Naughty Bits: Lingerie News from Around the Web- 1/8/12

Our weekly roundup of everything interesting in the world of lingerie…

Photo Credit: Myla Lingerie via The Daily Mail


  1. Anon
    08/01/12 at 15:44

    omg!!! who made that darling lingerie set in the picture?! it is gorgeous!

    • Anon
      08/01/12 at 15:50

      whoops! i just saw your little credit at the bottom! thank you! so gorgeous!! :)

      • 09/01/12 at 2:07

        Glad you like! Thanks for commenting.

  2. Alicia
    08/01/12 at 18:11

    I love these posts, I can just come here for my lingerie news fix instead of reading from all over the web!

    • 09/01/12 at 2:07

      Yay! That’s exactly what I’m going for. Thanks for commenting. :)

  3. 08/01/12 at 22:14

    Thanks for the shout out! xo

    • 09/01/12 at 2:07

      You’re super welcome! Thanks for writing that article.

  4. 09/01/12 at 12:05

    Thanks for sharing my bra budgeting article! XO Linda

    • 09/01/12 at 13:04

      You’re welcome! I love practical advice like that.

  5. 10/01/12 at 21:34

    I really liked that Daily Mail article. It’s not enough to get fitted for a bra, you have to make sure you go somewhere that they actually know what they are doing. If the same woman had tried this in the States, she probably would have been put in a 38B in half the department stores that do fittings!

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