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Special Leap Day Lingerie Sales!

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Happy Leap Day, everybody! Here at The Lingerie Addict, we believe any excuse is a good excuse to indulge in some new knickers and fortunately, a couple of our fave lingerie retailers agree. Both Figleaves and Bare Necessities are offering 29% off for today only.

Simply click the link above to take advantage of Figleaves’ discounted items or enter the code LEAP29 on to share in the savings! Happy Leap Year!

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Lingerie Test Kitchen: 5 Infomercial Products Reviewed

By: Kristina


We’ve all seen the ads on TV claiming to improve our well being, make us more beautiful, simplify our lives, and basically transform us into shining beacons of perfection. But exactly how accurate are these claims?

Infomercials are known for hyping up products that we never knew we needed. Will my life really be improved if I call and order today? Can I really look like a supermodel / eliminate daily household chores / become more popular by purchasing these items?

In the name of curiosity I have chosen 5 lingerie inventions that have piqued my interests and decided to create my own test kitchen of sorts. Though different users will inevitably yield different experiences, here is a breakdown of my findings:

Product: Bare Lifts

Price/Where to Buy: $10 for a pack of 10 /

Claim: To comfortably lift sagging breasts without a bra by using clear stickers to pick up the breast and affix it to the upper chest.

Initial Impression: I wasn’t sure this would be effective on my smaller non-sagging chest so I decided to test these out on an agreeable D cup guinea pig.

Review: The initial application process can get a bit tricky with the multiple steps and strong adhesive backing. You may end up wasting 1 or 2 in the process but once applied correctly you will see a visible difference. While you may not notice a drastic lift, you should see an overall perkiness with less sag. However at the end of an 8 hour test period be forewarned that slipping may be possible and the adhesive may not hold up as well. The removal of the stickers was relatively painless but there may be some soreness from the unnatural fold that creases the skin. Also for breasts that need extra support (D cups and higher) you can use the Bra Lifts with your favorite bra for added support & coverage.

Pros: Comfortable to wear. Easy to remove.

Cons: Difficult to apply. Does not give a huge lift. Loses grip over time and may start slipping.

Overall Rating: 3 out of 5

Product: Strap Perfect

Price/Where to Buy: $19.99 for a pack of 18 /

Claim: To transform any bra into a racer back style in order to conceal unsightly bra straps from under your favorite tops.

Initial Impression: I was happy that they came in 3 colors however these plastic loops look like they may too hard and uncomfortable to wear against my bare back.

Review: The concealer clips were fairly easy to apply and you can use them on any bra that you want. Just slip your straps into the figure 8 opening and it automatically secures them in place. The clip also helps to lift the breasts and enhance cleavage since they are essentially pulling the straps together making them much tighter. However if you plan on wearing it for more then a couple of hours then I recommend using it on a bra that’s slightly oversized so that the clips make it more snug on your body. If your bra is already tight fitting then the clips will only squeeze your breasts together more, causing the bra to fit tighter and possibly rubbing or pinching in the wrong places. This also puts more pressure on the plastic clips and could cause them to break. All together they are relatively comfortable and get the job done in terms of concealing your straps under a tank top. Just make sure the back of your shirt is high enough to hide the clips.

Pros: Works well when worn with the right bra and top.

Cons: Can be uncomfortable and painful on tight fitting bras. Looks unattractive if not concealed properly.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5

Product: Cami Secret

Price/Where to Buy: $10 for a pack of 6 /

Claim: To layer under your low cut tops in order to transform them into a more appropriate & modest look.

Initial Impression: These faux cami’s remind me of a dickie that men used to wear under their tuxedos. It looks easy to wear however I am not crazy about the lace trim at the top. Unfortunately they do not offer basic colors without the lace trim.

Review: The mock camisoles are designed to be snapped onto your bra straps in the front and tucked into the neckline of your low cut shirt. However since there is nothing to secure the bottom of the fabric it tends to bunch up and wrinkle as you move about. The adjustable snaps also fit best on straps that are about 9” apart therefore smaller girls may be forced to wear the cami up high on their chest while girls with larger chests may have a harder time attaching the clips to fit a wider bra strap or fully covering the exposed cleavage area. In addition the lace trim at the top tends to curl over and does not lay flat against the skin.

Pros: Comes in multiple colors.

Cons: Doesn’t lay flat or stay in place. Does not work as a one size fits all product. Cheaply made.

Overall Rating: 2 out of 5

Product: Commandos

Price/Where to Buy: $16 for a pack of 8 /

Claim: To eliminate the need for underpants by offering comfort and protection in the form of a disposable patch which adheres directly onto your pants or jeans.

Initial Impression: The patches are made out of actual fabric and are a little off-putting at first glance. They also seem expensive so I would be hesitant to use these every day.

Review: The Commandos patches remind me of soft (and expensive) panty liners however they are meant to be placed directly on your pants. Be sure to follow the directions for application and apply while on a flat surface before wearing. The unique shape assures that the patch stays put and fits nicely over the 4 inside seams. They are soft and comfortable so it’s easy to forget that they are there and go about your day as usual. If you like the feel of going panty-less then this product is perfect for you.

Pros: Allows you to go without underwear while still feeling secure and protected. Comfortable & hygienic. Secure adhesive stays in place all day. Eliminates visible panty lines.

Cons: Can not be used as a panty liner (i.e. do not use during your period).

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5

Product: The Cleavage Caddy

Price/Where to Buy: $29.95 for 1 /

Claim: Allows you to carry personal belongings discretely tucked into the pouch that is then inserted in your bra.

Initial Impression: Sounds like a great way to go hands free. The caddy claims to easily hold your keys, money, phone & credit cards in a cute bra shaped pouch with delicate lace trim.

Review: The Cleavage Caddy comes in 2 sizes – Medium (under 38D) and Large (over 38D). For my small chest the Medium was most appropriate however once I filled the pouches with just the bare necessities I had a hard time fitting the caddy into my bra. After a struggle I had securely fastened the caddy to my bra at the front waistband and proceeded to get dressed, This is when I realized how ridiculous I looked with bumps and lumps sticking out all over the place. The caddy is just not meant for smaller chested girls under a C cup. However for a larger sized bosom the bra caddy is a wonderful invention that will allow you a safe (and flirty) place for your valuables while not compromising the overall silhouette of your cleavage. Larger ladies can easily wear the caddy and will find it convenient for travel, working out or a night on the town.

Pros: Holds all of your necessities safely. Stays in place. No worries about slipping or losing your valuables.

Cons: Only useful for larger cup sizes C and above.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5

The market is saturated with these seemingly ingenious inventions claiming to improve your life, however it’s impossible to try them all. If you are a sucker for infomercials like I am then I’d love to hear some of your reviews on similar products you may have tested out. Have you had different experiences than I did or found any extraordinary products you can recommend?

Ask the Addict: Where to Buy Robes and Kimonos Online?

Today’s Ask the Addict inquiry comes from Pamella on Twitter, who writes:

Definitely! One of my favorite kimonos of all time is La Lilouche’s ‘Sophia’ silk kimono, pictured below. Not only is that heart cutout pure lingerie perfection, Liya (the designer behind La Lilouche) makes everything by hand. And at $178, the price is comparable to what you’d purchase from a larger, factory-made label.

If lace is more your style (and who doesn’t love lace?), then Gilda & Pearl’s ‘Lorelei’ lace kimono is the stuff dreams are made of. Constructed from gold, French Leavers lace, this piece literally took my breath away when I saw it in person. At £429.00 (approximately $684 USD), it’s definitely a high-end luxury piece, but it’s also lingerie that has the potential to become an heirloom.

Finally, if you’re looking for something a bit more color variety, Mary Green is world famous for their silk robes, and they’re very reasonably priced; the one shown below is $75. I’m partial to the coral/pink colorway pictured…it reminds me of Spring. There’s also a silk georgette/lace version if you’re looking for something a bit more delicate.

I hope this helps with your kimono shopping! Fellow lingerie addicts, where are your favorite places to buy robes? Help out another reader with some of your suggestions?

Why is the Triumph Doreen Bra So Popular? A Review

By: Pippa

The Triumph Doreen bra was first launched in 1967, and the company claims it is the “world’s best selling bra.” It is a none wired bra, yet Triumph says it offers exceptional support for larger breasts, giving lift and therefore reducing back pains and strains. It uses a split bottom cup to gives better volume since the more pieces make up the cup, the easier it is to achieve a perfect fit.

The bra is made up of 48 different pattern pieces and is available up to a 48K cup. Triumph reports that the most popular size sold is a 36D. Cups are suspended on a cup frame, which keeps the cups close to the body and projects the breasts. Considering how popular Triumph says this bra is worldwide, it’s surprising that you rarely see it advertised, and it’s become clear that Triumph doesn’t want to talk about it.

According to Tony Jarvis, sales and marketing manager for Triumph, the company is keen to move on from the success of the Doreen, as they are doing much more work with a younger market now, which may be put off by the Doreen bra. The bra supposedly has a very loyal market, which is why I found it surprising when I couldn’t find anybody I knew who wore it. Online stockist, FigLeaves, conducted a piece of market research to find out who was actually buying this bra, and found that the majority of sales were made up by the baby boom generation, who are now in their late 50’s and older

I believe this loyalty to the brand is due to the fact that these women have been wearing the Doreen for many years, and are less aware of other options available to them. The baby boom generation, as a whole, are also less concerned with following current trends and fashions, and therefore are not put off by the somewhat restrictive style of the bra. It’s also worth remembering that one generations idea of style and class is different to another. The Doreen bra is a very good example of this. Today’s fashion dictates the lingerie market heavily; thin straps and plunging necklines are all due to the changing fashion trends.

I’m surprised that a bra similar to the Doreen, offering the same amount of support and lift, has not been produced for the younger market. Research shows that the average breast size has gone up from a 34B to a 36D in recent years, showing a greater need for more supportive bras than ever before.

I have tried the Triumph Doreen bra and found that the fit was second to none. The bra offered excellent lift and good support. However, I found the very pointed breast shape that the cup projects quite dated and wasn’t something I would be comfortable wearing. Most of all, and found the bra far too restricting in terms of incredibly heavy elastic which I felt was much wider than necessary in my size. I found that the cup frame sat well against the body, but sat very high up on the breast bone. This bra would not sit well under a lot of today’s fashion as it simply offers too much coverage and heavy strapping.

I agree that the Doreen bra offers excellent fit and if that were the only factor, I would completely understand why this bra is so popular. But the bras aesthetic values must also be taken into account. The bra is quite claustrophobic due to the heavy weight materials used, and therefore I can’t see many young women today willing to wear this bra.

Or am I wrong…? Have you tried the Doreen? What do you think? Share you thoughts below…

Weekly Lingerie Sales – 2/25/12

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Photo Credit: Figleaves

  • Up to 85% off at Made by Niki (plus save an extra 10% if on their mailing list)
  • 25% off at Bare Necessities with code SPRINGSAVE25 (ends 2/28/12)
  • 20% off ASOS label lingerie (ends 3/4/12)
  • 20% off all Pour Moi? at Figleaves (ends 3/5/12)
  • 15% off at Fox & Rose with code newyou12 (ends 2/29/12)

Some of last week’s sales are still active! Visit the Lingerie Sales Page for all your discounts.

Know of a lingerie sale? Send it to for inclusion in next week’s round-up.

(Photo Credit: Figleaves)

Weekly Lingerie Sales – 2/18/12

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Starkers Corsetry

Taking a (Brief) Break

You may have noticed that posting has been a little less…robust than usual here lately on The Lingerie Addict. While I love writing the kinds of articles you’ve come to expect from TLA, the honest truth I’ve been having more and more trouble coping with the Seattle weather lately.

February is the time of year when my Seasonal Affective Disorder reaches its peak (or its valley, depending on your perspective). And when getting out of bed and staying out bed all day become major accomplishments, it’s time for me to get a little more serious about my self-care…something I’ve never been too good at, even during the best of times.

I’ll be taking a few days off here and there until the days get longer again, and I’m feeling more like myself. So there may be times when you visit the blog and it’s unexpectedly quiet…the same for my Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and other social media accounts.

It’s always hard to reveal something like this because it’s so much more personal than usual, but I didn’t want you all to think I was resting on my laurels. So please, if I’m a little slow responding to e-mails or replying to comments or getting blog posts up, just understand there’s something else going on right now. I can’t wait to be back at 100% again.

Lust Objects: Lingerie I’m in Love with

When I first started blogging, I often posted photos of “lust objects,” lingerie I thought was beautiful but couldn’t afford. I haven’t done it in awhile, but this week I saw so many beautiful pieces I just had to share a few of them with you here. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


Fleur of England


LELO Sussurra

Naked Princess

Where to Buy a Garter Belt

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Prefer video instead? Check out our video on The Lingerie Addict YouTube Channel – “How to Buy a Garter Belt.”

Kiss Me Deadly ‘Van Doren’

Today’s Ask the Addict question comes from Lemons to Lemons, who writes:

Where can I buy a good garter belt?

That’s a great question, especially since garter belts are not only in fashion again but surprisingly hard to find in the average lingerie boutique (or department store, for that matter). If you’re new to the world of garter belts, take look at this article – How to Buy a Garter Belt.

What Katie Did ‘Maitresse’

The cliff notes version is that a good garter belt has at least six garter straps, metal adjusters and metal garter clips, and several rows of hook-and-eye closures at the back (much like a bra). A good quality quarter belt is also fairly wide (about the width of your hand at it’s fullest point) and made of reasonably durable materials like satin, powernet, or even cotton.

What Katie Did ‘Harlow’

The vast majority of the garter belts I own and wear come from two brands: What Katie Did and Kiss Me Deadly. If you’re new to the world of garter belts (I remember when I was shopping for my first one…it can be a little intimidating!), I highly recommend What Katie Did’s Maitresse (black) or Harlow (peach) Garter Belt or Kiss Me Deadly’s basic 6 Strap Van Doren Suspender Belt. And if you’re searching for stockings, StockingsHQ has one of the best selections online and impeccable customer service. Hope this helps!

Got a question for The Lingerie Addict? Send it to and it may appear here on the blog!