online, because the fit is so important. Add to that the color variations, and we must return or exchange half of our online purchases. So, when I buy online, I try to stick to brands we’ve bought before, so we have some comfort with the sizing, color and quality.
    Another factor is that boutiques are disappearing! Even here in Seattle, the department stores are carrying their own lines of lingerie and have wiped out most of the boutiques (even Guess and Free People now have their own lines of lingerie).
    I’m ashamed to admit it, but I buy online mostly for price and convenience. I like quality, but if the same brand is cheaper online, I’ll buy there. The retail business is changing dramatically. It’s sad that boutiques can’t survive in most areas, but it’s a fact of life.

    • Cora Treacle says:

      Definitely appreciate getting a husband’s point of view on the subject, Doug! As a fellow Seattleite, I understand what you mean about convenience. Even Nordstrom is stocking independent brands now, and sometimes more of them than local boutiques! The same old, same old won’t work anymore, not as customer’s expectations and options change, and I hope that boutiques reading our blog see this article and the reader comments as an easy how-to guide of what shoppers look for today.

  21. June says:

    Another who buys all her lingerie online (although sometimes I’ll buy underwear in store but normally just if I find some really good sale).

    For me it all boils down to size selection being that I’m a 28J living in a country that normally doesn’t carry cup sizes and in the cup sizes that they do carry don’t come close to my size. Honestly, if I did have something locally I’d at least try to pop in every now and then. But I’d still probably do most of my shopping online because even the best of stores aren’t going to carry much of a selection in my size.

    Like you both said in your post deals are great, however, once I pay for shipping charges and customs fees I’m not getting that great of a deal so it’s not like I’m getting that great of a bargain in the end. Rather, I’m able to get the exact bra that I want in the exact size that I want, since I have to pay so much money for me I’d much rather it be an investment instead of making do with what is available locally.

    In reality, customer service here in Brazil is AMAZING. Fit knowledge? Almost zero. I’ve tried shopping locally and even at the best stores they put me in band sizes that were way too big (one was up to the top of my shoulder blades!) and cups that were too small (I was spilling all over the place). Makes me want to open a store locally because I think with the proper training the staff would be amazing.

    Now, I do have a trip planned to the UK later this year and my hope is to try out a Bravissimo in person. Then I’ll definitely buy something. ;)

    • Cora Treacle says:

      Thanks for the comment, June! I especially love what you said about shopping online not always being cheaper. It perfectly illustrates the point that buying lingerie online is about other things besides cost…sometimes, price doesn’t even enter into the decision at all.

  22. Thursday says:

    I do 90% of my lingerie shopping online – and mostly because of selection issues. Very few bricks and mortar shops carry my bra size (and I’ve only found one Australian brand that even makes it, so far), and no one carries my favourite brands. I would happily pay a bit extra for an in-store experience that allowed me to try out new pieces, accompanied by good service, but there just isn’t anywhere around here that is remotely relevant to me.

    • Cora Treacle says:

      That’s a MAJOR issue I hear from so many of my readers. They’d really like to support their local boutique, but if your local boutique isn’t supporting you (by carrying your bra size, for example), what incentive do you have to shop there?

  23. Jame says:

    Great post! I went to one boutique that I loved. ANd then I moved away, and they moved further out, so now they are 40 miles away from my house. They had great service and selection, but 40 miles is way too far.

    I remember going to a boutique and the owner was super disorganized. And it was a horrible shopping experience. The store was completely cluttered, and you couldn’t even walk around. There were boxes everywhere, and every time you wanted to see a bra, she had to go digging around in the box.

    There are 2 boutiques that I pass really frequently. Neither is very friendly or seems to carry my size. Since they were so unfriendly, I didn’t bother to ask. I decided it is just much easier to avoid them and shop online.

    • Cora Treacle says:

      I’m glad you liked the article! Thanks for sharing your experiences. Organization and friendliness matter so much when it comes to the boutique shopping experience. And I don’t blame you for avoiding unfriendly people; it’s just not worth the trouble when there are other options available.

  24. Estelle says:

    I buy most of my lingerie online, but I definitely prefer buying in store where I can try things on, I just don’t get to the shops all that often! I think retailers need a good balance between not ignoring you, and not breathing down your neck either. Like Holly, I sometimes buy something I don’t like to get the sales assistant off my back who’s stalking me around the shop and asking me if I want everything I look at! And that’s not a great experience…

    • Cora Treacle says:

      100% agree. Buying shouldn’t feel like a chore or an obligation just to get someone off your back. It may result in a sale that first time, but probably not in a repeat customer. No one likes feeling pressured.

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