Naughty Bits: Lingerie News From Around the Web – 2/4/12

(Top image of Victoria’s Secret via The Daily Mail.)

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  1. 06/02/12 at 19:00

    I guess I don’t understand the resistance to making bras that work for any and all skin tones. Nude bras don’t work for me either, but my skin is super pale with pink undertones. I tend to wear very pale pink bras instead, which can also be hard to find. Why can’t retailers just make the full range of skintones? I definitely support the cause, but I wish the industry was evolved enough so it didn’t have to be a cause at all.

    Also, I thought it was cool that she might have gone shopping at Agent Provocateur like that. They have great designs, and White House or not, they’re still a happily married couple. Everyone deserves sexy lingerie, including the First Lady!

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