The Lingerie Addict 1 Million Readers Giveaway!

A couple of days ago, The Lingerie Addict officially passed 1 million visitors, and maybe I’m just a little bit weird, but I think that’s something worth celebrating. So today, we’re kicking off the 1 Million Readers Giveaway, and I think it’s one of our best lingerie giveaways yet.

Bare Necessities volunteered to sponsor this giveaway on super short notice (thank you!!!), and they’ve shown how much they love Lingerie Addict readers by offering not 1, not 2, but 3 prizes. And that makes me happiest of all, because I really wanted more than one of my readers to win a prize this time…especially for an occasion that you are directly responsible for.

But enough chit-chat here are the details…

My dear, lovely, amazing Lingerie Addicts, you have the opportunity to win one of the three following prizes:

  • a $200 gift certificate to Bare Necessities
  • a $100 gift certificate to Bare Necessities
  • a $100 gift certificate to Bare Necessities

That’s not a typo. Whoever wins this giveaway is getting at least $100 worth of the lingerie of their choice. And since Valentine’s Day is coming up…well, let’s just say this is excellent timing. The super easy widget we used in the last giveaway seemed to work very well, so we’re using it again for this one. Just follow the instructions below to get your entries in. Every person can enter up to 7 times. The giveaway starts today, January 19th, and runs through next Friday, January 27 (a.k.a. when I return from Paris). The winner will be chosen at some point over the weekend (a.k.a. when I’m not quite so jetlagged).

Best of luck and, as always, thank you for reading The Lingerie Addict!

Giveaway Partners:

Bare Necessities (please follow them on their Facebook and Twitter!)

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  1. 19/01/12 at 8:38

    Wooooow, it’s give away time in the bra-blogosphere!

    Congratulations again to this incredible success!

    Ohhh, I’m so gonna enter this contest. Those are reeeally nice prizes.
    thx for all the great work Lingerie Addict and thx BareNecessities for those great prizes!

    xoxo, denocte

    • 19/01/12 at 8:40

      oh, forgot the big part: I discovered Lingerie Addict whilst browsing through the blogosphere. One of the other girls had a link posted somewhere. I can’t recall exactly how I got here, but I know, I love it here!

    • 19/01/12 at 8:47

      Good to see you again! Thanks for being the first entry. :)

      • 19/01/12 at 9:56

        well, apparently I’m addicted to the addict ;)

    • brendarahm
      20/01/12 at 0:48

      that would be so cool if i won this i really need some

  2. 19/01/12 at 8:47

    Congrats on that million!! Im sure the second will come really really soon!


    • 19/01/12 at 8:49

      and how I discover you? browsing blogs about lingerie. I think you were the first one I read :)

    • 19/01/12 at 8:52

      Good to see you too, lovely!

  3. Jessie
    19/01/12 at 8:59

    Truth be told, I’ve been reading so long I don’t remember! Maybe through something about corsets though, I would imagine…

  4. Patricia P
    19/01/12 at 9:34

    What a great giveaway! and congrats on the 1 Million Readers.
    one of the best lingerie blogs/websites out there.

    • Patricia P
      19/01/12 at 9:36

      forgot to say how i discovered you website i found your tumblr and followed it and then came here

  5. 19/01/12 at 9:37

    First of all congratulations for the 1,000,000,000 visitors! :)
    Honestly it is always hard to find good enough lingerie for myself and the bra is the most difficult part… these 3 on the picture above are gorgeous! :)

  6. 19/01/12 at 9:41

    I discovered The Lingerie Addict through Tumblr. Someone else I was following reblogged you a lot, I checked you out and fell in love!

  7. alice
    19/01/12 at 9:41

    I think I found the lingerie addict through a web search for plus size lingerie or similar. So glad I found this site!

  8. molly
    19/01/12 at 9:52

    I found the lingerie addict repeatedly while searching my personal lingerie questions through google. I followed via rss and later on tumblr!

  9. Chrystal
    19/01/12 at 10:19

    I found the Lingerie Addict by searching for random bra questions. Linking through blog posts and reviews I found the Lingerie Addict. I started following your posts on facebook and subscribing to your newsletter. I do not comment much, I’m more of a lurker, but I love the random things in my news feed. Great photos, fan images, pin up art work, the list continues.

  10. 19/01/12 at 10:51

    I found the Lingerie Addict through tumblr♥ c:

  11. Nikki Elkins
    19/01/12 at 10:58

    Saw it on facebook on a blog

  12. Karen Transue
    19/01/12 at 11:00

    would loveee to win this love this website!~

  13. Jacqueline Parham
    19/01/12 at 11:00

    I love lingerie!

  14. Briar
    19/01/12 at 11:01

    I don’t remember how I found it, but I’m so glad I did! :) Probably just cruising the internet, looking for lingerie! I can say that this site has definitely lead me to many other sites and many great lingerie discoveries. :)

  15. bekki cox
    19/01/12 at 11:01

    I found it because of one of the giveaways. I sell in love. :)

  16. Bonnie Weller
    19/01/12 at 11:02

    I found lingerie addict while on a friends facebook page. I am now hooked.

  17. Kristin Gilbert
    19/01/12 at 11:02

    Congratulations on your popularity!! I sure do need your advice. And thank you!! I found this site through Facebook.

  18. Jacqueline Parham
    19/01/12 at 11:02

    I found out about this giveaway on facebook.

  19. Beverly
    19/01/12 at 11:02

    I discovered the site from facebook. Love it!

  20. Tara Sharp
    19/01/12 at 11:02

    I discovered it through another blog…although I’m not sure which one!! Congrats on hitting 1 million!!

  21. carol
    19/01/12 at 11:02

    I found the lingerie addict from a post on Face Book

    congrats on 1 million!

  22. Shelly Katzung
    19/01/12 at 11:02

    I found this awesome blog, The Lingerie Addict, because I follow Bare Necessities Facebook page. I would love to win this great giveaway!

  23. vanessa martinez
    19/01/12 at 11:02

    Found out about Lingerie Addict thru Bare Necessities =)

  24. Jack P
    19/01/12 at 11:04

    I found you searching for lingerie blogs to fuel my addiction!

  25. Amanda
    19/01/12 at 11:05

    I think I found Treacle when I was searching for a good garter belt!

  26. Violeta
    19/01/12 at 11:05

    I found the lingerie addict through Bare Necessities on Facebook!

  27. kathleen
    19/01/12 at 11:05

    found you on FB!

  28. 19/01/12 at 11:06

    Found through someone I follow on Tumblr.

  29. Monica P
    19/01/12 at 11:07

    I found the lingerie addict through a blog site on a Facebook Post.

  30. 19/01/12 at 11:07

    I discovered this site when I was searching for my first piece of lingerie– it’s so hard being a newbie! I’ve been addicted since then.

  31. Erika Chilton
    19/01/12 at 11:07

    I found the Lingerie Addict by seeing a post about it from Bare Necessities on Facebook.

  32. Katya
    19/01/12 at 11:09

    I heard about this raffle on the page of barenecessities on facebook. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  33. tammy
    19/01/12 at 11:09

    cool contest. i found this by searching for lingerie…

    • Erica Best
      19/01/12 at 12:46

      I discovered Lingerie Addict on Facebook from a friend

  34. 19/01/12 at 11:09

    I think I may literally have googled “lingerie addict”, figuring I mustn’t be the only one :)

  35. Melissa Valencia
    19/01/12 at 11:09

    Through Facebook

  36. Shirley Turner
    19/01/12 at 11:10

    I found your site by reading a post from Bare Neccities

  37. Kris B
    19/01/12 at 11:13

    I found The Lingerie Addict through Bare Necessities!
    Congrats on your 1 millionth visitor!!!

  38. Jenny
    19/01/12 at 11:14

    I found the lingerie addict while I was surfing the internet one day. I had some questions I was googling and came across it. and I am SOOOO SOO glad I did! :) woo hoo! And congratulations for the 1,000,000,000 visitors :)

  39. Christie Lombardo
    19/01/12 at 11:15

    Thanks for the giveaway. I discovered lingerie addict through Facebook and Bare Necessities.

  40. Shannon M
    19/01/12 at 11:16

    I discovered it on Facebook from a recommendation from a friend!

  41. Danielle
    19/01/12 at 11:17

    Almost forgot the most important step!!! Congrats on the 1 Million readers!!! YaY!!! a copying and pasting can go a long way to get more readers!!

  42. 19/01/12 at 11:17

    I found addict cause I’m a plus size girl and I love there stuff!!

  43. Patti C
    19/01/12 at 11:18

    I found lingerie addict on face book while I was searching deals . awesome page

  44. Jennifer Sagan
    19/01/12 at 11:19

    I was looking for lingerie and I stumbled upon it through tumblr.. Ty so much for the chance..

  45. April
    19/01/12 at 11:20

    Hi, found your blog through Bare Necessities FB & Twitter. Looking forward to exploring it a little more!

  46. Larissa
    19/01/12 at 11:23

    Congrats on your millionth visit!

  47. Nicole Carter
    19/01/12 at 11:24

    Bare Necessities told me about the giveaway!

  48. Danielle
    19/01/12 at 11:25

    Brought here by the Bare Necessities facebook page!

  49. DanV
    19/01/12 at 11:27

    I discovered The Lingerie Addict through a Facebook friend

  50. Devin
    19/01/12 at 11:30

    I discovered the lingerie addict while looking for some sexy new lingerie to wear for my bf. i’ve since stopped wearing lingerie to please him and started to wear it for myself :) There’s nothing like a sexy pair of underwear to make me feel good in the morning.

  51. Lisa Paisley
    19/01/12 at 11:32

    I discovered Lingerie Addict on a blog….Love your stuff!

  52. Latoya Gordon
    19/01/12 at 11:34

    I discovered lingerie addict through a sweepstakes site.

  53. Meghan A
    19/01/12 at 11:36

    Love all the frills and lace : )

    • Meghan A
      19/01/12 at 11:37

      I found you through bare necessities and just google searches

  54. Rochel S
    19/01/12 at 11:37

    I discovered it through Bare Necessities Facebook page!

  55. Kathryn West
    19/01/12 at 11:37

    I found the Lingerie Addict through a post on Bare Necessities. Congrats on your 1 million readers!

  56. Rise Isom
    19/01/12 at 11:43

    I saw your site on fb

  57. Lindy Manning
    19/01/12 at 11:44

    I discovered it through your blog! Thanks for showing us so many great things!

  58. Heather Speaks
    19/01/12 at 11:45

    I found Lingerie Addict through a friend.

  59. sharon goodpasture
    19/01/12 at 11:54

    found this on facebook post!

  60. Dana Martin
    19/01/12 at 11:54

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    • Dana Martin
      19/01/12 at 11:55


  61. karin C
    19/01/12 at 11:56

    I discovered Lingerie Addict on Facebook and I love Bare Necessities, so it’s all good!

  62. Tamara Regan
    19/01/12 at 11:56

    One of my best friends told me about The Lingerie Addict a long time ago and I have been a reader and follower ever since!

  63. melissadevice
    19/01/12 at 11:59

    i discovered you on Tumblr!

  64. PJ
    19/01/12 at 12:01

    I found this site when I was looking to purchase a girdle from RAGO, your site came up in the google responses and I’ve been hooked ever since! Keep up the good work.

  65. Beth Lackey
    19/01/12 at 12:02

    I found you from Bare Necessities

  66. Christine M
    19/01/12 at 12:04

    I found you through a friend on fb and maybe the Affinitas fb site…can’t remember which came first. Thanks for all the great lingerie tips!

  67. Lisa
    19/01/12 at 12:06

    Congratulations on your 1 millionth visitor! Cheers to your next million!

  68. Jessica
    19/01/12 at 12:09

    I found your website doing a lingerie search.

  69. Amber
    19/01/12 at 12:10

    I first found The Lingerie Addict back in the winter of 2008, while using Google to help me find information about lingerie brands from the UK, been hooked ever since!

  70. Nikki Wheeler
    19/01/12 at 12:12

    I found out about this blog from a wonderful friend who loves vintage lingerie. ;) I love it!

  71. Alondra Ramirez
    19/01/12 at 12:13

    I was just internet searching on lingerie and happened to find this site.

  72. Heather Johnson
    19/01/12 at 12:15

    I found your website through Bare Necessities

  73. Lettie F
    19/01/12 at 12:15

    I discovered Lingerie Addict by a Victoria’s Secret employee.

  74. Hazel
    19/01/12 at 12:16

    I found the lingerie addict looking for different styles of pretty frilly knickers and found your tumblr -which led me here! And I love your work!

  75. Estefanny
    19/01/12 at 12:17

    I found about it from bare necessities facebook

  76. Jennifer
    19/01/12 at 12:23

    I’m pretty sure I came across The Lingerie Addict from someone else’s posting about it on Facebook. But once I checked it out, I was hooked. Love it! And especially love the photos posted on Facebook. :)

  77. Drew
    19/01/12 at 12:25

    I found The Lingerie Addict while doing a Google search last year for Pin-up Lingerie, and it brought up the excellent article “Pin Up Week: Everything You Need to Know About Pin-up Lingerie.” Been reading the articles here ever since!

  78. 19/01/12 at 12:29

    I don’t remember how I found it.

  79. 19/01/12 at 12:29

    Congrats on one million! What an accomplishment. :-)

  80. Dassy K
    19/01/12 at 12:29

    Found out from Bare Necessities on FB

  81. Ann
    19/01/12 at 12:34

    I was looking 4 corsets n bras 4 xmas when I came across a name that spoke to me. I can never find the rite cupsize in Brits, North west, South Africa. When I do, it looks like something my Gran would wear.

  82. Anissa Gooch
    19/01/12 at 12:36

    i found out about them through you

  83. Shiraz
    19/01/12 at 12:40

    Been following you in Google Reader for a long time after I was looking for some advice on stockings and for those of us with the larger busts but small ribcages.

  84. Brandy Abuzaid
    19/01/12 at 12:41

    I found about the Addict through fb….. From a photo on The Rebel pin up page……. She was wearing the much coveted “Vargas” dress….. Thanks for all the info! <3

  85. Eimear E
    19/01/12 at 12:41

    I found out about The Lingerie Addict through tumblr and I’ve never looked back :)

  86. Jessica C
    19/01/12 at 12:43

    My friend Vanessa recommended it ☺

  87. Kimberly Masseau
    19/01/12 at 12:43

    WOW………..1,000,000……..WHOOT WHOOT. I found you via lingerie search and also thru a FB post. Congratulations on a wonderful Milestone. Good Luck everyone on this wonderful giveaway. I believe the FB post was from Bare Necessities :)

  88. Kory Morera
    19/01/12 at 12:48

    I found this awesome site through facebook! I believe it was through Bare Necesities themselves!

  89. sherby archibald
    19/01/12 at 12:48

    a post on my Facebook page

  90. Tina Rath
    19/01/12 at 12:50

    Found it through FB page from Bare Necessities

  91. Michele
    19/01/12 at 12:52

    I found your website through Bare Necessities

  92. Emily
    19/01/12 at 12:56

    I found Lingerie Addict when I googled “best garter belts.” It wasn’t a store to find the best garter belts, but that was fine with me!

  93. steve risberg
    19/01/12 at 13:00

    found Y’all on facebook.

  94. Crysta
    19/01/12 at 13:04

    I don’t quite remember how I came across your website – I think it was in my quest to find bras that actually fit me well and were beautiful and exciting (I’m at 36DD and although that sounds like nothing compared to what I’ve discovered is a myriad of sizes out there, it’s still hard to find here in land-of-malls America.) I’ve been hooked ever since. Thanks for all you do!

  95. Eva D
    19/01/12 at 13:05

    a friend posted about it on face book

  96. Mandy
    19/01/12 at 13:08

    I found you through twitter!

  97. 19/01/12 at 13:11

    Now /this/ is a giveaway!!

    I found The Lingerie Addict through Tumblr, and when I realised you’d had a website I think I read every post possible…

    Thanks, Treacle, for a wonderful blog with fantastic insight!

  98. Tashira
    19/01/12 at 13:14

    I discovered the The Lingerie Addict when looking for bras besides going to Lane Bryant who are very limited in my size

  99. Kathy McCrae
    19/01/12 at 13:17

    A facebook friend referred me to your site!

  100. Britany White
    19/01/12 at 13:20

    My friend recommended your site to me over Facebook when we both found out we were pregnant!

  101. julie
    19/01/12 at 13:30

    I discovered this site through facebook..would love to win!

  102. Kelly Mahoney
    19/01/12 at 13:32

    I am so excited. Both my girlfriend and I need some nice stuff. Do you they care plus size I wonder? Looking forward to winning one of these prizes.

  103. Anna
    19/01/12 at 13:34

    Congratulations on your millionth reader!
    I found The Lingerie Addict while tracking the “lingerie” tag on tumblr, and lo and behold, you had exactly what I was looking for!

  104. Christa Nieminen
    19/01/12 at 13:47

    What a fantastic contest! I found your site while doing a search for new lingerie.

  105. Rust
    19/01/12 at 13:47

    I found you through a share on my FB page ages ago.

  106. Kristen
    19/01/12 at 13:50

    I found The Lingerie Addict when I was combing google for a way to find bras that fit me properly! I found that plus more! I am now addicted to this blog!

  107. Elizabeth
    19/01/12 at 13:53

    I am a Lingerie Addict

  108. jamie gallas
    19/01/12 at 13:53

    This is a great give away, so could use some new lingerie, thanks.

  109. 19/01/12 at 13:54

    I discovered The Lingerie Addict on tumblr :) x

  110. Doreen Spitzer-Lemire
    19/01/12 at 14:03

    I found you through Facebook!! And love it!!!!

  111. Tabitha Evans
    19/01/12 at 14:07

    i think it was thru a google search for blogs

  112. Lindsey
    19/01/12 at 14:10

    I found Lingerie Addict through Bare Necessities posting on facebook :)

  113. Catalina K
    19/01/12 at 14:10

    I discovered Lingerie Addict after a very good friend had prompted me to this blog full of practical advice and interesting posts. I kept visiting it every time I needed most recent info and suggestions regarding lingerie events and collection presentations.

  114. Ladytink_534/Jen Tink
    19/01/12 at 14:11

    I found you through Tip Junkie. Though I’m pretty sure I used to subscribe to you a long time ago…

    • Ladytink_534/Jen Tink
      19/01/12 at 14:13

      Pintrest is under Jennifer L

  115. Tim
    19/01/12 at 14:13

    I discovered them from your site

  116. Lauren
    19/01/12 at 14:19

    I found the Lingerie Addict on tumblr as well! All the beautiful lingerie was just too much, I had to follow! (If we’re already following, can we still use that entry?)

  117. Stephanie Michaels
    19/01/12 at 14:24

    The 2nd Million is always easier! Hope your trip to Paris is silky smooth :)

    • Stephanie Michaels
      19/01/12 at 14:26

      I found TLA while googling for serious lingerie blogs…and now, I’m an ADDICT!

  118. larry lee
    19/01/12 at 14:26

    my friend

  119. Kaitlin
    19/01/12 at 14:27

    I discovered y’all on Tumblr and LOVE when you’re in my feed :)


  120. Madeline Wilson
    19/01/12 at 14:29

    I found the lingerie addict from a post on Face Book

  121. Bethany
    19/01/12 at 14:30

    I never knew this website existed! I’m so excited to know about it!

  122. 19/01/12 at 14:36

    What great timing with Valentines Day coming up and all! Thank you.
    I found this posted on my facebook page.

  123. KB
    19/01/12 at 14:48

    I found The Lingerie Addict twice: once on tumblr and once while googling “best lingerie of 2011.” I follow both the tumblr and RSS feed XD

  124. HT
    19/01/12 at 14:49

    I found TLA while looking for more extensive information on lingerie. Thank you so much for all the wonderful work you guys do!

  125. Brandy E
    19/01/12 at 14:50

    I found you through Bare Necessities Facebook post.

  126. Carolyn H.
    19/01/12 at 14:56

    Congrats on your success….. I love, love Bare Necessaities…….

  127. Denise
    19/01/12 at 14:58

    My husband introduced me to it. I’m not sure how he found it, come to think of it. Guess I’d better ask! :)

  128. Breanne
    19/01/12 at 14:59

    Some giveaway forever ago!

  129. gabriela
    19/01/12 at 15:01

    I discovered the website on twitter i was searching for a lingerie..and your cam eup so i entered..hopefully im lucky enough
    facebook:Gabriela Aguilar
    Twitter : @1chynna.
    Thank you for the apportunity.You have a blessind day.

  130. Erin
    19/01/12 at 15:11

    I found this site through a blog post on Kiss Me Deadly and have been following it for over a year!

  131. Lenae Schwartz
    19/01/12 at 15:18

    The-linerie-addict was posted on my facebook home. yes i am.

  132. 19/01/12 at 15:33

    It’s giveaway time in the boobosphere! Found Lingerie Addict via someone’s blogroll.

  133. Sally A. Peckham
    19/01/12 at 15:40

    I found Lingerie Addict on Facebook. Congrats on your 1,000,000 th customer! Thank you for this wonderful contest! Good luck to all!

  134. Gabriella Duncan
    19/01/12 at 15:51

    I found this blog about a year ago by searching for smexy lingerie on the interwebs. :] Love this site!

  135. Rosemary
    19/01/12 at 15:51

    The corsetry livejournal is where I first came across you. I’m so glad I did, because you have inspired me to overhaul my stagnant wardrobe, not just the foundation pieces either.

  136. 19/01/12 at 16:06

    Thank you!
    I never knew this site existed!
    will be fun to read.

  137. Vikki Parman
    19/01/12 at 16:11

    I was not aware of the site until I saw the facebook post.

  138. Mya
    19/01/12 at 16:17

    One Million! Woo! Congratulations!
    Shucks, how did I discover you? I think I found your old tumblr, many times actually, when searching for stocking posts.

  139. 19/01/12 at 16:28

    Congrats on reaching the cool million! I discovered you via a friend on Twitter x

  140. Sara Richards
    19/01/12 at 16:35

    I found you through a link on my local store’s blog!

  141. Amy Rouse
    19/01/12 at 16:37

    Bare Necessities FB page is where I found you!!!

  142. 19/01/12 at 16:38

    Congrats on 1 million!

    I discovered The Lingerie Addict by searching for back seam stockings. And then I bought a pair ^____^

  143. Laura
    19/01/12 at 16:49

    I found my way here via the good ole BenBo. :D

    Congratulations on 1 million!

  144. Thomas S.
    19/01/12 at 16:59

    Bare Necessities FB Page

  145. 19/01/12 at 17:08

    Congratulations, Treacle! Been keeping track of your progress since almost the beginning. You’ve come a long way! I hope you are having fun in Paris!

  146. patty watson
    19/01/12 at 17:11

    i found lingerie addict thru facebook on Bare Necessities page

  147. Susan
    19/01/12 at 17:12

    My daughter told me about your site. I love it and it has caused me to become an addict myself. sonsethues at yahoo dot com

  148. Abbey
    19/01/12 at 17:29

    Saw a friend post about this awesome giveaway! :) congrats!! Thank youu

  149. Berkelly Gonzalez
    19/01/12 at 17:35

    A friend of mine followed you on facebook and it showed up on my newsfeed, i got curious and have been an addict ever since!

  150. Jessica G
    19/01/12 at 17:41

    Bare Necessities Facebook page is how I found you

  151. 19/01/12 at 18:08

    Well, I love giveaway’s and saw this giveaway announced via twitter….so here I am! LoL! xo

  152. Arelissa
    19/01/12 at 18:14

    Love the blog. I heard about you from the Bare Necessities Facebook page.
    Congratulations on your one million milestone! I would love to win one of these prizes.

  153. Cálaeb Temple
    19/01/12 at 18:33

    i found the lingerie addict through a twitter buddy.

  154. katie
    19/01/12 at 18:50

    I think I heard about you from Guilty Pleasures.

  155. Jo
    19/01/12 at 19:10

    Found you while searching for bras.

  156. palolololo
    19/01/12 at 19:28

    I found you several years ago on a lingerie search

  157. courtney b
    19/01/12 at 20:19

    i discovered you on twitter!

  158. Kathy
    19/01/12 at 20:27

    found you on Bare Necessities facebook page.

  159. Sherri S.
    19/01/12 at 20:35

    Found you guys through a link from Bare Necessities facebook page. :)

  160. 19/01/12 at 20:45

    I’m definitely entering this contest!! I found your blog through google. :)

  161. Jim
    19/01/12 at 20:47

    Congrats on one million readers!

  162. Kayte CookWatts
    19/01/12 at 20:47

    I saw a tweet and hopped right over!

  163. maeve
    19/01/12 at 21:03

    congradulations and wooohoooooo!

    I found you’re site a few years ago probably linked off some style blog I’ve since forgotten. I’ve found it really fun and informative so I’ve just kept on coming back.


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    I found you on facebook and have been a follower for quite some time!!

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    19/01/12 at 21:56

    through facebook

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    Thanks for the opportunity! Was referred by a friend :)

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    I discovered your lovely blog just searching for lingerie through google, as I do most days ;)

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    I discovered The Lingerie Addict! on Facebook. through Bare Necessities.

  172. Joan Becker-Johner
    19/01/12 at 23:51

    Hi Treacle, I love your blog and have been following it for a while. I just wanted to thank you for being such an outstanding supporter for women of all shapes and sizes everywhere, and to say that I am so happy that you have done so well with this blog! Keep up all the hard work, and thank you for your wonderful articles ( and those of your new writers..) You have been informative and heart-warming in so many ways. :D


    • 20/01/12 at 2:58

      Thank you so much for the kind words, Joan. They really mean a lot to me. :)

  173. sonia
    19/01/12 at 23:59

    gratz on 1 mill :)

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    A friend referred me here

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    Found your site via :) Thanks for hosting!!!!

    Lauren Bear
    laurenbbear at gmail dot com

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    I found the Lingerie Addict through the blogosphere, somehow, not exactly sure, but it’s awesome here. XD

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    Congratulations on the 1 million visitors. I found you on Facebook.

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    I’m not even sure how I came across the Lingerie addict first…it was ages ago, but I think I rediscovered it through a google search of vintage lingerie

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    Discovered the site when looking for blogs about lingerie

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    I just discovered the Lingerie Addict today and I am very impressed.

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  187. I discovered The Lingerie Addict via Twitter!

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    holliister at gmail dot com

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    congrats on 1 Million Readers and one readers. I just found you today!

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    I found it through a guest post that you wrote on another blog, Lovely Undergrad.

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    Congrats! I need some undies!

    • Kathy Tillman
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      Oop! Forgot say, I found you through a google search!

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    Found the Lingerie Addict on Tip Junkie giveaways! I order from them frequently and would love to win a gift certificate!

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    I found your blog when I “met” you in a forum.

    P.S. I had a feeling you’d be one of the big successes from that place (I was right).

  201. 20/01/12 at 13:25

    Fantastic! I sooo need this. What a fabulous giveaway!

  202. Trinity
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    I first found The Lingerie Addict when I was looking for reasonably priced, but still good quality, lingerie. That’s how I found Blush!

  203. Ann B.
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    I found you thru a tweet by @Its-Annoying

  204. 20/01/12 at 17:18

    We kind of discovered each other at BlogHer 2010!
    And I’m so glad we did :)

    P.s. I’m so behind on my emails-Congratulations on hitting 1 million readers! That’s truly incredible Treacle-You are such an amazing success and I can’t wait to see what this year has in store for you and TLA!

  205. Shannon Hankins
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    Bare Necessities told me about the giveaway!

  206. 20/01/12 at 19:04

    I found The Lingerie Addict through Tip Junkie. I love your site- very cool!

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    Oh man it’s been so long I don’t even remember how I found you! I think I was linked here from another blog, but that was ages ago I couldn’t even begin to remember which one it was. I’m so glad I found this blog though, it has been unbelievably helpful and informative.

  208. Kristine
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    I actually don’t remember. I want to say I followed a link from another blog, but I’m not actually sure.

  209. Amanda Leverenz
    20/01/12 at 21:15

    I just love it when Tip Junkie leads me to Fabulous Giveaways!!! This is so wonderful :) I am due to give birth to our first baby girl on February 22nd, so as you can imagine, I’m really gonna need some new lingerie soon! No more pregnancy panties to line my drawers soon. I can feel like a sexy woman, well sexy mama now!

  210. Cristina
    20/01/12 at 22:19

    Wow congratulations Treacle you deserve this more than anyone! I discovered this blog through this vintage fashion YouTube channel I follow called LisaFreemontStreet. She linked to a guest article that was done here by the amazing Solanah of Vixen Vintage , which I also discovered at the same time. Funny how amazing people lead you to more amazing people huh?

  211. 20/01/12 at 23:40

    I have been blog hopping for an hour or so- no idea the path I took to get here but so glad I did!

  212. 21/01/12 at 0:34

    This is amazing! I’m the proud carrier of some beautiful 30Es but as a college student I cannot, for the life of me, find 1-cheap 2-adorable and 3-well fitting bras anywhere! this would be a godsend, really. Hoping hard!

    • 21/01/12 at 0:38

      I forgot to add; I found TheLingerieAddict through the suggestions on my tumblr sidebar, and also when it was mentioned by another lingerie-focussed blog, I don’t remember the name of it, sorry! :(

  213. 21/01/12 at 0:40

    Found you from link on my facebook posted by Bare Necessities. Congrats on your milestone

  214. Ludovic
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    Starting following because of stockings first.

    Good luck to all!

  215. mandy tori
    21/01/12 at 11:50

    I discovered the lingerie addict the plain and boring way…. by googling. I’m a fellow lingerie enthusiast, and I always find myself looking for new lingerie blogs and brands late at night. The Addict is my favourtie because she’s knowledgable, passionate, diverse and HONEST>

  216. 21/01/12 at 13:45

    Awesome! Totally needing new lingerie! Newly single and new body so I need a little something to make me feel sexy :)

    • 21/01/12 at 13:47

      Oops, forgot to mention: A friend of mine loves this page and I discovered it while going through her Likes on FB!

  217. Kim D.
    21/01/12 at 13:56

    I found the Lingerie Addict by doing a search for Affinitas .

  218. Nadia
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    I found Lingerie Addict while searching for advice on buying coserts :)!

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    Sounds like a great opportunity to surprise the gf.

  220. helen
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    i was just online shopping for lingerie and stumbled across your website. that’s a lot of readers, congrats!

  221. Sherrie
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    I’m always looking for plus-size lingerie sources and I stumbled upon this blog through my online search.

  222. blueyy
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    I can’t remember exactly how I got here, but it was during the time I spent a lot of time looking for good lingerie sites and link after link I ended up on Lingerie Addict :)

  223. Lizzy
    21/01/12 at 22:22

    I deserve this because I have 3 kids and never spend $ on myself!

    • Lizzy
      21/01/12 at 22:24

      I misread the thing. I discovered this by Bare Neccesitys FB.

  224. Linda
    22/01/12 at 0:14

    Love all this lingerie ! Much prettier than the sports bras I usually wear !

  225. Megan
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    I found you while looking for a new bra

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    Bare Necessities mentioned you :)

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    i found you through Twitter! :-)

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    I really would love to win because your lingerie is the bomb.

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    I found Lingerie Addict via rss feed from Bare necessities on Facebook today.

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    Omg I would love to win this!!!! I need new bras so bad!!

    • ashley
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      And I found you when I was searching for advice on bra sizing.

  231. Steve C
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    Bare Necessities on Facebook

  232. Ana
    22/01/12 at 15:56

    very nice way of celebrating, thanks :)

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    It was so long ago, but I think I was browsing stockings on the web and for some reason came across TLA.

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    A friend of mine introduced me to Lingerie Addict! Now every Monday during coffee it’s all we talk about!!

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    I don’t remember how I first found you, sorry. :(

  238. 23/01/12 at 1:05

    I have enjoyed receiving the Addict and my wife has benefited through my purchase of several items of lingerie that I would not have known about without the good work of the Addict! Best wishes for another 1 million members.

  239. Kassy
    23/01/12 at 12:29

    I think I discovered the Lingerie Addict by googling “lingerie blogs”. I was interested in seeing where other people get their lingerie, and their opinions on different brands. This was the first link, I clicked on it, and fell in love. Thanks Treacle for everything you do for us readers! :-)

  240. Vladimir Medvedev
    23/01/12 at 12:51

    It must be a great present for my wife if I won – her 30th birthday will be on the February

  241. Vladimir Medvedev
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    I found Lingerie Addict while searching for giveaways in Twitter

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  244. 23/01/12 at 15:15

    this is my first time visiting!
    i <3 lingerie and will be a follower from now on!

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    I discovered this blog from Twitter :) (@Couponmomfl)

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    I found you by link on some other blog :)

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    Great giveaway, hope i win, I found out about this site and giveaway through another blog…FreeGrechen.

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    Found you from Free Gretchen & glad I did!

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    I discovered your website through a link at Free Grechen’s blog. :-)

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    I discovered thelingerieaddict through A Sophisticated Pair

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    I can’t even remember how I found your fabulous website, but I so look forward to receiving your email update – my regular dose of ‘girly’ in my life!

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    I found you through Free Grechen but I’ve definitely heard of your site before. :)

  263. Michelle
    23/01/12 at 20:17

    Love this! I need a new bra or two (bras in my size are expensive).
    Thanks for doing this. I’m new here, but I’ll need to start checking this place out…

    • Michelle
      23/01/12 at 20:20

      Oh! I just saw the part about letting you know how I found The Lingerie Addict–I subscribe to the free!gretchen newsletters about fashion and beauty giveaways, and your celebratory giveaway was mentioned there.

  264. Vanessa S
    23/01/12 at 20:20

    I found the site thru Free Gretchen!!

  265. Natasha
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    I discovered the Lingerie Addict through the Consumerist a little over a year ago. I love getting some “pretty” every week!

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    Free Panties?!! Sign me up!!!

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    24/01/12 at 3:33

    I discovered lingerie addict on Facebook. I was added to another group & viewed on of the members profiles, I found that tey like the lingerie addict. I wanted to check it out so, I did & liked it!!

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    On the web!!!
    finger crossed!

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    *-* please let me win!

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    FB: LiLy InWonderland
    Twitter: @Lisa Cipollone

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    Enter me please!

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    found you through free grechen :)

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    Love all this lingerie ! Much prettier than the sports bras I usually wear !

  280. 24/01/12 at 13:37

    I can’t get enough of frilly lingerie- just in time for V-Day!

  281. spoyltone
    24/01/12 at 17:09

    I found this site while Googling random lingerie. It was perfect timing, since my favorite blog Knickers had gone on hiatus. I am so glad I found you!

  282. Becky
    24/01/12 at 18:45

    I discovered LA because I’m a 32 DD and its so hard to find pretty bras in my size!

  283. 24/01/12 at 18:51

    I discovered you via free gretchen

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    i found u guys on google!
    irinasas at yahoo dot com

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    Great giveaway! Just found you on facebook!

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    I found The Lingerie Addict right after I started my lingerie company. I was just surfing trying to look through collections for inspiration and stumbled upon this gem!

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    I just discovered The Lingerie Addict through Free Gretchen :)

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    Totally excited I found your site from Tip Junkie! I cannot find bras that fit properly anywhere! What an awesome blog you have!
    ~Jen @

  290. Katy M
    25/01/12 at 17:25

    Wow! Congrats on all of your followers! You totally deserve them all and more!

    I’m trying to remember a few years back when I discovered you and I think I found you through another blog but I hate that I can’t remember which one. Sorry!

  291. M.J. Moore
    25/01/12 at 20:34

    I’ve been a subscriber for so long I truly can’t remember how I found the Lingerie Addict! I suspect it was via another blog, but I have no idea which one…

  292. Meg S
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    I discovered it while googling for information about smaller bra sizes!

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    I was recommended to you by a friend

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    through twitter!

  295. Terri
    26/01/12 at 0:32

    I saw a post in Elegantly Waisted – Corsets and Corsetry you commented on or started. I liked that you were black like me and liked pinups. I went on your page and saw you had a blog. I enjoy reading your blog and lusting after all the pretty lingerie.

  296. Tanya
    26/01/12 at 2:52

    Totally great! Fingers crossed.

  297. Socorro E
    26/01/12 at 3:19

    Super excited for you! Congratulations!!!

    And I remember trying to find a site that sells Intimissi lingerie and found one of your articles and loved it! Then there was the quiz for lingerie type, YUM!

  298. Catherine
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    found you thru freegrechen!

  299. Andreea
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    I found Lingerie Addict while looking online for cute vintage-y clothing inspiration! :)

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    I believe that I found Lingerie Addict while googling something for my wife. Of course, it was the Stocking Addict then.

  302. Lacey
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    I’ve come across you a couple of times on the INTERNETZ

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    The Tip Junkie led me here!

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    I love lingerie but also this blog is so well-written, it could make anyone interested in lingerie!

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    I found your blog at the Blog Giveaways blog (

  310. 26/01/12 at 21:04

    I discovered Lingerie Addict while searching for fun giveaways. You got em all beat with this one! I, too, am a lingerie addict and I’m SO happy to have found this site!

  311. MelissaO
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    Just by Googling lingerie giveaways…and I am so glad I did! Perfect timing to enter!

  312. jacqueline
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    i found your blog from bloggiveaways

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    I found this site on a website called Blog Giveaways.


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    A friend recommended your site ♥
    glad they did ♥

  315. Lawrence McMillan
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    Looking through on facebook right now.

  316. 27/01/12 at 7:47

    I discovered this site through

    im joining your contest and i hope its international coz im from the philippines!!!

  317. 27/01/12 at 9:43

    Yay great giveaway! These look gorgeous!!

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    I found your blog through Kiss Me Deadly on Facebook. I love it here!

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    I found The Lingerie Addict through Blog Giveaways. Thank you so much for offering such a lovely and generous prize.

  320. 27/01/12 at 12:04

    Here’s to hoping I entered properly, I’m always on the prowl for fabulous new lingerie! Xoxo!

  321. Kara
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    How exciting!

  322. 27/01/12 at 12:21

    Fantastic giveaway!. A huge congrats on reaching one Million Readers, it’s well deserved! :)

  323. 27/01/12 at 12:24

    oh and I nearly forgot to mention, I found the site through facebook from having several friends on facebook that regularly liked facebook posts about the site :)

  324. 27/01/12 at 12:32

    It was either Kiss Me Deadly or What Katie Did that led me on to TLA, and I’m so glad they did <3

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    Found you thru other blog links.

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    What a grand idea.

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    i discovered it on blog giveaway dot com

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    through twitter

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    Congrats on getting 1MIL readers!!! That’s Awesome! I found you from a friend! Thanks for the giveaway:)

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    Saw you mentioned on Bare Necessities Facebook.

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    I discovered you through bare necessities.

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    I discovered it from a blog site via facebook.

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    Oh my gosh, I love BARE NECESSITIES, following them on FB and now happy to follow the Lingerie Addict Too!

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    Found your 1 millionth post on Facebook!

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    I found you through the Bare Necessities FB page!

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    I found it through BareNecessities!

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    I found The Lingerie Addict through a giveaway! Love it!

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    Not sure how I found this site… just clicking around and I ended up here! :)

  339. patty watson
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    i found the lingerie addict thru Bare Necessities page cuz i like their page so it was on my news feed.

  340. jessica edwards
    27/01/12 at 17:41

  341. 27/01/12 at 17:42

    I found this blog while searching something… maybe garterbelts or corsets? It was months ago, I don’t remember. XD But I’m glad I came across it because its been helpful and I’ve been introduced to some beautiful and inspiring brands.

  342. Athena R
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    Found you on Bloggiveaway website.

  343. Heidi D.
    27/01/12 at 20:45

    I found you just through google! Love the site!

  344. 27/01/12 at 21:34

    I need new bras, to make my husband take notice.

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