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What’s an ‘Independent Lingerie Brand’ Anyway? (Plus a Major Valentine’s Day Lingerie Event!)

Catherine (from Kiss Me Deadly) and I have been doing a lot of chatting lately, and one of the things we’ve realized is that while she’s the head of an independent lingerie brand and I’m blogger who supports independent lingerie brands, we’ve never exactly talked about what an independent lingerie brand is or why they matter in the multibillion dollar economic machine that is the mainstream lingerie industry.

Since I’m currently on a plane across the Atlantic (and soon to cope with another stretch of jetlag once I’m safely back stateside), this seemed like the perfect opportunity to have that conversation… especially since I just spent a significant portion of the Salon International de la Lingerie talking with independent lingerie brands. Also, this blog post kicks off a major indie lingerie brand event that starts in just a few days (on January 30th). I’ve heard there’s going to be tons of free knickers involved so definitely keep your eyes peeled.

By: Catherine

Valentine’s Day… a time of love and outpourings of affection and people saying nice things to each other and loads of other stuff I’m really bad at! But it does have lingerie, and I do really like lingerie. So it seemed like a great time not just to talk about our lingerie, but about all the nice knickers I spend time with.

If you read much about the industry, you’ll hear us talking about being independent or boutique brands – but I’m not sure how many people know what that means. Boutique brands are usually the quirky designer brands that you find in the small shops and the department stores rather than mainstream shopping centre. You can get some very large companies running a boutique brand – for example Little Minx is owned by a large Australian corporation. Independent means something a bit different – it means that the brand does not have a corporation bankrolling it. That doesn’t always mean there’s not someone with money behind it, or that we aren’t also legally companies, but it means the huge corporate megastructure that exists behind mainstream brands isn’t there.

Indie lingerie brands can be anything from one-person companies making their own items, to companies that have quite a few employees but have grown up all on their own – in the UK you don’t count as a large company here until you are making multimillions a year in turnover, so we’re all safe for that for a while I think! We all end up in the same section at trade shows and the assumption tends to be that we’re competitors, as if lingerie customers were like music fans or mainstream fashion buyers, where there are groups of people who specifically buy from indie brands or groups. After some research we did last year, though, we’re pretty certain that’s not true, and that in fact indie lingerie brands compete with the high street!

But what does it mean from your point of view? Mostly that we produce more interesting things than the mainstream brands! If you have to justify your sales to a board, you tend to get a bit cautious – just look at how long it took Marks and Spencers to start doing things that weren’t beige, for heaven’s sake. Whereas indie brands make their name on innovative, niche, and/or quirky designs. As with mainstream fashion, it’s pretty clear that in lingerie, lots of trends originate with small brands playing about and taking risks, and then getting co-opted by the mainstream once they’ve shown it can sell, so if you want to avoid a blandly Walmart-ised industry, you want us to stick around.

Of course the downside is that small companies don’t have the resources or purchasing power of big ones, so we tend to be more expensive; but the world would be so much more boring without us, and quite often, when you support us, you can see where your money goes – often into more local circles.

You’d also be surprised how often you are talking directly to the person that designs the stuff, runs the company, or makes the garments when you get in touch with an indie brand. That’s not an opportunity you’re going to get with a corporation, no matter how friendly their facebook might be, and it means there’s a far more direct relationship between things you say and what comes out in… well this is fashion so it’s a year’s time, but still, you take my point.

So, want to support independent lingerie brands then? Good! Because this year 10 of us have got together and every day one of us will be offering a giveaway or competition, while the rest of us will be telling you what we love about them! With hosiery, swimwear, silk, full bust, shapewear and corsetry in the mix, none of us are anticipating this being difficult – especially as we also pulled together an awesome photoshoot for it.

Keep your eyes peeled online from the 30th January until the 10th February, for plenty of blog content and offers; we hope you’ll all join us in this celebration of this vibrant and creative sector of the market.

Brands joining the Love-In:

What Katie Did –faux vintage lingerie, corsetry and swim

Candy Baker – glamourous diamante embellished hosiery

Miss Mandalay – B-HH cups in trend-led bra sets and bikinis.

Kriss Soonik – edgy loungerie with signature motifs.

Kiss Me Deadly – femme fatale stocking and suspender sets

Fraulein Kink – Sensual accessories to inspire adventure, lust and sexual exploration.

Ayten Gasson – vintage inspired silk lingerie, nightwear and giftwear trimmed with vintage Nottingham lace

Playful Promises – fun and flirty trend led lingerie, swimwear and giftwear

Paolita – high end beachwear with that celebrate individuality and vitality

Velda Lauder Corsetiere – Couture and ready to wear corsetry and lingerie.

Credits for the images:
Venue – Cirque Du Soir, Soho
Photographer – Anna Swiczeniuk

Models – Jessica Louise Abidde , Tessa Kuragi, Miranda Barrie
MUA – Cheyenne Raymond

Cora Harrington

Founder and Editor in Chief of The Lingerie Addict. Author of In Intimate Detail: How to Choose, Wear, and Love Lingerie. I believe lingerie is fashion too, and that everyone who wants it deserves gorgeous lingerie.

24 Comments on this post

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  3. […] Anyway, since then we somehow managed to drag our way up to employing proper people properly and making lots more lingerie and a bunch of related stuff and moving half of it back to being made in the UK  and all sorts . .  . and last year we decided that Valentines was a great time to talk to people about being an independent brand AND give some lingeri… […]

  4. Hooray! Thank you for the spotlight and underground information on independent design, you are spot on! We work and play together so very well. I adore, respect and appreciate the visions being expressed which such deep romance.

  5. […] Kiss Me Deadly, Ayten Gasson, and Kriss Soonik. The full list of participating brands can be found here. I love that all of these brands are working together to further a common cause, and I think this […]

  6. I’m in absolute adoration with everything that has to do with indie-fashion, lingerie, music, films…I love them because, like myself, they are so DIFFERENT and they embrace that difference as something really special. I truly appreciate indie designers because of their boldness and uniqueness and their bravery to step out of the box and do something completely amazing :)

    This is a fabulously written post! Bravo to both of you for creating it!

  7. Wonderful post Catherine. Delighted too that Treacle provides a platform for Indie voices. For me, when I feel a connection between the garment and the heart and hands that made it, my dressing experience feels so much more intimate and fulfilling.

    It is difficult to completely avoid the big brands but I think we all have a responsibility to favor vendors that we are more connected with.

    Without indie designers, we have no chance of being indie women. Thanks for enabling all the independent intimate beauty that you do.

  8. Becca says:

    I have to know what brand the first set is? The beautiful multi-coloured masterpiece with funky straps? Thanks!

    • Anna S. says:

      Hi Becca,

      That would be the Etti set from Playful Promises! http://www.playfulpromises.com/shop/product/547/etti-satin-longline-bra

      The brands featured from top to bottom are:
      Playful Promises (Etti and Black underbust corset)
      Kriss Soonik (Gold bodysuit)
      Fraulein Kink (Fringe mask)
      Paolita (Swimwear)
      Candy Baker (Crystal hosiery)
      Pearls and Swine (half mask fascinators)
      Miss Mandalay (Black bra)
      Velda Lauder (red corset with bow)
      Playful Promises (Morgana garter skirt)
      Kiss Me Deadly (Blue DeVille set)

      And all the shiny shoes were kindly leant by Natacha Marro (who also creates shoes for Lady Gaga).


  9. Socorro E says:

    I am so glad to see this bit by Catherine! I subscribed for updates about KMD and love Catherine’s mannerisms in explaining this world of lingerie. As I am in the process of saving my pennies, I am excited to hear about lingerie giveaways, particularly when they come from the above brands! Thank you brands and thank you Treacle for introducing us (brands and me). Start of a beautiful relationship!

  10. Love the article, and the fact that your supporting the independants..

  11. […] Starting on Monday 30th January, each day one independent lingerie brand will be offering a giveaway or competition, while the other 9 brands will explain exactly what they adore about the featured brand, and which item they would love to receive as a Valentines gift. We even put together a sumptuous photoshoot which you can already see on The Lingerie Addict´s blog. […]

  12. […] What’s an ‘Independent Lingerie Brand’ Anyway? (Plus a Major Valentine’s Day Lingerie Event!) January 26, 2012 By Treacle 7 Comments […]

  13. KathTea says:

    Also, thanks for explaining what an independent brand is! I was so confused when I saw WKD with Kiss Me Deadly and Honey Cooler Handmade all in the same banner section. I have always thought some of these brands were BIG BRANDS in a sense. Now that you’ve cleared that up, I feel like like a n00b :P

  14. KathTea says:

    HIGHLY looking forward to the upcoming giveaways!

  15. Ligeia says:

    clap clap clap. I enjoyed a lot reading this post! It was really helpfull to understand how things work in the industry :) Also a fantastic photoshoot that I’m still looking at. I would love to know who made that beautiful golden blouse/top in the second photo.

    And giveaways?! mamma mia! cannot wait :)

    • Catherine says:

      Thanks everyone! I had a sneaking suspicion that when we go on about being an independent brand people weren’t very clear about what that meant.
      Ligeia, the golden top is Kriss Soonik.

  16. Jenny says:

    Great article! Hopefully it will help people understand a bit more about us independants! Very excited about the giveaways and competitions. Thanks Catherine and Treacle! xxx

  17. Holly says:

    I’m a huge fan of Miss Mandalay, and I’ve been wanting to try Kriss Soonik for awhile now! So glad to see so many great brands on the list.

  18. Mya says:

    This really isn’t fair you know. I’ve decided that unless I want to go broke (I’m not far from it now…) I’m limiting
    my lingerie budget to $50/ month. January’s money has been spent (and more) and I haven’t had a chance to stock up. :(

    I’m very excited for this though! Corporations typically don’t work together, it’s nice to know independents do. :)

  19. Laurie says:

    Lovely post Catherine! And these photos are absolutely amazing! A fantastic cross section of independent brands.

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