Happy Anniversary to Me

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By the time you read this, I’ll be in Vancouver, British Columbia celebrating the 2 year anniversary of my first date with The Boyfriend. He’s made me impossibly happy over the last two years, and I can genuinely say that I’m better person for knowing him and being with him.

When we were talking about our plans for this weekend, the one thing The Boyfriend said he wanted most from me was the gift of my time. So this weekend, I’m giving him my full and undivided attention and taking a break from all things blogging and blog-related. Lingerie Addict readers are awesome, so I’m sure you’ll understand.

If you haven’t already, please do enter the Dottie’s Delights Lingerie Giveaway. She’s handcrafting a $238 luxury pin-up set for one very lucky winner, with an alternate prize available if the winner happens to be outside the size range for the bra. If you’re craving some lingerie photography goodness, then stop by The Lingerie Tumblr. It’s the official photoblog for the main blog and there’s tons of amazing pictures there.

And, of course, it’s not Saturday without some lingerie sales so here are the ones I was able to find this week before I closed up shop –

  • 15% off at Stockingirl with code 15 (expiration unknown)
  • 25% off at Bare Necessities with code FRIEND (ends 10/31/11)
  • 20% off the Autumn/Winter catalog at Figleaves with code EXCLUSIVE (ends 10/31/11)

Have a great weekend and I’ll see you all again next week.  :)


Photo Credit: Top photo via Figleaves


  1. Kayla @ TheEclecticElement
    29/10/11 at 12:06

    Aw, happy 2 years to you both! That's such a beautiful thing to celebrate, and I'm TOTALLY with your BF when it comes to time-I tell my boyfriend that all the time :)

    Have a WONDERFUL time!!

  2. Janus
    29/10/11 at 15:04

    Happy Anniversary, and have a good weekend! Now you two kids behave. ;)

  3. frankufotos Lingerie
    30/10/11 at 9:46

    Happy Anniversary, with many more ahead!

    And I hope you ignore the 'behave' part of Janus' comment ; )

  4. vchura
    30/10/11 at 16:35

    Happy anniversary to you both and welcome to Vancouver! I hope you had a wonderful time!

  5. bflycollection
    30/10/11 at 22:07

    Only just realized that you've been in Vancouver for the weekend. Hope you've had a fab time here (thank goodness it was dry yesterday!) Happy Anniversary!

  6. Ligeia
    31/10/11 at 6:34

    happy anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  7. Love at First Blush
    31/10/11 at 14:28

    Happy Anniversary! My hometown is Vancouver and it's a gorgeous place to spend your anniversary.

  8. Treacle
    01/11/11 at 2:49

    @Kayla–Thank you so much! We had a great time…definitely felt good to take a break and reconnect. :)

    @Janus–Thank you!

    @frankufotos–Oh…we did. ;)

    @vchura–Thank you for the kind welcome…we had a wonderful time.

    @bflycollection–Thank you! We saw quite a few spots during our brief stay. I think we'd both like to visit again.

    @Ligeia–Thank you, lovely! :)

    @Love–Thank you! After visiting, we definitely agree.

  9. spoyltone
    04/11/11 at 9:29

    Happy anniversary! Enjoy your trip (and maybe share some tips with the rest of us on lingerie travel gear, anniversary and cold-weather lingerie when you get back? please :)

    Gilt Groupe is having a Tart intimates sale today, and excitingly, the items are modeled by a gorgeous woman of color!


  10. spoyltone
    04/11/11 at 9:30

    Oh wait – I see that I am late to the party. Glad to hear the trip went well.

  11. lacy
    11/11/11 at 21:29

    I hear you!

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