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The Curvy Kate Spring Collection Review!

By: Holly

Image via Curvy Kate

Samples for this review were provided by, the UK Curvy Kate team, and the US Curvy Kate team. All opinions are my own.

I've always been a fan of Curvy Kate's Star in A Bra Model Competition, but I hadn't tried their bras until recently. Most of this was due to proximity, or lack thereof. If you're a full busted woman, bra shopping can be hell.

After a large period of shipping bras that didn't fit back and forth to Poland, the UK, and lands beyond I was a little sick of international shipping. This is one of the reasons I'm really excited that has picked up Curvy Kate! No international shipping, no waiting two weeks to a month for my bras to show up, and no problems returning them if they don't fit.

I was lucky enough to be able to put together a review of lots of the new offerings, most of which are already up on Bare Necessities. I tried to go for a mix of basics, but had to give in to my need for more brightly colored bras in the end. Before I get started on the individual bras, here are some general observations about Curvy Kate lingerie and how it fits.

1) The bras are well constructed, and built to last. I had one for about two weeks when I had no others that fit, and it held up during everyday wear and washing beautifully. Curvy Kate's designs are also trendy and young, which is great if you're tired of feeling like you're wearing your grandmother's bra that comes up to your neck.

2) The sizing within the line is a little idiosyncratic, but it's worth figuring out what works for you to be able to wear this line. If you're US-based, you'll now be able to return things easily, so this shouldn't be as big a deal as it once was.

3) Panties run almost a size smaller than many brands, so size up for comfort and muffin-top avoidance.

Image via Curvy Kate

The Portia:
This bra was a lifesaver for me. I changed sizes fairly recently and this was the first bra I found that fit me perfectly in my new 32J size. I loved it so much that I wore it every day for two weeks until I found some more options that fitted perfectly. If you're new to Curvy Kate, the Portia in white or black is a great place to start.

Image via Curvy Kate

The Lottie:
The Lottie bra comes in white and black as continuity colors, but I couldn't resist the clashing lavender and coral colorway. This was the set I was most nervous about, as I felt like it had the potential to make me look like a giant Easter egg. I was relieved to discover that the lavender and coral colors are actually really flattering, at least on my pale skin. Pictures don't really do it justice. This bra doesn't give you as rounded or as uplifted a shape as some of the others, but it's incredibly comfortable and very supportive. The boy shorts that go with it are cute and practical, and the sheer panel in the back gives them more sex appeal without sacrificing coverage.

Image via Curvy Kate

The Angel:
The Angel set this year comes in a Bluebell colorway, which has white trimming and pink bows. This is one of the few sets that has two styles of underwear that go with it, as well as a matching suspender belt. I love this set, but it was one of the trickiest in terms of sizing. If I hadn't had help from the lovely Cheryl and the UK Curvy Kate team, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have figured it out. I ended up with the bra in 32JJ, so size up a cup if you're planning on buying it. I went up a size in the panties, but the suspender belt worked in my regular size.

The suspender belt surprised me by pulling me in like light shapewear, which was a delightful discovery. I love both the thong and the boy shorts, although I'm obviously likely to wear them for different occasions. The bra fit just as well as the others, although it did take more wiggling and strap adjusting to get it to that point.

Image via Curvy Kate

The Romance:
The Curvy Kate Romance bra is the most vintage looking of all their offerings this season, and I love the purple swirl design they've used. This bra also fit well in a 32J, and was very easy to mix and match with things in my lingerie drawer. The fit and feel was very similar to the Portia.

I'm looking forward to the rest of the line coming out in the US so I can pick up some newer silhouettes like the Daily Boost! Until then, I'll happily wear my current collection on a regular basis.

Image via Curvy Kate

If you're interested in learning more about Curvy Kate, their offerings, or the US version of Star In A Bra, has lots of information. Even more details can be found on the Curvy Kate site. I'd love to see tons of entries for Star In A Bra this year, so start taking your pictures! The modeling competition begins in the US on April 5th.

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Holly Jackson

The Full Figured Chest provides creative and elegant copywriting for the high end lingerie industry.

16 Comments on this post

  1. Sabrina says:

    I LOVE Curvy Kate. I recently went for a bra fitting and found out that I’m a 42H. It has been an absolute chore trying to find stores that stock Curvy Kate in that size. The best that I managed was 40HH. Not as comfortable, but it will do. I’m wondering do you have any suggestions for stores that store 42H in the brands, CurvyKate, Freya and Panache? I really love fashion bras, but in Canada there isn’t much selection.

    • Cora Treacle says:

      Hi Sabrina,

      Have you checked with online boutiques? They’ll often have a better selection than local brick-and-mortar stores due to different space and inventory requirements.


  2. jules says:

    Great review Holly! I’m excited that Curvy Kate is now available on BareNecessities. I had a question about sizing: I wear a 34F in most lines, but in Fauve (and Freya/Fantasie, depending on the style) I’m a 32G. Any thoughts on how these might end up fitting?

    • Holly Holly says:

      I’d be more inclined to err on the side of your Freya size. The backs are looser than some brands, and the cups are a little more generous (except for the Angel which runs small). I’m a 34HH/J in Panache, and was very solidly a 32J in the Curvy Kate bras. I haven’t worn Freya/Fantasie/Fauve in forever, and I really should try some of their newer stuff to see how it fits me now that I’ve changed sizes!

  3. Thanks for sharing this. I think ‘The Portia’ looks fabulous with the especially with the gorgeous white color. Also with the seemingly perfect fittings and right amount of cut, this could be a sure winner among many lingerie enthusiast.

  4. Anina says:

    Thanks for the great review Holly!
    We met Curvy Kate at the Curve NY show and loved what we saw. The colors and designs were gorgeous and we’re always on the lookout for pretty fuller cup bras that aren’t crazy expensive.
    But, after recently ordering a style from another brand that wound up not being a good fit for fuller busts, we were hesitant to bring a new one into the shop. Curvy Kate graciously offered to send a sample to test out. Well, the bra was a fantastic fit (Princess, 34GG in black) and looked amazing! I’m sure our recent order will be just as fantastic.
    Keep these reviews coming.

    • Holly Holly says:

      I’m so glad you’re thinking about carrying them! They’re a great brand, and I’d love to seem them being stocked regularly on our side of the pond. It’s nice to hear their reps are great as well.

  5. This is so great that they’re expanding their inventory and picking up brands that EVERY woman can be comfortable and feel sexy in :)

    • Holly Holly says:

      I completely agree, Kayla! Between this and the bits and pieces of the new Cleo collection up there, I’m feeling hopeful that US women can have access to the same brands as European women can. We deserve great lingerie as well, and it’s nice to see perceptions about large cup sizes changing slowly.

  6. Nice collection! Amazing models look super natural and beautiful!

    • Holly Holly says:

      I love their models too! They all come from their Star in a Bra competition, so I’m hoping to see some great new US models popping up in their promo materials in the near future.

  7. Erinn says:

    Absolutely adore the Curvy Kate brand + collection. Their designs are so fresh and functional – something I think was definitely needed in the full bust industry. Thanks for your reviews, Holly! Love your insight, as always.

    • Holly Holly says:

      Thanks Erinn! Their designs really are truly wonderful, and it’s refreshing to see lots of other brands following their lead and producing interesting and fashion forward collections in cup sizes beyond a G. I’m especially excited for Alegro’s fall collection, which was created by the same designer behind lots of the Curvy Kate classics.

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